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									Collaborating for change:
A symposium advancing bushfire arson prevention in Australia
Thursday 25 and Friday 26 March, 2010
Monash Conference Centre, Level 7, 30 Collins Street, Melbourne

  Each year, thousands of bushfires are deliberately lit around Australia, causing significant damage to human life,
  communities, ecosystems and the economy. This symposium will bring together a wide variety of stakeholders
  to set out priorities and plans for advancing the knowledge and understanding of bushfire arson prevention in

  Through big-picture plenary presentations and topic-specific workshop sessions, participants will actively
  examine current bushfire arson prevention approaches, identify gaps in our current knowledge and practice,
  and develop plans for addressing them. The themes to be covered include:

            •     Identifying, managing and treating people at risk of committing bushfire arson
            •     Identifying communities with high arson potential and working with them to reduce it
            •     Improving deterrence, capture and conviction rates of bushfire arsonists
            •     Developing an integrated approach to bushfire arson prevention

   This symposium is for anyone involved or interested in bushfire arson prevention, including those from:

            •     Federal, state and local government
            •     Fire and emergency management services
            •     The criminal justice system
            •     Mental health services
            •     Non-governmental and community organisations
            •     Research institutions

  The symposium is a joint initiative of the Australian Bushfire Arson Prevention Initiative (a collaboration of the
  Monash Sustainability Institute, the Monash Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science, and Bond University),
  and the Australian Institute of Criminology.

  To register, and for further information, please visit our symposium website:

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Collaborating for change:
A symposium advancing bushfire arson prevention in Australia
Thursday 25 and Friday 26 March, 2010

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Online registration coming soon. Print and return by fax (03) 9905 9348, or post to:
Monash Sustainability Institute, Building 74, MSC, Monash University, Clayton VIC 3800

Registrations close: Friday 19 March, 2010

For further information, please contact: Simon Rowntree (03) 9902 0730 or e-mail: simon.rowntree@msi.monash.edu.au

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