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School Holiday Program
6 - 16 April 2010

Children 5 - 12 years
City of Canada Bay’s school holiday program caters for children from the ages of 5-12 years. We also have activities for
our young people aged 12-16 years. Have a look and book early!
You can access the program by:
  •   downloading a copy from;
  •   contacting Council on 9911 6555 and requesting a copy by mail or email;
  •   collecting a copy at your school office; and
  •   collecting a copy from Council (Civic Centre, Five Dock or Concord Library).

Early Bird Specials (*EB*)
We are offering early bird specials on specific activities labeled *EB*, where payment is made on or before 26 March
2010. Get in quick and see you there!

Bookings and payments MUST be made in advance
Please read the booking procedures. Bookings are confirmed on receipt of payment.
Reminder: A doctor’s certificate is required to receive a refund on cancellation.

Bookings open Monday, 22 March 2010
 WEEK ONE: 6 – 9 April

   DAY           VENUE               PRICE ACTIVITY                                      TIME
  Monday, 5                                      PUBLIC HOLIDAY
  Tuesday, 6     Massey Park Club    $35*EB*     2 Day Introduction to GOLF*EB* ®        12.30-3.30pm
  April                              $45
                 Greenlees Tennis    $20         Tennis with Dennis®                     9-11am/11.30am-1.30pm
                                     $20         Tennis with Dennis®                     2-4pm
                 Concord CC          $25         Climate change - Reverse Garbage        9.30-11.30am/12-2pm

  Wednesday,     Massey Park Club                Day 2 Introduction to GOLF *EB* ®       12.30-3.30pm
  7 April        Cintra Park         $30         2 Day Netball clinic                    10am-12pm
                 Concord CC          $25/$25     Sculpture with Reverse Garbage          9.30-11.30am/12-2pm
  Thursday, 8    Cintra Park                     Day 2 Netball clinic                    10am-12pm
  April          Goddard Oval        $25         AFL® with AFL NSW                       9.30-11.30am
                 Concord CCC         $25/$25     Cooking Morning Tea (5-7), Lunch        10-11.30am/12-1.30pm/2-
                 Concord CC          $25         (8-10), Afternoon Tea (10-12)           3.30pm

  Friday, 9      James Ruse          $30*EB*     Excursion: Code Red Laser Tag           9am-2.30pm (Places
  April          Drive, Rosehill     $40         *EB* ®                                  limited)
  Important: All activities are NUT FREE. Please do not bring snacks containing nuts.

 WEEK TWO: 12 – 16 April

  DAY            VENUE              PRICE ACTIVITY                                      TIME
  Monday, 12     Sydney Olympic,    $30*EB*     Excursion: Royal Easter Show*EB*        9am-3pm (Places limited)
  April          Homebush           $40

  Tuesday, 13    St Lukes Park      $20         NRL with Tigers®                        9-11am
  April          Drummoyne          $25/$25     Reverse Garbage - Build a Bear or       10am-12pm/12.30-2.30pm
                 Civic Centre                   Robot
                 Timbrell Park      $40         2 Day Catch on to Cricket Boys          9.30-11.30am
                 Timbrell Park      $10         Catch on to Cricket Girls               9.30-11.30am
  Wednesday,     Rodd Point         $35/$35     Kayaking ®                              9.30-11am/11.30am-1pm
  14 April       Rodd Point         $50*EB*     2 Day Sailing clinic ®*EB*              9am-2pm
                 Timbrell Park                  Day 2 Catch on to Cricket Boys          9.30-11.30am
  Thursday,      Rodd Point                     Day 2 Sailing clinic®                   9am-2pm
  15 April       Civic Centre       $25         Woodwork with Reverse Garbage           9.30-11.30am/12-2pm
                 Nield Park         $25         Soccer                                  9.30-12.30pm
                 Rodd Point         $20         Fishing                                 9am-12pm
  Friday, 16     Darling Harbour    $30*EB*     IMAX: Alice in Wonderland*EB*           9.30am-2.30pm (Places
  April                             $40                                                 limited)

 *EB* Early Bird Specials where payment is made on or before 26 March
 ® Registration forms need to be filled out when booking is done please!

1a Marlborough Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047
Tel 9911 6555 Fax 9911 6550

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