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									Director: Fr. Virgílio Antunes * Proprietor: Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fátima (Portugal) * Quarterly publication * Year VI * Nr. 23 * 2009/11/13

Pope Benedict XVI Visits Fatima in 2010                                                                       Like Jacinta,
                                                    pontiffs, Benedict XVI is the one who more
                                                    delved into the core of the message of Fa-
                                                                                                              we pray and
                                                    tima and better interpreted it for our times.
                                                    The better article on Fatima is the theologi-
                                                                                                             make sacrifices
                                                    cal commentary made by him on the Third                     The love of the Pope is part of the
                                                    Part of the Secret of Fatima, in 2000”.                 message of Fatima because it is part of
                                                        In early October, during the meeting                the Catholic tradition of the Church.
                                                    of the Permanent Council of the Bishops                 To speak about loving the Pope is
                                                    Conference of Portugal, held in Fatima, the             much more than to say that he is the
                                                    bishops of Portugal wrote a Pastoral Note               Successor of Peter or the visible sign
                                                    on the “Visit of the Pope to Portugal”.                 of the Church’s unity. It is, indeed, a
                                                        In this document, they thank again the              doctrinal matter, but also a question of
                                                    Pope for having accepted the invitation they            affection, of the heart.
                                                    had sent him and reiterated the main inten-                 Our devotion to the Holy Father
                                                    tion to be placed on welcoming the Pope:                manifests an attitude of love for the
                                                    “The visible communion with the Successor               Church, a real and personal friendship
                                                    of Peter, physically present in our midst,              towards all the members of the Church,
                                                    will again be an occasion for the spontane-             beginning with the one who received
                                                    ous expression of that love for his person,             the mission of confirming his brothers
    September 24, 2009, was the date of             his magisterium, his universal service and              in the faith. It is a love not only of
the great announcement: the Holy Father             his fidelity to the Church”.                             words, but one made real and visible in
is visiting Fatima in May 2010. His visit                                                                   the love of the brothers and specially
                                                        The document goes on to say: The visit
has the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima as its                                                                 of that brother, who takes upon himself
                                                    of the Holy Father intends also to encour-              the greatness and weakness of all the
main destination; there Benedict XVI will           age the constant and generous commitment
preside over the Anniversary Pilgrimage of                                                                  others.
                                                    to the work of evangelization, by helping                   During the centennial of the birth
May 12/13.                                          the faithful to go beyond a mere tradition-             of Blessed Jacinta in 2010, it is a great
    The news that Benedict XVI had accept-          al religiosity and embrace a mature and                 grace to be able to welcome the Holy
ed the invitation, made by the Bishops Con-         thoughtful faith, capable of a courageous               Father to the Shrine of Cova da Iria.
ference of Portugal and by the Presidency           testimony both in private and in public; a              And it is a happy coincidence, above
of the Republic of Portugal, was welcomed,          faith capable of facing the challenges of               all because Jacinta was, from amongst
throughout the country, with much jubila-           secularism and doctrinal and moral rela-                the three Little Shepherds, the most
tion.                                               tivism, so typical of our times and of which            devoted to the Pope. She used to make
    In a press release, the Bishops Confer-         Pope Benedict reminds us so often”.                     sacrifices for him, for him she suffered
ence of Portugal manifested “joy for this               At the time of the announcement, it was             and was ready to give her life. Like the
visit of the Holy Father to Portugal” and           added that the schedule of events during                good child of God that she was, she
emphasized that “the love of Portuguese             the visit of Benedict XVI to Portugal would             always showed her love for her Church,
Catholics for the Successor of Peter is a key       only be divulged later on, perhaps at the               specially poor sinners, the ones in most
element of our Catholic tradition and of our        end of November 2009, at the time of the                need of the mercy of God and of the
fidelity to the Church”.                             Plenary Assembly of the Bishops Confer-                 solidarity and help of men.
    On that same day, at Fatima, the Bish-          ence of Portugal, to be held also at Fatima.                Her kind lamentation ‘Poor Holy
op of Leiria-Fatima and the Rector of the               A few days later, during October’s An-              Father!’ expresses well a devotion, a
Shrine of Fatima were unanimous in mak-             niversary Pilgrimage, on 12/13, again the               love and a compassion that move us.
ing public, immediately, the “joy” they             Catholic Church in Portugal, through her                Amidst so many divisions, ideologies
felt on hearing this news and prayed to                                                                     and expectations, we need to return
                                                    Pastors and also through the voices of the
God “that, through this pontifical trip, the                                                                 to a personal attitude of love and
                                                    faithful, manifested publicly the great love
Church in Portugal and the world may be                                                                     compassion for all members of the
                                                    and filial connection with Benedict XVI                  Church, beginning with the Holy
strengthened in the faith”.                         (See pag.2).                                            Father.
    The media reported the various reac-                Therefore, the Country will welcome                     With Jacinta, we rejoice with the
tions to the announcement and so this pa-           His Holiness Benedict XVI, in May 2010,                 coming of the Holy Father and promise
pal visit to Portugal ended up marking the          with joy and hope and as a great gift from              to pray and sacrifice for him who is the
news services of the day and of the follow-         God to Portugal, 93 years after the first                figure of Christ and sign of unity for all
ing days.                                           apparition of Our Lady at Fatima and ten                Christians.
    At the time, several voices were heard          years after the beatification of Francisco                                   Fr. Virgílio Antunes,
echoing the words of Bishop António                 and Jacinta Marto.                                               Rector of the Shrine of Fatima
Marto, of Leiria-Fatima: “Amongst all the                                    LeopolDina Simões
2                                                                                                                           2009/11/13

                                            We want to welcome the Holy Father with filial affection
     Special rubber-stamp                      Due to the fact that the Apostolic Nun-         While he was uttering these short
      to mark the passage                   cio in Portugal, Most Rev. Rino Passigato,
                                            was in Fatima taking part in the celebra-
                                                                                            words, the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima was,
                                                                                            more than once, interrupted by the ap-
                                            tions of October 12/13, where he concele-       plause of the pilgrims, who thus wanted to
     through Fatima of the                  brated, the Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, at the
                                            end of Mass, decided to send, through this
                                                                                            show their agreement with his message.
                                                                                               It is estimated that about 140,000 pil-
      Pilgrims of Santiago                  representative of the Pope in Portugal, a
                                            message of appreciation to His Holiness
                                                                                            grims took part in this Mass presided over
                                                                                            by the Patriarch of Lisbon, His Eminence
                                            Benedict XVI.                                   José Cardinal Policarpo, and concelebrat-
                                               “Friends, we have just celebrated the        ed by the Apostolic Nuncio, 11 Bishops
                                            last great anniversary pilgrimage this year     and 355 Priests.
                                            in Fatima. The first anniversary pilgrim-           According to information from the De-
                                            age next year will be in May, which will        partment of Pilgrim Service, 113 organ-
                                            be presided over by our beloved Holy            ized groups from 25 countries signed up
                                            Father Benedict XVI. I want to send, on         for the morning celebrations of October
                                            behalf of all of you, a message to the          13, held at the Prayer Area of the Shrine
                                            Holy Father, through his Apostolic Nun-         of Fatima. 205 pilgrims received, at the
                                            cio, who is here with us and whose pres-        end of Mass, the Blessing of the Sick.
                                            ence I thank him for, to let him know of           During the whole pilgrimage of Oc-
                                            our great joy and heartfelt gratitude for       tober 12/13, 262 people were attended
                                            the gift of his coming visit and also to tell   at the First Aid Station and 336 used the
                                            the successor of Peter – who is coming to       Foot-Wash Service.
                                            visit us and confirm the brothers in faith          It is estimated still that 8,000 pilgrims
                                            - that we want to welcome him with joy,         arrived on foot to take part in this pilgrim-
                                            enthusiasm, our presence and filial affec-       age.
                                            tion”, he said.                                                         LeopolDina Simões
       For a while now, pilgrims who
    walk the Way of Santiago, on their
    way to Santiago de Compostela,
    try to pass through Fatima, where       Berlin Wall torn down 20 years ago
    they ask the Department of Pilgrim
    Services of the Shrine of Fatima to         On November 9, 1989, the wall dividing Berlin in two zones began being torn down.
    prove their presence at this Mar-       Its construction had been ordered by the authorities of the Eastern sector of the city and
    ian Shrine by rubber-stamping their     began on August 12/13, 1961. After the tearing down began, some fragments of the
    ‘Passport of the Santiago Pilgrim’.     “iron curtain” found their way to the Shrine of Fatima, some of which are in exhibition
       The Shrine, which has always,        at two different sites.
    from the beginning, responded               Next to the eastern entrance to the Prayer Area of the Shrine there is a large piece of
    positively to this request by using a   the Berlin Wall, transformed into a great monument. It weighs 2600 kilograms and it is
    generic rubber-stamp of the institu-    3.6 meters high and 1.2 meters wide.
    tion, has developed a specific rub-          It was acquired, by subscription, by a group of Portuguese people, headed by Virgílio
    ber-stamp for that purpose, which       Casimiro, Portuguese emigrant residing in Germany, and arrived at the Shrine with the
    was designed by Fr. Ángel Ramírez,      support of the Consulate General of Portugal in Frankfurt, on March 5, 1991, around
    who is currently the Chaplain of the    18h00.
    Shrine of Fatima in charge of wel-          The Berlin Wall Monument of Fatima, symbol of the reunification of Germany, was
    coming the Spanish-speaking pil-        inaugurated on August 13, 1994.
    grims.                                      In showcase #19 of the permanent exhibition of the Shrine of Fatima called ‘Fátima
       The rubber-stamp represents the      Luz e Paz’, at the Rectory Building, there are also several small concrete pieces from
    Shrine of Fatima by means of an im-     the Berlin Wall.
    age of one of the apparitions of Our        In this case, though, the small fragments were made into the beads of a rosary that
    Lady to the three Little Shepherds,     the same emigrant wanted to donate to Holy Father John Paul II, when he visited Fatima
    the seers of Fatima, and the Shrine                                                   on May 13, 1991.
    of Compostela in the shape of a                                                          This rosary is still peculiar, for it has
    shell, symbol of the pilgrim walk-                                                    the five Glory be’s representing the five
    ing the Way of Santiago.                                                              new States of the reunified Germany,
       At the time of the presentation                                                    which were made with stone pieces taken
    of this initiative to the media, dur-                                                 from the Government Houses of each one
    ing the October 12/13 Pilgrimage,                                                     of those states, donated by the respective
    the Rector of the Shrine of Fatima,                                                   presidents.
    Fr. Virgílio Antunes, explained that                                                     Msgr. Luciano Guerra, then Rector of
    this rubber-stamp “is a very simple                                                   the Shrine of Fatima, having in mind the
    thing, but intends to establish, in a                                                 significance of this rosary, related to the
    more visible way, this connection                                                     message of Fatima, suggested that it stay
    between Fatima and Santiago de                                                        at the Shrine, where it is a memorial to the
    Compostela”.                                                                          events which many say have a lot to do with
                                                                                          the second part of the Secret of Fatima.
2009/11/13                                                                                                               3

                     “Share with joy, like Jacinta”
   Besides the preparation, in a fes-                                               quality. She is that child who is al-
tive atmosphere, of the visit of Holy                                               ways available for God and for oth-
Father Benedict XVI, which will co-                                                 ers, namely, in the practice of sac-
incide with the tenth anniversary of                                                rifices, in prayer and in almsgiving.
the beatification of seers Francisco                                                 We think that, with that key phrase
and Jacinta Marto (May 13, 2000),                                                   in mind, we can make a reflection, a
the Shrine of Fatima also marks, in                                                 catechesis, which would, at different
2010, the Birth Centennial of Jacinta                                               levels, appeal to sharing, to love of
Marto. That announcement was made                                                   neighbor, to generosity, solidarity,
by the Rector of the Shrine of Fatima                                               amongst other things”.
during the anniversary pilgrimage of                                                   In the context of the celebration
October:                                                                            of this Centennial, there will held in
   “In 2010 we will try to establish,                                               June – on a date and with a program
in continuation with previous years,                                                still to be announced - a congress that
a connection between the Tenth                                                      will start off with the life and testi-
Commandment- Thou shall not cov-                                                    mony of Jacinta Marto. Also, during
et the goods of thy neighbor – and                                                  the annual Children’s Pilgrimage, on
the celebration of the Birth Centen-                                                June 9/10, the little seer of Fatima
nial of Blessed Jacinta. We have                                                    will be the inspiring figure.
sought a positive formulation for a                                                    Also, in this concrete context of
theme which could help us to pro-                                                   the commitment of the Shrine of Fa-
pose something based on Scripture                                                   tima to the children and youth pasto-
or on the Catechism of the Catho-                                                   ral ministry, the institution plans to
lic Church, and which could, at the                                                 organize on the third Saturday of the
same time, capture a fundamental                                                    month, from December 2009 on, a
facet of the life of Jacinta Marto. We                                              program specially addressed to chil-
came up with the key phrase, or slo-                                                dren, marked by times of prayer and
gan, “Share with joy, like Jacinta”.                                                catechesis.
In fact, Jacinta Marto possesses this                                                                  LeopolDina Simões

                             Francisco Marto, the child hero
                           From childhood, I am used to           From a geographical point of view, I always link Fran-
                        admire and, I can say it, contem-      cisco to Valinhos Hill and, to be more precise, to the zone
                        plate the figure of that innocent       of ‘Loca do Cabeço’ : the green vegetation in the Spring, a
                        child with a human and spiritual       certain dryness in full Summer, the brute force of the rocky
                        profile that meant and still means      formations, the mild sound of the breeze, the silence only
                        a lot to me.                           broken by the singing of the birds or the murmurs of na-
                           I always recall with emotion the    ture.
                        first instances when his name was          There it is the place for silence, contem-
                        mentioned in elementary school         plation, interior joy, the mystery
                        and in catechism, in the parish. My    of nature, humanity and God.
                        visits and pilgrimages, on foot and    It is, therefore, the place of
                        in an environment of prayer and        Francisco, who gathers in
                        silence, to Aljustrel, Valinhos and,   himself all that is very well
                        most of all, to ‘Loca do Cabeço’       defined and unified by the rea-
                                                               lity of God. His expression
                        (hilltop grotto) marked me a lot.
                                                               “Oh, how is God!” is the unmis-
                           From a personal point of view,      takable mark of that child, that
                        I’ve always somehow perceived          place and that experience.
                        that Francisco was a model, a hero,       Together with Jacinta, Francis-
                        with which I would like to identi-     co is an immense treasure of every
                        fy, during my childhood. I have an     good thing created by God, most
                        image of him as being very happy,      of all, in his tenderness and in
                        silent and reserved, otherwise as it   his love for God and all men.
                        was characteristic of the boys of
                        the sierra.                                          Fr. Virgílio Antunes
4                                                                                                                                2009/11/13

        Puerto Rico studies the message of Fatima
                                                                                                Marto “The Beauty of the Trinitarian Face
                                                                                                of God in the Message of Fatima”. He also
                                                                                                carried a message, in which Bishop António,
                                                                                                referring to the newly-built shrine, consid-
                                                                                                ers it sort of a prolongation “in Puerto Rico
                                                                                                and the Caribbean Isles, of the echo of the
                                                                                                private message Our Lady brought for all
                                                                                                mankind, to be spread from Fatima”.
                                                                                                    Personally, I was impressed by the great
                                                                                                devotion of the people to Our Lady of Fati-
                                                                                                ma in all the places I visited, and by the en-
                                                                                                thusiasm they showed. Every day there was
                                                                                                the prayer of the Rosary and, whenever we
                                                                                                traveled by bus, the Statue of Our Lady ac-
                                                                                                companied us. As we left, a procession was
                                                                                                also organized to accompany us to the place
                                                                                                of the meeting or celebration. The people ea-
   The living and the spread of the message     ceed one thousand people, held at a local       gerly received the commentaries on the mes-
of Fatima is a precious contribution to the     Shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima,         sage of the Heavenly Messenger and shared
new evangelization, for the Virgin Mary has     where we find a replica of the Little Cha-       with others what was done in their countries
shown to men Her Immaculate Heart as the        pel of Apparitions. There was held the last     for the spread of the message of Our Lady
refuge and way to God and has given us the      conference and celebrated the concluding        and for the fulfillment of Her requests.
Little Shepherds as living testimonies of the   Mass. In some of the activities were pres-          The World Apostolate of Fatima (Blue
power of His grace. This is the main con-       ent the Apostolic Nuncio and the Bishops        Army) is a public association of Catholic
clusion of the I Congress for Latin America     of the Dioceses of Ponces and Mayaguez.         faithful founded in 1947 under the name of
and the Caribbean Isles, which the World        In San Germán, Mayaguez, was built a di-        Blue Army, which is dedicated to the spread-
Apostolate of Fatima (Blue Army) held in        ocesan shrine dedicated to Our Lady of the      ing of the Message of Our Lady of Fatima.
the Island of Puerto Rico, on August 26 thru    Rosary of Fatima, in the parish of Saint Rose   It has been recognized by the Holy See and
31, 2009.                                       of Lima.                                        its international headquarters are at Domus
   This Congress gathered representatives           The Shrine of Fatima (Portugal) and the     Pacis, Fatima, Portugal. It is present in more
from several countries and was held in more     Bishop of Leiria-Fatima were represented        than 100 countries.
than one venue, with sessions for the about     by the Vicar General of the Diocese of Lei-
120 participants and activities and celebra-    ria-Fatima, who gave two conferences, one            Fr. Jorge Guarda, Vicar General of the
tions for a larger public, which came to ex-    of them being the text of Bishop António                          Diocese of Leiria-Fátima

    Our Lady of Fatima in the hearts of catholics of South Korea
   The city of Pusan,                                                                                             of Christian families in
South Korea, hosted, on                                                                                           Asia. Nuno Prazeres and
September 10 thru 13,                                                                                             Ana Reis shared with the
the II Asian Regional                                                                                             participants the memory
Congress of the World                                                                                             of their relatives, who
Apostolate of Fatima,                                                                                             had been directly in-
entitled The Message of                                                                                           volved in the Appari-
Fatima and the Chris-                                                                                             tions, calling for the
tian Family. The event                                                                                            families to become true
was attended by more                                                                                              prayer cells, following
than 100 delegates from                                                                                           the example of Fatima’s
India, Philippines and                                                                                            little shepherds.
South Korea. The inter-                                                                                               The World Apos-
national president of the                                                                                         tolate of Fatima was es-
movement, Prof. Améri-                                                                                            tablished in South Korea
co Lopéz-Ortiz and the                                                                                            in 1964, thanks to Msgr.
international secretariat,                                                                                        Anton Trauner, a Ger-
Nuno Prazeres and Ana                                                                                             man missionary. Nowa-
Reis, from Fatima, also                                                                                           days, there are more
participated.                                                                                                     than one hundred thou-
   The meeting was pre-                                                                                           sand members. These
ceded by a retreat which gathered more          farewell to the Blessed Virgin Mary, wav-       apostles of Our Lady in the Far East have
than 2500 people around the statue of Our       ing white handkerchiefs and singing the         contributed a great deal for the spread of
Lady of Fatima, a clear sign of the pro-        hymn “Ave of Fatima”.                           the Fatima Message.
found Marian devotion of South Korean              During the congress, the various con-                      Nuno Prazeres and Ana Reis
Catholics, who are only 10% of the coun-        ferences emphasised aspects of the Fatima            International Secretariat of the World
try’s population. In the end, the crowd said    Message that can better illuminate the life                            Apostolate of Fatima
2009/11/13                                                                                                                                   5

              Angola at the feet of Mary                                                         Devotion to our Lady of Fatima in America
   The devotion of the people of Angola         reminiscent of past centuries. Simple                The little chapel of Our Lady of Fatima
to Our Lady keeps on growing. There             and good people who don’t spare efforts          in Hudson, Massachusetts, in the United
isn’t a place, large or small, that doesn’t     to praise God and venerate His Mother            States of America, celebrated, on October
venerate Our Lady of Fatima, but the            Mary.                                            17/18, its 70th anniversary. The Portuguese
great annual pilgrimage is the one to the          An improvised large camp serves               residing there have never stopped celebrat-
Shrine of Muxima (meaning heart).               as lodging, the great river supplies the         ing the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima and are
   On September 4 thru 6, more than a           fresh air the place and the people need,         intent on continuing to faithfully perpetuate
hundred thousand pilgrims traveled to           the statue of the Virgin gathers the peo-        this devotion of their ancestors.
the margins of the Kwanza River, close          ple to sing, pray and praise, in a humble,           There was Mass in the parish church,
to a small church and a small fortress                                                           followed by the Rosary and Procession. The
                                                but simple and beautiful manner. Holy
                                                                                                 people take part, praying and singing while
                                                Mass, Rosary and candlelight procession
                                                                                                 walking through the streets. Passersby stop
                                                – clearly a Fatima inspiration – create,         to admire the serious and convincing atti-
                                                together with rhythmic and enthusiastic          tude of the foreign community, which has
                                                hymns sung by the crowd, an unforget-            its own way of manifesting the faith.
                                                table environment.                                   Amidst a secularized world, where signs
                                                   Muxima is going to be a great Marian          of Christian faith are missing, the public
                                                shrine in Angola as well as in Africa. A         manifestations recall other dimensions of
                                                large church is being planned, as well as        life and open doors to the new evangeliza-
                                                an esplanade, that might receive the thou-       tion. Mary continues to be the Star of the
                                                sands of pilgrims. Muxima is going to            New Evangelization and many Portuguese
                                                play a large role in the building of peace       people, within and without the borders
                                                in that Continent, for Mary will also be         of the country, accept the challenge of
                                                there the longed for Star of Peace.              working with Her.

                                                                       Fr. Virgílio Antunes                               Fr. Virgílio Antunes

                  Our Lady of Fatima in Concesio, Italy
    The Pilgrim Statue of Fatima, during the    was welcomed by Bishop Olmi; then on to          a week earlier returned to the roofs of Sto-
national itinerary for the commemoration of     the Parish of Pieve, where it stayed two days    chetta, where they might have found peace.
the 50th anniversary of the consecration of     and was venerated as ‘Help of Christians’            Finally Our Lady returned, by helicopter,
Italy to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, was,     and ‘Mother of the Church’.                      to the skies. This Week was marked by the
on October 4 thru 11, at the parish com-            Very moving was the Mass for the sick        great faith and prayer of the people, many
munities of Concesio, hometown of Pope          and the elderly. Continuing on in proces-        confessions, wide participation and prayer
Paul VI.                                        sion, the Statue reached the Parish of Costo-    throughout the processions. Dozens of vol-
    Fr. Pietro Minelli, former missionary of    rio, where it was venerated as ‘Queen of the     unteers worked on tirelessly. Everyone par-
Mozambique and now pastor of St. Andrews,       Family’ and ‘Queen of Apostles’ , and where      ticipated actively, including the pastors of
who already in Africa had experienced the       it stayed another two days. Many of the faith-   the different parishes, who were one in the
power of Marian devotion, planned this          ful joined the Vicar General, Msgr. Mascher,     celebrations, in the planning and in the re-
Marian Week. He was joined by Fr. Gian-         and welcomed the Virgin in St. Vigilio.          flections.
luca Gerbino, pastor of Costorio. He was            The Statue of Our Lady then returned, on         Our people still needs sensible signs; our
also joined with joy by the parishioners of     the following Sunday, to Stocchetta, where       religion, which proclaims the Incarnation of
St. Vigilio, who wanted to ask Our Lady for     about three thousand people took part in the     God, is partly made up of signs which touch
a new pastor. He was also joined by Fr. Dino    celebration presided over by Archbishop Ve-      the whole man.
Osio, who at first showed some reluctance,       lasio de Paolis, President of the Prefecture         Seeing the great number of people in the
but who, in the end, showed more emotion        for economic affairs of the Holy See, and        procession, Fr. Clemente Dotti exclaimed: ‘It
and surprise. Another invitee was Fr. Mario     where the four pastors accompanying the          is really true: Our Lady calls us and presents
Toffari, pastor of Stocchetta and chaplain of   Statue consecrated to the Immaculate Heart       to us Her Son. She calls us and we respond to
the immigrant community.                        of Mary the parishes of Concesio. Still dur-     Her call, by saying: ‘Here we are!’
    The statue of Our Lady arrived by heli-     ing the consecration, two of the doves freed                                  Fr. Mario Toffari
copter on Sunday, Oc-
tober 4, at the football
field of the Parish of
Stocchetta, accompanied
by Fr. Clemente Dotti,
priest living at the Shrine
of Fatima, Portugal, for
the past twenty years. It
was he who animated the
whole week with com-
petence, enthusiasm and
    The Statue traveled in
procession to the Parish
of St. Andrews, where it
6                                                                                                                                   2009/11/13

Congregation ‘Daughters of Our Lady of Fatima’, Bahia, Brazil
                                                                     founder and some pho-       through city after city, farm after farm,
                                                                     tos taken on that happy     through the entire Diocese, and had noticed
                                                                     day when we received        how the people suffered and how pressing
                                                                     the Diocesan Bishop of      was the need for a prompt and realistic so-
                                                                     Bom Jesus da Lapa, the      lution.
                                                                     Most Rev. José Valmor          On December 12, 1954, in Santana, this
                                                                     César Texera, a photo-      Bishop, Fr. Félix, pastor of Santana and
                                                                     copy of the decree of       director of the ‘Educandário Diocesano
                                                                     Erection of Canonical       Sant’ana’ (Diocesan Educational Institution
                                                                     Law, which was prom-        of Saint Anne), and Frei Paulo Bus, a Dutch
                                                                     ulgated on May 27,          Carmelite, at the time pastor of Correntina,
                                                                     2009.                       got together. They talked about their plans
                                                                        The Solemn Mass,         and, by coincidence, they all had the same
                                                                     during which we re-         thought: to found a congregation with girls
                                                                     ceived the Decree, was      from the region.
                                                                     celebrated in the Chapel       They all agreed to leave the materializa-
                                                                     of Our Lady of Fatima,      tion of their dream to Bishop Muniz, who
   Through an e-mail message addressed to        a semi-public oratory belonging to Our          doesn’t lose time. He soon finds four girls
the Rector of the Shrine of Fatima in Por-       Congregation.                                   willing to become sisters. And, thus, on
tugal, we were able to know better the reli-        This week, we received from two return-      March 19, 1955, Solemnity of St. Joseph,
gious sisters of the congregation ‘Daugh-        ing religious sisters, who had traveled to      the congregation is born. The name he goes
ters of Our Lady of Fatima’, founded in          Fatima, as pilgrims, and had stayed there       and picks it from amongst the many titles of
Brazil.                                          in May thru July of 2008, the statues 35cm      Our Lady. Thus ‘Daughters of Our Lady
   We publish below the message of greet-        high of the three Little Shepherds, made in     of Fatima’.
ings sent by Sister Maria do Carmo Vicente       acrylic. They are beautiful! (…)                   Bishop Muniz had accompanied the Pil-
and give you a little of the history of the         Please pray for us! We promise to pray       grim Statue of Our Lady of Fatima, brought
congregation’s foundation, based on the          for you!”                                       from Portugal, throughout his entire Dio-
‘Book of Records of 1980’, sent to us by the                                                     cese and had seen the wonders and graces
same Sister, in June of this year.                      History: ‘Daughters                      witnessed at the passage of the holy statue.
                                                       of our Lady of Fatima’                       The purpose of the congregation is to
                Greetings                           In the Far West of the State of Bahia,       collaborate with priests in the evangeliza-
    “We received, some time ago, the news-       along the São Francisco River, is the Dio-      tion of the people and run, preferably, par-
letter ‘Fátima Luz e Paz’, at the following      cese of Barra do Rio Grande. Some years         ishes without a priest; to promote the liv-
address: Santana – Bahia –Brazil. It is with     ago this was a vast territory full of prob-     ing of the messages of Our Lady given at
great joy that we would like the Rector and      lems.                                           Fatima, through a Marian devotion well
everyone working for that publication to            Bishop João Muniz, C.SS.R., arrived in       understood; to dedicate their lives to works
know a little about us.                          December 1942 and tried, at the time of his     and initiatives which intend to protect hu-
    Therefore, we are sending to you a brief     pastoral visits, to find a place to take care    man life from conception to natural death;
history of our group, the picture of the         of the problems of the people. He had gone      and to promote a mature Christian life.

              Echo of Message of Fatima in Sicily, Italy
    The day of the Solemnity of the Sacred       which preceded the ecclesial event of that
Heart of Jesus, in the small community of        day. It all began when the Good Lord, Who
Birgi, saw an important event take place. A      has His own designs, made ripen in the
former wine cellar became a Shrine on that       heart of a person the desire to do something
day.                                             (for Him). Afterwards, circumstances and
    For several years now, the place was the     the encounter with other people led that
destiny of numerous pilgrims, who felt at-       person to see things more clearly. The Good
tracted to the Message of Fatima.                Lord made a lot of hearts see the possibil-
    But let us try to understand the signifi-     ity of making that desire come true. A lot
cance of this action, which coincided exact-     of faithful from the local church and others,
ly with the 20th anniversary of the presence     throughout the years, came in ever increas-
of the Servants of the Immaculate Heart of       ing numbers to pray at the feet of Mary.
Mary in this part of the country. The Work       What was done here is nothing else than
of Our Lady of Fatima of Birgi is present        the dedication of a place to Our Lord Jesus
in the western tip of Sicily, between the cit-   Christ in honor of the Virgin Mary, where
ies of Trapani and Mazara, in the territory of   they can express their affection for Her.
the ancient Diocese of Mazara del Vallo.            The permanent celebrations at the Shrine
    The Most Rev. Domenico Mogavero,             are: Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sac-
Bishop of the Diocese, presided over the         rament, Marian procession, the practice of      tima, intends to become a center of spiritu-
ceremonies; but present were also the Min-       the First Saturdays of the Month and the        ality at the service of everyone, a small echo
ister General of the Institute Father Eugenio    13th of the month May thru October, togeth-     of Fatima in this part of Italy.
Pozzoli, numerous Religious and Diocesan         er with the spirit of reparation and penance
Brothers, as well as about a hundred of faith-   requested by Our Lady at Fatima.                                         Loredana Giacalone
ful who came to be present at the event.            This Work, which administers the shrine             Religious belonging to the Movement of the
    Let me make a reference to the story         dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fa-              Family of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
2009/11/13                                                                                                                                 7

                                                  Love of Fatima in Bonfim, Bahia, Brasil
                                                of the foundation of the Diocese, its new       ple, joyful, happy for having, from now on,
                                                Bishop, Most Rev. Francisco Palhano,            in their midst, the white statue of Mary, to
                                                conceived a long jubilee program, which         Whom they pray and love a lot.
                                                included an extensive mission through all          There are already clear signs that that
                                                the parishes and a well-organized visit of      Diocesan Church, despite its poverty in
                                                the image of Our Lord of Bonfim. That            material possessions, is awaking up to a
                                                was an occasion for catechesis, meetings,       new spring of vocations, for the number
                                                celebrations, times of prayer. A way of         of seminarians continues to increase. It is
                                                shaking the people’s faith convictions and      going to have men and women of faith and
                                                the sense of belonging to the Church, in a      testimony, because there are solid young
                                                region marred by the proliferation of sects     families willing to work in evangelizing.
                                                everywhere.                                     Above all, one could see there a great hope
                                                   This Bishop, who, according to his own       in the action of Our Lady, Mother of the
                                                words, drank from his father the devotion       Church and Star of the Evangelization.
                                                to Our Lady of Fatima, arrived at a dioc-            The Church in Europe needs to take
                                                esan cathedral which was dedicated to Her,      a close look at the Church in other conti-
                                                despite the fact that it didn’t have an image   nents; needs to notice the existing contrast.
                                                of Her in it. So he took advantage of the       When they asked me what was the differ-
                                                jubilee celebrations to enthrone and crown      ence between the Church in Europe and
   Brazil has the distinction of being a        there a statue donated by the Shrine of Fa-     the Church in South America, my answer
large country with a Catholic majority, but     tima, for he believed that a strong devotion    was ready: one is a decadent Church, the
also of being very devoted to Our Lady.         to Mary would help his Diocesan Church          other a blooming Church. What a differ-
The crowning of the statue of Our Lady of       to grow in fidelity to Christ.                   ence, when one looks at the fervor and en-
Fatima in the Diocese of Bonfim, Bahia,             It was very moving to see the sincere        thusiasm in their lives and in their faith!
was a moment marked by a moving mani-           love that simple people from the interior          I returned to Fatima well convinced that
festation of love for the Virgin of Fatima      of the country have for Our Lady. The sta-      the Lord continues to work wonders in His
and showed the vitality of the Catholic         dium was full; there were diocesan priests,     Church and in the world through Mary.
Church.                                         missionaries, seminarians, catechists, chil-
   During the celebration of the 75 years       dren and youths, a sea of thousands of peo-                             Fr. Virgílio Antunes

Devotion to Our Lady and Evangelization in Japan
    Here I go again with my travels…            ippinos, constitute the majority of Catholics     Arigato (Thank you in Japanese- from the
    In the parish of Honjo, Diocese of Saita-   in this Japanese Church, which represents       Portuguese ‘Obrigado’)
ma, Japan, whose pastor is a French priest,     only .4% of the total population.
the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, in the            It is a minority Church in the midst of                  Fr. Rui M. da Silva Pedro, C.S.
month of May, made the rounds of the fami-      Buddhists, Jingoists and widespread
lies of Brazilian immigrants descendent of      secularism. The immigrants are the
Japanese parents.                               great evangelizers through their re-
    Grandchildren and great-grandchildren       ligiosity and faithfulness. There are
of Japanese who, one hundred years ago,         many baptisms amongst youths and
had emmigrated to Brazil are now emigrat-       adults.
ing back to Japan, notwithstanding the great        The Scalabrinians look after the
discrimination they suffer. These families,     Portuguese, Spanish and Phillipino-
thanks to the passing by of the statue of Our   speaking communities in some dio-
Lady of Fatima, gather to pray the Rosary.      ceses, such as Tokyo and Saitama.
The several Portuguese-speaking immigrant           Some Portuguese priests (mostly
communities (mostly Brazilian), together        Boa Nova (Good News) and Soci-
with the Spanish-speaking communities           ety of Jesus) look after Portuguese-
(mostly Peruvian) and communities of Phil-      speaking communities.

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8                                                                                                                               2009/11/13

    Rectors of European Marian Shrines Meet in Poland

     The 7th Meeting of Rectors of European Marian Shrines took         advantage of being close by and visited the Shrine of Our Lady
place in Czestochowa, Poland, at the Shrine of Jasna Gora, on           of Fatima at Zakopane and took part in the celebrations of the 5th
September 9 thru 12.                                                    apparition of Our Lady on September 13.
     The so-called ‘Réseau Marial Européen’ (European Marian                 The celebrations began at 10h00. The Church-Shrine was
Network) is made up of 20 Marian Shrines (reminding the 20 Mys-         completely full, there was a choral group singing beautiful tra-
teries of the Rosary), with each country represented by the shrine      ditional songs of the mountainous region and also a group of 70
that, in popular opinion, is the most important in that country.        children of catechetical age making a pilgrimage. A meditation
     This year saw gathered in Czestochowa the rectors and rep-         was made on the message of Fatima, followed by a procession
resentatives of 16 shrines: Altötting, Germany; Brezje, Slovenia;       with the carrier of Our Lady, while the Rosary was being prayed.
Csíksomlyó, Romania; Gibraltar; Levoca, Slovakia; Loreto, Italy;             Holy Mass was at 11h00. Upon invitation of the Rector of
Lourdes, France; Máriapócs, Hungary; Mariazell, Austria; Marija         the Shrine of Zakopane, Fr. Virgílio Antunes, Rector of the Shrine
Bistrica, Croatia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Walsingham, England; Sara-       of Fatima, presided over the celebration. At the end, Fr. Antunes
gossa, Spain; Zarvanyzia, Ukraine; Chestochowa, Poland; and             - speaking in Italian (with translation into Polish by a concelebrant
Fatima, Portugal.                                                       priest) – addressed those present, manifesting his joy for having
     The main topic of the meeting was ‘Spiritual Experiences of        the opportunity to witness the great faith of the Polish people, and
Pilgrims’. Each shrine was invited to share a little of itself as a     said that he discovered a strong connection between the Polish
place sought by pilgrims of different nationalities, different social   and the Portuguese peoples, for three fundamental reasons: “1)
classes and different religious education, and to make itself known     the Catholic faith both profess; 2) the great devotion to Our Lady
by presenting the pastoral programs available to its pilgrims, ac-      of Fatima, whose image is found in many churches throughout
cording to its own message and charisma.                                Poland; 3) finally, the great devotion and love for Pope John Paul
     The meeting’s program included a visit to the Shrine of Jasna      II, always present in the heart and prayers of both peoples”. His
Góra, which, as host, had prepared the schedule of celebrations         last words were to thank the warm welcome he received from ev-
and times of prayer for each day, a visit to the City of Czesto-        erybody, specially from the Pallotin Fathers, who are in charge of
chowa and a meeting with the civil and ecclesiastic authorities of      the Shrine of Zakopane, whose friendliness couldn’t be outdone.
the city and of the diocese.
     At the end of the meeting, the delegation from Fatima took                                                           Natalina Ferreira

                 Poland to Fatima Pilgrimage by Bike
                           4,386 Km for the Family, for Europe and for the Future
     Sixty-eight pilgrim bikers from Poland reached, on the             during his first pilgrimage to this shrine. The Prelate mentioned
morning of July 23, the Shrine of Fatima. On arrival – behind           the fact that the five biker priests offered spiritual direction to
the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary – they were welcomed             the pilgrim bikers and tried to sensitize them for the Christian
by the Rector of the Shrine, Fr. Virgílio Antunes, and by Bishop        vision implicit in the motto chosen for the pilgrimage: “Family,
Kazimierz Górny, of the Polish Diocese of Rzeszów, from where           Europe, Future”, based on the motto-message of the Diocese of
the pilgrimage took off.                                                Rezeszów: ‘To Defend Life and Family’.
     The “Catholic Sport Club ‘ALPIN’ of John John Paul II”                                                          LeopolDina Simões
was in charge of organizing this initiative of national level. The
purpose was to pay homage to Our Lady of Fatima and to thank
Her for all the graces granted to Poland and the Polish people.
     After travelling 4,386 kilometres since June 20, this group
of bikers, which included five ladies and five priests, reached
their goal: the Shrine of Fatima.
     Devotion to Our Lady, love for John Paul II and sports unite
all these people; and, consequently, they have made several pil-
grimages to various places of pilgrimage. Five of them were to
Rome and one to Lourdes. This year the final destination was
Fatima, but it included, on the way, stops in other shrine cities,
namely, Mariazell (Austria), La Salette (France) and St. James
of Compostela (Spain).
     In declarations to the Shrine of Fatima, Bishop Kazimierz
Górny expressed his joy for being able to welcome the group

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