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									                    A journey into the
                       Buyer’s 2009 USA
                     Launched AprilMind
                       May 2009, Australia

About the program
  Ever asked the question? What happens to all the leads that don’t convert?
     7/8 Selling®, developed by The Right Mind and Norton:Norris of Chicago,
   takes you into the mind of the buyer to assist in focus on leads that matter.

               Come and find out what all the buzz is about!

    7/8 Selling enables sales people to focus on having buyer-centric
        conversations as partners in the decision-making process.
    7/8 Selling shifts the focus from attempting to sell to empowering
                    buyer’s decision-making processes.

If you’ve wondered why it’s so difficult to connect with today’s prospective
buyers, we’ll fill you in on the mystery. Better than that, this interactive, 2-day
program will provide you with new skills to add to what you’re currently doing to
reach more prospects.

It introduces you to advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills that
shift your perspective from that of a seller to one who develops a deep
situational conversation with their clients.

The bene fits to your                           The outcomes you will
organisation a re :                             ta ke with you a re:
      Improved communication                        Selling through conversations
       skills.                                        rather than pitches.
      Development of a sophisticated                How to use your behavioural
       selling process that increases                 profiles to your advantage
       closures and repeat customers.                How to ask powerful and
      An approach for positioning                    empowering questions.
       your offerings in a solutions-                Empowering and partnering
       based framework.                               buyers in their decision-making

You will learn:
To listen – Believe it or not, one of the biggest failures of sale people is not listening to
their clients. Far too frequently, they are caught up the activities of making the sale
rather than deeply hearing what is said and unsaid.
To think like a buyer - Explore how your thinking impacts upon the sales process.
Learn the effect of pitching versus being a partner in the decision-making process.
To formulate questions – Understanding the power of questions. Recognise the diversity
of styles available in sales and the impact they have.
Why closures frequently fail – Closing is rarely the fault of the buyer. Research evidence
shows most sellers have a) failed to earn the right to close or b) fail to ask for the
appropriate commitment.
How to apply the unique Lattice Sales Process – The selling process is rarely a
straight line, yet many lose their buyers through the assumption it is.
What to monitor quantitatively for improved performance – Rarely to businesses apply
rigour to monitoring and evaluation of their sales team. At best, most are generalist
approaches. This program shows what to monitor in a step by step process.

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The program
Day 1
     Review sales methodologies and environmental changes pushing for change
     Identify gaps and weaknesses in current sales approaches
     Review the latest UK data on where and why sales fail
     Assess current communication style preferences
     Determine communication processes, styles, methods and the impact on
     Dissect levels of listening and explore global listening attributes
     Learn new tools to manage any conversation
Day 2
     Identify elements of the sales process including the roles of each participant
     Understand the role and type of questions that improve sales conversions
     Explore questioning techniques to empower your prospects
     Introduce the Lattice Framework for Selling®
     Discuss skills and abilities to facilitate decision making
     Using structured processes to evaluate personal and peer performance
     Pulling it all together

What participants have said
Excellent workshop: skills and techniques taught are applicable to your personal
and professional life. More workshops of this calibre and content are needed.
The “art” of great communication skills are integral to our personal and
professional lives in that you can achieve goals, set goals and interact with
others more efficiently and effectively. The concepts taught were
understandable, tangible, and great guide-posts to live by.
                                                Kimberly Brennan, Univ. of Notre Dame, Chicago

7/8ths Selling is a study of human behaviour. The purpose is to maximize the
number of effective human connections. I will recommend for all sales
                                                           Julio Socorro, Florida Career College

Fantastic. It was so refreshing not to hear the same old sales jargon.
Fascinating content: practical and useful.
                                                        Terry Dainton, Markem-Imaje, Brisbane

The course was extremely valuable in teaching the steps/strategies in achieving
                                                       Rhonda Easton, Good Nuts, Sydney

A good quality program with plenty of information that can be applied to your
professional life to improve your performance.
                                              Joseph Cartisano, Perfection Fresh, Sydney

The Right Mind International Pty Ltd
PO Box 377 SANDGATE QLD 4017
T: 07-3869 3044 E: info@therightmind.com.au W: www.therightmind.com.au

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