Pope Benedict XVI and the Charismatic Renewal by drg59916


									         VOLUME XIV                                 ISSUE 9                            AUGUST, 2005

              Pope Benedict XVI and                                            Movements with a theological
                                                                               reflection on the Ecclesial
             the Charismatic Renewal                                           Movements in the Church, just
    Pope Benedict XVI has known        the inner vitality of the faith. What   before the famous 1998 Pentecost
the Charismatic Renewal for a long     is becoming apparent in them -          when Pope John Paul II met some
time. In fact, he was among the        albeit very faintly - is something      300,000 representatives of the
Theological Consultants for the        very similar to a pentecostal hour      various Movements of the Catholic
First Malines document by Card.        in the Church. I am thinking for        Church. This is reported in: Pontifical
Suenens: “Theological and Pastoral     instance of the Charismatic Renewal     Council for the Laity, Movements in
Orientations on the Catholic           movement, the Cursillo movement,        the Church, Laity Today, Vatican
Charismatic Renewal” (May 21-26,       the Focolarini, Communion and           City, 1999, pp. 23-51.
1974). This is reported in: L.J.       Liberation, and so on... I find it           The Pope also published an
Card. Suenens, The Holy Spirit -       marvelous that the Spirit is once       article in the theological magazine
Life-Breath of the Church, vol. II,    more stronger than our programs         “Communio” in 1998: “The
Fiat Association, Ertvelde, 2002, p.   and brings himself into play in an      Theological Locus of Ecclesial
11, note 1.                            altogether different way than we        Movements”.
    Pope Benedict also wrote the       had imagined.... It grows in silence.        Cardinal. Sodano, the Vatican’s
Presentation to the Italian edition    Our task - the task of the office-      Secretary of State, wrote a message
of the Fourth Malines document:        holders in the Church and of            to the national congress of Renewal
“Renewal and the Power of              theologians - is to keep the door       in the Spirit in Italy, which gathered
Darkness”. It is reported in: L.J.     open to them, to prepare room for       25,000 people in Rimini a few days
Card. Suenens, Rinnovamento e          them...” (pp. 43-44).                   ago. The letter, signed by Card.
Potenze      delle     tenebre     -       “The period following the           Sodano, included the Holy Father’s
Orientamenti teologici e pastorali,    Council scarcely seemed to live up      apostolic blessing and confirmed
ed. Paoline, Roma, 1982, pp. 5-8.      to the hopes of John XXIII, who         the new Pope’s intentions to
Pope Benedict spoke about the          looked for a ‘new Pentecost’. But       continue to guide “with paternal
Charismatic Renewal in a book          his prayer did not go unheard. In       affection”, the ecclesial movements,
written with the journalist Vittorio   the heart of a world desiccated by      associations and communities that
Messori (who also wrote a book         rationalistic scepticism a new          were nurtured by Pope John Paul II.
with Pope John Paul II): “Ratzinger    experience of the Holy Spirit has
Report” (1985). Here are two           come about, amounting to a
passages from that book:               worldwide renewal movement.               Creation in Expectation
    “What sounds full of hope          What the New Testament describes,            In the second reading of the
throughout the universal church -      with reference to the charisms, as      Apostle Paul (Romans 8:18-23), we
and this even in the midst of the      visible signs of the coming of the      read: “for creation was subjected to
crisis that the Church is going        Spirit is no longer merely ancient,     futility, not of its own will but by
through in the Western world - is      past history - this history is          the will of him who subjected it in
the upsurge of new movements that      becoming a burning reality              hope; because the creation itself will
no one has planned and no one          today.”(p.151).                         be set free from its bondage to
called into being, but that simply         He also addressed the world         decay and obtain the glorious liberty
emerge of their own accord from        Congress of the Ecclesial                                ...continued on page 3
      Dear Friends of the Priesthood
                                            s I write this column plans are         Very often
                                            underway for our annual In          we receive a
     EPISCOPAL                              ternational Meeting for the Fra-    note asking us to
                               ternity of Priests which is being hosted by      pray for your par-
   Bishop Sam Jacobs
                               the Cleveland Fraternity this year. It is a      ish priest. You
  Houma-Thibodaux, LA
                               wonderful time for priests to gather from        may tell us of the
   Bishop Paul Bemile
       Wa, Ghana
                               around the world for a time of formation,        struggles that he
                               relaxation and brotherhood.                      is experiencing
  Bishop Donald Wuerl
      Pittsburgh, PA                We are privileged this year to have 4       or the great
 Archbishop John Myers
                               priests and seminarians coming from our          blessing that he is
      Newark, NJ               Fraternity of Slovenia. Along with the fra-      within your life.
       Archbishop              ternities in Ukraine, they represent our         Be assured that we keep these men in our
    Franc Kromberger           first presence in Eastern Europe. It is won-     prayers and our intentions.
    Maribor, Slovenia          derful to see how the Lord continues to              What this shows us is the generosity
                               bless our efforts to serve priests through-      of your love and concern. You recognize
                               out the world.                                   the needs that priests have for prayer and
      DIRECTORS                     This summer we also have 2 mission          support. It is a wonderful example of all
    Rev. Timothy Graff         trips to Uganda and Samoa. Fr. Moe               that you have within your heart.
         Chairman              Larochelle and Fr. Paul Gousse from the              I also want to thank you for the gener-
    Msgr. John Allard          Boston Fraternity will be returning to           osity of your financial contributions. They
     Providence, RI
                               Uganda after a very successful mission           allow to care for priests and to continue to
    Rev. John Gordon           last summer where 9 Fraternities were            spread the good news about the Fraternity
    Steubenville, OH
                               begun in Uganda and Kenya. Fr. Ian Tay-          with priests from other parts of the world.
   Rev. Dwight Merrick         lor will be returning to Samoa after an              This will be my last column and I want
  Port of Spain, Trinidad
                               earlier mission there with Renewal Min-          to thank you for the pleasure of communi-
  Rev. William Cosgrove
                               istries last year. Please keep these broth-      cating with you these past 2 years.
      New York, NY
                               ers in prayer as we continue to share the            May the Lord bless you generously
                               good news of God’s goodness with priests         and the priests who serve you.
                               the world over.
                                    With the meeting in Cleveland I will
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Fraternity of Priests Newsletter • August, 2005                                                                      Page 2
                                                      Fr. Edward Buncheck
                                            Rest in Peace, Good and Faithful Servant
      Fr. Edward Bunchek died on April 8 at the age of 66. He had been a priest of the Diocese of Pittsburgh for forty years, and
 served as a faithful and dedicated priest in many Parishes around the Diocese. He was very active in the Slovak
 community of the area. He founded the Slovak Radio Hour on a local radio station, on which he “DJ-ed” until
 shortly before his death. He was the first Moderator - Bishop’s Liason for the Charismatic Renewal in the Diocese,
 serving from the beginnings of the Renewal,and doing outstanding work in that role for many years. He was the
 “founding father” of the Pittsburgh - Greensburg Fraternity of Priests. Our Fraternity was one of the first
 established, and Ed lead our Fraternity with dedication and faithfulness for more than twenty years.
      A few years ago, he took a medical leave from his Pastorate beacause of health problems,primarily a blood disorder which
 robbed his body of oxygen.But he continued to serve in Parish work, and continued to lead the Fraternity faithfully each week
 up until a few weeks before his death. He was planning on going to this summer’s Fraternity Retreat in Cleveland.
      In his last days, we truly realized how much Ed had been struggling the with his illness. He never complained,and
 continued on when he had very little strength left. Ed died just as Pope John Paul’s Funeral Mass in Rome ended. We said Ed
 snuck in behind him when the gates of heaven were opened for the Pope. But we know that Ed did not have to “sneak into
 heaven.” He was an expectional priest. As the words he wrote for his funeral card said: “I was happy to serve the Lord in the
 priesthood, so I have a happy end, and even on the day of my death, I am blessed! So rejoice with me.”
      Ed was the heart of our Fraternity, always calling us on to live the vision of the Fraternity. His funeral Mass was concelebrated
 by two of our Bishops,and seventy or eighty priests, plus a standing room only Church of Ed’s Parishioners and friends.
  ...continued from page 1                      contamination of air, water and the                      Rhema Prophecy
of the children of God. … The whole             disappearance of certain species of                 Remove your sandals for the
of creation has been groaning in                animals would have on human life                ground you stand on is holy ground.
travail together until now.”                    in the world. It is an                          I, the Lord called you by name
     This well-known text speaks to us          environmentalism that can be                    before you were born. I have made
of solidarity, in good and evil,                summarized in the motto: “Lets save             you my son fashioned after my own
between man and creation. Together              nature and nature will save us.”                heart. Be not afraid, be bold in
they groan, together they wait; the                  This environmentalism is good,             witnessing to the truth and to my
groaning of man is the fruit of the             but very precarious. Human interests            Cross. If I your Lord and Teacher
corruption of his liberty, that of              vary, in fact, from nation to nation,           wash your feet, you must wash each
creation is participation in man’s              from one hemisphere to another, and             others feet with the same attitude of
destiny. We are before the text of              it is difficult for all to come to              self emptying and humility. I give
Scripture which is closest to what              agreement. This was seen, in fact, in           you all the treasures of the Kingdom
today is understood by ecology and              the famous hole in the ozone. We have           of God. It is too little for you to
protection of creation, and this is the         now realized that certain gases                 spend your time in stress, and
topic to which we wish to dedicate              damage the ozone and we would like              worrying and planning. Come
our reflection, bringing to light its           to put a limit to refrigerators, aerosols       before my Eucharistic presence and
biblical foundation.                            and similar things in which such gases          let me speak to your heart. Be
     There are two ways of speaking             are used. But developing countries,             converted this day and be made new.
of ecology and respect for creation:            which only now are acquiring these              I will reveal to you more glorious
one starting from man and the other             comforts, rightly answer that it is too         things never before imagined. I want
starting from God. The first has man            easy an answer to demand of them                your joy to be complete in my love.
at the center. In this case, there is not       to give up these comforts, when we              Let go of your self preoccupation.
that much concern about the things              are the ones who have been using                Give all worship and honor to the
in themselves but as a function of              them for such a long time.                      Father and we will continue to release
man: because of the irreparable                    Excerpts taken from a meditation on          the Holy Spirit within you. Trust me
damage that the exhaustion or                     Romans 8 by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa          - surrender and be not afraid.

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