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									Ayurveda for Self-
                                                      Course Outline.
Healing Workshop
Course Aims.                                                                                       How to use Ayurvedic principles to
                                                    Introduction to Ayurveda, as a science of      better manage the demands of living
This course is designed to give participants an     self-healing and as a sister science of Yoga   in a tropical climate.
introduction to Ayurveda as a tool for
promoting healing of the mind and the body. It
                                                    and Vedic Astrology.
                                                                                                   The use of kitchen herbs in the
will focus on how to integrate Ayurveda into a
busy contemporary lifestyle.
                                                                                                   treatment of minor illnesses and
                                                                                                   health imbalances.
                                                    Explanation of the three doshas, or
What is Ayurveda?                                   bodymind principles, Vata, Pitta and Kapha     How to use the principles of
Ayurveda, is the traditional system of healing in   and how they function in everyday life.        Ayurveda to modify your yoga
India and has been practised for over 5,000                                                        practice so that it is in line with your
years. It is derived from two words in Sanskrit,                                                   Ayurvedic body-type, the season and
“Ayus” which means life and “Veda” which                                                           any health imbalances you might
means science or knowledge. It is thus the          Determination of your unique individual
science of life or more accurately the art of       Ayurvedic body-type and how to balance
living.                                             your doshas through cultivating simple daily   Note: The seminar will include a
                                                    health giving routines.                        number of experiential exercises to
Course Presenter.                                                                                  facilitate the integration of concepts
                                                                                                   covered, as well as instruction in
Dr. Shaun Matthews is a medical practitioner
                                                    The Ayurvedic understanding of how             various yogic practices, meditation
who has also trained in Ayurveda and Yoga in
India. Shaun is the founder and co-ordinator of     disease comes into being and how to            and Vedic chanting.
the Ayurvedic Medicine Department at Nature         improve immune system functioning.
Care College in Sydney and is on the organising                                                    Ayurvedic Lunch.
committee for the Second International
Ayurveda and Yoga conference to be held in                                                         A delicious vegetarian lunch, made using
Sydney in April 2009. His book ‘Journeys in         How to use food as medicine and as a tool      Ayurvedic principles, will be served on
Healing’ was published in 2003 by Finch                                                            Sunday. There will be Ayurvedic herbal
                                                    for healing in your life.
Publishing to critical acclaim. Shaun is in                                                        teas for different body-types or chai in the
private practice at the Bondi Whole Health                                                         afternoons.
Centre in Bondi Junction in Sydney.
   Who Should Attend                                                Course Benefits
        People who wish to experience new levels
        of awareness about their bodymind.
        People with health problems wanting to
                                                                       Develop a more intuitive approach to how you
                                                                       live your life.                                 Ayurveda
        facilitate the self-healing process.                           Learn how to restore your natural flow of
                                                                       energy and stimulate your body’s own healing
        People wanting greater peace of mind in
        their lives.
                                                                       Learn methods and techniques specifically
! ...............................................................
                                                                       designed to promote feelings of wellbeing and
  Registration Form                                                    peace of mind.
   Please enrol me for the Ayurveda for Self-Healing

   Workshop on 1st-2nd November, 2008 . To secure
   your place please send in $5o by one of the
   methods below by the 10.9.08.


   Contact tel. No………………………………………………

   Cost for Workshop

   Early bird rate of $220 if paid in full by 30.9.08.,

   Full fee of $250 if payment made after 30.9.08.

   To pay ring Darwin Yoga Space with credit card                   Schedule & Venue
   details handy, or drop in before or after class or
   go to our website www.darwinyogaspace.com                        DAY:            Saturday 1st November, 2009
   and fill in a form and email to
   office@darwinyogaspace.com                                                       1 2– 5pm

                                                                                    Sunday 2nd November 2009
   Enquiries: ring Carole on 8948 2299
   or log on to Shaun’s website                                                     9 – 5 pm.
                                                                    VENUE: Darwin Yoga Space,
   For map location of venue go to
   www.darwinyogaspace.com                                          11/10 Caryota Court, Coconut Grove.

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