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                           Black Tea
the art of tea
                 TM        How much caffeine?
                           180mL Serving
                           Espresso coffee                               90    mg.
                           Black Tea                                     40    mg.
                           Oolong Tea                                    25    mg.
                           Green Tea                                     15    mg.
                           Pai mu tan “white tea”                        15    mg.
                           Cocoa                                          4    mg.
                           Herbal Infusions                               0    mg.

Good quality water and correct brewing time are crucial for
                  the perfect cup of tea
• Boil fresh cold water
Use cold, fresh water from the tap. Never use water from the hot tap.

• Always pre-warm the teapot
Simply fill your teapot and teacup with very hot water and let it stand for a
few minutes. This will prevent the water dropping below perfect brewing
temperature once it has been poured in the cup or pot.

• Add the correct amount of tea to the pot - don’t over-measure
It isn’t necessary to add an extra teaspoon “for the pot”. The following
information should help with quantities.
For each 250mL cup add:

  Pai mu tan          2 tsp
  Green Tea           1 tsp
  Oolong Tea          2 tsp
  Black Tea           1 tsp
  Herbal Infusion     start with 1 tsp and increase to taste

• Bring water to a rolling boil
But don’t let it boil for too long as it will boil away some of the flavour
releasing oxygen and you will get a flat tasting tea. For white and black
tea, pour water the moment it boils. For green, oolong and herbal
infusions pour water 1 - 2 minutes after it boils to avoid scalding the
delicate leaves

• Infuse for a full 3 - 5 minutes especially large leaf tea

• Strain and serve
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