God bless Pope Benedict XVI! by byb38912


                                            Celebration Edition
                        God bless Pope Benedict XVI!
 “The true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries nor innovators, but men of tradition” – Pope St Pius X
                                        Newsletter (October 2007 - No 33)
              DATES FOR YOUR DIARY                                tential for good by merely observing the ungodly rage of
                                                                  the enemies of Catholicism both outside and inside the
WESTMINSTER CATHEDRAL MASS - 6th October at                       Church. This old trad may not live to see the Motu Pro-
2:00pm - In thanksgiving for the Holy Father’s Motu Pro-          prio’s full fruits, but at least I can now die happy. I have
prio - Celebrant and Homilist: Fr Anthony Conlon.                 decided to celebrate this moment by publishing a bumper
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Contact Maria Chang for details: 0208-673-4739                    We at The Remnant — America’s oldest traditional
                                                                  Catholic newspaper, which for forty years (as of Novem-
TRADITIONAL CONFIRMATIONS – 3rd November at                       ber 2007) has had the restoration of the Traditional Latin
11:00 am – St James’, Spanish Place.                              Mass as its primary reason for existence — wish to ex-
WESTMINSTER CATHEDRAL MASS - 17th Novem-                          press our profound gratitude to God and to His Holiness
ber at 2:00pm - Pontifical High Mass of Requiem - Cele-           Pope Benedict XVI for the Motu Proprio Summorum
brant and Homilist: Bp John Arnold - This is the 1st time a       Pontificum of July 7, 2007, which granted unrestricted
bishop has celebrated the Old Rite in the Cathedral since         use of the immemorial Mass of Tradition throughout the
1969.                                                             universal Church.
                                                                  Pope Benedict’s historic decision has already brought to
                                                                  fruition much of what traditional Catholics prayed and
                                                                  laboured for over the course of four decades. By Sep-
                                                                  tember of this year the so-called “Indult” will no longer
                                         Graham Moorhouse
                                                                  exist, the Tridentine Mass will have become officially
The recent Motu Proprio is by far the best thing that has         reinstalled into the life of the Church, and the traditional
happened to the Church in half a century. I still have to         Sacraments will be restored.
pinch myself to make
sure       I’m       not                                                                          In other words, the
dreaming. With the                                                                                essential    first      step
benefit of hindsight                                                                              toward restoration has
perhaps it was always                                                                             been made by the only
naive to fear that                                                                                competent authority on
Bugnini’s           60’s                                                                          earth who could make
confectionary would                                                                               it—the Holy Father
outlive the Mass of                                                                               himself.       Traditional
Ages; tantamount to                                                                               Catholics have long
believing that Cliff                                                                              contended that since the
Richard’s I’m Going                                                                               Church     is      not      a
on      a       Summer                                                                            democracy no lasting
Holiday,        pleasant                                                                          restoration is possible
ditty that it is, would                                                                           unless and until it is initi-
outlive Beethoven’s                                                                               ated at the top. This
‘Pastoral’ Symphony.                                                                              appears to have begun, at
Make no mistake; this                                                                             least at the liturgical
act of the Holy Father                                                                            level, and for that we
will transform the Church over the next decade or so. It          say: Deo gratias and long live Pope Benedict XVI!
may yet prove to be one of the stepping stone to the reign        Could His Holiness have gone further? Would we have
of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart promised at Fatima.                preferred if one or two points had been omitted or re-
The liberals instinctively know this, which is why they are       phrased? Yes, certainly, but Summorum Pontificum is
weeping and gnashing their teeth. One can gauge its po-           only a first step of many (please God!), which, given the
fascistic opposition that it faced prior to its release, has         If there is some way of construing all this to be anything
vastly exceeded all of our expectations. Whatever its                less than a series of papal steps in the right direction I’d
weaknesses, tradition-minded Catholics can already cele-             like to hear it. Benedict has done enough already, in fact,
brate its central thesis: The Supreme Pontiff has at con-            to induce us to form a line of defense around him against
siderable political risk to his pontificate, lent the full           his many enemies—our enemies, Christ’s enemies, the
weight of his office to confirming a key, 40-year-old tra-           enemies of the unborn—who are now rising in rage
ditionalist contention that the old Mass had never been              against him from every quarter.
abrogated and that the battle for its restoration, far from
                                                                     If we’re disappointed in the weeks and months to come,
being indicative of a “schismatic mentality” on the part of
                                                                     so be it. We’ve been disappointed before. But at the
those who waged it, has been noble and justified from the
                                                                     moment all indications suggest that this Pope, despite the
                                                                     disorientation that influences the thinking of nearly all
In other words, Pope Benedict has blessed the efforts of             modern churchmen, is nevertheless calling a crusade al-
traditional Catholics living and long since deceased who             most despite himself. Before this is over, Peter and the
gave their lives to the holy cause of restoring the old              remnant may find themselves allied on the same battle-
Mass, so much so, in fact, that veteran journalist Patrick           field against a common, Godless enemy.
J. Buchanan immediately called it a “Triumph for Tradi-
                                                                     Thomas More, Edmund Campion, John Fisher, Margaret
tionalists”. Rightly so!
                                                                     Clitherow—what did they have in addition to the old
Liberals such as Luca Brandolini of Italy evidently agree,           Faith that caused them to smile at the headsman? The
but unlike Buchanan are not at all happy about it: “I will           blessing of the Pope, of course, which gave them all the
obey the Pontiff,” sobbed Bishop Brandolini, “but it is a            confidence they needed to move ahead, despite their
day of grief. The reform is cancelled.”                              apostate bishops. Whether or not our bishops will carry
                                                                     out the Pope’s will as expressed in the Motu Proprio re-
The reform is cancelled? If the maxim lex orandi lex
                                                                     mains to be seen. But at this eleventh hour Peter has
credendi means anything at all then the Bishop’s concerns
                                                                     come down firmly on the side of the traditionalists.
may not be completely unwarranted, given that Benedict,
                                                                     Though over forty years it never wavered, confidence in
at least in the potential, has set up a vast network of tradi-
                                                                     the rightness of this holy cause just went through the roof!
tional Catholic cells throughout the world which, exposed
to the traditional Mass on a regular basis, will certainly           Still, some among us are not convinced. Fine, after so
begin to believe as they pray and pray as they believe;              many betrayals who could blame them! I certainly don’t.
such a network could change history. Such a network                  But imagine for a moment if Benedict had never broached
could cancel the “reform” of Annibale Bugnini.                       the subject of the restoration of the Mass. What if he
                                                                     were still encouraging us to celebrate the “new Pentecost”
After forty years of wandering in the conciliarist desert I
                                                                     rather than ordering the liberals to restore the old Mass?
don’t anticipate an immediate turnaround, but I can tell
                                                                     By what peculiar logic would that be an improvement
you this much: If I were a Modernist I’d weep too!
                                                                     over what we have now: a worldwide debate over Vatican
For forty years the venerable Roman Rite underwent a                 II and the New Mass, prompted by a courageous Pontiff’s
passion whereby it was stripped, buffeted, scourged,                 Motu Proprio? This is the stuff of which history is made!
mocked, crucified and declared dead. Today, thanks to                It may not be perfect in every respect but for the modern
Benedict XVI, the passion has ended and the old Mass                 papacy it’s perfectly astounding!
has risen from the dead. Against tremendous opposition
                                                                     Traditional Catholics must be careful, therefore, not to
from his own bishops, various liberal Jewish groups, and
                                                                     make this “all about us”. Benedict has awakened a sleep-
far-left political extremists, this courageous Pontiff has
                                                                     ing giant, and the question is: Why? Merely to seduce
breathed new life into the traditional Mass movement that
                                                                     the SSPX? Perhaps, but there are a number of points in
will sustain it for decades to come. The ‘most beautiful
                                                                     his Motu Proprio which virtually rule out any chance for a
thing this side of heaven’ is here to stay!
                                                                     quick rapprochement with the SSPX, chief among them
We do not deceive ourselves: Pope Benedict is not a tra-             being the following:
ditionalist in the strict sense. He makes no claim to be.
                                                                     Needless to say, in order to experience full communion,
He has not rescinded the Council nor recalled the Mass of
                                                                     also the priests of the communities adhering to the former
Paul VI. But he is aware that the Church under the con-
                                                                     usage cannot, as a matter of principle, exclude celebrating
ciliar orientation is in full blown crisis. He is cognizant
                                                                     according to the new books. The total exclusion of the
of the fact that those who attribute that crisis to the litur-
                                                                     new rite would not in fact be consistent with the recogni-
gical revolution and the spirit of Vatican II may well be
                                                                     tion of its value and holiness.
taken seriously by history itself. He knows full well that
the Second Vatican Council' “springtime” has turned into             By definition as well as by charter, the SSPX is exclu-
bleakest winter. Thus, he’s ordered the correct translation          sively Tridentine. They will never offer the New Mass!
of “pro multis”, called for a “reform of the reform,” reaf-          If this document were designed solely to entrap the priests
firmed the existence of hell, infuriated modernists every-           and bishops of the Society why would it erect such obvi-
where by ordering the restoration of the old Mass, and               ous roadblocks? It makes no sense, unless the inclusion
even disrupted ecumenical “progress” by calling into                 of such a paragraph is politically charged to diffuse the
question the ecclesial status of Protestant “Churches”.              anticipated opposition of the liberals.

Perhaps we should consider the possibility that the whole            tional Catholics to stand on his side of that line, ready to
issue of a resolution of the Traditionalist “schism” is itself       defend him against the satanic machinations of the ugliest
nothing more than a device to silence opposition to the              mob the world has ever seen!
Motu Proprio. After all, traditionalists already have the
                                                                     Just one day after the last conclave criticisms against the
old Mass, the Sacraments, “personal parishes”, schools,
                                                                     election of Cardinal Ratzinger began to surface in the
etc. We made our difficult decisions decades ago, left our
                                                                     secular press in Europe. It became obvious to us at the
parishes, found oases—both approved and unapproved—
                                                                     time that the enemies of the new Pope were also the most
where the faith of our children could be preserved. Why
                                                                     outspoken enemies of life, tradition, family and Christian-
would the Pope climb so far out on a limb, then, just to
                                                                     ity in Europe.
hand us what amounts to a monumental moral victory? It
seems unlikely that he would, which leads us to believe              Let us pray that Joseph Ratzinger, like Giovanni Maria
that something larger than mere traditional Catholic                 Mastai-Ferretti before him, is beginning to see the light.
“rightful aspirations” is here being addressed.                      On April 20, 2005, I wrote the following from Rome:
Benedict has the Faith and could well be attempting a last           What it all means remains to be seen, but at least now, in
ditch effort to save Europe, restore Christianity, and in-           Rome, it is a new day for the Church. A new Pope sits on
vigorate the Catholic Church with a healthy dose of Tra-             Peter’s Throne. And, just as the liberal Pius IX surprised
dition. After all, everywhere inside traditional Catholi-            the world and shocked the cardinal electors whose liberal
cism – from the Pilgrimage to Chartres, to the universal             choice turned himself into a lion of unyielding orthodoxy,
demand for the services of the Society of St. Pius X, to             there is at least hope that something similar could happen
the dramatic flourishing of the Fraternity of St. Peter and          again now—with the help of the Holy Ghost, of course.
the other traditionalist orders—he sees youth, Faith, vital-
                                                                     Wouldn’t it be grand!
ity, vocations and growth in abundance. If you were pope
wouldn’t you give Tradition a try at this point?                     Until we know exactly in which direction all this is head-
                                                                     ing, it seems only right and fitting to take Peter at his
Benedict proceeded with an initiative he knew full well
                                                                     word and rally to his defense as our upside-down world
would be regarded by friend and foe as total vindication
                                                                     prepares to crucify him for his courageous defense of
for traditional Catholics. In other words, he didn’t shy
                                                                     Tradition. What else can we do? After all, he’s just re-
away from a perceived papal endorsement of everybody’s
                                                                     stored the Mass and granted what amounts to a decree of
favorite whipping boy. He’s run the risk of having history
                                                                     total vindication to traditional Catholics the world over.
and the whole world associate his name with ours. This
                                                                     For the moment at least, there’s nothing left to
would be, it seems to us, an exceedingly unlikely course
of action for one who harbored absolutely no traditional-
ist sympathies whatsoever.
My old friend and mentor, Michael Davies (RIP), had
come to believe before he passed away in 2004 that Car-
dinal Ratzinger had become more or less a closet tradi-
tionalist thirty years after the close of Vatican II, at least       On Sunday the 16th of September we celebrated the
where the liturgy is concerned. It’s beginning to appear             promulgation of the Motu Proprio on our “Special” Sun-
as if Michael wasn’t too far off. Even Father Joseph Fes-            day. This was combined with a reunion for the Chartres
sio adamantly insisted on the Hugh Hewitt radio show                 pilgrims. The Mass setting was Palestrina’s Missa Brevis
(July 9, 2007) that Benedict’s Motu Proprio was not is-              which added to the festal nature of the occasion. The
sued solely for the sake of the SSPX situation, but rather           numbers attending this Mass were larger than usual, in
for the good of the whole Church. Indeed! This is a new              fact not far short of two hundred.
chapter in the history of the Catholic Church!                       During his sermon, Fr Southwell congratulated all those
But the Motu Proprio didn’t go far enough! Didn’t it? It             who had endured sleeping rough, fatigue, strains, cuts,
went far enough to bring down the wrath of the world on              bruises and blisters to complete the three day seventy mile
the Pope’s head. It went far enough to rattle the notorious          walk from Notre Dame de Paris to Notre Dame de Char-
French and German bishops’ conferences to their Mod-                 tres, praying and doing penance for the day the traditional
ernist core. It went far enough to throw liberal pundits on          Mass would be restored to our altars. [This great pil-
both sides of the Atlantic into a panic. It went far enough          grimage had been re-established by traditionalists exactly
to vindicate the heroic stand taken by Michael Davies,               twenty-five years ago this year.]
Walter Matt, Hamish Fraser, Archbishop Lefebvre and so               Fr Southwell also mentioned those who were now no
many lions of Catholic tradition who gave their lives de-            longer with us: people such as Michael Davies and Sue
fending many of the contentions Benedict has now carved              Coote from England, who did so much in the early days
in papal stone. Not bad for a first step!                            writing and working for the restoration of the traditional
True, the Holy Father does not see eye-to-eye with tradi-            Mass. The fact that Pope Benedict XVI has acknowl-
tionalists on some vital issues, we know this! But to the            edged that the 1962 rite was never abrogated is a testi-
Christ-hating, family-destroying, baby-aborting, war-                mony to those who stood firm in bearing witness to the
mongering secularists who now rule most of the modern                truth.
world, Benedict is a traditionalist who just drew a thick
line in the sand. It seems to us incumbent upon all tradi-
The Mass was followed by a splendid party in the club                     worldwide legalization of the killing of unborn children.
room and the day ended with solemn benediction and the                    This policy change was confirmed by AI only after it was
singing of the Te Deum.                                                   uncovered by Ryan Anderson of the US Catholic maga-
                                                                          zine, First Things.
                                                                          Anderson reported that the organization’s volunteer lead-
     By: Eden Linton (age 9) – Our youngest contributor … so far.         ers were informed of Amnesty’s new policy in a letter
                                                                          from Ms Karen Schneider, who chairs its Sexual & Re-
                                                                          productive Rights Working Group, on 20th April. The
                                                                          letter appeared on Amnesty’s American website, in a sec-
                                                                          tion not open to the public.
                                                                          A ‘background’ on the site explained that the organisation
                                                                          wants to completely abolish all regulation on abortion.
                                                                          Indeed, the site indicates that Amnesty backs even partial
                                                                          birth abortion.
                                                                          Ms Schneider emphasized in her letter that the adoption
                                                                          of the new policy was not to be revealed to the public!
                                                                          ‘No section or structure is to issue a press release or pub-
                                                                          lic statement or external communication of any kind …’
                                                                          she wrote. In case the word did get out the site provided
                                                                          a letter that could be used ‘to respond to critical editorials
                                                                          or letters to the editor in local newspapers’.
                                                                          Amnesty claims that it ‘takes no position as to when life
                                                                          begins’. This prompted Anderson to perceptibly ask,
                                                                          ‘How can a human rights organisation take no position on
                                                                          who is a human being?’
                                                                             “Amnesty is now part of evil it set out to oppose”
                                                                          The Editor of the same issue of Alive! Fr. Brian McKe-
                                                                          vitt, O.P. writes under the above heading: “The decision
                                                                          of Amnesty International to support, indeed to campaign
                                                                          for abortion, is not just a change of policy in one area,
                                                                          horrific though that is, rather Amnesty has destroyed the
                                                                          very foundation of its whole work. Worse, it has become
                                                                          part of the evil it set out to oppose. Amnesty was founded
                                                                          on, one basic principle which could be put thus: ‘Do not
                              St Francis by Francisco de Zurbaran
                                                                          commit violence against the innocent’.
 One of the pictures in the National Gallery that our group viewed.

Two or three times a year Father Andrew takes home                        In opting to support lethal violence against the most inno-
educated children, like me, to the National Gallery, in                   cent of all, the unborn child, Amnesty has abandoned that
London; we look at paintings with different religious                     principle. As a result, it can no longer call on others to
scenes, and we talk about what or who they are about.                     uphold it. It can no longer criticize any country which
Last time we went in June and we looked at lots of differ-                tortures or ‘eliminates’ those whom it regards as a threat
ent famous paintings of saints and other holy people like,                to state security. It can no longer condemn police who
St George, St Margaret, St Peter and St Paul and St                       use brutality against peaceful protesters.
Benedict. It was very good. As a matter of fact, it was                   Amnesty has decided that some innocent human beings
like a long catechism class. It is very interesting and lots              may be brutally killed. On what grounds can it object if a
of fun. Plus we get to meet up with all our friends. Af-                  police force or a state decides that people whom it sees as
terwards we go and have lunch together. If you would
                                                                          a threat may be tortured or killed? Rather, these regimes
like to come with us next time then please talk to Father
                                                                          may logically use Amnesty’s position on the killing of the
Andrew about it. It is very good for you and your chil-
                                                                          unborn to justify their own ‘necessary’ brutality. What a
                                                                          perversion of the original aims of the organisation!”
P.S We are very lucky to have Father Andrew teaching us
                                                                          No Catholic, let alone a traditionalist can continue to sup-
- special thanks to him.
                                                                          port Amnesty International. It is now, fundamentally, a
                                                                          promoter of the culture of death. Whatever good it may
                                                                          do is tiny compared to the immense respect or legitimacy
                                           From: Crux News Sheet
                                                                          it now gives to violence and brutality.
Amnesty International, in a change of policy that it at-
tempted to hide from the public, is to campaign for the                   What else can we do? We can let Amnesty International
                                                                          know why we can no longer support it. We can do that by
contacting it on:                                                     ues of compassion, human dignity, and equality that were
                                                                      pioneered by Christianity. Dawkins and Hitchens are
                                                                      repeatedly assuring us that one can be moral without God.
If you are not on the Internet here are two addresses you             Onfray on the other hand, insists that this is a delusion.
can write to: International Secretariat, Amnesty Interna-             Onfray hates religion in general and Christianity in par-
tional, I Easton Street, London, WC1X ODW and Am-                     ticular with the same malevolence as Dawkins and the
nesty International UK and The Human Rights Action                    others, but Onfray’s atheism is rooted in the French and
Centre, 17-25 New inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA                          German Enlightenment; his is the atheism of Nietzsche.
                                                                      It is Nietzsche' radical ideas that "make it possible to
                                                                      envisage pulling the curtain down on Christianity."
                                            By: Don McGovern
                                                                      Nietzsche' famous proposition was “God is dead”. For
                                                                      Catholics of course this announcement would seem
”George doesn’t believe in Heaven and he is the naughti-              somewhat premature: for God is very much alive, while
est boy in the school” announced Jemima, my six-year old              Nietzsche is most decidedly dead. This point is not
grandchild. The throwaway remarks of children often                   wasted on Onfrey, "Let us remain on our guard.” he
trigger my musings. It’s brilliant how children can with-             writes “Never before, perhaps, has this apparent eclipse
out even thinking about it, cut through all the adult hum-            [of religion in the West] so effectively hidden the strong,
bug and go straight to the kernel of a subject.                       powerful, and decisive presence of Judeo-Christianity.”
I don’t know “George” from Adam but I’d lay odds that                 Onfray gives two examples. Christianity introduced a new
his parents are practical atheists if not conviction atheists.                        t
                                                                      value that wasn'present in ancient Greece and Rome, the
What do I mean by practical atheists? Well, we tend to                respect for every human life. This is why abortion and
assume that atheism is one fairly monolithic thing, but in            infanticide remain controversial in the West, while they
reality atheism has more divisions than Protestantism.                are routinely practiced in other cultures without a hint of
One obvious division is between conviction atheists (such             moral qualm [so he claims]. Onfray openly affirms that
as Michel Onfrey or Richard Dawkins), who hold their                  an atheist West must dump its reverence for human life
atheism as a personal conviction and seek to proselytize,             and he for one is clearly up for this.
and practical atheists - practical atheists are everywhere,
some even at Mass in a church near you.                               A second example is the Christian idea of free will. On-
                                                                      fray writes that Western man presumes that humans have
Practical atheists are people who - whether they believe in           the ability to choose between good and evil. Even secular
God or not is irrelevant – live their lives as if God did not         courts that have long taken down their religious symbols
exist. A politician who votes for abortion and sodomite               "operate in accordance with this biblical metaphysics."
“marriages” is a practical atheist even if he proclaims               For Onfray, this is ludicrous: "Who would even counte-
himself a Catholic. The young man who shacks up with                  nance a hospital locking up a man or a woman diagnosed
his girlfriend but plans a church wedding sometime is a               with a brain tumour—no more of a free choice than a
practical atheist. The young mother who puts her child                paedophilic fixation." By getting rid of the Christian idea
forward for his First Communion, while routinely com-                 of free will, he believes the law can stop punishing such
plicit in missing the family’s Sunday Mass obligation is a            people and give them the treatment they clearly need.
practical atheist. God for such people, if he exists at all, is
a nice benign vague force. It is a bit like “belief” in Fa-           Onfray scorns the Dawkins-Hitchens position as "atheist
ther Christmas, belief in “it” is pleasant, fun even, per-            Christianity," which he describes as an attempt to pre-
haps a free insurance policy against hard times, but for              serve Christian values while eliminating the Christian
God’s sake, no sane man in our secular century should                 God. Onfray wants to move beyond this to what he calls
acknowledge any obligations to his Creator, let alone al-             "atheistic atheism," which requires an across-the-board
low such beliefs to determine his behaviour.                          invention of new values that have never existed before.
                                                                      What these values will look like, Onfray doesn’t tell us;
Newman wrote, “Death is certain, judgement is real, and               merely that utilitarianism and hedonism should be our
eternity is for ever.” The practical atheist believes he can          guides.
go through life metaphorically putting two fingers up to
God and His holy law and still have the right to be wel-              His startling conclusion is that "atheism is not an end in
comed into eternity with the words, “Come blessed of My               itself." Rather, atheism exists in order to get rid of Judeo-
Father; receive the kingdom prepared for you.”                        Christian values that limit our lifestyle. One has the im-
                                                                      pression that Onfrey does not so much disbelieve in God
Among conviction atheist, Michel Onfray - his Atheist                 as hate Him.
Manifesto is the bestselling atheist book in Europe –
stands out as one clear brand. He promotes an atheism                 But hang on a moment; if there is no such thing as free
very different from that of Richard Dawkins, Christopher              will, unless I’m missing something, everything must be
Hitchens and Sam Harris, for example. Theirs is “scien-               determined. And that includes Onfray’s atheism – in On-
tific” atheism; based on the dogma that science in general            frey’s world, he can claim to be no more responsible for
and Darwin in particular have made God irrelevant; theirs             the fact that he is an atheist than I can that I’m a Catholic!
is a very British brand of atheism. Dawkins and Hitchens              Atheism requires me to believe that if I leave a bucket of
in particular are very eager to reassure us that while they           sterile mud on my patio for a decent enough time, I could
reject the Judeo-Christian God, they do not reject the val-           return to discover that it had written the complete works

of Shakespeare. The fact that I and billions of others find       ing of Servers for Sung Mass and Benediction, as well as
that inherently improbably is just down to our genes and          outdoor games and activities and two outings.
environment … right? One starts to see, if only through a
                                                                  Our teaching staff ranged from a number of very experi-
glass darkly, why modern atheists’ regimes have been so
                                                                  enced professional teachers to current or recent under-
keen on brain-washing.
                                                                  graduates, plus a Fraternity of St Peter seminarian, Marek
There is another problem for atheism: When Onfray                 Grabowski. All brought great enthusiasm to their sub-
writes of treating the paedophile, there is an unspoken           jects, which were presented from a Catholic perspective
assumption on his part that paedophilia is disordered. But        unlikely to be found in any ‘ordinary’ school.
what does “disordered” mean in a world in which there
                                                                  During the week we visited the Shrine of Our Lady of
can be no such thing as order. “Order” implies purpose
                                                                  Consolation at West Grinstead, where, thanks to the hos-
and design. But in a Godless universe there can be no
                                                                  pitality of Fr David Goddard, the custodian, we had Mass,
such thing as “purpose” or “design”. The paedophile is
                                                                  a packed lunch, Benediction, Confessions, and a guided
perfectly entitled to say to Michael Onfrey, “What right
                                                                  tour of the ‘secret chapel’ used by recusant Catholics in
have you got to presume that I need treating? I am per-
                                                                  penal times. We also visited the nearby town of Lewes,
fectly comfortable with my paedophilia. After all, on
                                                                  spending time in a fine medieval church where such a
your own argument; the children whom I violate have no
                                                                  large slice of England’s religious history is exemplified.
intrinsic value - so please go away.” Practical atheists
like Ken Livingstone and Tony Blair have already spotted          This year our visiting speakers were the well-known Fr
this, which is why they can blithely promote such viola-          Richard Whinder, who spoke on the earliest, British saints
tions of the natural order as sodomite “marriages” and the        of our islands, and Mrs Daphne MacLeod, Chairman of
destruction of innocent human life by abortion.                   Pro Ecclesiae et Pontifice, who spoke on her experiences
                                                                  in the Catholic Evidence Guild.
It is no coincidence that the Nazis bore the flaming torch,
the badge of the European enlightenment, on their uni-            The week’s finale included the usual spirited Quiz, during
forms, and it is deeply symbolic that the same flaming            which the students demonstrated an impressive recall of
torch was wrought in ornamental ironwork on the door of           their lessons, a staged reading of a Dorothy Sayers radio
the cell in which St Maximilian Kolbe was starved to              play (part of her war-time series based on the New Tes-
death.                                                            tament), and a final Sung Mass including a carefully re-
                                                                  hearsed polyphonic motet, Arcadelt’s ‘Ave Maria’, which
Chesterton perceptibly wrote that it was a mistake to say,
                                                                  included about half of the students.
“A madman is someone who has lost his reason …On the
contrary: a madman is someone who has lost everything             It was an excellent week of Catholic education that in-
except his reason.” Amen to that.                                 cluded students from all over England, Scotland and
                                                                  Wales, from a complete range of educational back-
                                                                  grounds. We look forward to seeing them next year!
                                               Joseph Shaw

                                                                     By: Graham Moorhouse, with acknowledgement to Human Life
                                                                                                     International’s FrontLines

                                                                  I still recall with a frission of shame, the Rt Rev.
                                                                  Guazzelli, the then auxiliary bishop of Westminster, men-
                                                                  daciously telling 20 million viewers on prime time televi-
                                                                  sion that the Pope had not said “no” to women priests,
                                                                  merely put the issue on the back burner.
                                                                  But then English Catholics are well used to squirming in
                                                                  their seats whenever one of their shepherds appears on
                                                                  television. The only issue is which particular article of
The third St Catherine’s Trust Summer School, for chil-           faith will be denied, fudged, fumbled or sold-out on this
dren from 11 to 18, ran from 29th July to 5th August, with        time? They do not appear even to charge the traditional
forty-two students and seventeen staff, at Ardingly Col-          30 pieces - a metaphorical pat on the head from our secu-
lege, in Sussex.                                                  lar liberal masters is seemingly reward enough.
As has become customary at the Summer School, our                 Against this dreary background, a recent “punch up” be-
Chaplain, Fr Andrew Southwell, sang a missa cantata               tween Sean Hannity, an American talk-show host – who
each day, as well as leading Sung Compline each evening,          boasts of his Catholicism – and Fr Thomas Euteneuer,
and Rosary each morning.                                          President of HLI, would have had me out of my seat
Apart from the liturgy, Fr Andrew gave catechesis, and            punching the air like my sons do when Manchester United
there were classes on Art History, Philosophy, History,           scores. This was the sort of manly hairy-chested Catholi-
Literature, and Latin, Chant and Sacred Polyphony, train-         cism that I love … and which was normal until the post
                                                                  Vatican II period ushered in the day of the effete girly

man cleric.                                                        this point, “You guys need a Jew to break this up …
                                                                   Would Hannity be welcome at your church, Father?” It is
Hannity, who publicly espouses contraception, was
                                                                   interesting that the Jew has no problem with “Father”
whipped into a fury when Father accused him of, “Ne-
                                                                   whereas this word seems to stick in Hannity’s gullet.
glecting the core truths of our Faith and being in public
                                                                   “Well,” responded Father, “if he renounces his belief in
dissent.” In spite of the tirade that followed, Father re-
                                                                   birth control and stopped professing it publicly.”
mained calm and never missed a teaching moment.
                                                                   “Wait, would you deny me communion?” interjected the
“Reverend,” (note not “Father”) “do you know anything
                                                                   unhappy Hannity. “I would,” replied Father. Bishops
about me and my religious beliefs?” snapped Hannity. “I
                                                                   take note. “Wow, wow!” muttered a deflated Hannity.
see the evidence of a superficial presentation of one as-
pect of the faith,” responded Fr Euteneuer calmly – bulls          After the program, Father published his regular Spirit and
eye!                                                               Life newsletter and titled it: “The Church Will Not Be
                                                                   Hannitized!” Amen to that!
“Judge not lest you be judged,” the sanctimonious Han-
nity predictably snapped back. My goodness, how the                How refreshing and encouraging it is for Catholics to hear
liberals adore that line!                                          a faithful priest speak well and courageously in defense of
                                                                   the one true Faith!
Hannity next tries a technique known as argument beside
the point and attempts to deflect Father into a quarrel
about the homosexual priests scandal “that our Church
covered up.” As if the predatory sodomites in the clergy                                             Submitted by Tom Windsor
and their Episcopal defenders had been at the forefront of         100 days, once a day. (Partial indulgence ) Leo XIII, Au-
defending the Church’s teachings! “If you don’t believe            gust 16, 1898.
[what the Church teaches], don’t say anything about it in
the public forum and scandalize people,” Father sug-               O Lord Jesus Christ, who showest forth thy omnipotence
gested.                                                            most manifestly when Thou sparest and hast compassion;
                                                                   Thou who didst say, "Pray for those who persecute and
 “You want to ostracize me? You want to excommunicate              calumniate you," we implore the clemency of thy Sacred
me? … I went to a seminary. .. I studied Latin,” blab-             Heart on behalf of souls, made in the image of God, but
bered Hannity, now seeking refuge in victim status. Fa-            most miserably deceived by the treacherous snares of
ther Euteneuer’s response was pure perfection, “It’s not           Freemasons, and going more and more astray in the way
apparent, Sean.”                                                   of perdition. Let not the Church thy spouse, any longer be
“Oh, so I’m not a good enough Catholic for you? I’m not            oppressed by them; but, appeased by the intercession of
                                                                   the blessed Virgin thy Mother and the prayers of the just,
a good enough Christian for you?” whined our hapless
                                                                   be mindful of thy infinite mercy; and, disregarding their
victim. Father quietly pointed out that, “If you are in the
                                                                   perversity, cause these very men to return to Thee, that
public arena you are going to be criticized for your public
                                                                   they may bring consolation to the Church by a most
views … I have the right to criticize them if you are pro-
                                                                   abundant penance, make reparation for their misdeeds,
fessing you’re Catholic.”
                                                                   and secure for themselves a glorious eternity; who livest
Hannity now seeks refuge in a false dichotomy: “Would              and reignest world without end. Amen
you rather that they use birth control than abortion, sir?”
(Note: still not “Father”) “I want people to use self-
                                                                                                         - 0&
                                                                                  !"#$%"& '#() %*+#%* ,+-."/
control, and you could be preaching that and you are not
… Birth control leads to abortion,” responded Father,              At the evening Mass tonight, Father will preach on the
again bang on target.                                              topic "What Is Hell?" Why not come early and listen to
Hannity now seeks refuge in an old chestnut, “The Catho-           the choir practice?"
lic Church does support a form of birth control.” This
provided another teaching moment for Father, “It’s not
birth control, Sean, it’s natural birth regulation, and it’s       "He is a sane man who can have tragedy in his heart and
open to life.”Hannity at this point proclaims that Fr Eu-          comedy in his head." - Tremendous Trifles, 1909
teneuer is “doing more to chase people away from the                   PROMOTE OUR NEXT SPECIAL SUNDAY
Church” instead of working on “real important issues.”
An interesting thought when one notes that it is precisely         If you have a window, gatepost, tree, fence or similar,
at this moment in history, when the Church has gone soft           on which you can display the poster over and help
on doctrine and concentrated on “really important issues”          promote the next Special Sunday, please do so. You
like third world debt etc. that she has started to hemor-          can protect it from the elements by encasing it in cling
rhage away at an alarming rate. Father, never a man to             film.
miss a teaching moment, directs viewers to his website:               Editor: Graham Moorhouse, 118 Shepherds Lane,
www.HLI.org.                                                                      DARTFORD, DA1 2NN
Alan Colmes, a Jew and Hannity’s co-host, interjects at                 Tel: 01322 409231 Email: graham@cathud

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