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									s t g e o r g e a r t s o c i e t y . c o m . a u

                                                             What does this mean?
                                                             It can mean many things. Or nothing. One
                                                             thing it does mean is IT'S YOUR CHOICE
                                                             ...see picture at left.
                                                             I believe the 'nothing' choice is on the left
                                                             side. Any other choice therefore is on the
                                                             right side.
                                                             As we gather to formally begin our 66th
                                                             year of art adventures, it follows that we
                        #307                                 need as many people on the right side as
   Print published on the 3rd Thursday of the month before   possible. Even to the point of the escalator
     Web published on 4th Thursday of the month before       breaking down.
                                                             If you stick with us as an active member,
                      arch 2010                              you might not get to heaven, but you sure
                                                             will have a good time not getting there.
      4th Annual Genneral Meeting                            Being an active member of the Society
                                                             doesn't mean quitting your loved one and
          then, Critique with Glenda Carter                  taking up permanent residence in the 'Hall'
      11th Life Drawing                                      Being active means being conscientious
      18th Demonstration Paul McCarthy                       about what needs doing when you are at
                                                             the 'Hall'. It also means coming forward with
      25th Still Life                                        any ideas about how to make things
      28th St George Festival                                happen more efficiently. It means being
           Olds Park, Penshurst                              'buddies' with the committee members. It
                                                             means participating to your fullest possible
           plus, Plein air activity                          extent.
                                                             If you are here because you like what we
                                April                        do, why not help make it as fullfilling for
                                                             everyone else as it is for your self.
     1st Critique Glenda Carter                              One of the first duties of the new
     8th Life Drawing                                        committee is to get as many members as
    15th Demonstration Paul McCarthy                         possible to help with what needs to be
    22nd Still Life                                          Things like picking up the Society's mail
    25th Plein air: Bicentennial Park                        once a week, making a few phone calls
                      Rockdale                               every month, photocopying the newsletter,
                                                             and all the inside jobs like setting up and
                                                             clearing away.
         Let's look at the old stuff!                        To maintain the good vibes that we have
  The Kogarah area has plenty of history, and so, lots       among members it is essential that
  of historical sites. Kogarah Council is setting up a       everyone have some input
  Heritage exhibition in April and your Society has          We are not a service organisation. We are a
  been invited to contribute artworks for the display,
  to be held in the main library exhibition area.            self-help group, ...meaning the more we
  There is a limit to how many artworks will be              help the group, the more we help ourselves.
  selected for hanging along with vintage displays but       We are here to learn from each other, not to
  don't let the possibility of not being selected be a       be top of the pack. Art is what you make of
  deterrent to trying. More info is on the Society's web
  site and you can also pick info at the Hall'.              it so we learn to appreciate the values in
                                                             other artworks with constructive criticism.
   The Profiler
   The Profiler
   Glenda Carter, conducting the critique in both March
   and April, is a very interesting young lady. We all
   know her from visits to the Society last year, but aside
   from that she has the rare ability to 'be at one' with
   her audience, whilst thinking creatively. This trait
   gives members a chance to follow up the formal part                      Now look here ...
   of the evening with more in-depth personal
   evaluations as though you were discussing art with a       .....nothing exists until or unless it is observed. An artist
   confidant.                                                 makes something exist by observing it. And his hope for
                                                              other people is that they will also make it exist by
   Paul McCarthy is also a frequent visitor to the Society    observing it. I call it 'creative observation.'"
   and will be presenting some interesting demonstrations                                             William S. Burroughs
   in March and April. Paul is a versatile and professional
   artist with many awards to his credit. Having Paul for     .....awareness and observation are the habits of blessed
   two demonstration session running will provide an          artists. It is our life blood. 'Art,', demands constant
                                                              observation. It's not only profitable but one of the
   opportunity for a closer look at his working methods.
                                                              greatest of life-enhancers. A heightened sense of the
                                                              observation of nature is one of the chief delights that
                                                              have come to me through trying to paint.

  Beverley Charker A.O.M.
  Sounds impressive, eh! But Beverley
  did a very nice job on her watercolour at
  the recent still life activity. Just goes to
  show what can be achieved in an
  evening .... and now we present .....

  Susan Severino P.C.
  Well, she's not a police woman a far as
  we know, more of an artist for the
  people. The people have spoken and
  they know what they like; a nice
  relaxing day in the county with the
  cows, at the foot of the mountains.
  What more can one ask for.

  A few words from Oscar
  "I want to discuss the critic and
  criticism: you have told me that the
  highest criticism deals with art, and not
  as expressive but impressive purely,
                                                              from synthetic impression to an analysis of the work. Yet
  and is consequently both creative and independent, is in
                                                              the critic's object will not always be to explain the work
  fact an art by itself, occupying the same relation to
                                                              of art. He may choose to deepen the mystery, and raise
  creative work that creative work does to the visible
                                                              round it and it's maker, that mist of wonder.
  world of form and colour, or the unseen world of passion
  and thought. The critic can be an interpreter, passing          From Oscar Wilde, writing on the 'The Critic as Artist'

     Art Tuititon available from SGAS members
Yvonne Ferguson Home Studio, 130 The Promenade, Sans Souci
                                                                                      Complimentary tuition for new
            Phone Yvonne 9529 5536       Monday 6.30 to 9pm $25
                                                                                          members is available on
Don Kibble Ramsgate Life Saving Hall, Ramsgate Beach
                                                                                      Still Life and Costumed Figure
            Phone Don 9547 2237 Wednesday 10am to noon $25
                                                                                         sketching evenings. Just
Ros Psakis Kogarah Bay Progress Hall, Park Rd. Kogarah Bay
                                                                                      mention when signing in that
            Phone Ros 9587 8857 Wednesday 10am to 2pm $25                               you would like some help.
Friends Painting Group (no tuition)
Pat Buckeridge Rockdale Tennis Club
71 Chapel St. Rockdale Phone Pat 9529 7727
Wednesday 9.30am to 3.30pm $2                           2
       Thirroul Arts Festival
        Entry by 05 March
         Kurnell Art Show
         Entry by 31 March
       Redcliffe Golden Ox
      Juried Entry by 07 April
         Ironfest -Lithgow
         Entry by 16th April
     Moran Portraiture Prize
       Entry by 25th June

       For details about these
      art shows send an email
          request to Don at                                 
     or check sample forms in
      the front desk file at the             Don't forget....
                                         1. take your artwork to
             To Wit.....                 the Sydney Royal Art Show on                        Understanding Paintings
   3. Time flies like an arrow; fruit                                                    A book by this name, recently published,
                                         March 19 or 20 between 9am
          flies like a banana.                                                           centers it's study on Bible Stories and
                                         and 4pm... and if you win a                     Classical Myths in Art.
  7. If you don't pay your exorcist
                                         prize or make a sale be sure                    If you do not know your Bible stories and
      you can get repossessed.
                                         to let the P'nP editor know                     are unfamiliar with Greek and Roman
DID U Know...                                                                            mythology, you will spend most of your
When the English settlers landed
                                         about it.
                                                                                         time gazing with ignorant eyes on artistic
in Australia, they noticed a             2. .....the Creative Art                        masterpieces in such galleries and sites
strange animal that jumped               Workshop at the Hall on                         as the Prado, Uffizi, Louvre, Sistine
extremely high and far. They
asked the aboriginal people using
                                         March 13. A great way to start                  Chapel and the Duomo.
body language and signs trying to        the art year!                                   The thing is, you see, that context and
ask them about this animal. They         3. renew your Society                   knowledge are essential if you are to
responded with ’’Kan Ghu Ru’’            membership before the end of
                                                                                         understand the great paintings of
the english then adopted the word                                                        Europe.
kangaroo. What the aboriginal            May if you want to be part of                   The same could be said for any painting:
people were really trying to say         the SGAS Annual Art Awards.                     context and insight, not just the image
was                                      4. .....the St George Festival                  and technique provide the key to
‘’we don’t understand you’’,          ‘’                                                 appreciation.
Kan Ghu Ru’’.                            on March 28 at Olds Park,
                                                                                         This book 'Understanding Paintings'' dissects
                                         Penshurst ...a great diversion                  186 works of art and explains what the
  St. George Art Society Incorporated     from whatever else is on,                      painter was trying to achieve and where
Cnr. Queens Ave & Bowns Rd Kogarah 2221 especially for new members.                      the work fits in the broader context of
Payphone No. on premises: 9588 6724.
President        Don Kibble 042 747 2237                                                 European art.
Secretary        Jillian Jessen 9546 6992                                                When you next visit an art gallery,
Treasurer         Liz Wellings                                                           instead of just looking at the image,
Public Officer    Emil Dan                                                               consider what it is, and the why, or why
Honorary Auditor Graham Hall C.P.A.
Web Master        Phil McKay                                                             nots, of it's import. And when next
Paint 'n Palette  Don Kibble                                                             creating your own artwork, it is
                                                                                         interesting to apply the same thinking.

                                                                       Paint ‘n Palette can be posted to you.....just send post-stamped,
                                                                       self-addressed ‘DL’ envelopes -one for each month- to:
                                                                                               Paint ‘n Palette :
      Foundation Member
      Combined Art Societies of Sydney
                                                                       3   St. George Art Society PO Box 123 Kogarah NSW 1485
    We take our 'looking' for                                                Certainly those Society
    granted; that what we                                                    members that have been
    see is what is there. But                                                getting out and about and
    consider how the eye            (except for a small tropical downpour)   those making the effort to
    has a central line and                                                   exhibit their work are
    everything that reaches      Excursion to E.G.Waterhouse                 showing a full complement
                                       Camillia Garden
    the eye through this                                                     of both. In this context, to
    central line can be seen       This well-known location is a             Janet Jurcevic is to be
    distinctly. Thus, maybe        perfect setting for the plein air         congratulated      on    the
                                   artist. The weather was perfect
    most of what we see            upon arrival and as the Garden
                                                                             successful conclusion of
    may be out of focus! Try       itself was not yet open, the              her     showing     at   the
    looking at the point of a      attraction of Yowie Bay made an           Ramsgate cafe: with a sale!
    needle to get the point        alternative that took up half our         And remember, every sale
    (sharp         pun             time. The lower entry to the                     is a potential repeat
    indeed!).     This                                                              customer. If you
    leads us to the                                                                 need more convincing
    art of picture                                                                  of the value of
    making, using the                                                               staying      involved
    eye as source. In                                                               don't forget Meroo. It
    order to see the                                                                may not be too late
    whole picture we                                                                to book a place to
    have to move the                                                                experience        the
eye/s and or head to                                                                camaraderie of the
add to the narrow                                                                   occasion.
band of vision that we
have. The brain adds                                                               Let's have a blue
the bits and pieces of                                                               French Ultramarine
image together and                                                                  vs Ultramarine green
sends a sensation to                                                                        shade
another part of the                                                                 Shades of PB29
brain: "I like" or "I                                                               range from close to
don't like". Fortunatly,                                                            middle blue to violet
we have two brains.                                                                 blue. What makes
When one gets tired                                                                 the difference is
the other keeps                                                                     mostly due to the
working. Which is just                                                              particle size of the
as well because other                                                               pigment.        Large
wise we would never                                                                 particle size yeilds a
complete an artwork                                                                 bright violet shade,
at all. There would be                                                              small particle size
all thinking and no                gardens provided a eminently                     yeilds a soft blue
doing, or all doing and no         sketchable view that would have           closer to a middle blue.
thinking.                          done the impressionists proud.            Ultramarine green shade is
It seems to me, after              To see some of the images
                                   produced on the day visit the
                                                                             not green, it is just biased
wandering through the 'post-                                                 closer to green than other
                                   overflow and plein air pages in
impressionist' exhibition in       the Society's website.                    shades. French ultramarine
Canberra, those guys (no           If this whets your appetite, you          is more violet, ultramarine
gals, note) were doing a           can join us on the next outing at         blue is less violet. So there
heap more of one than the          Doll's Point. Instructions on how
                                   to get there and some info on             you have it. Blue is not just
other and I leave it to you to                                               blue, it could be the death
                                   what to expect are on the
discern whether they were          website.                                  of you! Imagine; dirty tree
doing more thinking than           The best thing is to bring a              colours are nought. Lesson?
doing.                             minimum of gear. Keep it simple!
                                                                             Know thy colours!

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