Partial Discharge Monitor (PDM03)

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					Partial Discharge Monitor (PDM03)

The partial discharge monitor (PDM03) is the most successful monitor of partial
discharge currently available in the world today. Completely non-intrusive, it is
designed to monitor discharges over a period of time and indicate variations
caused by changes in the operating environment, such as voltage surges,
temperature and humidity. The data gathered is stored onto a floppy disc, which
can then be analysed to indicate levels of discharge and severity over a period of
up to two months. Analysis of the data is achieved using software supplied with
each PDM03, which gives clear graphical information about the discharge levels
detected by each probe and the location of the activity. The PDM03 is a most
effective means of assessing switchgear condition.

•   Continuously monitors partial discharge signals

•   Data stored on floppy disc for up to two months

•   Optional downloading via modem and PSTN connection

•   Up to twelve probes can be connected

•   Monitors background 'noise' to assist in data analysis

•   Easily moved from one substation to another

•   Data analysed using supplied software on a standard PC

              partners in power asset management
EA Technology Ltd has developed a successful range of non-intrusive
partial discharge detection and monitoring instruments that will
compliment any Asset Condition Assessment regime, allowing confident
maintenance and replacement decisions to be made. The full range is as

MicroTEV      -   Indicates partial discharge activity. Minimal
                  training required.

MiniTEV       -   An Engineers Instrument displaying PD magnitude and
                  pulse rate.

PDL1          -   Using two probes, accurate location of source of PD activity
                  is easily achieved.

PDM03         -   24 hour monitoring of up to twelve probes.

PDM100        -   Semi-permanent installations with up to 100 probes plus
                  environment channels.

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