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					                                           Official Publication of the Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
 Vol. VII No. 5                                                                 Intramuros, Manila, Philippines                                                  May 2009

St. Peter’s Pence                                    Pope Benedict XVI to officially
                                                     open “Year of the Priests”
ACTIng upon the instruction
of His Eminence Cardinal Ro-
sales, the Manila Cathedral-Ba-
silica (MCB) made the collec-
tion for St. Peter’s Pence. This                     PoPE Benedict XVI will officially open the “Year of the
is the Holy Father’s Fund used                       Priests” in Rome on June 19, 2009, the Solemnity of the most
to help victims of calamities,                       Sacred Heart of Jesus. This was disclosed by His Eminence
natural or man-made.                                 Gaudencio B. Cardinal Rosales, DD, through his Letter to
    It was agreed upon during                        the Priests dated April 09, 2009, Maundy Thursday.
the CBCP general Assembly                               His Eminence Cardinal Ro-         It was also made known
held last January that the Sun-                      sales stated that just lately the by His Eminence Cardinal
day Collection for St. Peter’s                       Holy Father announced that Rosales that there will be lo-
Pence ordinarily collected on                        this year will be dedicated as cal celebrations of the Year of
June 29, Feast of Sts. Peter and                     the “Year of the Priests” which the Priests in the Archdiocese
Paul, shall be done on the Sun-                      he will officially open this of Manila, in the Metropoli-
day nearest to the birthday of                       coming June. This is aimed to tan Ecclesiastical Province
the present Holy Father, Pope                        commemorate the 150th anni- of Manila and in the whole
Benedict XVI.                                        versary of the death of the great of the Philippines, the details
    Since the Pope’s birthday                        saint and patron of priests, St. of which will be announced
        See ST. PETER /Page 3                        John Mary Vianney.                later.

MCB Volunteers Council Raffle Draw                                                                                                                Pope Benedict Xvi

THE MCB Volunteers Council                           ing circumstances, the Coun-                      Consolation Prizes:
holds a Raffle Draw as a fund                        cil was determined to push                          • 3 Grocery Packs                     • 1 Wall Clock
raising project for the on-going                     through with the project. The                           Prize         Ticket number                name
repair of the MCB. The project                       Raffle Draw was held last April                   1 Grocery Pack          03541         Frances H. Gettchin
was spearheaded by the Coun-                         27, 2009 and witnessed by the                     1 Grocery Pack          00411         Editha Lim
cil’s Head Coordinator Sis. Mi-                      Council Officers and Ministry                     1 Grocery Pack          04893         Jose Paolo M. Gregorio
lagros S. Santiago. In spite the                     Coordinators. Below are the                       1 Wall Clock            00374         Conception B. Guevarra
long, taxing and very challeng-                      names of the winners:                              Prizes:
                                                                                                        • 1st Prize: Personal Refrigerator     • 4th Prize: Electric Fan
                                                                                                        • 2nd Prize: Washing Machine           • 5th Prize: Flat Iron
THE Manila METROPOliTan CaTHEdRal-BaSiliCa                                                              • 3rd Prize: 14” Colored TV            • 6th Prize: 2 Bed sheets
            Cathedral-Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
                           Cabildo cor. Beaterio St., Intramuros, Manila
                Tel.: 527-1796 • 527-3093 • 527-3889 • 528-3876 • Fax: 536-0192                                  Prize         Ticket number                  name
                                                               fR. CESaR v. BuHaT                      Personal Refrigerator       04389         Cecil Santos
                                                             fR. JuliuS B. fROndOSa                    Washing Machine             02995         Gemma Ko
                                                                   Attached Priests
                                                                                                       14” Colored TV              04644         LSA Sari-Sari Store
                 SCHEdulE Of liTuRGiCal SERviCES                                                       Electric Fan                01982         Vladimir V. Reyes
      MaSSES                     BaPTiSMS             COnfESSiOnS              Anointing of the
 Weekdays:                                                                                             Flat Iron                   03877         Estelita Caringal
                         individual:                 Mon-Fri -   7:00 a.m.     sick
 7:30 a.m.; 12:10 p.m.   Mon-Sat: By Appointment                 11:30 a.m.    By Appointment          2 Bed sheets                05033         Marciano S. Santiago
 Sat- 7:30 a.m.          communal:                   Sat -       7:00 a.m.     heALing                   Winners may claim their              Unclaimed prize will be
 Sun-7:00 a.m.           Sun-12:30 p.m.                                        Every Saturday
      8:30 am                                        Every Sun., 7:00 a.m.     after 7:30 a.m. Mass   respective prizes at the Ma-         forfeited 30 days after the
      10:00 a.m.                                                 8:30 a.m.                            nila Cathedral-Basilica Of-          draw date.
      11:30 a.m.
      6:00 p.m.
                                                                 10:00 a.m.
                                                                               By Appointment         fice from April 27, 2009 until          In this regard, we would
                                                                 11:30 a.m.
                                                                                                      May 27, 2009.                        like to thank the donors of the
 sPeciAL BLessing                 sPeciAL BLessing of            sPeciAL BLessing of fAtheRs             Winners should present            prizes, the solicitors, the dif-
 of MotheRs BefoRe                BiRthdAy And Wedding           And MotheRs With theiR
 chiLdBiRth And coUPLes           AnniVeRsARy ceLeBRAnts         BABies And chiLdRen                  the winning stub and proper          ferent ministries and every-
 WAnting to hAVe chiLdRen         Every 2nd Sunday of the        Every 4th Sunday of the Month        identification upon claiming         one who has supported this
 Every 1st Sunday of the Month    Month                                                               the prize.                           project.
        Looking forward to new springtime                                                 May, the month
           of priestly life and Ministry                                                 dedicated to Mary
                                                                                        In the Philippines as in other countries
    To help the clergy, especially in the                                               where there is a considerable population
    Archdiocese of Manila, to prepare for From the                                      of Catholics, May has become the month
    the Year of the Priests, dedicated to                                               dedicated to Mary. It also makes us recall
    Priests and to God’s precious gift of      Rector’s                                 the anniversary of the finding of the cross
    Priesthood, His Eminence Cardinal                                                   of Christ by St. Helena, which occurred on
    Rosales gave as present to his Manila Desk                                          May 3rd and the apparition of the Blessed
    Clergy a small booklet containing two                                               Virgin Mary to the three children at Fatima,
    letters about St. John Mary Vianney Msgr. nestor c. cerbo                           Portugal, which happened on the 13th of
    and the Priesthood, written by two                                                  May.
    great Popes, Blessed John XXIII and nourished and revitalized his piety and            To honor the Blessed Virgin Mary during
    Pope John Paul II. The priests received had made him effective and zealous in       this month dedicated to her, Filipinos has two
    their respective copy as they arrived his apostolic labors. Quoting Puis XII,       popular Marian devotions: Flores de Mayo
    at the MCB for the celebration of the his predecessor of happy memory, Pope         or Flores de Maria with its culmination in
    Chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday, John XXIII gives this wise advice: “The             a Procession with the statue of the Blessed
    April 9, 2009.                           priest should realize that the important   Mother, fully decorated with flowers and
        In his Encyclical Letter, Sacerdotii ministry entrusted to him will be          Santacruzan. Today, the Procession as
    Nostri Primordia (The First Days of more fruitfully carried out, the more           culmination of Flores de Mayo or Flores de
    our Priesthood), Pope John XXIII intimately he is united with Christ and            Maria is often undertaken combined with
    presents St. John Mary Vianney as an led on by His Spirit. A matter of fact,        the Santacruzan.
    extraordinary model for the clergy in the life of Cure of Ars offers one more
    terms of priestly asceticism, of piety, outstanding argument in support of
    especially in the form of devotion to supreme rule for apostolic labor that
                                                                                         How did the month of
    the Eucharist, and finally, of pastoral was laid down by Jesus Christ Himself:       May become the month
        Priestly asceticism entails doing
                                             “Without me, you can do nothing.”
                                                Pope John XXIII wrote his
                                                                                          dedicated to Mary?
    forms of penance and deprivation of Encyclical Letter, Sacerdotii Nostri            THIS can be best understood on the
    the body for holy motives, like love Primodia, on the occasion of the 100th         background of the seasons of the year in
    of God and salvation of the neighbor. death anniversary of St. John Mary            Europe where the practice of celebrating
    Pope John XXIII says that “you Vianney – August 4, 1859. Pope John                  May as month of Mary began. During the
    cannot begin to speak of St. John Paul II’s Letter to the Priests for Holy          winter season nature seems to be dead; it is
    Mary Vianney without automatically Thursday, May 24, 1986 was written to            very cold, snow covers the earth, the tree
    calling to mind the picture of a priest commemorate the second centenary of         are bare, no leaves, no fruits and no flowers
    who was outstanding in a unique way the birth of St. John Mary Vianney, the         can be seen except on indoor plants. With
    in voluntary affliction of his body; his Cure of Ars. If, Pope John Paul II wrote   the spring season, nature comes to life
    only motives were the love of God and the Encyclical Letter, Sacerdotii Nostri      again; the trees develop fresh green leaves,
    the desire for salvation of the souls of Promordia, to present St. John Mary        flowers begin to sprout everywhere and the
    his neighbors.”                          Vianney as model of asceticism, piety      season of planting has come. In April to
        In    concrete    terms,    priestly centered on the Eucharist and pastoral     May the trees begin to blossom promising
    asceticism led St. John Mary Vianney zeal, Pope John Paul II came out with          a good and rich harvest in autumn. It is
    “to abstain almost completely from a Letter to the Priests dated 1986 to            therefore quite a contrast: winter as a
    food and from sleep, to carry out draw the attention of priests to certain          symbol of death, spring as a symbol of new
    the hardest kinds of penances and to essential points in the life and ministry      life, a rising from death; winter a season of
    deny himself.” His ascetic way of life of the Cure of Ars so as to help priests     bareness and cold, and spring the season of
    proved successful because he attained rediscover and live their priesthood          beautiful flowers promising new life.
    his motive of “bringing many men who better.                                            The lovely month of May was brought
    have been drawn away by allurement          Those certain essential points in the   in relationship with Mary. She is the most
    of error and vice back to the path of priestly life and ministry of St. John        beautiful flower and creature of God,
    good living.”                            Mary Vianney Pope John Paul II would       through her god brought salvation and life
        St. John Mary Vianney was not like priests to draw their attention to           to the world. The analogy between flower
    only devoted to a life of asceticism or are the following: his tenacious will of    and Mary is wide open for the Christological
    penance, he was as well devoted to a preparing for the Priesthood, the depth        dimension of Marian devotion. While the
    life of constant prayer centered on of his love for Christ and souls, the           blossoms are beautiful to look at and a
    the Holy Eucharist. Pope John XXIII main acts of the ministry of the Cure of        value in themselves, their real purpose is
    recalls “that shortly after he was made Ars and the source of priestly identity.    to bring about a fruit. Applied to Mary this
    pastor of a village where Christian life    For Pope John Paul II, St. John Mary    would mean that her beauty must always
    had been languished for a long time, Vianney “is truly a model of strong will       be seen in relationship to the fruit she
    he began to spend long and happy for those preparing for Priesthood.”               brought forth Jesus Christ. Unhappily this
    hours at night (when he might have The tenacity in working and praying              Christ dimension was sometimes neglected
    been resting) in adoration of Jesus in he showed during his seminary years          in May-devotions; the whole attention
    the Sacrament of His Love.”              resulted in his overcoming all obstacles   was given to the blossom, while the fruit
        His devotion to constant prayer and limitations he had in pursuing              coming forth from the blossoms remained
    centered on the Holy Eucharist had           See FROM THE RECTOR’S/ Page 3          secondary. (Taken from Bernhard Raas,
                                                                                        SVD, Popular Devotions, p.123)
       B     U   L   L    E    T    I    N