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VICTORIAN WATER INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION NEWS                                                                  Volume 8 Issue 1 Summer 2007

                                                         2005/2006 VICTORIAN
INSIDE                                         Page

2005/2006 Victorian Water Review Cover

From the CEO’s Desk                                  2   WATER REVIEW
Gippsland Water Helps Car Washes                     2

                                                                 he 2005/2006
Upcoming VicWater Events                             2           edition of the
Bushfires and Drinking Water                         3           Victorian Water
                                                         Review is now
Very Dry Victoria                                    3   available. For the
                                                         first time the Victorian
Inflows at Record Low Levels                         3
                                                         Water Review is
Holiday Water Restrictions                           4   available free of
                                                         charge on the
Water Efficiency Task Group                          4   VicWater website at
Nathan and Elizabeth Tie the Knot                    4   http://www.vicwater.
Goulburn-Murray Award Winners                        5
                                                         The Victorian Water
Methven Answers Water Crisis                         5   Review continues to
Task Group Topics                                    6   display how far the
                                                         water industry has
First Mildura Irrigation Trust                       6   progressed, especially
                                                         in the quality and
Dams Working Group                                   7
                                                         level of service
Vic & NSW Finalise Water Trading                     7   provided to its
                                                         customers. Importantly
Millions of Litres Saved                             8
                                                         the report also
Promoting the Water Industry                         8   highlights areas of
                                                         concerns for the
Water Aid Australia                                  8   industry and where
                                                         improvements in performance need to be made and maintained.
                 Suite 1, Level 6
                                                         Key industry performances in 2005/2006 include:
         2 Collins Street, Melbourne,

                  Victoria 3000                          S     99% of the State’s population received water meeting E. coli standards.

               T: (03) 9639 8868                         S     Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate decreased to 7.7 (from 11.5 in 2004/2005).
               F: (03) 9639 8860
                                                         S     State average water consumption per residential property increased to
         E:                           204kL/residential property (from 201kL in 2004/2005).
                            S     18.5% of the State’s wastewater was recycled (from 15.8%. in 2004/2005).

                                                         S     The water industry spent $738.4 M on capital expenditure programs (from
   If you’d like to have an article considered for
                                                               $792.5 M in 2004/2005).
   inclusion in Water Matters, email the finished
                                                         This year the Victorian Water Review contains a reduced number of KPI’s but has
         article to             included Case Studies that provide important information on water businesses’
     Due dates: 15 January, 15 April, 15 July            performance throughout the year. Congratulations must be given to the Performance
      and 15 October or call T: (03) 9639 8868           Measurement Task Group for their time and effort in producing this year’s Review.

                                                                                                       WATER MATTERS SUMMER 2007             1
             ʻʻ  from      ʻʻ
steve bird
               the CEO’s
                desk                                        a difficult time for water businesses        These three major events continue to
                                                            and their customers and has                  grow and are a valuable source of
                                                            highlighted the importance of clear          information and networking within
                                                            customer communication.                      the industry.
                                                            One very positive outcome has been

                                                                                                         I would also like to wish former
                         elcome to the summer               the increased awareness of water
                                                                                                         VicWater staff member Jason
                         edition of Water Matters. I        efficiency and the very genuine efforts
                                                                                                         Walker all the best for in his new
                         am sure that most people           being shown by most Victorians to
                                                                                                         role at the Plastics and Chemicals
             took the opportunity for a break over the      reduce their water consumption. I am
                                                                                                         Industries Association (PACIA) as the
             Christmas period and have returned fresh       sure that this increased education and
             and ready for an exciting 2007. There                                                       Sustainability Manager. Jason has left
                                                            reduced consumption will help us get
             will definitely be a range of challenges to    through this critical period until inflows   after four years at VicWater and has
             keep us all well occupied during the year.     return to a more ‘normal’ pattern.           made a valuable contribution to the
             Unfortunately, the year commenced with                                                      industry during that time.
                                                            A quick reminder of the dates for the
             extremely severe bushfires that have
                                                            main VicWater conferences planned for        On a much brighter note, VicWater is
             heavily impacted on many individuals
                                                            this year:                                   pleased to welcome Leanne Cini who
             and water businesses. Our sympathy
                                                                                                         has been appointed to fill Jason’s
             goes to all those who have suffered from       S   Finance Managers Workshop
                                                                                                         vacancy. Leanne has been working at
             those events over recent weeks.                    31 May and 1 June 2007
                                                                                                         Coliban Water as a Project Engineer and
             The start of 2007 sees a continued             S   Sustainability Seminar                   will bring a range of skills to VicWater.
             increase in the levels of water restrictions       15 May 2007
             across the State as the traditionally dry                                                   I look forward to meeting with many
             summer months have an impact on the            S   VicWater Annual Conference               of you in our Task Groups and other
             already low water storages. It is certainly        13 and 14 September 2007                 activities during 2007.


                        orking with the Australian Car      with owners of car wash businesses.          other water conservation measures
                        Wash Association (ACWA),            The voluntary scheme rates the amount        such as using tank water instead of
                        Gippsland Water recently            of potable water used in an average car      mains water.
             hosted a presentation about a new Car          wash from one to five stars. The Car
                                                                                                         Gippsland Water Chief Executive Officer
             Wash Rating Scheme, inviting local car         Wash Rating Scheme involves a
                                                                                                         John Mitchell said that Gippsland Water
             wash businesses to attend. The scheme          thorough audit process, as well as
             encourages businesses and their                                                             has been proactive by contacting car
                                                            providing signage so that the public can
             customers to save water, and aims to                                                        wash businesses and organising a
                                                            clearly identify which businesses are
             educate the car wash industry to be                                                         presentation about the Car Wash Rating
                                                            taking part in the water saving scheme.
             water efficient and adhere to water                                                         Scheme before water restrictions take
             restrictions that are currently in place.      For instance, premises with four star        full force. “We are taking a proactive
                                                            signage would mean that the business         approach, helping businesses meet
             Adam Stone and Dianne Ross from the            uses under 70 litres of potable water per    requirements of water restrictions,
             ACWA spoke at the presentation to              car for a standard wash. Businesses          and ensuring that it is fair and equable
             discuss the Car Wash Rating Scheme             also receive half a star if they take up     across the board,” Mr Mitchell said.

             Arrangements have commenced for the Finance Managers workshop to be held on 31 May and 1 June 2007 at Crest on Barkly
             in St Kilda. Planning for the event was a feature of the Financial Issues Steering Committee (FISC) Meeting of 6 February 2007.

             The Sustainability Seminar will be held on 15 May 2007 in Melbourne. The Sustainability Task Group met in December 2006
             to start planning this annual event.

 2           WAT E R M AT T E R S SU M ME R 2 0 07

            ater users in north eastern      areas burnt in the recent bushfires the     East Water, Goulburn Valley Water,
            Victoria should be on the look   likelihood of this type of event is now     Catchment Management Authorities
            out for changes in water         quite high. A large rainfall event, or      and government agencies are working
quality in streams following storms or       storm, could trigger a large flow of        together to monitor changes to water
rainfall events. The recent bushfires
                                             poor quality water into one of a number     quality. People drawing water
have removed protective vegetation
                                             of water storages in the region. The        directly from streams are advised to
from catchments. Even relatively small
falls of rain can wash ash and sediment      consequences of this could include          monitor their supply source and make
into streams and affect the quality of       reservoir siltation, fish deaths or algal   alternative arrangements if water
water supplies. With the very large          blooms. Goulburn Murray Water, North        quality deteriorates.


       he Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)            normal. There were some severe              consecutive year with below normal
       has released its annual climate           frosts during the year.                     rainfall. Both day-time and night-
       summary of Victoria. The key                                                          time temperatures averaged slightly
findings were:                               S   A feature of 2006 was the frequency         above normal, although there were
                                                 of intense anticyclones that affected       some notable individual extremes
S   Victoria experienced a very dry              Victoria’s weather. When these              - for example, the earliest 30 degree+
    year in 2006, with a number of               anticyclones developed well to the          day in Spring, the earliest 35 degree+
    places receiving record low annual           south of the continent, they drove          day in Spring, and the coldest
    totals and a number of other places          some very cold air across the State.        Christmas Day on record.
    receiving less than half their usual         By contrast, on other occasions they
    allocation.                                  developed over the Tasman Sea,          S   Record lowest yearly total rainfall
                                                 and drove hot air from the inland           was experienced at Nhill, Lake
S   Day-time temperatures averaged               across Victoria.                            Eildon, Ballarat, Sale, Bairnsdale
    mostly about a degree above nor-                                                         and Hamilton.
    mal, whilst night-time temperatures      S   In Melbourne 2006 will be
    averaged about half a degree below           remembered for being the 10th


       he extreme drought currently          According to the latest update, inflows     reflected in the near-neutral rainfall
       being experienced in many parts       for the season June to November 2006        outlook for the 3 months December to
       of Australia is unprecedented in      have been only 610 GL which is 56%          February 2006.
its duration and severity. Drought           of the previous recorded minimum of
                                                                                         In Melbourne, the last 10 years has seen
conditions throughout large areas of the     1090 GL observed in 1902 and only
                                                                                         streamflows to the reservoirs being
Murray-Darling Basin are worsening           7% of the long-term average of 8400
                                                                                         below average. For spring 2006 when
with rainfall in some catchments, over       GL for the same period. The Bureau
                                                                                         reservoirs usually recover, rainfall in
the nine months March to November            of Meteorology has advised that the
                                                                                         the catchment was 53% of the weighted
2006, the lowest on record. According        El Niño continues to strengthen and
                                                                                         average of the past 30 years. The best
to the latest Drought Update from            responds to the question “What does
                                                                                         spring month was November, with 69%
River Murray Water, an internal              this mean in Australia?” with “Generally
                                                                                         of the average rainfall, with October the
business division of the Murray-             speaking, the main impact on rainfall is
                                                                                         worst, recording only one-third of the
Darling Basin Commission, released           during winter and spring, with a switch
                                                                                         average rainfall.
in December 2006, higher than                towards wetter conditions having been
average temperatures and                     common in January or February
exceptionally dry catchments have            during previous El Niño events.” Such
kept inflows to the Murray River             a switch to wetter conditions is not
system at record low levels.                 guaranteed, however, and this is

                                                                                             WATER MATTERS SUMMER 2007                3

            ver the summer period VicWater     resources in regional Victoria during      holidays. Information on the different
            embarked on a major advertis-      the holiday season. The campaign saw       stages of water restrictions and links to
            ing campaign to increase the       advertisements placed in Melbourne         water businesses across the State can
    awareness of water restrictions that       newspapers as well as VicWater             be found on the VicWater website
    may be in place at holiday destinations.   Chairman, Dennis Cavagna speaking
    Holiday makers have the potential to       frequently to the media on the need
    place increased pressure on water          to continue to save water whilst on


           he Water Efficiency Task Group      water, and also identifies opportunities   The Information Bulletins also contain
           has produced two Information        for water savings and available useful     useful links to relevant projects and
           Bulletins that may assist in bet-   resources on water saving projects         research.
    ter understanding water use, in par-       and initiatives.
    ticular water use in rural Victoria. The                                              Both Information Bulletins are
    ‘Water Efficiency in the Rural Sector’     The ‘Virtual Water’ Information Bulletin   available on the VicWater website at
    Information Bulletin provides an over-     provides important information on the From the Home
    view of water use in rural agriculture     amount of water used to produce items      page go to: Task & Working Groups >
    including surface water diversions,        and makes the link between                 Water Efficiency Task Group (WETG) >
    irrigation system deliveries and ground    consumption patterns and water use.        Information Bulletins


           ongratulations to VicWater staff member Nathan Smith on his
           marriage to the girl of his dreams, Elizabeth Fewchuk in a
           ceremony on the 6th January 2007 at Essendon Community
    Baptist Church. Nathan and Elizabeth have now returned from their
    honeymoon touring New Zealand.

4   WAT E R M AT T E R S S U M M E R 2 0 07

      wo Goulburn-Murray Water               Creek Salt
      projects have been recognised for      Interception
      engineering excellence, taking out     Scheme was
gold and silver at the annual Association    managed by
of Consulting Engineers Australia            Goulburn-
Awards for Excellence in Sydney.             Murray Water
                                             on behalf of
From entries all over Australia, for         the Murray-
projects in metropolitan, regional and       Darling Basin
international locations, the judges          Commission.
presented a Gold Award to SKM for the        The Pyramid
Pyramid Creek Salt Interception Scheme       Creek Salt
in the environment category and a            Interception
Silver Award to GHD for the Eildon           Scheme is a
Dam Improvement Project in the water         large-scale
category. The ACEA awards program is         groundwa-
one of the industry’s most prestigious       ter pumping                                                                 Salt Harvest
recognising Australia’s world-class          scheme that
engineering activities.                      intercepts saline groundwater flows and      new technology and other practical
                                             pumps them to evaporation basins.            outcomes tackling salinity. The prize
The Eildon project was undertaken by                                                      was presented by the Governor-
the Eildon Alliance, comprising GHD,         The scheme received more accolades           General, Major-General Michael Jeffery,
Goulburn-Murray Water, John Holland          last June when it won the Engineers          at a ceremony at Parliament House
and Hazell Brothers, and the Pyramid         Australia National Salinity Prize for        in Canberra.


       itting as the flagship of Methven’s   water to collide, creating a ‘flame of
       commitment to luxury, water           water’ that is enveloping and gentle. It’s
       saving showers, the multi-award       luxurious, while operating effortlessly
winning Satinjet showers offer a             at watersaving levels of 7.5L per minute
luxurious shower at a maximum rate of        with a maximum of 9L per minute –
9L per minute. Such is its careful           easily attaining the maximum WELS
engineering, and unique Twin-jet             rating of three stars. (Conventional
technology, some models will even            showers operate at 22L per minute.)
work well at water delivery levels of just
                                             Methven Satinjet is multi-award              Green Plumbers Award –
7.5L per minute.
                                             winning, collecting numerous national        Innovative Product of the Year 2005
Based on Energy Australia’s research,        and international awards –including:         New Zealand Best Wards –
a standard shower running at 20L
                                             DesignEx –Best new Product,                  Highly Recommended 2005.
per minute will use 145.4L of water.
                                             Bathroomware 2005
Methven’s Satinjet shower running at
                                                                                          METHVEN SATINJET’S FEATURE
7.5L per minute will only use 54.53L         Chicago Atheneum -                           WATERSAVING PRODUCTS:
over that same time period – a massive       Good Design Award 2005
water saving of 90.87L!                                                                   Methven Satinjet Escape Hi-Rise Shower
                                             Australian Designmark Awards                 [RRP: $300.00]
That’s the equivalent of 45 two litre soft   for Good Design 2005
drink bottles! Every single time you                                                      Methven Satinjet Genesis Rail Shower
                                             Savewater Award –                            [RRP: $330.00]
                                             Highly Recommended in Product
For more information see                     Innovation Category 2005                     Methven Satinjet Futura Hand Shower,                                                              [RRP: $220.00] or free call:
                                                                                          Methven Satinjet Kiri Wall Shower
1800 035 330
                                                                                          [RRP: $ 163.00]
Methven Satinjet’s unique Twin-Jet
technology directs two single jets of

                                                                                            WATER MATTERS SUMMER 2007                   5
     Steve Bird and Paul O’Brien made a           The presentation focussed on the              Gippsland, Westernport and
     presentation to the Office of Training       effects of climate change and the skills      Southern Rural Water Authorities.
     and Tertiary Education (OTTE) on the         shortage on the water industry and the        The meeting will address the issues
     training needs of the water industry just    training-related implications of those        of the new Consolidated OH&S
     prior to Christmas 2006. Les Mathieson,      effects. A text based report will be          Regulations and enhancements to the
     CEO of East Gippsland Water and Chair        provided to OTTE by the end of                OH&S Benchmarking Project which the
     of the VicWater Training Consultative        February 2007.                                Network has been refining.
     Committee was to have been part of the       The next meeting of the OH&S Network
     presentation team but he unfortunately       will be held in April 2007 at Phillip
     needed to remain in East Gippsland that      Island and will be sponsored by the
     day because of the bushfires.                Gippsland, East Gippsland, South


           ince late August 2006, when           once the new 600-ML water storage is            and irrigation ratepayers will no longer
           the First Mildura Irrigation Trust    finished. Works on the water storage            rely on individual pumps to achieve
           (FMIT) Board approved the works       are nearing completion and water will           pressurization. Subject to drought
    program for the high-pressure pipe           be introduced by mid February 2007 so           conditions, water availability will be
    lining of FMIT’s 17th Street’s               as to allow for formal commissioning            24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
    sub-system, significant progress has         of the new pump station. Pipe laying            because of facilities provided by the
    been made. Pipe laying tenders               is scheduled to be completed in late            600-ML water storage.
    were called and the successful               May and this will allow the contractor          FMIT has engaged Sinclair Knight Merz
    contractor commenced pipe laying in          to install the new irrigator connections        (SKM) to independently assess and
    late November. The new pipeline is a         in time for the new irrigation period.          determine the water savings from three
    high-pressure system and replaces 20         Irrigator connections will include              separate water saving measures
    kms of gravity distribution system,          magnetic flow meters capable of                 initiated by the Trust. Their recently
    comprising 4 kms of earthen channel,         measuring low flows used for drip               completed report has identified a total
    2 kms of concrete channel and 14 kms         irrigation, up to the higher flow               of 5.906 GL of claimable permanent
    of ageing concrete pipes.                    rates required by irrigators using              water savings from these measures.
                                                 overhead sprays.
    Complementing the new high-pressure                                                          The Trust acknowledges the assistance
    system is a new pumping station, with 5      Once operational, the rehabilitated             provided by the DSE’s Water Sector
    variable speed drive motors to achieve       distribution system will provide                Group in the assessment process under-
    cost effective pumping. Works on the         high-pressure water to 750 hectares of          taken by SKM. The FMIT Board has
    new pumping station are complete             irrigable land and its 120 irrigators. In       approved for portion of the proposed
    except for testing, which will occur         addition, domestic and stock consumers          water losses, identified through the bulk
                                                                                                 entitlement process, to be made
                                                                                                 available for sale through the National
                                                                                                 Water Initiative tender process.
                                                                                                 In addition to the savings identified by
                                                                                                 SKM in the earlier measures, the Trust
                                                                                                 is also confident that further water
                                                                                                 savings of 2.0 GL are potential as a
                                                                                                 result of the 17th Street rehabilita-
                                                                                                 tion project. As this project is entirely
                                                                                                 funded by the FMIT, all water savings
                                                                                                 recovered through the bulk entitlement
                                                                                                 process will be retained by the Trust.
                                                                                                 The FMIT is currently completing
                                                                                                 the formal process of having these
                                                                                                 savings recognised pursuant to the bulk
                                                                                                 entitlement procedures and receiving
                                                                                                 Ministerial approval for the changes.

                                                                                             A View of the new pump station

6   WAT E R M AT T E R S S U M M E R 2 0 07
S   The Dams Working Group is a                operators and emergency response             altering the water tightness of the
    proactive forum for discussion             co-ordinators with the knowledge             structure. Dam owners should pay
    and development of all aspects             and training to better manage their          particular attention to this issue
    of dams including planning,                roles in a dam emergency response.           when a dam commences to refill.
    construction, risk assessment                                                           The refilling of dams should be
    and safety upgrades. Dam               S   Following the decommissioning of             undertaken as slowly as practical,
    owners outside the water industry          several dams in Victoria, the Group          with vigilant monitoring of seepage
    are also encouraged to attend.             also saw the need to develop a               and cracks.
    Representatives from AGL Pty Ltd           Dams Decommissioning Guideline.
    (Hydro Electric Power Generation)          Through funding from DSE
    regularly attend group meetings.           and work undertaken by consult-
    DSE is also a major participant in         ants URS, the Decommissioning
    the Group. The Dams Working                Guidelines have been finalised and
    Group recently identified a gap in         will be available in the near future.
    the National Water Training Package        These Guidelines have been
    in regard to dams management and           prepared to raise awareness of
    operations practice and sought             potentially relevant issues and not
    and received funding for the               as a prescriptive process of how
    development of a course in                 to decommission a dam. This
    High Hazard Dam Emergency                  approach allows a Project Manager
    Management Exercising                      to develop an accurate model of
                                               their real world context rather than
S   Following extensive development            assuming conditions are favourable
    and negotiation, the course has            or adverse to the proposed works.
    been accredited within the Victorian
    system. Registered training            S   The prolonged dry period presents
    organisations will be contacted to         its own risk to earthen dams as the
    encourage delivery of the course.          moisture content of the dam’s clay             A parched Sunday Creek Reservoir near Broadford
    The aim of the course is to equip          core can lower, thereby potentially                  – Currently holding 17% of storage capacity


       ermanent interstate water trade     S   During the period up until removal      S    The details of costs to be
       between Victoria and New                of exit fees, exit fees may be               included in access fees and the
       South Wales commenced on                avoided by buyers and sellers                possibility of ongoing usage of
1 January 2007. Both Victoria and              contracting to use temporary                 shadow access fees are to be
New South Wales have accepted the              trade processes followed by a                clarified by March 2007, with the
Australian Competition and Consumer            permanent transfer.                          ACCC being asked to contribute
Commission (ACCC) recommendation                                                            to this work.
that exit and termination fees, which      S   The factor used for the calculation
                                               of termination fees will be set at a
                                                                                       S    Irrigation businesses will be
apply when water permanently leaves                                                         allowed to offer other options for
a district, should be separate from the        maximum multiplier of 15 times the
                                                                                            permanent trading to suit their
sale of water. As an alternative to            access fee. This ensures sufficient
                                                                                            businesses, provided they
paying a termination fee, the states           funds to maintain water supply
                                                                                            also implement the ACCC
have also agreed that sellers of water         infrastructure over a suitable period
                                                                                            recommendations, to enable
can continue paying annual access/             and for structural readjustment
                                                                                            the buyer to choose.
delivery fees on an ongoing basis.             so that remaining users are not
The States have committed to the               required to absorb these costs.         S    The arrangements will be included
implementation of permanent interstate                                                      in a protocol to Schedule E of the
water trading as follows:
                                           S   A review of termination fees will            Murray-Darling Basin Agreement
                                               be completed by 1 January 2009.              by March 2007.
S    Access fees and termination               The review will include an
     fees will be calculated and               assessment of the multiplier used       S    An independent body or bodies
     implemented by 1 July 2007 and            in calculating termination fees.             will be commissioned to monitor,
     exit fees will also be removed by         The ACCC will be asked to                    assess and report by August 2007
     this date.                                contribute to this review.                   on compliance with the agreement.

                                                                                           WATER MATTERS SUMMER 2007                              7

               arrnambool Golf Club is now     collected and stored in a lagoon at the                    the new scheme eliminates this
               using reclaimed water to keep   Golf Club and is used to irrigate the                      problem.
               their greens in shape           course via a new pump and automated                        Warrnambool Golf Club Secretary
    thanks to a new joint venture reuse        delivery system. This has required a                       Manager, Garry Parsons said; “80
    irrigation scheme with Wannon Water        major upgrade with the Club investing                      megalitres of reuse water will be used
    and Fonterra.                              around $720,000 and will result in                         via this new irrigation scheme, that
                                               millions of litres of potable water                        means there will be a huge saving for
    Wannon Water, Fonterra and the
                                               being saved.                                               our city’s water resources and we will
    Warrnambool Golf Club have worked
    together to introduce this new and         Wannon Water Chairman, Harry Peeters                       be able to access suitable water to keep
    innovative water conservation scheme       said; “The new reuse irrigation scheme                     the greens in top condition year round.”
    that will replace use of the city’s        means less treated water from the city’s                   Fonterra Site Production Manager,
    drinking water and the need to use         drinking water supply is being used                        Rob Howell said that in a drought
    bore water to irrigate the course.         by the Warrnambool Golf Club,                              environment Fonterra is constantly
    The scheme is the first of its kind,       a major saving in treating water to                        seeking new ways to reuse the water
    pioneering the use of condensate water     drinking standards.” The new scheme                        required for everyday factory produc-
    on a golf course.                          also means the Golf Club now has                           tion. He said: “The reuse of this water
    Condensate water, water evaporated off     a secure fit for purpose water                             is beneficial to Fonterra in several ways,
    milk to create dried milk powder, from     supply year round to keep the course                       but most of all we are pleased to be
    the Fonterra dairy factory in Dennington   in top condition. The bore water                           a part of an innovative water saving
    is being diverted from Wannon Water’s      previously accessed to augment                             scheme that has practical benefits for
    Water Reclamation Plant directly to the    supplies of potable water was highly                       the Golf Club, Warrnambool residents
    Warrnambool Golf Club. The water is        saline and was damaging to the greens;                     and the environment.”


              estern Water’s Gareth Ryan is    The government agency has been                             the variety of work available in the water
              one of only two people select-   established to identify skills shortages,                  industry, promotes Western Water and
              ed to feature in a Federal       emerging trends and labour market                          its employees and showcases the Melton
    Government promotion of career             information and develop resources to                       area,” he said.
    opportunities in the water industry.       attract young people into key industries.                  Gareth is completing a diploma in
                                               The promotional video will be pitched                      conservation and land management.
    The 27-year-old operator at Western
                                               at students in Years 8 to 12 with the aim                  He is part of the team responsible for the
    Water’s Melton Recycled Water Plant
                                               of raising interest and awareness of                       new multi-million dollar Class A recycled
    spent a day before the cameras for
                                               job opportunities in the water                             water plant at Surbiton Park, which will
    a video that will target secondary
                                               sector. Team Leader of the Melton and                      serve Eynesbury and future development
    school students across Australia. A        Bacchus Marsh recycled water plants,                       at Melton South. Rod also was
    camera crew from the Adelaide-based        Rod Curtis, said Gareth’s selection                        recognised recently, winning the
    Government Skills Australia flew to        recognised his skills and commitment                       prestigious Australian Water Association
    Melbourne to interview and film            to delivering an essential service to the                  Operator of the Year award from
    Gareth at his Surbiton Park workplace.     community. “The video also highlights                      candidates across Victoria.


           inidex and WaterAid Australia       Manatuto and Liquica Districts of
           are pleased to announce a new       Timor-Leste. WaterAid Australia has
           series of Golf Days to be con-      now completed two major school-based
    ducted in 2007 following on from the       water and sanitation projects in Papua
    success of the AWA National Golf Days      New Guinea and about to begin the
    which has raised over $88,000 for our      third project.
    projects in Papua New Guinea. Golf         It’s first community water and sanitation
    Days will be conducted from March          project in the Eastern Highlands is
    to November by WaterAid Australia          progressing well.
    Member organisations.
    WaterAid Australia has just recently
    opened an office in Dili and has gained
    government approval to work in                   Local PNG Community celebrate the opening of their
                                                                 Atloos funded from the AWA Golf days

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8   WAT E R M AT T E R S S U M M E R 2 0 07                                                  Inks used are vegetable based, and mineral oil free.

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