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Qualification:                          GCE AS and A2 Level
Specification:                          WJEC
Course Co-ordinator:                    Mrs L. Tennant

Course Requirements
Students embarking on this course must have Grade C or above in ICT having
completed the short or the full course GCSE.

This syllabus has been developed to enable students who have followed a GCSE
course in ICT to continue their studies at a higher level. The course will appeal to
those students who want to develop their ICT skills and further their general
knowledge of ICT, including some of the technical issues surrounding the use of

Course Content

AS       2 units of work

Unit 1
Information Systems:
        Data, Information and Knowledge
        Value and Importance of Information
        Quality of Information
        Validation and Verification
        Capabilities and Limitations of ICT
        Uses of ICT
        Presenting Information
        Networks
        Human Computer Interface
        Social Issues
        Database Systems
        Simulation Modelling

In addition to the above students are required to prepare a spreadsheet on a specific topic,
defined by the Examination Board, in advance of the written paper. The spreadsheet is
taken into the examination and used to answer questions in Section B. It is then submitted
with the examination paper.

Unit 2
Presenting Information:
        Desktop Publishing
        Automated Documents
        Presentation
        Evaluation
        Compression and Storage Techniques
        Project Planning

This is a coursework task involving the creation of DTP and multimedia tasks.
A2       2 units of work

Unit 3
Use and Impact of ICT
        Networks
        The Internet
        Human computer Interface
        Working with ICT
        Security Policies
        Database Systems
        Management Information Systems
        System Development Life Cycle

Unit 4
Relational Databases
        User Requirements
        Design Specification
        Implementation
        Testing
        User Documentation
        Project Planning

This is a substantial piece of coursework undertaken over an extended period of time.


AS     2 units of work
Unit 1         60% of total AS mark          2 hours 15 minutes    Written Paper
               (30% of total A Level mark)
Unit 2         40% of total AS mark          Coursework task       Internally assessed
               (20% of total A Level mark)

A2     2 units of work
Unit 3         30% of total A Level mark     2 hours 30 minutes    Written Paper
Unit 4         20% of total A Level mark     Coursework task       Internally assessed

Career Prospects

This course could enhance career opportunities as ICT skills are now required in all types
of employment. It is also the course to follow for those who are going on to study
ICT/Computer Science in higher education or are considering a career in ICT/Computing.