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									       Australia-China Friendship Society (Vic.)
               “Peoples and Life” Chinese Movie Show
                                                                                            Feature Film

                                                                  Turpan Love Songs
                                                               Music is the outpouring of soul. For dec-
                                                               ades, generations of Chinese people
                                                               understand the unique customs and the
                                                               music style by means of classic Xinjiang
                                                               folk songs such as “Turpan’s Grapes Are
                                                               Ripening”, “Raise Your Red Veil”, “Up the
                                                               Half moon Goes” and “Alamban” and so
                                                               on. While enjoying aesthetic pleasure,
                                                               Chinese people appreciate abundant
                                                               emotions, which are either passionately
                                                               persistent or playfully humorous. Through
                                                               the smartly combined presentation of
                                                               four love songs in series, this film shows
                                                               the two generation’s emotional pursuit
                                                               of two ordinary Uygur families dwelling
                                                               in Turpan region. It also shows how the
                                                               traditional and modern ways of lives are
                                                               integrated in ethnic inhabited Xinjiang.

                                                                               ACFS acknowledges
                                                                              special assistance The
                                                         Documentary          Asialink Centre and the
                                                                              University of Melbourne
              Jinling Cultural Attractions
Jinling was the oldest and most elegant name of Nanjing, the present capital
of Jiangsu Province. The city has a history more than 2,300 years. As the his-
toric capital of six dynasties, Jinling has always been a centre of Chinese civi-
lization since ancient times, and has numerous influential cultural treasures.
Among them are the Ming Dynasty Xiaoling Tomb, which established the 500
year tomb architectural system of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the former
residence of Gan Xi, the largest civilian residence in China, and Mausoleum
of Dr. Sun Yat sen, the great pioneer of the Democratic Revolution in China,
which is an outstanding work integrating human spirit with architecture.

When -         7:00 pm 22nd May 2009
Where -        Carrillo Gantner Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne. (Corner of
               Swanston Street & Monash Road, Melway Ref. 2B E7)
Enquiries -    Call the ACFS office on (03) 9654 8099 or Visit our website

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