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									                                    SIGNIFICANT ORIENTATIONS
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Creating a powerful platform for change
Organisations are full of change initiatives, from the creation of teams to internal
restructuring and mergers. While everyone wants to believe in the benefits of change,
often it feels hard, taking energy and resources exactly when they are needed most.
What if change brought energy, excitement and possibility? What if it were possible to
engage people in ways that opened the door to even better solutions?

Two day workshop: 8.30am-5.00pm |         5-6th July 2006
Chifley Metropole, Melbourne

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Appreciative Inquiry is an
                                                                                                                              SIGNIFICANT ORIENTATIONS
                                                                                                                              AMAZING RESULTS

intriguing answer to the question
“How can change work for us? ”.
                                                                                                           Taking a look at practical possibility
Appreciative Inquiry is a process that asks “what’s working around here?”.                                 Although Appreciative Inquiry is both
It is the study and exploration of what gives life to human systems when                                   academically and practically based with a 20
they function at their best. From the best of what is and has been, the                                    year history, it is very new to this part of the
                                                                                                           world. This two day workshop is designed to
possible future – “what could be” – is created.                                                            be both an intensive look at the background
Because this possibility is grounded in reality, people have both the ability to repeat past               and genesis of Appreciative Inquiry and a
successes and the energy to move toward the new future. This approach to organisational                    very hands-on application of the methodology
change is based on the assumption that questions and dialogue about strengths, successes,                  on participant’s working challenges. Each
values, hopes and dreams are themselves transformational.                                                  participant will be asked to prepare project
Appreciative Inquiry provides a way to harness the energy of the people within the                         notes prior to coming to the session and these
organisation to lead the very change they need to make. Hallmarks of Appreciative Inquiry                  will form the basis of team exploration and
initiatives are energy, enthusiasm, collaboration and innovative new ways of working that                  application.
come from the system itself.

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                                                                                                                                        SIGNIFICANT ORIENTATIONS
                                                                                                                                        AMAZING RESULTS

                                                                                      You’ll want to attend if you are...

About the facilitator                                                                 • tired of pushing for change and looking for a way to help people embrace it
                                                                                      • an HR practitioner wanting to find a new way to help your organisation develop
Mary-Alice Arthur is a facilitator for inspired change and an Appreciative
                                                                                        leadership and move beyond silo thinking
Inquiry practitioner. In 2004 she spent five months heading up the Cultural
Integration Team on the merger of Telecom Advanced Solutions and Gen-i,               • a manager interested in unleashing the potential and collaboration within your team
using Appreciative Inquiry as the methodology. Using the merger as a case             • a senior person within your organisation tired of wasted resources and resistance
study, Mary-Alice will take the group through both the theory underpinning
                                                                                      • looking for a powerful way to engage your partners, suppliers and clients in
the 20 years of Appreciative Inquiry practice and the practical application of this
                                                                                        growing your business
methodology on projects the participants bring to the session.
                                                                                      • wanting to become a values-based organisation
                                                                                      • ready to move beyond the transactional to the transformational

                                                                                      By the end of this workshop, you will have:

                                                                                      • had the opportunity to consider what lies behind change within human systems
                                                                                        and how to use it
                                                                                      • gained an understanding of the concept, methodology and applications of
                                                                                        Appreciative Inquiry
                                                                                      • experienced an Appreciative Interview and have a basic understanding of the
Participants have said about this workshop:                                             types of questions to ask and how they are structured
• “ Energising, thought provoking, stimulating. If you don’t like                     • a deeper understanding of how to use organisational narrative to vitalize, discover,
    working amongst negativity and, ‘it can’t be done’ – BE HERE.”                      and transform your personal and organisational work
• “ The pre-work was fantastic – I’ve used it with groups (parts of                   • worked through a case study of Appreciative Inquiry in action during a merger process
    the interview).”                                                                  • had the opportunity to work practically on applying this methodology to your own
• “This has put a whole new spin on my approach to work.”                               organisational challenges

• “I’m already figuring out how I can best use the techniques at work.”
• “ I’m feeling really energised about approaching our next team
    meeting in a new way. Thanks!”                                                                   PRINT      S AV E   F O R WA R D      QUIT
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Appreciative Inquiry                                                                                                                                       SIGNIFICANT ORIENTATIONS
                                                                                                                                                           AMAZING RESULTS

Creating a powerful platform for change
About this workshop
                                                                                              R EG ISTR ATION DE TAIL S
• Pre-work: participants will be given pre-reading and asked to find a specific
                                                                                              Appreciative Inquiry – Creating a powerful platform for change
  project that can serve as their learning example during the workshop.
                                                                                                  5-6th July, 2006 | Melbourne
• During the session: participants will work individually, in pairs and small
  groups, and in the full group. This is intended to be a highly interactive
  session. Participants will work with the material, work in teams to apply it to             Position:                                                 Organisation:
  their own situations and create a post workshop action plan.                                Address:

                                                                                              Phone:                                                    Fax:
Post Workshop Support
• One-on-one or one-on-many coaching sessions can be arranged to more
  deeply integrate the material.                                                              Special dietary requirements:

                                                                                              Enclosed is my fee of:
                                                                                                  $920.00 EarlyBird discount of 20% (includes GST) received by 14th June, 2006
Arrive 8:30am for 8.45am start. Finishes at 5.00pm.
                                                                                                  $1,100.00 (includes GST) received after 14th June, 2006
The registration fee includes full documentation, morning tea, lunch, and
                                                                                              I am paying by:
afternoon tea both days.
                                                                                                  cheque (payable to Anecdote Pty Ltd)
Your registration is confirmed only after full payment has been received.
                                                                                                  Mastercard          Visa        Bankcard               Amex
Workshop numbers are strictly limited and allocated as payments are received.
                                                                                              Cardholder name:
The workshop will be held at the Chifley Metropole, 44 Brunswick Street,
                                                                                              Card no:
Fitzroy, Melbourne.
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problems like organisational change, learning and project evaluation, helping to create the
conditions for insight and empowerment. Our techniques are based on the disciplines of        PLE A SE NOTE
complexity science and knowledge management and include business-narrative, storytelling,     If cancellations are made 7–30 days before the event, a 20% cancellation fee will apply; if cancellations
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Anecdote is regarded as a world leader in the practical applications of business-narrative.   writing. You are welcome to provide a substitute if you are unable to attend. SOAR and Anecdote Pty Ltd
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