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BFPCF Full Width 180mm Planer with Carbon Fibre &Magnesium by lindash


BFPCF Full Width 180mm Planer with Carbon Fibre &Magnesium

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Full Width 180mm Planer with Carbon Fibre &Magnesium
At 1500W and with a massive 180mm wide planing capacity, this Magnesium construction planer is ideal for large
applications such as posts and timber slabs.


                                                       High Powered 1500W Motor       Allows for heavy duty planning of hard

                                                       Magnesium and Carbon Fibre     For superior strength, lighter weight
                                                       Construction                   and durability

                                                       Huge 180mm Planing Width       For rapid material removal of large
                                                                                      surface areas with every pass

                                                       3 Blade Drum Design            Provides a heigher rate of material
                                                                                      removal for a superior cutting action
                                                                                      with reduced vibration and smoother

Warranty                                               Power Glo Neon                 Indicates to the operator when mains
 2 Year Repair or Replacement Warranty for Domestic                                   power is available to the tool
 Home Use Only
                                                       Adjustable Front Handle        Provides greater support and control of
                                                                                      the tool
Included Accessories

 Combo Parallel/Bevelling Fence                        Rubber Grip Handles, Switch    For greater comfort and control
                                                       and Depth Selector
 Spare set of 180mm TCT Blades
                                                       Full Cast Base                 Ensures flatness and increases
                                                                                      accuracy of cut
 Vacuum Adaptor

                                                       PRODUCT VIDEO                  Download the "More Info" PDF to read
 Spare Belt                                                                           more about this product and links to
                                                                                      the product video

Popular Spare Parts
                                                       Input Power                    1500 W
 BFPBLADE − Planer Blades (3 Pack)
                                                       No Load Speed                  15000 RPM

                                                       Depth of Cut                   2 mm

                                                       Planing Width                  180 mm

                                                       Blades                         Reversible TCT Slither

                                                       Bevelling Grooves              1

                                                       Chip Extraction                Operators Right

                                                       Tool Weight                    8.5 kg

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