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									               Product Data Sheet
               Edition 2.27.2007
               Identification no.
               MRW System

               MRW® System
               Mechanical Room Waterproofing System
               Description          MRW system is a 100% solids coating for mechanical room, for interior use. It combines elastomeric
                                    polyurethane waterproofing membrane and a two-component, flexible, flame-retardant epoxy top
                                    coat that can be seeded to provide a non-slip surface.
               Where to Use         MRW system is used to provide a waterproof surface in mechanical equipment rooms, computer
                                    access floors and other areas requiring an effective waterproofing system.
               Advantages           ■ Durable waterproofing - MRW System provides long lasting protection. MRW Membrane
                                       cures onto the substrate to form a continuous protective barrier against water and oil. The
                                       epoxy top coat protects the membrane and provides a resistant surface. A slip resistant

                                       finish is obtained with the use of 50 mesh silica sand (lightly seeded).
                                    ■ Fast and Easy to Use - MRW System is designed to keep your labor costs and downtime
                                       to a minimum. MRW is liquid-applied using conventional squeegees and rollers for fast
                                    ■ Safe, Non-Disruptive Application - MRW System contains no volatile solvents, free of
                                       isocyanates, or other toxic fumes.

                                    Typical Data
                                    MRW Membrane                                       4.7 gal (18 L) unit
                                                                                       Component A: 6 gal. metal pail
                                                                                       Component B: 3 gal. metal pail
                                                                                       15.8 gal (60 L) unit
                                                                                       Component A: 6 gal. metal pail
                                                                                       Component B: 6 gal. metal pail
                                                                                       2 pails of A to 1 pail of B
                                    MRW Top Coat                                       3.9 gal (15 L) unit: 1 pail (A) and 1 can (B)
                                                                                       Component A: 6 gal. metal pail
                                                                                       Component B: Carton containing (2)* 1 gal. cans
                                                                                       * Order 2 Pails of Part A and one carton of Part B (2 cans
                                                                                         per carton).
                                    Color                            Gray
                                    Yield                            1st coat MRW Membrane - 232-325 ft2/gal. (5-7 mils w.f.t.) (5.7-8 m2/L)
                                                                     2nd coat MRW Membrane - 106 ft2/gal. (15 mils w.f.t.) (2.6 m2/L)
                                                                     Finishing coat MRW Top Coat - 203-325 ft2/gal. (5-8 mils w.f.t.) (5-8 m2/L)
                                                                     Thickness and number of coats is depends on service conditions.
                                    Shelf Life                       2 years in original, unopened packaging. Store dry at 40° - 90°F (5° - 32°C).
                                    Mixing Ratio
                                     MRW® Membrane                   A:B = 2:1 by volume
                                     MRW® Top Coat                   A:B = 3:1 by volume

                                    Properties at 73°F (23°C) and 50% R.H.
                                                                                        Membrane                     Top Coat
                                    Solids Content                                      100%                         100%
                                    Pot Life                                            90 min                       90 min
                                    Waiting Time between Coats
                                      MRW Membrane and MRW® Membrane                    16-72 hrs.
                                      MRW Membrane and MRW® Epoxy Top Coat              16-72 hrs.
                                      MRW Epoxy Top Coat and MRW® Epoxy Top Coat        16-24 hrs.
                                    Application Temperature Range                       50° - 85°F (10° - 29°C)      50° - 85°F (10° - 29°C)
                                    Curing Time                                         16 hrs.                      16 hrs.
                                    Abrasion Resistance ASTM D4060                                                   .175 g
                                      Taber Abrader, Wheel CS17/1000g/1000 cycles       -
                                    Elongation ASTM D412/D638                           350%                         27%
                                    Tensile Strength ASTM D412/D638                     305 psi (2.1 MPa)            1595 psi (11 MPa)
                                    Tear Resistance ASTM D624                           72 lbf/in (12.6 kN/m)        -
                                    Shore D Hardness                                    -                            70
                                    Impact Resistance ASTM D2794                        -                            120 in-lb
               How To Use
               Surface       Surface must be clean, sound and dry. Remove dust, laitance, grease, curing compounds,
               Preparation   bond inhibiting impregnations, waxes and any other contaminants.
                             Preparation Work: All projections, rough spots, etc. should be dressed off to achieve a level
                             surface prior to the application.
                             Concrete - Should be cleaned and prepared to achieve a laitance and contaminant free,
                             open extured surface by blastcleaning or equivalent mechanical means. (CSP3 as per ICRI
                             guidelines). The compressive strength of the concrete substrate should be at least 3500 psi
                             (24 MPa) at 28 days and at least 200 psi (1.4 MPa) in tension at the time of application of
                             MRW System. Treat shrinkage cracks and dynamic expansion joints prior to MRW System
                             application. Rout and fill with Sikaflex 2C SL. Surfaces must be lightly sandblasted or other
                             mechanical means approved by Sika (CSP 1-3).
               Mixing        Pre-mix each component. MRW Membrane is a two-component product. Thoroughly mix
                             component A with component B. Mixing ratio is A:B = 2:1.
                             MRW Top Coat is a two-component product. Thoroughly mix component A with component B.
                             Mixing ratio is A:B = 3:1. Allow 30 min induction period prior to top coat application.
                             Mix for 3 min using a low-speed drill (300-450 rpm) to minimize air entrapment. Use an Exomixer
                             type mixing paddle (recommended model). During mixing operation, scrape down the sides and

                             bottom of the pail with a flat or straight edge trowel at least once to ensure thorough mixing. Mix
                             until a uniform color is achieved. Mix only the quantity you can use within its pot life.
               Application   To reduce bubbles caused by outgassing, prime surfaces with a thin coat of MRW Membrane
                             at a thickness of 5-7 mils. Pour the mixed material onto the floor, spread immediately with a
                             squeegee and backrolled 45 min after application. Using a short nap thick-pile roller. Apply
                             second membrane coat the next day or allow primer coat to dry to a tack-free film.
                             MRW Membrane - Apply an even coat using a squeegee and further level using a short nap,
                             thick pile roller for a total film thickness of at least 15 mils. Allow membrane to cure overnight
                             before applying MRW Top Coat.
                             MRW Top Coat - Apply one coat using a short nap roller for a film thickness of 5-8 mils. For
                             a skid-resistance finish, lightly broadcast the wet film with 50 mesh silica and back roll to
                             encapsulate the sand into the coating. For an 8 mils thick application, coverage is approx. 203
                             ft2/gal.(5 m2/L). Two coats (5 mils each) of MRW epoxy top coat are recommended for a smooth
               Limitations   ■ MRW is designed for application over structurally sound, clean and dry concrete.
                             ■ Not to be used in exterior applications.
                             ■ May discolor in areas exposed to constant ultra violet light.
                             ■ Will not tolerate motorized vehicular traffic.
                             ■ Minimum/Maximum substrate temperature: 50°F/85°F (10°C/30°C).
                             ■ Maximum relative humidity: 75%.
                             ■ Substrate temperature must be 5°F (3°C) above measured dew-point.
                             ■ Determine the surface moisture content by using an impedance moisture meter designed
                                  for use on concrete as detailed in ASTM E-1907. Acceptable test results shall be 4% by
                                  mass or less. If over use Sikafloor Epocem 81/82.
                             ■ Conduct quantitative anhydrous calcium chloride testing in accordance with ASTM F1869.
                                  Maximum acceptable test result is 3 pounds per 1,000 ft2 per 24 hours. If over use
                                  Sikafloor Epocem 81/82.
               Caution       For industrial and professional use only. Uncured epoxy resins and hardeners present some
                             hazards. Avoid contact with skin and ensure adequate ventilation. Consult product label for
                             additional information.
               First Aid     Eyes - Hold eyelids apart and flush thoroughly with water for 15 minutes. Skin - Remove
                             contaminated clothing. Wash skin thoroughly for 15 minutes with soap and water. Inhalation
                             - Remove to fresh air. Ingestion - Do not induce vomiting. Dilute with water. Contact physician.
                             In all cases contact a physician immediately if symptoms persist.
               Clean Up      Clean all tools equipment immediately with Sika Equipment Cleaner/Epoxy Thinner. Once
                             hardened, product can only be removed mechanically. Wash soiled hands and skin thoroughly
                             in hot soapy water or use Sika Hand Cleaner.
               Handling      ‘A’ Component: Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. Wear personal protective
               and Storage   equipment (chemical resistant goggles/gloves/clothing). Use only in well ventilated
                             areas. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after use. Remove contaminated clothing.
                             Launder before reuse. Confine and remove spill with absorbent. Place excess in properly
                             sealed, suitable container.     Dispose of in accordance with applicable environmental
                             regulations. Store product in closed container in a cool dry place 40°-90°F (5°-32°C).
                             ‘B’ Component: Open doors and windows. Use only with adequate local and mechanical
                             ventilation. In absence of proper ventilation, use properly fitted, NIOSH respirator. Avoid direct
                             contact with skin and eyes. Wear personal protective equipment (chemical resistant goggles/
                             gloves/clothing). Wash thoroughly with soap and water after use. Remove contaminated
                             clothing. Launder before reuse. If spilled, eliminate all ignition sources. Confine and remove spill
                             with absorbent. Place excess in suitable container. Dispose of in accordance with applicable
                             environmental regulations. Store product in closed container in a cool dry place 40° - 90°F (5°
                             - 32°C).

                             KEEP CONTAINER TIGHTLY CLOSED                                                          KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN
                             NOT FOR INTERNAL CONSUMPTION                                                                    FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY
                                                       CONSULT MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET FOR MORE INFORMATION
                             Sika warrants this product for one year from date of installation to be free from manufacturing defects and to meet the techni-
                             cal properties on the current Technical Data Sheet if used as directed within shelf life. User determines suitability of product
                             for intended use and assumes all risks. Buyer’s sole remedy shall be limited to the purchase price or replacement of product
                             exclusive of labor or cost of labor.
                             Visit our website at                                                 1-800-933-SIKA NATIONWIDE
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