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					                                           2 DECEMBER, 2004


                       Reserve News



                                   Bon voyage
  2       Reserve News
                          DG’s review of 2004 and Christmas message
  by CDRE Karel de Laat CSC RFD RANR

  A Great Effort in 2004 and a Bright Future
    Change continues apace for           of commitment by members of
                                                                                the role of the Naval Reserve?” by
 the Navy and its Reserve, but one       the NR to making their unique
                                                                                people inside and outside Defence
 thing I have noticed that has not       contribution to the RAN.
                                                                                and normally provide a precis of the
 changed is the outstanding level          I am often asked, “What is
                                                                                relevant contents of DI(N) Admin 6-1.
                                                                                   However, I am quick to add that
                                                                                the Royal Australian Naval Reserve
                                                                                exists to provide to the RAN whatever
                                                                                assistance the Chief of Navy specifies.
                                                                                    This duality of the formal role and
                                                                                delivering the goods, where, when and
                                                                                how CN requires, is in the finest spirit
                                                                                of the RAN and I am pleased to see
                                                                                that we keep making the grade.             DGRES-N, CDRE Karel de Laat presents the Peter Mitchell Prize for the Most
                                                                                   From the fine examples of high           Outstanding Recruit to 23 yr old RCTMT Ashley Crook from Benalla at the Graduation
                                                                                level professional work presented          Parade for GE 218 at Recruit School on Oct 15 2004. Photo By LSPH Phillip ‘Rex’
                                                                                at the NR Symposium 2004 to the            Hunt.
                                                                                excellent work done by people week         the associated jobs are all very real.    Reserve with increasing diverse
                                                                                in week out, there is no doubt that the       It seems like much more than ten       civilian entry opportunities.
                                                                                Navy continues to rely on the NR to        years ago that the NR was a completely       This has been a very busy and
                                                                                complete its daily routines.               separate organisation, with a separate    productive year for the NR and,
                                                                                   It is this day to day role that         Chain of Command.                         particularly with this CN sponsored
                                                                                epitomises the change from a force            The alignment of Command is            civilian recruiting initiative, the future
                                                                                held in reserve, to one that contributes   complete, administration is undergoing    is bright.
                                                                                to contemporary operations.                much beneficial change and capability
                                                                                                                                                                        I would like to thank all NR
 DGRES-N inspects Getting Division (DO, LEUT Tony Nagle RAN). The DG               The areas where the NR is involved      development is happening in a ‘one
                                                                                in delivering the goods each day are                                                 members for their contribution to the
 later met with the Graduates and their parents, commenting that the RAN                                                   Navy’ format.
                                                                                truly innumerable.                            Finally, as announced recently, CN     RAN in 2004 and express my best
 could not help but be in great shape with recruits of the calibre graduating
 that day and complimented the Divisional staff on an outstanding job.             The posting lists are very heavily      has placed the emphasis firmly on          wishes to you and your families for a
 Photo LSPH Phillip ’Rex’ Hunt.                                                 peppered with the acronym NR and           retaining a Royal Australian Naval        safe and enjoyable festive season.

  from the Editor’s                                  It’s almost 200 years since Lord
                                                     Nelson’s famous naval victory
                                                                                             employer now. We had the devil’s
                                                                                             own job getting “England” past
                                                                                                                                    And they say that rope ladder
                                                                                                                                    doesn’t meet regulations. They
                                                                                                                                                                            – haven’t you seen the adverts?
                                                                                                                                                                               I’ve never heard such infamy.
                                                     over the French and Spanish in the      the censors, lest it be considered     won’t let anyone up there until a       Break out the cannon and tell the
      keyboard                                       Battle of Trafalgar.
                                                        To kick-start the anniversary
                                                                                                Gadzooks, Hardy. Hand me my
                                                                                                                                    proper scaffolding can be erected.
                                                                                                                                       Then get me the ship’s carpenter
                                                                                                                                                                            men to stand by to engage the
Arrgghh! the good old days! I was recently sent      celebrations, an actor dressed as       pipe and tobacco.                      without delay, Hardy.                      The men are a bit worried about
the following (abridged) light hearted quip in an    Nelson posed for pictures on the           Sorry, sir. All naval vessels          He’s busy knocking up a              shooting at anyone, Admiral.
email. Have a safe Christmas and New Year and        River Thames at Greenwich. But          have been designated smoke-free        wheelchair access to the fo’c’sle          What? This is mutiny.
I look forward catching up with you in the 2005      before he was allowed to board          working environments.                  Admiral.                                   It’s not that, sir. It’s just that
January edition. Keep smiling!                       an RNLI Lifeboat, safety officials          In that case, break open the rum       Wheelchair access? I’ve never        they’re afraid of being charged
                                                     made him wear a lifejacket over his     ration. Let us splice the mainbrace    heard anything so absurd.               with murder if they actually kill
                                                     19th century admiral’s uniform.         to steel the men before battle.           Health and safety again, sir.        anyone. There’s a couple of legal
                                                        How would Nelson have fared if          The rum ration has been             We have to provide a barrier-free       aid lawyers on board, watching
                                                     he’s been subject to modern health      abolished, Admiral. It’s part of       environment for the differently
                                                                                                                                                                            everyone like hawks.
                             RAN                     and safety regulations?
                                                        Imagine you are now on the deck
                                                                                             the Government’s policy on binge
                                                                                                                                       Differently abled? I’ve only
                                                                                                                                                                               Then how are we to sink the
                                                                                                                                                                            Frenchies and the Spanish?
                                                     of the recently renamed British            Good heavens. Hardy. I suppose      one arm and one eye and I refuse
                             Reserve                 Flagship, HMS Apeasement.               we’d better get on with it. Full       even to hear mention of the word. I
                                                                                                                                                                               Actually, sir, we’re not.
                                                                                                                                                                               We’re not?
                                                        Order the signal. Hardy.             speed ahead.                           didn’t rise to the rank of admiral by
                             News                       Aye, aye, sir.
                                                        Hold on, that’s not what I
                                                                                                I think you’ll find that there’s a
                                                                                             4 mph speed limit in this stretch
                                                                                                                                    playing the disability card.
                                                                                                                                       Actually, sir, you did. The Royal
                                                                                                                                                                               No, sir. The French and Spanish
                                                                                                                                                                            are our European partners now.
                                                     dictated to the signal officer.          of water.                              Navy is under-represented in the        According to the Common Fisheries
                                                     What’s the meaning of this?                Dammit, man, we are on the          areas of visual impairment and          Policy, we shouldn’t even be in this
                                                        Sorry, sir?                          eve of the greatest sea fight in        limb deficiency.                         stretch of water. We could get hit
                                                        England expects every person         history. We must advance with all         Whatever next? Give me a full        with a claim for compensation.
                                                     to do his duty, regardless of           dispatch. Report from the crow’s       sail. The salt spray beckons.              But you must hate an enemy who
           is produced by the Office of              race, gender, sexual orientation,       nest, please.                             A couple of problems there, too,     speaks ill of your King!
        Director General Reserves - Navy             religious persuasion or disability.        That won’t be possible, sir.        sir. Health and safety won’t let           Not any more, sir. We must be
                                                     What gobbledegook is this?                 What?                               the crew up the rigging without         inclusive in this multicultural age.
      Director Naval Reserve Support - Nat              Admiralty policy, I’m afraid,           Health and Safety have closed       crash helmets. And they don’t want      Now put on your Kevlar vest.
         CAPT Ranford Elsey, RFD, RANR               sir. We’re an equal opportunities       the crow’s nest, sir. No harness.      anyone breathing in too much salt          It’s the rules!

                Editor in Chief
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                                                                                                                                     Reserve News                                                      3

             NR Officer graduates from
             Canadian forces college
By LCDR Fabian Purcell
                                        to provide graduates with an              This is presented in syndicate on the     be heard by earphones available to all     of the 19th century Niagara campaign.
  LCDR Fabian Purcell, RANR,
recently returned from Toronto,         introduction to command and staff         first day of the residence phase.          students.                                     The timetable also allowed for a
Canada, after successfully completing   duties, media relations and the legal       All elements of the JRCSC                  During the second residential           40-minute stop at Niagara Falls and
the Canadian Forces Joint Reserve       aspects of command, familiarity with      curriculum mirror the full-time           week this lecture format was largely       the compulsory photo, a gesture
Command        and    Staff   Course    the conduct of joint and combined         course. The residence phase is            replaced by a four-day planning
                                        operations,    including      planning                                                                                         much appreciated by the international
(JRCSC).                                                                          completed on campus in the beautiful      exercise utilising the CFOPP.
  He was nominated after successfully   and C4ISR considerations at the           grounds of the Canadian Forces               This process is similar to the ADF      students.
completing the RAN Staff Acquaint       operational level, an understanding of    College, Toronto.                         Joint Military Appreciation Process           Upon return to Toronto the
Course, (RANSAC) and graduating         peace support operations, familiarity       Established in 1966 the CFC hosts       (JMAP) but the exercise is conducted       students have one day of free time for
as Dux of the Course.                   with Canadian National Security           the JRCSC, during the summer break,       on a larger scale.                         sightseeing and shopping before the
  LCDR Purcell is currently a           issues and their impact on Canadian       between the full-time courses.               This year the course was privileged     Course recommences.
RANSAC Directing Staff member           Foreign and Defence policy. The
                                                                                    There are 15 days of programmed         to have the Canadian Chief of Defence         Both LCDR Purcell and SQLDR
(under-training) at the Australian      pre-residence phase is conducted
                                                                                  activity with an initial format of        Staff, General Henault, attend the         Hurford graduated successfully and
Command and Staff College. He           via the CFC website. Students are
                                                                                  morning lectures followed by              CFC and speak to the student body
went to Canada to experience and        given password access, after which                                                                                             qualified for the JRCSC Fellowship
                                        nearly all the reading material can       syndicate discussion in the afternoon.    on strategic matters influencing the
observe the conduct, curriculum and                                               Canada is a bi-lingual country and        Canadian Forces.                           program, which allows selected
                                                                                  nearly all presentations were given          At the end of the first week there       alumni of the course to nominate for
                                                                                  partly in French. However all lectures    was one day allocated for the Course       further Defence studies as supported
                                                                                  are translated simultaneously and can     ‘staff ride’ to several battlefield sites   by their host country.

                                                                                                                   Stay in the loop!
                                                                                                                       visit the member’s area

LCDR Purcell at his Graduation with the former JRCSC Director, now
Commander Canadian Naval Reserves, CDRE R Blakely. Photo provided by
                                                                                                Last issue’s                                                                Tiddles the Cat
LCDR Purcell
organisation of the JRCSC and then
apply that experience to RANSAC.
                                        be downloaded within the confines of
                                        copyright considerations.
                                                                                                Mystery Ship                                                   Could you find Tiddles hiding in the last
   The JRCSC is based on the               Conventional e-mail is used for                                                                                     edition? She was hiding on side of HMAS
Canadian Forces’ full-time, 45 week,
Command and Staff Course. It is
divided into a distance learning pre-
                                        staff and student discussion and
                                        assessment. The entire period requires
                                        approximately 60-80 hours of study
                                                                                                   RSS Vigilance                                               Townsville’s 50 cal on P4. Congratulations
                                                                                                                                                               go to CPO Kevin Forster from Perth who
                                                                                                                                                               sent in the first correct entry. We receive
residence phase of approximately        and completion of a defence essay               Recently participating in Ex SINGAROO, RSS Vigilance was               plenty of entries and have some excellent
16 weeks followed by an intensive       on the leadership of a nominated             built by the Singapore SB and Marine and launched on 27 April             prizes so remember to send in your
15 day residential period at the        operational level commander.                 1989. The ship was commissioned into Service in the Singapore             answers in early to:
Canadian Forces College (CFC)              LCDR Purcell chose RADM                   Navy on 18 May 1990. Complete details of the vessels statistics are
in Toronto. This year 71 students
                                        ‘Sandy’ Woodward, RN, Falkland               freely available on the internet. Two Victory Class Corvettes from        and be in the running for a prize from our
attended the Course including 23        Islands Campaign 1982, a lengthy             the Republic of Singapore Navy RSS Vigilance and RSS Victory,
international students representing                                                                                                                            seachest!
                                        questionnaire on the history and             joined forces with the RAN for Ex SINGAROO.
the UK, Germany, France, Belgium,                                                                                                                              Good luck finding Tiddles in this edition!
                                        development of staff structures and             Ex. SINGAROO was the eighth in the ‘SINGAROO’ series of
Netherlands, New Zealand and            function to the present day, a web           maritime warfare exercises, and provides the opportunity for the
Australia. RAAF Reservist SQNLDR        based questionnaire on the Canadian          two forces to work together to improve combined maritime warfare
Tim Hurford and LCDR Purcell were       Forces political and military strategic      procedures and tactics.
the Australian representatives.         command and control structure,
   The course is structured to          preparatory readings on media
                                                                                        The Maritime Commander Australia, Rear Admiral Rowan
                                                                                     Moffitt, recently said Ex. SINGAROO provided the opportunity                         Identify the
introduce an officer to a range of       relations, Canadian Foreign and              for further development and ongoing interaction between the two
professional military disciplines
with emphasis placed on: command,
                                        Defence policy, operational art,             Defence Forces. “The exercise goes a long way to help develop                      Mystery Ship
                                        campaign planning and the Canadian           defence ties and contribute to regional stability,” RADM Moffitt
leadership and ethics; communication    Forces       Operational      Planning       said. “It also continues to build and maintain the rapport and            Answer to last edition’s mystery ship:
skills; operational art theory; and     Process (CFOPP), and a 15 minute             friendship between the men and women of the two armed forces.”            RSS Vigilance - Congratulations to Neil Burrell
joint and combined operations.          oral presentation on the student’s                                                                                     from NSW for sending the first correct entry.
   The     course    objectives   are   nominated leadership commander.
                                                                                                                                                               We’ll be sending something to Neil from the
                                                                                                                                                               sea-chest soon. Remember to email your
                                                                                                                                                               answers to:
                                                                                                                                                      and be in the
                                                                                                                                                               running for a prize from our sea-chest.
                                                                                                                                                               Can you identify the ship below? The answer
                                                                                                                                                               will be published in the next edition.

Above: The stately building that LCDR Purcell and the Canada Staff Course             RSS Vigilance pictured during a recent visit to Australia
occupied during the course.


                                                                                                                                              3 RESERVE NEWS, DECEMBER 2, 2004
4     Reserve News

                       2004 in review

           Reserve News                        5

The year that was

            5 RESERVE NEWS, DECEMBER 2, 2004
  6        Reserve News
                                                                  DRSC NSW
                                                                 Chairman John
                                                                 Jobling OAM
                                                                     By CMDR Richard Phillips RANR, DNRS NSW
Employers experience what life in the Navy can be like during
Exercise Executive Stretch                                                                                                                           John Jobling OAM, Chairman of the DRSC in NSW
   The 2000 Defence White Paper           Club since 1958); music; gardening;        throughout the community as well as       Protection Act 2001, Prince of Wales        etc.    DRSC NSW also recognises
tasks the Defence Reserves Support        energy and the environment. He also        uniformed representatives from the        Award and Exercise ‘Executive               employer support with the Employer
Council (DRSC) to liaise with             takes a close interest in community        three services. They aim to enhance the   Stretch’.                                   Support Awards and Certificates of
stakeholder groups on matters             affairs including: Rotary, the State       availability of Reserves by promoting       Navy Exercise Executive Stretch           Recognition.
affecting Reserve availability and        Emergency Service, Baden-Powell            the benefits of Reserve service and        (EES) has been held in 2003 and                DRSC NSW is also increasingly
to act as an interface between the        Society and the Red Cross. Having          establishing      good    relationships   2004, with great support from the           providing advice to Reservists who
community and both the Government         spent most of his working life in or       between the ADF, employers and the        Reserve Diving Team based at                are having difficulty with their
and the ADF.                              around the Hunter region, he also          community in general. The NSW             HMAS Waterhen. Like other states,           employers. Over the last 12 months
   The Honourable John Jobling            found time to be a partner/director of     DRSC Committee meets twice a year         EES is aimed at senior and middle-          it has been the initial point of contact
OAM chairs the DRSC NSW. John             Black Hill winery. John was awarded        and the NSW DRSC State Executive          level managers, normally involves a         between many of the NSW Reservists
served as a member of the NSW             an OAM in 2004.                            meets monthly.                            group of between 20 and 30 people           in this situation, and the Office of
Legislative Council from 1984 until          The NSW Deputy Chair is Ian                DRSC-NSW has two full time             spending two or three days at a             Reserve Service Protection has also
2003 and occupied positions during        Unsworth. Ian has represented the          staff. The Liaison Officer is SQNLDR       Defence environment working with            provided assistance to units that have
that time as Government and then          State Chamber of Commerce (NSW)            Jenny Roe, a career Nursing Officer        Defence personnel.          Participants    Reservists experiencing difficulties
Opposition whip.                          on the DRSC for the past 4 years.          and an Office Manager, and the keen        are given a first-hand experience of         with their employers.
   His previous employment was            He holds a key role at the Chamber         and ever helpful Ms Carissa Rideout.      the types of invaluable leadership             As mentioned, there are also
as a pharmaceutical chemist and he        as Manager Industrial Relations            The office is located on level 23          and problem-solving skills that can         financial incentives for civilian
operated his own practice from 1962-      and Business Education. Prior to           Defence Plaza, 270 Pitt Street. The       be gained through service in the            employers who provide special
1984. During this time John became        that he worked with the largest            NSW DRSC also have Reservists             Reserves. EES activities often include      leave to their Reservists. Under the
interested in politics and served as a    electricity distributor in Australia,      in positions of Assistant LO, and         fire fighting, adventure training,            Employer Support Payment Scheme,
member on the Muswellbrook Shire          Sydney County Council (now Energy          Regional LO’s for the New England         abseiling, camping out – and even           which is administered by the ADF,
Council, before becoming Mayor            Australia) for 32 years. John and          and Central North and the Lower           helicopter winching from a life raft.       eligible employers are given a weekly
from 1974 – 1979.                         Ian work in a close and dynamic            Hunter regions.                             The exercises are designed to be          payment equivalent to the average
   After a Council amalgamation           partnership and use their unique              The NSW DRSC conducts many             enjoyable and stimulating and are           weekly earnings of a full-time adult.
he become the Shire President             talents and wide contacts to promote       activities that showcase Reserve          geared towards developing personal          Since the scheme’s inception three
from 1979-1986. John has a wide           the mission of the DRSC and to             training to employers. Day to day,        skills in people of all levels of fitness.   years ago, more than $25 million has
range of interests that include rugby     reinforce the importance of defence        the DRSC NSW provides advice                DRSC NSW has a modest annual              been paid to employers of Reservists.
(Muswellbrook Rugby Club patron           reserves to the business and wider         and information to Reservists and         budget, based on Reserve Unit               Around 35% is paid to NSW-based
1970-1990, Randwick Rugby Club            communities.                               employers,       covering    Employer     bids for financial support to hold           Reservists with Navy Reserve
life member); cricket; sailing (member       The other sixteen state Committee       Support Payment Scheme, Defence           employer related functions, eg ‘bring       employers receiving around a million
of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht          members are volunteers from                Leave Policies, The Reserve Service       a boss BBQ’, cocktail party, dinners,       dollars in the last financial year.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Notice of Correction
                                                                                                                                                                             The DRSC article on Page 5 of the
                                                                                                                                                                           Nov issue of RN, credited CMDR
                                                                                                                                                                           Richard Phillips as the author and

Plaque dedicated to HMAS Moreton                                                                                                                                           made reference to the DRSC Chairman
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr Richard Bluck AM RFD, as being
                                                                                                                                                                           the Chairman for NSW. The article
                                                                                                                                                                           was in fact submitted by CMDR

      unveiled at New Farm
                                                                                                                                                                           Joseph Lukaitis and Mr Bluck is the
                                                                                                                                                                           DRSC Chairmen for Victoria. The
                                                                                                                                                                           editorial team apologises for any
                                                                                                                                                                           embarrassment to all concerned. The
   by LEUT Anthony East                                                                                                                                                    corrected version of the article will be
                                                                                                                                                                           reprinted in the January 2005 edition.
                                                                   A commemoration plaque for the ex-        The base was commissioned on the
                                                                RAN base HMAS Moreton in Brisbane         3rd September 1933 as HMAS Penguin
                                                                was unveiled by the Chief of Navy,        IV. It was then recommissioned as
                                                                VADM Chris Ritchie AO, on Sunday          HMAS Brisbane on the 1st August
                                                                31st October 2004.                        1940, and later, on the 30th September
                                                                   The commemoration was held on the      1942 as HMAS Moreton. The depot
                                                                riverfront public promenade, under the
                                                                                                          moved to New Farm in 1960 reverting
                                                                shadow of the Freshwater Apartments
                                                                                                          to a Cadet and RANR training depot
                                                                development which has been built on
                                                                the former site of HMAS Moreton.          from 13 January 1986. HMAS
                                                                   The Deputy Lord Mayor of Brisbane,     Moreton was de-commissioned on the
                                                                Councillor David Hinchcliffe was          11th April 1994 and was demolished in
                                                                in attendance in recognition of the       late 1995.
                                                                financial support provided by the             The plaque dedicating the site
                                                                Brisbane City Council for the site.       reads “This site is dedicated to
                                                                Also in attendance were former            all Navy personnel who served in
                                                                Commanding Officers of Moreton, Ex         HMAS Moreton. HMAS Moreton,
                                                                Moreton Ships’ company, members           which was located adjacent to this
                                                                of the naval family from SEQLD and        site, commissioned 1 Oct 1942 and
                                                                members of the general public.
                                                                                                          decommissioned on 11May 1994.
                                                                   The Naval guard that was inspected
                                                                                                          The base supported RAN Amphibious
                                                                by CN consisted of Naval Reserve
                                                                Cadets from various Naval Reserve         Squadron, the Brisbane Port Division
                                                                Cadet units around South East             of the Royal Australian Navy Reserve
Pictured prior to the plaque unveiling at the dedication        Queensland. HMAS Moreton was a            and Naval Reserve Cadets throughout
                                                                                                                                                      Chaplain Bert Johns pictured above during the dedication
service, the memorial dedicated to the Navy personnel who       Naval Establishment located at the        Queensland as well as other Naval           service to commemorate the plaque and memorial for
served in HMAS Moreton. Photo by LEUT Anthony East              corner of Merthyr Road and Gray           personnel serving in the South East         HMAS Moreton at New Farm in Brisbane recently. Photo
                                                                Street in New Farm.                       Queensland area.”                           by LEUT Anthony East

                                                                                                                                     Reserve News                                                       7

                                                                                                                This month in History
         Who’s doing
                                                                                                             Compiled by LEUT Anthony East

                                                                                                          Royal Australian Navy events of significance that occurred during the month of December.

                                                                                                          01 Dec 1965 The Australian Naval Board approved ‘Australia’ shoulder insignia as standard
                                                                                                          uniform for the RAN.

                                                                                                          02 Dec 1939 The German pocket battleship Graf Spee took the first Australian naval POW’s of
                                                                                                          the Second World War after sinking the merchant ships Doric Star and Tairoa in the South Atlantic.
                                                                                                          The Australians were DEMS ratings of the RANR.

                                                                                                          03 Dec 1970 HMAS Perth, guided missile destroyer, provided supporting gunfire to the US 135th
                                                                                                          Assault Helicopter Company when it landed troops near the Cambodian border.

                                                                                                          05 Dec 1804 The rank of Sub Lieutenant was established in the Royal Navy.

                                                                                                          06 Dec 1940 HMAS Bathurst, minesweeper, was commissioned under LEUT A.V. Bunyan,
                                                                                                          RANR(S) at Sydney. Bathurst was the first of 60 vessels of this class built in Australia for the RAN,

  PREL’s get full
                                                                                                          RN and the RIN.

                                                                                                          07 Dec 1954 HMAS Quiberon completed her conversion to an anti-submarine frigate. During her
                                                                                                          conversion she became the first ship of the RAN to be fitted with Type 170 ASDIC and the Mk10
                                                                                                          Limbo mortar.

IMPACT at Harman                                                                                          09 Dec 1941 The first Japanese aircraft were sighted over Rabaul. The aircraft were reported by
                                                                                                          radio when they passed over Tabar Island by Coastwatcher SBLT C.L. Page, RANVR.

                                                                                                          11 Dec 1941 HMS Lady Shirley, a Royal Navy minesweeper commanded by LCDR Callaway,
                                                                                                          RANVR was sunk by the German submarine U374 in the Straits of Gibraltar. There were no
  By LEUT Chris Woods
                                                                                                          survivors. A search for the missing vessel was carried out by HMS St Nectan commanded by LEUT
                                                                                                          Osborne, RANVR.
   Public Affairs specialists from all three           the conduct of public affairs within the Defence
Services gathered at HMAS Harman recently to           environment and represents the first phase of a     13 Dec 1921 The Four Power Treaty was signed between the British Commonwealth, the United
participate in the inaugural Initial Military Public   dedicated training continuum for Navy public       States, France and Japan. This treaty was replaced by the Washington Treaty three months later and
Affairs Conversion Training Course (IMPACT).           affairs practitioners.                             resulted in the scuttling of the then eight year old battlecruiser HMAS Australia under the limitation
   The aim of IMPACT is to provide common                 The course covered such topics as individual    clause.
initial employment training for members who            service command and control briefs, military
                                                                                                          15 Dec 1947 The RN Air Station at Nowra, NSW was transferred to the RAN.
have been recruited with recognised public             public affairs doctrine, issues and crisis
affairs qualifications and Officers transferring         management, public affairs planning and            16 Dec 1977 HMA Ships Brunei, Labuan and Wewak, landing craft heavy, broke adrift in the
from other PQs.                                        culminated with a CPX focused on issues            Brisbane River during a violent tropical storm. The ships were saved from serious damage and
   This course is designed to provide a context for    management procedures.                             possible loss by the ‘exceptional initiative, courage and seamanship’ of CPOMTP(D)3 W. Lahane
                                                                                                          and POCOX J. Edwards.

                                                                                                          18 Dec 1917 FLTLT F.N. Fox, RNAS flew a Sopwith Pup aircraft from the quarterdeck of HMAS
                                                                                                          Australia. This was the first successful aircraft take-off from an Australian warship.

                                                                                                          20 Dec 1974 The Australian Prime Minister, Mr Gough Whitlam, denied his Government planned
                                                                                                          to dispense with the ‘Royal’ prefix of the RAN.

                                                                                                          23 Dec 1941 The first US expeditionary force landed at Brisbane.

                                                                                                          22 Dec 1921 The Department of the Navy was absorbed into the Department of Defence.

                                                                                                          24 Dec 1970 Helicopter Gunships of the RAN Helicopter Flight in Vietnam operated as a security
                                                                                                          force over a South Vietnamese military camp in the Ca Mau Peninsula, during a Christmas visit by
                                                                                                          President Nquyen Van Thieu.

                                                                                                          25 Dec 1974 HMAS Arrow, patrol boat commanded by LEUT R.G. Dagworth, RAN foundered
                                                                                                          during Cyclone Tracy at Darwin. Two members of the ship’s crew were lost. HMAS Attack, patrol
                                                                                                          boat commanded by LEUT DeGraff, RAN was blown aground and damaged. Naval Headquarters
                                                                                                          at Darwin was destroyed.

                                                                                                          31 Dec 1945 Four GC’s (George Crosses), nine GM’s (George Medals) and three bars to the GM
Navy contingent on the IMPACT Course held at HMAS Harman. Left front -back: LEUT Chloe Wilson,            were awarded to RANR personnel serving in the Rendering Mines Safe Section of the RN during
LEUT Fenn Kemp, LEUT Peter Rekers, SBLT Tim Slater. Inset: LEUT Campbell Spencer Right front-             the Second World War.
back: LEUT Chris Woods, LCDR Helen Pothoulackis, LEUT Phil Jackson, LEUT Ian Lumsden.

                 Reunion plans for                                                                                         Be a roving
                      ADF Cricketers
 Have you played Inter-Service / Combined Service or National Services
                                                                                                                         Going on an interesting posting?
 Cricket? Cricketers who have represented the ADF are being asked to                                                      Why not report for our team?
 forward their contact details so that planning for a reunion to be scheduled
 around October or November 2005 can commence.              Proposed itinery                                                         Email:
 includes entry to the members area to view a game at the Gabba, dinner,                                          
 golf along with many other events to make the weekend an enjoyable one.
 Details and/or enquiries should be forwarded by mail to either Bob Jeffreys                                                 for information about
 OAM c/- ADF Cricket Reunion, QLD Office, PO Box 777, Booval QLD or                                                            obtaining a camera.
 email to Ken Lincoln at

                                                                                                                                             7 RESERVE NEWS, NOVEMBER 4, 2004
  8        Reserve News
                                   Employment opportunities
                                          the Navy Personnel and Training          negotiated, DGNPT has determined         Position Requirements: A LS/PO           to transfer of category applications
                                          organisation. 150 training days (three   that all positions in DNPMKeyS are       (WTR or MAB) is sought to fill the        and general personnel documentation
                                          days per week) are available to the      ‘Category 3’.                            position of Assistant Conference         management. The DO is responsible
                                          successful applicant. With the one       Duration: Position is vacant from        Coordinator. The position is with        to Command for the effective and
              ACT                         rank up/down rule SBLTs or LCDRs
                                          may apply. This is a Canberra based
                                          position with applications limited to
                                                                                   December with no replacement
                                                                                   Point of Contact:
                                                                                                                            Sea Power Centre - Australia,
                                                                                                                            currently located at Dairy Road,
                                                                                                                            Fyshwick, Canberra. The position has
                                                                                                                                                                     efficient management of the Division.
                                                                                                                                                                      Location: HMAS CERBERUS
                                                                                                                                                                      Period: This position has been
                                          residents of that region.                LCDR Mark Muir, DNPMKeyS,                been allocated 150 LS days. This is      approved under the Project Program
                                          Duties (Short List): As the Assistant    (02) 6266 5199 email                     an exciting opportunity for a sailor     employment criteria and is for 70
                                          Staff Officer to the Chief Staff Officer                 who has excellent communication          days. It is expected that the incumbent
Job Title: Strategic Development          Reserves, Navy Personnel and                                                      and organisational skills, and is able   will expend the days on a full time
Coordinator (Project Program              Training:                                Job Title:          Staff Officer,        to operate with the minimum of           basis, commencing on 17 Feb 05.
Position 64/04)                           • Collaborate with NPT Directorates,     Air 9000 Phase 3 Seahawk Midlife         supervision.                              Point of Contact: LCDR John Goss
Location: Defence Force Recruiting        Regional Reserve Pools and               Upgrade – Project Program Position       Duties: The principle function of the    (03) 5950 7586 or Mobile 0438 630
Headquarters, Barton, Canberra.           stakeholders to facilitate the           (Project 49/04)                          Assistant Conference Coordinator is      386
Position Requirements: LCDR/              development and implementation of        Position Requirement: LCDR MAS           to assist the Conference Coordinator      Email:
LEUT - MEO/WEEO                           streamlined structures and processes     Duties: Develop the sponsor’s paper      plan, coordinate and manage the
Duties:                                   to maximise the contribution of                                                   Pacific 2006 Sea Power Conference
                                                                                   and annexes required to take the
• Develop strategic issues paper to       NR personnel to Navy’s capability                                                 and King Hall 2005 History
                                                                                   Project to First Pass. The paper will
improve MEO and WEEO recruiting.          outputs.                                                                          Conference, under the direction of the
                                                                                   follow the existing detailed template
• Liaise with MEO/WEEO
• Analyse current available research.
                                          • Enhance the integration of the Naval
                                          Reserve as a component of Navy’s
                                          Total Force ensuring consistent
                                                                                   and draw extensively on existing
                                                                                   information from a range of project
                                                                                                                            Director Sea Power Centre - Australia,
                                                                                                                            and to undertake other administrative
                                                                                                                            support tasks as required.
• Collect additional research available   management practices are applied,                                                 Location:Dairy Road, Fyshwick,
                                                                                   Location: Russell, Canberra. Distance
in the Defence domain.                    accounting for differing levels of                                                Canberra.
                                                                                   and flexible working arrangements
• Develop Defence paper that              availability, deployability and nature                                            Period: Commencing immediately to
provides strategic direction for          of service.                                                                       30 June 05                               Job Title:           Reserve Regional
                                                                                   Period: This position has been
recruitment of MEO/WEEO officers           The desired end state is for the part-                                            Point of Contact: CMDR Keith             Pool Manager – Western Australia.
over the next 4 years.                                                             approved under the Project Program
                                          time Assistant Staff Officer to work                                               Smith on 02 6127 6502, fax 02            FRC Position Number TBA (currently
Remarks: Canberra resident                                                         employment criteria and is for 60
                                          with the part-time Staff Officer                                                   61276519 or                              being established).
preferred. Flexible work arrangement                                               days. Start date ASAP                                                             Position Requirements:        A Naval
                                          to ensure that the office of Chief        Special Requirements: Ideally,           e-mail
by mutual agreement.                      Staff Officer (Reserves) is staffed                                                                                         Reserve LCDR is sought to fill the
Duration: Position available now. 40                                               an officer with knowledge and                                                      Reserve Regional Pool Manager – WA
                                          each working day. However, by            experience in both maritime aviation     Job Title: LS Intranet Administration
training days available until 30Apr05.    negotiation, working hours/days can                                               – FRC Position 489229 – up to 150        position. The position is physically
Point of Contact:              CMDR                                                and in writing Capability Definition                                               located at HMAS STIRLING,
                                          be flexibly managed to cater for a        Documentation.                           days available.
Nev Marshall (DFRHQ) Tel: 02 6122         mixture of office attendance and the                                               Position Requirements: LS MAC            Garden Island and must be filled
4007.                                                                              Point of Contact: LCDR Peter                                                      by an officer currently residing in
                                          off-site progression of work.                                                     (AB to PO may apply) with general
Email:                                                                             Saunders (02) 62653779                                                            that locality. With the one-up/down
                                          This position is available for                                                    office and computer skills for a shared                                                    Email: peter.saunders1@defence.go                                                 rank rule, LEUTs and CMDRs may
                                          immediate start.                                                                  position (200 days per year) general
                                                                                                                                                       apply for the position. This Funded
                                          POC: If you are interested in this                                                admin tasks within Directorate of
Job Title: Staff Officer to Director       position and would like to apply or                                               Reputation Management. Candidates        Reserve Commitment position
Naval Health (SO 2 Health                                                          Job Title: WO, CPO OR PO                                                          has 150 Reserve days that can be
                                          obtain additional information please                                              should be prepared to work with
Personnel) (General) - Joint Health                                                WANTED AS - Staff Officer Reserve                                                  allocated to a single incumbent or, if
                                          contact LCDR Steve Retallack on                                                   personnel across all ranks (military
Support Agency - PN Vacancy 183682                                                 Administration – Australian Capital                                               required, divided among a number of
                                          (02) 6265 2616 or at Steven.Retallack                                             and civilian) in a small team
Location: Campbell Park, Canberra                                                  Territory – FRC Position 489770 (Job                                              incumbents.
Position Requirements: LEUT NS /                                                   Share)                                                                            Duties: As the NPT NR regional
                                                                                                                            Primary Duties (short list):
MA (Health Service)                       Job Title: Member - Data                 Position Requirements: A CPO/PO                                                   representative, under the direction of
                                                                                                                            • Administration of DNRM files,
Duties (Short List): Staff Officer         Remediation Team (General) - PN          MAC willing to make a long term                                                   Chief Staff Officer Reserves:
                                                                                                                            databases and media/issues tracking.
Director Naval Health requires an         Vacancy 503766                           commitment, with general office and                                                • implement the NPT TIWF
                                                                                                                            • Website maintenance (no experience
experienced Health Services Officer.       Section:             Directorate of      computer skills, is needed to share                                               business rules, policies and
Key functions and duties:                 Navy PMKeyS, Navy Personnel and          the 240 CPO days allocated to this       • Assistance with bulk mail outs         procedures for the effective
• Provide Staff Support to Director       Training                                 position. CPO Williams is already        (eg. Navy Annual, Calendar) and          management of NR personnel in the
Naval Health.                             Location: Northbourne House,             doing 90 days, and the CPO who           organisation of merchandise.             region of responsibility,
• Coordinate advice to DGNPT on           Canberra                                 just left used 34 this FY - leaving      Location: Navy Headquarters,             • supervise RRP staff in their
Naval Health workforce issues.            Position Requirements: PO WTR /          116 days. Candidates must be highly      Russell Offices (R1-4).                   delivery of services to Reserve
• Coordinate advice to DNOP on            MAB.                                     motivated and energetic with a proven    Period: Commences now, or as             personnel and stakeholders, ensuring
employment and career development         Duties: Directorate of Navy PMKeyS       ability to work with and advise          negotiated. Up to three or four days     the standards for E&D and OH&S are
of Naval Health Branch officers,           requires an experienced Senior Sailor    personnel across all ranks – with        per week available with job sharing.     adhered to,
including Reserves.                       to:                                      the minimum of supervision. They         POC: CMDR Bob Plath, NHQ, 02             • implement and manage a
• Develop category management plans       • Undertake PMKeyS data                  must be able to work in a small team     6265 3940e-mail ropbert.plath@defen      communications plan to advise,
for Naval Health Branch officers and       remediation activities.                  environment, and prepared to undergo or Mrs Sue Collicutt, NHQ      inform and engage stakeholders,
sailors.                                  • Liaise with Navy PMKeyS users,         PMKeyS training. The position            02 6265 7305 e-mail:                     including all NR personnel, on NR
• Coordinate Navy input to ADF            Navy PMKeyS Module Coordinators,         reports to the Reserve Regional Pool              HR management processes and
health training and professional          Directorate of Personnel Management      Manager – ACT, and the incumbent                                                  procedures,
development policy.                       Information staff, PMKeyS Customer       is the Divisional Senior Sailor for a                                             • perform Divisional Officer duties
Position Qualifications: Nursing           Support Centre and Business Analysis     diverse part-time workforce.                                                      to Standby and ARAE NR personnel,
or health degree, recent experience       and Process Improvement personnel        Primary Duties (short list):                                                      • manage the CSO(R) service

in ADF health care delivery, and          as required to investigate and resolve   • Management of the ACT Office                                                     standard directive and ensure
desirable to hold a postgraduate          data anomalies.                          – including the provision of advice                                               compliance with RRP Standard
degree, psc(j) or equivalent.             • Advise the Navy PMKeyS Training        to staff and Command at the SA and                                                Operating Procedures (SOP’s), and
Remarks: As this is full-time position    Officer and Business Process Team of      TAS State shopfronts.                                                             • provide informed advice to all
based in Canberra for which no PN         all anomalies resulting from incorrect   • Provision of advice and information                                             RAN members on NR service options
officer has been identified, it is most     application of standard business         on NR matters to all ACT Regional                                                 and conditions of service.
suited to a member from the ACT           processes.                               PN and NR personnel and the local         Job Title: Divisional Officer to         Period:Commencing immediately,
region on CFTS, but other options         • Provide input to communication         Command.                                 personnel attached to Rogers Division    this challenging, ongoing, role
(including part time work and job         media on PMKeyS issues as directed.      • Provide information to Civilian and    HMAS CERBERUS – Project                  will require the incumbent(s) to
sharing) will be considered.              • Assist in audit activities of Navy     Defence Employers of NR members.         Program Position (Project 84/04)         provide a high level of service to
Duration: Position is vacant from         PMKeyS related data.                     • Provide NR presentations as             Position Requirement: LEUT              the NR community in WA and to the
January 05 with no replacement            Pre-Requisite Experience: Six            required.                                maybe WO with recent Divisional          Commands and Authorities in that
identified.                                months experience as a PMKeyS            Location: Naval Reserve Centre,          management experience.                   region.
Point of Contact:             LCDR        operator in Leave or Personnel           Admin Building, HMAS HARMAN               Duties: Rogers Division has been        POC: If you are interested in this
Meg Ford, SO2 DNH, (02) 6266 2412         Administration would be an               Period: Commencing ASAP, with            established to manage all HMAS           position and would like additional
email:            advantage, but training will be          116 x CPO days available, at two or      CERBERUS sailor category                 information contact CAPT Mike
                                          arranged where necessary.                three days per week (negotiable) until   trainee personnel awaiting course        Burton on (02) 6234 1133 or email
Job Title: Assistant Staff Officer to      Remarks: As this is full-time position   30 June 05, when position continues      commencement, transfer of branch
Chief Staff Officer (Reserves), Navy       based in Canberra for which no PN        at 150 CPO days per year.                or discharge. The division has a
Personnel and Training - FRC              sailor has been identified, it is most    Point of Contact:              LCDR P.   turn over of approximately 80              Some positions may be filled
Position No. 497021                       suited to a member from the ACT          Flynn, RRPM-ACT, 02 6266 6612,           personnel with a permanent staff         at time of publication. Members
Requirements: A Naval Reserve             region on CFTS, but other options        E-mail        of one PN CPO, supported by one          are advised to liaise with the point
LEUT is sought for the high profile        (including part time work and job                                                 Reserve PO on FRC. Divisional            of contact to ensure that the job
position of Assistant Staff Officer        sharing) will be considered. For         Job Title: Assistant Conference          duties are extensive and involve         opportunity still exists prior to
to Chief Staff Officer (Reserves) in       information when CFTS is being           Coordinator - FRC Position 489922        issues from discipline proceedings       submitting an application.


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