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Cover Letter


									Kaymah Sackey


English 1200 Section 50

30 April 2010

Final Project

                          Cover Letter

     In the beginning of the semester when I read over the

syllabus, I was worried about meeting the length requirements

for project one and three.    I knew that meant that I would

have to face my biggest fear, adding important details.

Making sure that I have the right amount of detail has been a

big weakness in my writing.    I am nowhere near perfection when

it comes to adding details, but the more I write it should

become second nature.

     When revising my paper for the final project, I took the

comments the instructor left on my paper.   Also, I reread my

paper and tried to explain whatever I had questions on.     I

figured that if I wrote the paper and still was unclear on a

couple parts, then the reader would be completely clueless.

For example,

     This class pressed that pre-writings, drafts, and

revising are important parts of the writing process.   In
moving on from English 1200 I plan to carry the skills that I

have learned, along with not procrastinating.

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