School-Based Management Team by drg59916


									                                Commack Middle School
                   School-Based Management Team
                                for February 3, 2010, meeting

    Static: Pam Travis-Moore
                 Rob Turissini
    Admin:       Anthony Davidson
                 Leslie Boritz
    Teachers:    MaryEllen Herbold (soc st, Eng, library)
                 *Matt Gallagher (soc st, Eng, library)
                 Corey Fein (Guidance, FACS, tech, art)
                 Michelle Bruno (PPS, rdg, speech)
                 Sean Mahoney (health, math, sci)
                 *Evelyn Cárdenas-Smith (music, PE, wrld langs)
    Support Stf:Adele Daigger (secys, nurses, TAs, custodians, sch tchr aides, sch
                 monitors, PT clerk typists)
    Parents:     Kate Fruehsamer (cell: 988-9600; email:
                 *Diane Kraut (cell: 457-9251; email:
                 *Shari Slepian (cell: 428-5111; email:
                                                                       bold designates facilitator
                                                                           * designates absence

 Refreshments brought in & minutes taken by Corey Fein.
 The minutes of the January 6, 2010, SBMT meeting were reviewed and adopted.

Unfinished business
 New Wildcat Award discussion centered around outside student organizations to promote
   community service as part of the new Award:
      o The SBMT:
             Provided a handout of community service organizations used at the high school for
               reference. Committee suggested simplifying the sheet.
             Will a reference list or some variant be distributed with the Award application?
             Committee suggested creating possible eBoard with community service list.
             SBMT was uncomfortable with how some of the names sound (i.e. gang, etc.)
             SBMT discussed appropriate amount of credits of different types of community
      o SBMT agreed that the new Award would be comprised of the following:
             Academics
             Activities
             Service to Others
   SBMT raised the issue of “double-dipping.” Points earned in the Activities category, which
    includes clubs and organizations, should not be counted toward points earned for Service to
    Others if the primary purpose of Activity (club or organization) is community service. We noted
    that some sports and all clubs include, in their season or scheduled activities, a service activity.
    SBMT affirmed that there could be NO DOUBLE-DIPPING, however that may be defined.

   Committee raised discussion about the number of points required to earn the Award:
             Should the student need to earn a minimum number of points?
             Should the Award be based on more than just points?
             Should there be a reflection component attached to award?
             What would an extended-response essay entail? Example: How has my striving
                for the Wildcat Award helped me to acquire some of the traits listed in the I. B.
                Learner Profile?
             Will reflection be related to each component or category; i.e., would the student
                write an extended response under “Academics,” “Activities,” and “Service”?
             Would the writing part be done in school or at home? Committee raised possible
                issue with parents’ helping with the essay.
             How would “above & beyond” be defined for doing community service?
             Would students have to “fulfill” all categories to earn the Award?

   The SBMT raised questions regarding the fairness of the award when there may be some
    students who would not be able to take part in community service for a variety of reasons (no
    transportation, parents not involved, problems of supervision, no connection with religious youth
    groups, etc.).

New Business
 SBMT members will discuss with their constituencies ideas for a Shana Kay “wish list”. Ideas
  should center around building something at the Middle School to promote or pay tribute to the
  qualities of academic excellence and athleticism.

 None.

 The meeting was adjourned at 4:09 pm.
 The next meeting will be held on March 3, 2010.

                                        Respectfully submitted by Corey Fein

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