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Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards 2008                                                                                               receipt of order.

A                                            B                                             C                                             D
                                                        ALZ-6030                                       ALZ-4024                                       ALZ-7010
              ALZ-3064                    May the Joy and Peace of the Season          Wishing you a beautiful Holiday Season                    Warmest thoughts
      Many good wishes for                 be yours throughout the New year            and a New Year of Peace and Happiness                      and best wishes
     a New Year of Happiness                                                                                                                  for a Wonderful Holiday
       in a World of Peace                                                                                                                   and a very Happy New Year

E                                        F                               G                                  H                                I
      Holiday Greetings                                                                                           ALZ-3003                             ALZ-4011
                                               ALZ-6061                         ALZ-8012           May this Holiday Season                   Wishing you a season filled with
  and many good wishes for
                                      May the Peace and Joy May the Joy and Peace of Christmas    bless us all with the gifts                good tidings, laughter and cheer
   a New Year of Happiness                                     be with you Today, Tomorrow
                                      of the Season be yours                                   of Happiness, Freedom & Peace
     in a World of Peace                                                and Always                     for all Mankind
                                     throughout the New Year

                      Optional Personalized Imprint inside card:                                 Optional Personalized return address on Envelopes:
           Add up to 4 lines of text below the standard greetings shown above               Return Address to be printed on the back flap of your envelopes.

                          100                         500 - 975    >1000        Additional Customizations                                                    Peel &
PRICING                                                                                                       Card Quantity Card   Card Envelope                         Card
                          Cards          Add’l 25’s   Add’l 25’s   Add’l 25’s           Available:                                                            Seal
                                                                                                             Letter Ordered Price Imprint Imprint           Envelope   Subtotal
Standard Greeting         $152.00        $38.00       $36.00       $34.00             •Signatures
Add Personalization       $17.00         $3.00        $3.00        $3.00                                                     $           $        $        $           $
                                                                                  •Logos and Custom
Add Printed Return        $20.00         $3.00                                         Artwork
                                                      $3.00        $3.00                                                     $           $        $        $           $
                                                                                    •Verse Changes
Add Peel & Seal                                                                      •Font Changes                           $           $        $         $          $
Envelopes                 $12.00         $3.00        $3.00        $3.00
                                                                                     •Color Changes
                                                                                                                                                  Order Subtotal
                          $9.50          $1.00                                                                                                          Shipping
Ground                                                $0.90        $0.80         For pricing and requests
                                                                                                                                             Additional Donation
2nd Day                   $26.25         $3.75        $3.40        $3.05                please call

Next Day                  $45.00         $5.00        $4.50        $4.05          1-888-487-5567.                                                Total Charges

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