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Beavona Lodge Beacon

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									                                             Beavona Lodge Beacon
                       IAR ~ 128637          BL D1203        D.O.B.~25/7/08      Colour~ Solid White

       Grand Sire ~ Surilana Icalon SRL U0009 60313 U (Imp. Peru) (S)W Suri
Sire ~ Surilana Orion SRL Z0368 64024 (S) W Suri
       Grand Dam ~ Surilana Macusani Madonna SRL U0100 60401 U (Imp. Peru) (S)W Suri

                           GGGGrand Sire ~ Animale ET492 Suri
                   GGGrand Sire ~ Benedicto NT809 TBS Suri
                           GGGGrand Dam ~ Glenda ET 100 Suri
            GGrand Sire ~ ILR Helado (SW) Suri
                   GGGrand Dam ~ Pperuvian Nieves B4062 Suri
      Grand Sire ~ Elysian Peppermint Twist ELY W0009 46447 (W) Suri
                   GGGrand Sire ~ Somerset Peru Ivory Adsail (S)W Suri
            GGrand Dam ~ Somerset Ivory Silk (S)Wsuri
                   GGGrand Dam ~ Somerset Peru Silk ‘N’ Crystal (S)W Suri
Dam ~ Beavona Lodge Highland Twist BL A0906 98930 (W) Suri
            GGrand Sire ~ Peruvian Pride of Alianca (S)W Suri
      Grand Dam ~ Beavona Lodge Ceildeh 22282 W Suri
            GGrand Dam ~ Two Ways Surilana Silk (S)W Suri

Fibre Test History                                       Show Record
Date      Micron SD     CV     SF     Sample             Year      Result              Show
22/8/09   19.2   4.3    22.4   18.9   mid                2009 3rd 6-12mth white suri   Gympie
                                      side                    male

  Beacon is a lovely young male with sound suri genetics. He is growing out nicely and is looking
          forward to a working career. Beacon has an economic index listing of 105.61
                                       For Sale for $1,000

                                             Updated 12 Nov 2009

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