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About the Perth taxi industry


About the Perth taxi industry

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									                                                                                        Perth taxis provide more
                                                                                        than 450,000 trips a month.

About the Perth taxi industry
Perth taxis provide more than 450,000 trips a month.               • leases taxi plates;
The taxi industry in Perth is essentially a conglomeration of      • registers taxi drivers and issues driver IDs;
small private businesses.                                          • sets taxi fares;
Perth metropolitan taxi owners and drivers fall into one of        • sets and regulates industry standards including
several categories:                                                  vehicle safety and customer service standards;
   • a plate lessor, more commonly known as an owner-              • ensures plate conditions such as minimum quotas
     driver, who leases a plate from the Department for a            and operating hours are fulfilled;
     weekly fee;
                                                                   • investigates unresolved customer complaints; and,
   • a shift driver who sub-leases the use of the taxi from
     the plate owner/lessor, either on a regular or casual         • acts as a taxi customer advocate for Western
     basis; or,                                                      Australians.

   • a plate owner who owns a Department-approved               The Department manages and administers subsidies for the
     plate. These plates (also called licences) would have      industry and customers including:
     been bought from the Department for Planning and              • lifting fee subsidies for MPT drivers for every
     Infrastructure before 2004 or from another plate owner          wheelchair job undertaken through the Taxi Users
     and can be sold and have a market value. Generally              Subsidy Scheme;
     plate owners also own the vehicle to which the plates
                                                                   • special subsidies to cover the costs associated with
     are fitted.
                                                                     modifying vehicles to carry wheelchairs and scooters;
                                                                   • the MPT Cadetship Scheme to assist new entrants to
Industry regulation                                                  the taxi industry with training; and,
The taxi industry in Western Australia is regulated by the         • the Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme to provide subsidised
Department for Planning and Infrastructure (DPI).                    taxi travel for people who have a severe disability.
In its role as industry regulator, the Department:
                                                                                                           For more information contact DPI Passenger
                                                                                                           Services on (08) 9216 8118,
                                                                                                           or visit our website

Reaching your customers
Taxi drivers are linked to their customers through privately-                                      Taxi dispatch companies also provide common vehicle
owned and operated taxi dispatch service companies.                                                livery, uniforms and administrative and marketing support.
The two major taxi dispatch service companies in Western                                           Owner-drivers pay for these services via an all-inclusive
Australian are Swan Taxis and Black & White Taxis.                                                 rank fee of around $110 per week.
These dispatch service companies operate call centres that                                         Some taxi drivers take bookings directly from customers
take calls from taxi customers who request to be collected                                         and build a regular clientele outside of the taxi dispatch
by the next available taxi or at a particular time.                                                service companies.
The company then issues the job to individual taxi drivers
via computer and radio links.

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