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									                 MINUTES OF THE 269th REGULAR MEETING
                             of BLACK ROCK BEAUMARIS LODGE.
Held on 15th October 2009 at the Sandringham Masonic Centre. V.Wor.Bro.W P Keem
Wor.Master presided, brethren attended as per the appearance book.
The Secretary moved that the minutes of meeting number 268 have been printed
                                                                                                   LODGE No. 370
and circulated, be confirmed ......………………………………...Carried.                                            A. F. & A. Masons of Victoria.
The Treasurer Bro.I B N Roscrow, Treasurer, moved amounts of $230.00
plus catering for the night.
Seconded by, Wor.Bro.Jack Driscoll..........………………. Carried.
The Treasurer, moved that the Statement of Income and the Balance sheet be Received.
2nd by Wor.Bro.Dennis Colam………………Carried.
As there was no discussion the treasurer moved that the Document be Adopted…
2nd by Wor.Bro.Dennis Colam………………Carried.
Grand Lodge Correspondence
 Notice of vacancies for the Boards of General Purposes, and Benevolence.
Information of the Charity Challenge to be held on Sat. 24th October 2009.
Notice of the Open Night to be held on Thursday 22nd October, at Gardenvale.
Notices from sister Lodges were tabled.
The Wor.Master then welcomed Visitors, and extended that welcome to the Brethren in the
body of the Lodge.
Wor.Master invited V.Wor.Bro.Arthur Venn. PGIW. To address the brethren with a talk entitled                  MASTER
Land Marks of the Order.
At the end of which the Wor Master requested a minute in appreciation for the most enjoyable
                                                                                                V.WOR.BRO. William Percival Keem.
and enlightening Lecture….                                                                     45 Lawson Pde Highett. 3190. Ph. 9598 0481
At the First time of rising
                                                                                                                     Dear Sir and Brother
Past Masters and Wardens the next Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge will be held at 300
                                                                                                        The Worshipful Master desires me to convey
Albert St East Melbourne on Wednesday 16th December 2009 at 7.30pm. All members of the
                                                                                                     His fraternal greetings and to express his wish that
craft in addition to those summoned are cordially invited to attend.
                                                                                                    You will be in attendance at the next regular meeting
                                                                                                       Of the Lodge at Sandringham Masonic Centre.
At the Second time of rising,
                                                                                                   The Lodge meets on the third Thursday of every month.
Almoners report, by V.Wor.Bro.Bill Morecroft.
Social Sec, by Wor.Bro.George Mason.
Hall Company, Wor.Bro.George Mason.                                                              Wor.Bro.GEOFF FRASER. P.G.Std.B. Secretary.
                                                                                                   P O Box 2022 Edithvale. 3196. Phone 9773 3649.
Apologies. Bill Bingham, Tom Jones, Ian McLeod, Rex McLeod, Garry Sebo, Colin Styles,                     Email gfr07833@bigpond.net..au
Graeme Wolstencroft,

At the Third time of rising,                                                                                     MASONIC DRESS
Hearty good wishes were accorded the Wor.Master.                                                    Grand Lodge Dues…………………….$
The Lodge was closed in due form.                                                                   Your Arrears to 30/6/2008 are………...$
                                                                                                    And Your Dues to 30/6/2009 are……...$
 Past Masters and Wardens the next Communication of Grand Lodge
 will be held at 300 Albert St East Melbourne, Wednesday 16th                                        Cheques payable to BlackRock-Beaumaris Lodge No370.
 December 2009 at 7.30pm. All members of the craft in addition to                                              Lodge Dues are payable in advance
                                                                                                              Please remit all Lodge Dues direct to;
 those summoned are cordially invited to attend.                                                                  Bro.I.B.N.Roscrow Treasurer.
                                                                                                               P O Box 141 Bentleigh East. 3165.
                                                                MASONIC BIRTHDAYS FOR NOVEMBER 2009
             SUMMONS No 270
     REGULAR MEETING Thursday 19th November 2009            Wor.Bro.C W SWITZER                  Charles               28/11/1984

To Open the Lodge                                                                         VALE.
                                                             It is with regret that I inform you of the Passing to Grand Lodge
                                                             above of Bro Donald Lifford Sist. Don was initiated into Black Rock
To confirm the minutes of the last regular meeting.          Lodge on 16th March 1964. Don was a retired Company Manager.
                                                             Don had not attended Lodge for quite some time, but has remained a
To receive the Treasurer’s statement and to pass             member.
accounts for payment.

                                                                                  It has finally happened
To receive Grand Lodge correspondence.                      On Sunday November 29th at the Sandringham Masonic Centre at
                                                            10.30 am, the newly installed lift will be officially opened by
                                                            the Most Worshipful Grand Master Garry Sebo.
To receive general correspondence.                          All Lodge members and their wives[wags] are cordially invited to
                                                            attend this long awaited event.
                                                            Following the opening those attending are invited to partake of the
                                                            hospitality of The Committee of Management in the form of morning
To Hear a Talk on the Apron and Collars.                    tea. Could those intending to come along, please advise the lodge
                                                            secretary to facilitate catering.

To Witness the ceremony of the Vacant Chair.                George A Mason
                                                            Secretary Sandringham Hall Company Committee of Management.

Remaining general business the Wor.Master may direct.       Toasts for November

                                                            Visitors                     Bill Morecroft
                                                            Birthdays                    Les Beith
                    REHEARSAL                               Absent Bre.                  George Mason

                    Thursday 12th November,                                  SOCIAL COMMITTEE MEETING
                  Sandringham Masonic Centre.                         The next Social Committee meeting will be held on
         Officers and Past Masters are expected to attend                    Monday 30th November at 7.30pm
                           Front Room.                                     At the home of George and Edna Mason
                                                                                  1 Holmby Rd Cheltenham
                                                                         All members are cordially invited to attend,

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