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									           Craft & Boutique Beers in the Bottle
Cricketers Arms – Melbourne, Victoria                                                              $7.00
Brewed longer to deliver an extra dry lager that is full bodied and refreshing. Made with sun
dried Australian malt, Cricketers is infused with Amarillo hops, imparting an intriguing citrus
character to the aroma and flavour.
Try Cricketers & Parma for $19.00

Pepperjack Hand Crafted Ale – Barossa, Victoria                                                    $7.00
This beer brings together the best in craft brewing & contemporary Barossa winemaking. This
rouge coloured ale is crafted using the finest malted barley grains, aromatic hops and
Pepperjack’s very own Barossa Valley Shiraz. Profound fruit driven aromatics add to this full
bodied beer.
Try Pepperjack & Porterhouse $19.00

Mountain Goat Hightail – Richmond, Victoria                                                        $7.00
One of our favourites this is traditional English style ‘real ale’. It’s deep amber in colour with a
rich malt body and floral hop aroma. Crystal malt gives it a smooth chewiness, and with low
carbonation it has great 'mouth feel'.
Try Hightail & Bangers for $19.00

Murray’s Pilsner – NSW Mid North Coast                                                             $8.00
A pale straw colour with an almost meringue-like head, the intense citrusy aroma and flavour
of this beer is delivered by the classic New Zealand ‘Motueka’ hop, which is balanced by sweet
biscuity malt and finishes with a refreshing bitterness.

Monteith’s Celtic – Greymouth, New Zealand                                                         $6.50
Considered an ‘Irish-style ale’ in the heritage of burnt red beer. With a raft of hidden flavours,
its fiery red hue is derived from kilin-roasted malt, which also creates a smokey aroma &
chocolate maltiness.

Monteith’s Original Ale - Greymouth, New Zealand                                           $6.50
Considered a “New Zealand Pale Ale” it is a full & rounded beer. Dominated by hops, with notes of
caramel, burnt sugars & a hint of blackberry.

Monteith’s Summer Ale –             Greymouth, New Zealand                                         $7.50
A refreshingly spiced, bright gold beer with a real flavoursome zest. Four different malts to give
a smooth heart, spiced gently with a single hop variety. With the addition of traditional spices
and the finishing touch of a little rata honey, the result is unique.

Snowy Mountains Hefewiener –                 Snowy Mountains, Australia                              $7.0
Charlotte’s Hefeweizen is a top fermented, unfiltered wheat beer with a pale cloudy appearance
reminiscent of a high-country white-out. Four malts - Wheat, Pale, Munich and Crystal –
combine to make Charlotte full bodied and fruity.

                                            On Tap
Carlton Draft -Abbotsford, Vic                             Pot $3.50 Schooner $5.20       Pint $7.00
Australian’s favourite traditionally brewed draught lager. It is brewed with sun-ripened Australian
barley malt for smoothness and exhibits a crisp mid-palate, balanced with clean hop bitterness and a
refreshing after-taste.

Pure Blonde –Abbotsford, Vic                                 Pot $4.00 Schooner $6.00     Pint $7.50
Lighter, crisper, aromatic lager that delivers in taste. Brewed longer to produce a beer that is 70%
lower in carbohydrates than most full strength beers.

Cascade Premium Light –Hob, Tas                            Pot $3.00 Schooner $4.50   Pint $6.00
Tasmanian & imported hops combined with the unique yeast strain give this premium light beer a
smooth but full, mid palate. The spicy hop aroma leaves the palate clean & refreshed.

Boag’s Draught – Launceston, Tas                               Pot $3.50 Schooner $5.20         Pint $7.00
Golden syrup in colour, with a balanced aroma of fruit esters and late hop notes. Brewed using a
blend of the finest malts and hops, the result is a crisp and refreshing, full-flavoured lager.

Becks - Bremen, Germany                                    Pot $5.50 Schooner $7.80 Pint $10.00
Classic German Pilsner which carries a distinctive full-bodied taste, with a fresh "hoppy" bouquet,
golden colour and a rich full head. With a slightly fruity but firm crispness, this exciting blend of
intriguing flavours ends with clean, dry finish.

Kirin Ichiban – Kyoto, Japan                                Kirin Glass 390ml $7.50 Pint $10.50
A highly refreshing premium beer, crafted to exacting Japanese standards. The special first press
method produces pure smooth flavours and the pale amber shine, crowned with a rich creamy head.
Noble hops create an appetizing floral aroma, complemented by a delicate fruity character.

Little Creatures Pale Ale –Fremantle, WA                    Pot $4.50 Schooner $6.80 Pint $8.50
Chinook and Cascade hop flowers sourced from Washington and Oregon in the US as well as some
local flowers from Tasmania are thrown at this beer, creating an intense citrus and grapefruit aroma
and flavour balanced with a careful selection of specialty malts and local pale malt made to Little
Creatures specifications. Preservative and additive free, this Pale Ale is unmatched freshness and

Little Creatures Bright – Fremantle WA                       Pot $4.50 Schooner $6.80 Pint $8.50
Sunshine in a glass, Bright Ale is a happy little beer that glows with sparkling golden Vienna and
Cara malts and Little Creatures own local pale malt. Summer fruit aromas of luscious pineapple,
passionfruit and melon make this beer is absolutely delicious. Crisp and clean, fresh and fragrant.
Try Pot of Bright with Fish & Chips for $17.00
                               Wine List
Sparkling                                               Glass       Bottle
Rothbury Estate Sparkling Cuvee        Hunter Valley    $6.00       $20.00
Fleur De Lys Pinot Chardonnay          Barossa Valley   $7.50       $25.00
Yarra Burn Premium Cuvee Brut          Yarra Valley                 $34.00
Janz Brut Cuvee NV                     Tasmania                     $48.00
08 Jim Barry Watervale Riesling        Clare Valley     $8.00       $35.00
08 Innocent Bystander Pinot Gris       Yarra Valley                 $36.00
Rothbury Estate Sem Sauv Blanc         Hunter Valley    $6.00       $20.00
08 Stonefish Sauvignon Blanc           Margaret River   $7.00       $29.00
08 Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc        Marlborough      $7.50       $33.00
08 Box Stallion Sauvignon Blanc        Mornington Pen               $38.00
Rothbury Estate Chardonnay             Hunter Valley    $6.00       $20.00
07 Rockfield Estate Chardonnay         Margaret River               $35.00

07 Crittenden Pinocchio Rosato         Mornington Pen   $7.00       $30.00
06 Jimmy Pinot Noir                    Grampians        $7.00       $30.00
07 Narkoojee Pinot Noir                Gippsland                    $42.00
07 Waterwheel Shiraz                   Bendigo          $8.00       $35.00
06 Lake Cooper Estate Shiraz           Heathcote                    $38.00
Rothbury Estate Shiraz Cabernet        Hunter Valley    $6.00       $20.00
Hobeck Merlot                          Barossa Valley               $32.00
Rothbury Estate Cabernet Merlot        Hunter Valley    $6.00       $20.00
Woodlands Cabernet Merlot              Margaret River               $38.00
Penley Phoenix Cabernet Sauvignon      Coonawarra                   $40.00
06 Lilly Pilly Noble Blend 375ml       Riverina                     $35.00
08 Brown Brothers Moscato              King Valley      $7.00       $29.00

             Traditional Beers in the Bottle
       Carlton Draught                                      $4.80
       Melbourne Bitter                                     $4.80
       Victoria Bitter                                      $4.80
       Crown Lager                                          $6.50
       Pure Blonde                                          $5.00
       Boag’s Premium                                       $6.50
       Cooper’s Sparkling                                   $6.50
       Cooper’s Pale Ale                                    $6.50
       Cooper’s Extra Stout                                 $7.00
       Cascade Premium Light                                $4.00
       Boag’s Premium Light                                 $4.00

                Imported Beers in the Bottle
       Corona – Mexico                                      $7.00
       Nastro Azzurro Peroni – Italy                        $7.00
       Hoegaarden – Belgium                                 $8.50
       Little Creatures Pipsqueak - Fremantle                    $5.00
       Coldstream – Yarra Valley                                 $7.00

The Martini                                                                $12
Vanilla vodka & Elderflower liqueur poured over ice with a squeeze of lemon.
Strained into a vanilla sugar rimed martini glass and served with a slice of
green apple
The Bit o This Bit o That                                            $15
Bombay gin, Elderflower Liqueur & Campari poured over ice with a dash of
blood orange juice and topped with tonic water and a wedge of orange
The Nutty One                                                           $15
Frangelico, Benedictine & Vanilla Amaretto poured over ice with a squeeze of
lemon and topped with dry ginger
The PA Iced Tea                                                      $15
Tequila, Vodka, Bacardi, & Cointreau poured over ice with lemon juice and
topped with San Pellegrino Aranciata Rosso
The Rum Spritz                                                  $15
Mt Gay Rum, Campari, & Secret Stone Sav Blanc poured over ice with a
squeeze of orange and topped with soda
The Sangria Jug                          (For 2 or more)                  $22

        Aperitifs                                          Gin
        Pimms                                              Gordon’s
        Campari                                            Bombay Sapphire

        Vodka                                              Liqueurs
        Smirnoff                                           Bailey’s
        Absolut                                            Kalhua
        Absolut Vanilla                                    Tia Maria
        Whisky                                             Grand Marnier
        Johnny Walker Red                                  Drambuie
        Johnny Walker Black                                Cointreau
        Tullamore Dew                                      Frangelico
        Canadian Club                                      St Germain
        Chivas Regal                                       Paraiso Lychee
        Macallan 12yr                                      Midori
                                                           Black Sambuca
        Bourbon                                            White Sambuca
        Jim Beam                                           Jagermeister
        Southern Comfort                                   Tequila
        Jack Daniels                                       Green Chartreuse
        Wild Turkey                                        Galliano Amaretto
                                                           Galliano Vanilla
        Rum                                                Cognac & Brandy
        Bacardi                                            Remy Martin VSOP
        Bundaberg                                          St Remy Napoleon
        Mt Gay

                            Soft Drinks
        Lemon Lime Bitters                                 Coke
        Lemonade                                           Diet Coke
        Soda                                               Lemon Squash
        Lime & Soda                                        Tonic
        Raspberry Lemonade                                 Dry Ginger
                 Tea & Coffee
Café Late                       Cappuccino
Flat White                      Short Black
Long Black                      Short.Macchiato
Long Macchiato                  English breakfast
Earl Grey                       Peppermint
Chamomile                       Hot Chocolate

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