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									                      Financial Services Guide

Aon Wealth Management Limited
              Version 7 September 2006

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         Before seeking our assistance, you probably have               Who is my Adviser?
         a number of questions you would like to ask about
         Aon Wealth Management Limited.                                 Your Adviser is an authorised representative of
         This Financial Services Guide (FSG) provides information       Aon Wealth Management Limited. Please refer
         about the financial services we offer to help you decide       to the accompanying Adviser Profile for details.
         whether to use the services. For example, it tells you
         about the remuneration that we and relevant persons
                                                                        It forms part of this FSG.
         receive for the services and how we handle any
         complaints.                                                    What services are available...
         This Financial Services Guide is issued with the authority
         of Aon Wealth Management Limited.                              ...from Aon Wealth Management Limited?
         You will also receive a Statement of Advice if we provide      Aon Wealth Management Limited holds an
         you with any advice which takes into account your
                                                                        Australian Financial Services Licence No. 239187
         objectives, financial situation or needs.
                                                                        which authorises us to carry on a financial
         The Statement of Advice will contain the advice, the basis
         on which it is given and more specific information about
                                                                        services business and to provide advice and deal
         our and other relevant persons’ remuneration and any           in the following financial products to retail and
         associations which may have influenced the provision of        wholesale clients;
         the advice.

         Once we have given you a Statement of Advice,
                                                                        1. deposit and payment products limited to:
         we will only provide a new Statement of Advice if;                 •   basic deposit products, and
         •    a new financial strategy is recommended,
                                                                            •   deposit products other than basic
         •    you tell us there has been a significant change                   deposit products;
              in your personal situation, or
                                                                        2. debentures, stocks or bonds or proposed to
         •    you ask us to check or confirm our original advice
              and there is a change in the basis of                        be issued by a government,
              our advice.
                                                                        3. life products including:
         You may request from your adviser, a record of further
         advice if you have not already been provided with it.
                                                                            •   investment life insurance products, and
         In the event we recommend you buy a particular financial           •   life risk insurance products,
         product (other than securities) or offer to issue or arrange
                                                                        as well as any products issued by a Registered
         for the issue of a financial product, we will also provide
         you with a Product Disclosure Statement when required.         Life Insurance Company that are backed by one
         A Product Disclosure Statement contains information            or more of its statutory funds,
         about the particular product which is aimed to help you
         make an informed decision regarding the product.

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4. interests in managed investment schemes              Personal advice is a recommendation or opinion
   including investor directed portfolio services,      given after taking into account your individual
5. Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA)                    objectives, financial situation or needs.
   products (within the meaning of the                  We recommend that you seek personal advice
   Retirement Savings Account Act 1997),                from us regularly (at least yearly) to review
6. securities, and                                      your financial strategy and financial products
7. superannuation.                                      to ensure that they remain appropriate for your
                                                        circumstances. We also encourage you to contact
...from my Adviser?                                     us at any time for an interim review, or to answer
Your Adviser may only be authorised to provide          any questions you may have.
some of the above services on our behalf in
relation to some of the authorised financial            How can I instruct you?
products listed above. This will be noted on
                                                        You can give us instructions by telephone, fax
their Adviser Profile.
                                                        or other means agreed to by us.
Please note: Aon Wealth Management Limited is
responsible for the services provided by the Adviser    How will I pay for the services?
that it has authorised in the Adviser Profile. We are   There are a range of payment options. We may
not responsible for any unauthorised services (to the   be paid by one or a combination for the
full extent permitted by law) so check the services     following methods;
provided are authorised in the Adviser Profile.
                                                        •   remuneration (e.g. commissions) paid by
If your Adviser also acts for other licensees               the product issuer; and/or
they will provide you with other documents              •   fee for service paid by you.
that provide details in relation to the services
provided for the other licensees. Those documents       Further details are provided below on each of the
and this document together make up the                  above renumeration options. Any commission
Adviser’s Financial Services Guide.                     rate specified and the dollar examples of the
                                                        amounts we can receive are inclusive of GST.
What types of advice services are                       Your Adviser can explain these options to you and
available?                                              will agree with you on what option(s) will apply.
Personal and/or general advisory services may
                                                        Specific remuneration details will be disclosed
be provided depending on the circumstances.
                                                        in any Statement of Advice given to you where
It is important you understand the difference.
                                                        personal advice is provided.
General advice is a general recommendation
                                                        If we don’t provide a personal advice service
or opinion given without taking into account
                                                        you will not receive a Statement of Advice.
your individual objectives, financial situation
                                                        Your Adviser will however agree with you on
or needs. We warn you when this is the case
                                                        the applicable remuneration option(s) before
because if general advice is given, you need to
                                                        you buy any product. You need to ask your
consider if the advice and any relevant product is
                                                        Adviser if you need further details.
right for your circumstances.

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         Remuneration by product issuers                     However, in circumstances where the adviser
                                                             chooses a level commission, the upfront
         Upfront and ongoing commissions
                                                             commission payable may be as high as 32%
         If you decide to buy units in a chosen fund,        and ongoing commission 32%. For example,
         Aon Wealth Management Limited will receive          if the premium that is paid by you is $1,000,
         an upfront commission from the manager of that      we may receive an upfront commission of $320
         fund. We may receive up to 5% of the amount         (32%) and an ongoing commission of $320
         you invest. This means that if you decide to        (32%) of the annual premium.
         invest $10,000, and we have recommended that
         you do this, we may receive an upfront payment      All commission received will be paid direct
         of $500. We may also receive from the fund          to Aon Wealth Management Limited after the
         manager an ongoing commission payment of up         relevant entry into or renewal of the policy.
         to 1% per annum of the value of your holding
                                                             Your Adviser will receive an agreed percentage
         in that fund for as long as you hold the product.
                                                             of the above upfront and ongoing commissions
         In addition, for some agricultural management       and their attached Adviser Profile sets out the
         investments, we may receive a marketing bonus       details.
         of up to 5% in addition to the entry fee of 5%.
                                                             Fee for service paid by you
         This means that if you decide to invest $10,000,
         as per the above example, we will receive an        Aon’s Advisers are able to charge you a fee
         additional marketing bonus of $500.                 depending on the time we spend developing
                                                             your plan and advice, or depending on the value
         If you buy life insurance risk products the         of the funds you invest.
         product issuer pays us;
                                                             The fees charged vary for each adviser so please
         •   an upfront commission when you first            ensure that you review the specific fees charged
             purchase or you increase the level of cover,    by your Adviser, this will be detailed in their
             and                                             Adviser Profile which forms part of this Financial
         •   ongoing commission (when you renew).            Services Guide and should be read in conjunction.

         The commission is calculated as a percentage of     If you receive personal advice from us, your
         the premium that is paid and the rate may vary      adviser will explain to you in writing details
         depending on the product issuer and product.        of all fees and charges that apply and the method
         Usually upfront commission can range from           by which you pay.
         90% to 120% and ongoing commission can
         range from 5% to 10%. For example, based on         Preferred platforms volume commission
         the maximum percentage payable in a typical         arrangements
         situation, if the premium that is paid by you is
                                                             Preferred platforms
         $1,000 we may receive an upfront commission
         of $1,200 (120%) on this amount and an              We also have arrangements with the managers
         ongoing commission of $100 (10%) of the             of certain wrap preferred platforms and master
         annual premium.                                     trust preferred platforms where we receive
                                                             from them an amount based on the total
                                                             volume of funds that the clients of Aon Wealth

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Management Limited and other specified                 and other specified associates, subscribe for the
associates, invest through the platform.               purchase of insurance cover.

The amount paid is calculated as a percentage          The amount is calculated as a percentage of the
of all funds invested for the relevant agreed          net increase in premiums contributed for the
period and is paid out of the preferred                relevant agreed period and is paid out of the
platform provider’s own administration fees. The       life companies’ own resources. The arrangement
arrangement does not increase the administration       does not increase the cost of the insurance cover
fee or management expense ratio (MER) amount           or increase the administration fees that would
that would otherwise be charged by the manager         otherwise be charged by the life assurance
of the platform if this remuneration arrangement       company if this remuneration arrangement were
were not in place.                                     not in place.

For example, in the case of a wrap platform,           For example, in all cases, all life assurance
the manager will (subject to the relevant volume       companies who are part of this arrangement have
level being reached) pay us up to a maximum            agreed to pay (subject to net growth in in-force
of 35% of the administration fee. For example,         premiums) an additional 6% commission based
if the administration fee charged by the manager       on the increase. This additional commission is
to you were $100, they would pay us at most an         only paid in arrears. For every $100 subscribed
additional $35.                                        (subject to the relevant net growth being
                                                       achieved) the life assurance company would pay
In the case of a master trust platform the
                                                       us at most an additional $6.
manager will (subject to the relevant volume
level being reached) pay us up to a maximum            We may share with your adviser part of the
of 25% of the administration fee. The manager’s        above additional amount we receive where
administration fee is included in the platform’s       the total net growth of their business exceeds
management expense ratio. For example, if              benchmarks (for the individual adviser or
the administration fee charged by the manager          practice if they are part of a practice).
were $100, they would pay us at most an
                                                       Any personal financial advice we give you in
additional $25.
                                                       relation to the purchase of insurance cover will
We may share with your Adviser part of the             be considered in light of your relevant personal
above additional amount we receive where the           financial situation, objectives and needs, and any
total volume of funds invested by your Adviser’s       advice of this nature will not be influenced in
clients through certain pools of preferred             any way by this arrangement.
platforms exceeds $10 million (for the individual
                                                       If we give you a Statement of Advice or a Record
Adviser or practice if they are part of a practice).
                                                       of Advice, we will set out the amount of any
Preferred underwriters                                 remuneration including commission or other
We also have arrangements with certain life            benefits, if it can be calculated at the time, or
assurance companies where we receive from them         if the remuneration cannot be calculated at that
an amount based on the total volume of premium         time, we will provide that information as soon as
that clients of Aon Wealth Management Limited          practicable thereafter or, we will provide an outline
                                                       of the manner in which it will be calculated.

                                                                              Financial Services Guide          of 8
         Note: No work will commence prior                      •   Aon Financial Planning & Protection
         to agreement regarding our method of                       Limited AFSL No. 239183
         remuneration.                                          •   and ipac Securities Limited AFSL
                                                                    No. 234656. ipac Asset Management (Ltd)
         Soft dollar benefits
                                                                    ABN 22 003 257 225 AFSL No. 234655
         From time to time, we and your Adviser and                 is the distributor of ipac iAccess and the
         our representatives may receive ‘soft dollar               responsible entity of ipac Pathways and
         benefits’ from product issuers and other financial         is a wholly owned subsidiary of ipac
         service providers we deal with. These can include          Securities Limited.
         entertainment (e.g. lunches, sporting events,
         movies etc), conferences (e.g. attendance at a         Aon Financial Planning & Protection Limited
         product issuer conference or sponsorship of            is a member of the worldwide Aon Group of
         our annual conference by a product issuer),            companies and is a related body corporate of
         accommodation and travel, business tools (e.g.         Aon Risk Services Australia Limited
         software), and gifts (e.g. product issuer or service   ABN 17 000 434 720 AFSL No. 241141
         provider branded promotional items and other
         occasional small gifts such as bottles of wine or      What should I know about conflicts of
         hampers on special occasions etc).                     interest?

         We do not accept any soft dollar benefits which        We take any potential conflicts of interest
         may be given because of the volume of business         seriously. Conflicts of interest are circumstances
         we provide to the product issuer or service            where some or all of your interests as our client
         provider.                                              are or may be inconsistent with, or diverge from,
                                                                some or all of our interests.
         We comply with the IFSA/FPA industry code
         of practice on alternative forms of remuneration       We have a conflict of interest policy which we
         in the wealth management industry. We will             and our representatives must comply with and
         provide a copy of the Code on your request.            you can access by contacting us. Compliance is
                                                                audited on a regular basis.
         If we provide you with personal advice, we will
         tell you the dollar amount of any remuneration         Our procedures and training are all designed
         we receive for each financial product we have          to properly manage any conflict of interest and
         arranged (or if that is not known the method of        it is important to note that we have legal duties
         calculation) in the Statement of Advice.               we owe you when we act as your professional
         What important associations should I be                An example of a conflict of interest that exists is
         aware of?                                              where we act for you and are paid by a product
         Aon Wealth Management Limited is a joint               issuer or other service provider for our services.
         venture company set up by;                             This creates a potential conflict of interest
                                                                because it may be in our interest to recommend
         •   Aon Corporation Australia Ltd                      the product issuer or service provider because it
             ABN 58 004 756 772                                 increases our remuneration but it may not be in
                                                                your interest.

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To manage this potential conflict of interest we          has a freecall Infoline on 1300 300 630
tell you about this remuneration in this guide.           which you may use to make a complaint or
You can ask for more information if you need it           obtain information about your rights.
and make an informed decision on whether to
proceed.                                              How do you manage my privacy?

Where you proceed and we provide personal             As a member of the Aon Group of companies, we
advice, we also have a legal duty as a professional   always value the privacy of personal information.
to put your interests ahead of our own and can        When we and our representatives collect, use,
only provide you with advice that is appropriate      disclose or handle personal information, we are
for your individual needs. We and our                 bound by the Privacy Act 1988.
representatives are trained in this important duty
                                                      We collect personal information to offer, provide,
and compliance with it is monitored regularly. If
                                                      manage and administer the services as outlined
we cannot comply, we will tell you and seek your
                                                      in this Financial Services Guide and provide it to
further instructions. The statement of advice
                                                      the persons who assist us in this process for that
confirms the remuneration we receive.
                                                      purpose only.
If you have any questions make sure you ask us.
                                                      We also provide your personal information to
                                                      the Aon Group of companies to allow them to
What can I do if I have a complaint?
                                                      market the services they can provide to you.
We are committed to providing quality services        If you do not want us to do this simply tell us
to our clients. This commitment extends to            when you apply. You can opt out at any time
providing easy access to resolving complaints. If     when they contact you in any case.
you have a complaint about the service provided
                                                      We hold a record of your personal profile that
to you, you should take the following steps;
                                                      includes details of your financial and investment
•   Contact your Adviser and tell your Adviser        objectives, financial situation and needs and any
    about your complaint.                             recommendations we made to you.
•   If your complaint is not satisfactorily           If you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy,
    resolved within 7 days, contact the Managing      or wish to seek access to, or correct, the personal
    Director, Aon Wealth Management Limited           information we collect or disclose about you,
    on (02) 92537000 or put your complaint in         please phone your local Aon office or visit our
    writing and send it to us at GPO Box 4189,        website
    Sydney NSW 2001. We will try and resolve
    your complaint quickly and fairly.
•   If we cannot reach a satisfactory resolution,
    you can raise your concerns with the
    Financial Industry Complaints Service on
    1300 780 808. Aon Wealth Management
    Limited is a member of this complaints
    resolution service. The Australian Securities
    and Investments Commission (ASIC) also

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Aon Wealth Management Limited
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AFSL No. 98

Registered address:
Level , Aon Tower
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Sydney NSW 000
Phone: (0) 9 000
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