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					                                                                              New France Unit Plan
                                                                                    By: Krystle Forsythe
Subject: Grade 7, History, New France
Overall Expectations: History
7h1 • outline the reasons why settlers came to New France; identify the social, political, religious, and economic factors that shaped the colony; and describe how settlers and fur traders
interacted with the First Nation peoples
7h2 • use a variety of resources and tools to gather, process, and communicate information about how settlers in New France met the physical, social, and economic challenges of the new
7h3 • identify and explain similarities and differences in the goals and interests of various groups in New France, including French settlers, First Nation peoples, and both French and
English fur traders
Specific Expectations: English
7e15 communicate orally in a clear, coherent manner, using a structure and style appropriate to both the topic and the intended audience
7e34 identify the point of view presented in texts, including increasingly complex or difficult texts; give evidence of any biases they may contain; and suggest other possible perspectives
7e50 gather information to support ideas for writing, using a variety of strategies and a wide range of print and electronic resources
7e86 identify an appropriate form to suit the specific purpose and audience for a media text they plan to create, and explain why it is an appropriate choice
Guiding Question: Which groups inhabited New France and why?
Culminating Task: In groups of 4 or 5 students will prepare a debate from the perspective of: French Settlers, First Nations, French Fur Traders, or the Acadians. Explain why your group’s
methods of living, working, and government are better than the other groups
Assessment: Students will be marked on the arguments that they develop in their written report and their oral skills during the debate using a rubric.

  Activity                   Activity Description                     Expectation Codes                Deconstruction skills                 Assessment              Recording
   Title                                                                                                                                      Strategy                Device
                                                                           Systems and Structures
Unit Starter/   Watch Canada: A People’s History Episode 3 on New 7h9, 7h12, 7h13, 7h14           How to set-up a W5 and how            Question and Answer       Rating Scale
Canada: A       France. Have students keep a W5 and how viewing                                    viewing guide
People’s        guide. After movie create a KWL chart of what                                     Listening and viewing skills
History         students know about New France and what they
                would like to know
Careers in      Create a pamphlet advertising either life on the  7h9, 7h10, 7h13, 7h14,          What a pamphlet is                    Performance Task          Checklist
New France      farm, in the church, or in the woods. List the    7h16, 7e34, 7e50, 7e86          How to appeal to different
Pamphlet        reasons why someone would want to work there                                       audiences
                and they would not want to work in the other                                      Different occupations available in
               occupations                                                                            New France
                                                                       Interactions and Interdependence
Field Trip    Students will go on a field trip to the Fur Harvesters    7h15                       Behavior while on field trips        Self assessment    Checklist
              in North Bay to learn about how fur is harvested and                                 Warn of what they do there
              how it is used.
The Fur Trade Read/Show a news story about the controversy over         7h10, 7h11, 7h13, 7h14,    How to write a journal entry     Learning Log           Checklist
Past and      the seal hunt. Write a journal entry on your feelings     7h15, 7e34                 How to make an argument for your
Present       about the fur trade. Consider why it is important to                                  thoughts
              some people’s livelihood and how it makes people
              feel who are against it
Impact on     Create a comparison chart to list how Natives lived       7h4, 7h12, 7h13, 7h14        How to set-up a comparison chart   Learning log       Checklist
Natives       before the Europeans came and how they lived after                                     Background on Natives
Multimedia    Create a presentation on a key event of the time          7h7, 7h8, 7h11, 7h12,        How to use KidPix or PowerPoint    Exhibition         Rubric
Presentation period using KidPix, PowerPoint, or a visual display       7h13, 7h14, 7e15, 7e50,      How to make a display board
              board i.e. Acadian Expulsion                              7e86                          effective
Seigniorial    Research the seigniorial system and show how it          7h5, 7h8, 7h9, 7h12,       Research skills                      Exhibition         Rubric
System         utilized the land through creating a model to show       7h13, 7e15                 What is the seigniorial system
Model          how it worked                                                                       How to create a model
                                                                               Change and Continuity
Letter       Write a letter to another party thanking them for          7h6, 7h10, 7h13, 7h14,     How to write a letter                Essay              Checklist
             their cooperation or telling them how something            7e34, 7e50                 Nature of the relationship
             they have done has had an effect on your group i.e.                                    between the 2 groups
             French and First Nations, or French and English Fur
New France   In groups of 3 or 4, create a radio or television          7h4, 7h5, 7h9, 7h13,       How to use the materials to create   Performance Task   Rubric
Advertisemen advertisement to entice people from Europe to              7h14, 7e15, 7e50, 7e86      the ads (i.e. tape recorder, video
t            settle in New France                                                                   recorder)
                                                                                                   How to make an ad appealing and
                                                                                                    what they should include
Settlement in Create a chart to list the reasons why the French         7h4, 7h10, 7h12, 7h13,     How to set-up chart                  Learning Log       Checklist
New France    and the English came to live in New France                7h14
Mapping        Using the Virtual Museum of Canada and the map        7h12, 7h13, 7h14           How to use the internet             Learning Log   Checklist
Champlain’s    provided trace the route that Champlain took on his                              Safety on the internet
Route          first trip to New France                                                         How to use a map
The People of Write about a day in the life of a person in New       7h4, 7h5, 7h9, 7h13,       How to write from another’s point   Essay          Rating Scale
New France    France i.e. poor/rich, young/old, governor, bishop,    7h14, 7e50                  of view
Diary Entry   Pick one of Angelique’s diary entries from Banished    7h10, 7h11, 7h13, 7h14,    How to set-up a diary entry         Essay          Rubric
              from Our Home: The Acadian Diary of Angelique          7e34, 7e50                 Brainstorm ideas of what they
              Richard and write a diary entry from the point of                                  could write about
              view of the governor about the same event
                                                                          Power and Governance
Government     Create a flow chart to show the hierarchy of          7h5, 7h12, 7h13, 7h14      How to use and create a flow chart Learning Log    Checklist
in New         government in New France and add a description of                                The type of government in New
France         what each person does                                                             France
Web quest      Complete a web quest using the Virtual Museum of      7h4, 7h5, 7h9, 7h14        How to use and navigate the        Learning Log    Checklist
               Canada’s Seasons of New France exhibit on how                                     website
               Europeans got to New France and how it was

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