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					                                                               LOCAL INDUCTION CHECKLIST

                                                                              procedures. If you have any problems with your induction you can ask
This is your induction checklist. It includes the following:
                                                                              either of these people.
            The information you need to help you settle                      Although these people have responsibility for giving you the
             down and work safely in your new job                             information in your induction and for signing each item, it is also your
            Who or where to go for information                               responsibility to ensure that you understand each item on the checklist.

            What you should cover on your first visit to the                 Different departments may have additional checklists which are
             workplace                                                        tailored to the specific needs of that particular area. If this is the case,
            What you should cover within your first month of                 you will need to complete both checklists.
                                                                              The completed checklist(s) should be returned within four weeks of
By using this checklist you can make sure that you get all the                your start date to:
information you need as a new starter within the Trust. If you do not
manage to get some of the information listed it is important that you                                  Human Resources
bring this to the attention of your line manager or team leader.                                       Bradford and Airedale tPCT
                                                                                                       Douglas Mill
Two of the most important people in your induction will be your line                                   Bowling Old Lane
manager and your induction guide. Your manager should arrange your                                     Bradford
induction and is responsible for a number of items on the checklist.                                   BD5 7JR
Your induction guide will help you settle in during your early days in the
workplace. They will introduce you to colleagues, help you familiarise        The returned checklists will be stored on your personal file as a record
yourself with the workplace, and explain some of the every day                that you had a local induction.
                                       DOUGLAS MILL WITHIN FOUR WEEKS OF YOUR START DATE.

Name:                                                                      Start Date:

Name of Induction Guide:                                                   Line Manager:

National Insurance Number:                                                 Base:

Job Title:

                                                          EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS

Contact Name:                                                              Relationship:


Home Telephone inc. STD                                                    Work or Mobile :

                                                           PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION

If you are required to have professional registration for your new role, please complete the following:

Body Registered With:

Registration Number:                                                       Expiry Date:
                                                      LOCAL INDUCTION CHECKLIST

Introduction to the Department                        Signed by                   Signed by   Date
                                                      Manager or Guide            Employee
Introduction to colleagues/induction guide

Reception area

Notice boards

Car Park

Catering facilities/tea/coffee making facilities

Entry system

First Aid facilities

Start and finish times

Shift systems

Admin facilities/support

Team briefing/meeting dates

Telephone system

Setting the department in context within the
Other as appropriate to post and location

Forms for completion                                  Signed by                   Signed by   Date
(where appropriate)                                   Manager or Guide            Employee
New Starter Payroll Form/P45/P46 to be forwarded to
Time sheet explained

Car users form issued and explained

Approved telephone user form completed

Forms for completion                                  Signed by          Signed by   Date
(where appropriate)                                   Manager or Guide   Employee
Working Time Directive - Manager to check with
employee if they will be working more than 48 hours
per week (including any other employment).
If yes, employee to complete the Waiver form
(available from Human Resources)
Return of contract of employment to Human Resources

Car leasing/loans

Local procedures for study leave

Local procedures for booking of annual leave

Local procedures for absence reporting

Any other occupational specific induction as

Health & Safety – local procedures                    Signed by          Signed by   Date
                                                      Manager or Guide   Employee
Local evacuation procedures

Location of fire exits

Local fire officer

Location of fire extinguisher/Alarm points
Incident reporting procedure explained

Other as appropriate to post and location

The equipment listed below is issued to you and is your responsibility. By taking receipt of it and signing here you are agreeing to take
reasonable precautions to ensure it is kept safely. Loss of any equipment should be reported immediately to your Team Leader/manager.
You should add any additional items of equipment issued to you.

Equipment issued                                        Date issued        Ref/serial number     Signed by                Signed by
                                                                                                 Manager                  Employee
Mobile phone


Portable computer

Identification badge – discuss process for issue and

Performance & Development Planning                      Date agreed        Signed by             Signed by Employee       Date
Initial PDP meeting arranged within 3 months of start

Policies & Procedures

Section 1 – Mandatory Policies – must be read and you must abide by them.
Section 2 – General Policies & Procedures – you must be aware of the location of these and access them as required by your post. You
must abide by these policies and procedures.

Section 1. Mandatory Policies & Procedures

Policies                                                Signed by                         Signed by                   Date
                                                        Manager or Guide                  Employee
Non-Clinical Policies

Complaints & claims



Equality of opportunities in Employment

Fraud and corruption


Incident Reporting

Whistle blowing

Risk Management

Information Technology standards & procedures   Signed by          Signed by   Date
                                                Manager or Guide   Employee
Information security policy statement

Organisational security

Physical and environmental security

Protection against malicious software

Data backup and restore

Exchanges of information and software

Email security
Internet security

User access control

Data protection

Clinical policies
I also have a clinical caseload (please delete)            Yes / No

If yes, I agree to ensure that I read, understand and will comply with all the relevant clinical policies and will keep my practice in line with these
policies. A list will be available from your line manager.

Section 2. You should be informed of the location of the policies listed below and access these as appropriate. You are not required to
read all these as part of your Induction programme but you should familiarise yourself with these over time as you are required to abide by

Informed of local Trust wide policies, procedures &       Signed by                             Signed by                        Date
guidelines                                                Manager or Guide                      Employee

Non-return of checklists are monitored and followed up, so please ensure you return your checklist within four weeks of your start date.

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