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Blue Collar

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					Blue Collar 

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Many skilled workers work hard all day long using their hands, but don’t know how to develop a professional
marketing document that will get them in the door. Unfortunately, for this reason many workers who are
qualified for an available position are not given an interview. Don't be left in the dark, have your résumé
professionally designed to "kick butt" over your competition. 1300 RESUME realised that there was a real need
for a service catering to the "hard-working, blue collar people," so we developed packages just for the trades
We specialise in the following industries and sectors: Accountancy & Business Services, Advertising, Marketing & PR, Armed Forces &
Emergency Services, Banking/Finance, Investment & Insurance, Broadcast, Film & Interactive Media, Building & Construction, Creative
Arts, Communications, Economics, Education, Energy & Utilities, Engineering, Environment & Agriculture, Fashion & Design,
Government & Public Administration, Healthcare & Medical Hospitality, Human Resources & Recruitment, Information Technology,
International Trade, Legal Services, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Property, Publishing,  Retail, Science, Social & Community
Services, Sport & Leisure, Travel & Tourism, Transport & Logistics.

                                                                          Select from six packages to suit your requirements

                                                            Blue Collar     Blue Collar    Blue Collar    Blue Collar    Blue Collar   Blue Collar
                                                              Bronze          Silver          Gold         Platinum        Deluxe      Deluxe Plus

                      Résumé Analysis & Assessment

                           30 Day Interview Guarantee

                                                              30 min          30 min         30 min         30 min         60 min         90 min
                      Consultation with Résumé Writer
         (Select telephone or face to face consultation)
                                                            Telephone       Telephone      Telephone      Telephone      Telephone     Face to Face
                                                           Consultation    Consultation   Consultation   Consultation   Consultation   Consultation

                             Expertly Worded Résumé         1 version       2 versions     2 versions     2 versions     2 versions     2 versions

                         Expertly Worded Cover Letter        1 letters       2 letters      2 letters      2 letters      5 letters     Unlimited

                    Expertly Worded Selection Criteria           -               -              -                             -             -

                         5 Colour Laser Printed Copies

                MS Word 2000 (editable) format on CD

               Adobe PDF (non-editable) format on CD

                   e-book: Top 10 Interview Strategies

                        e-book: The Hidden Job Market

    e-book: Planning an effective Jobsearch Campaign

      e-book: Talking About Weaknesses at Interviews

                        10 Bound Laser Printed Copies            -               -

                                                                                                                           60 min         90 min
                 Interview Coaching & Strategy Report            -               -                             -         Telephone     Face to Face
                                                                                                                         Coaching       Coaching

                                                                                                                           60 min         90 min
                             Career Coaching Session             -               -              -              -         Telephone     Face to Face
                                                                                                                         Coaching       Coaching

               30 Day Mentoring & Jobsearch Support              -               -              -              -

                                                              TOTAL           TOTAL          TOTAL          TOTAL          TOTAL          TOTAL
                                                              COST            COST           COST           COST           COST           COST
                                                             $ 195.00        $ 295.00       $ 350.00       $ 425.00       $ 595.00       $ 995.00

           Call 1300 RESUME to order today!

          1300 737 863 9am - 7pm
Email your existing résumé to                                                                                                     

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