2010 CLAREMONT SHIELD by lindash


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 (Incorporating the Eric Bourke Memorial Trophy)
                                conducted by

             Telephone – (03) 6244 3600 Facsimile – (03) 6244 3201

                                to be played at

                   Devonport Golf Club
               Woodrising Avenue, Spreyton

           Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 March

 Member clubs participating in Division One or Two Pennant may enter one
     team. Area Associations may also enter one composite team.
                      Amateur Handicap Limit – 8.4
                  Entries close – Monday 1 March, 2010
                          Entrance Fee – $110.00

2009 Claremont Shield Champion Team – Launceston Golf Club
  2009 Eric Bourke Champion Team – Launceston Golf Club

To: Golf Tasmania Inc., PO Box 410, Rosny Park, Tasmania, 7018, Australia
2010 James Boag Claremont Shield – ENTRY FORM

Club/Assoc Details
                                                                                            Golf Club/Association



       BH         (0   )                                               AH   (0   )


                                              ABN. 89 753 642 795

Team Details
 Member No.1
                   Surname                      Christian

  Golf Link No.                                             Handicap
                                                                                 Foursomes Pairings No.1
 Member No.2
                   Surname                      Christian

  Golf Link No.                                             Handicap

 Member No.3
                   Surname                      Christian

  Golf Link No.                                             Handicap
                                                                                 Foursomes Pairings No.2
 Member No.4
                   Surname                      Christian

  Golf Link No.                                             Handicap

            Signature of Home Club
                Secretary/Manager     Signature Required                             Date


                                      Claremont Shield
                           (Incorporating the Eric Bourke Memorial Trophy)
                                              Devonport Golf Club
                                  18 Holes Foursomes - Saturday 13 March (pm)
                                    18 Holes Singles - Sunday 14 March (am)
                                    18 Holes Singles - Sunday 14 March (pm)
                                 ENTRIES CLOSE ON MONDAY 1 MARCH, 2010
                               2010 JAMES BOAG CLAREMONT SHIELD
                                      Championship Conditions

1. Entries                                              5. Ties
1.1 Entrance fee must be paid at the time of            In the event of a tie, all team scores will be
     entry.                                             counted for the teams participating in the tie. If
1.2 Entries must be made on the attached entry          still tied, joint winners will be declared.
     form and must be countersigned by the
     Secretary or Club Official of the entrant’s        6.   Conforming Golf Balls, One Ball Condition
     club.                                                   and Time of Starting
1.3 Entries must be made with the Secretary,            The specimen conditions in the Rules of Golf are in
     Golf Tasmania Inc., PO Box 410 Rosny               effect as regards to Conforming Golf Balls, One
     Park, 7018 (2 Queen Street, Bellerive) not         Ball Condition and Time of Starting.
     later than 5.00pm on Monday 1 March, 2010.
1.4 Entries shall be open to one team from each         7. Protests
     member club participating in Division One          All protests must be lodged in writing at the club
     and Two Pennant and one composite team             house, within 5 minutes of the conclusion of the
     from each Area Association.                        day’s play on which the disputed matter has
1.5 Golf Tasmania reserves the right to refuse          arisen, and the decision of the Golf Tasmania
     any entry without assigning any reason for         Championship Committee on all points shall be
     so doing.                                          final.
1.6. The draw will be posted to each club which
     will be responsible for notifying its players.     8. Membership Privileges
1.7 All events shall be under the entire control of     8.1. Competitors will be made Honorary
     Golf Tasmania which shall have full power to            Members, without fee, of the host club from
     alter or make any variations to the                     12 – 14 March.
     conditions, or alter the time fixed for starting   8.2 Competitors are required to observe the
     any event as indicated in the programme.                dress regulations of the host club at all
2. Rules
The Rules of Golf, as adopted by R&A Rules              9. Pace of Play
Limited, will apply together with such local rules      9.1 Rule 6-7 will be strictly enforced. Each
as are approved by the Championship                         group must maintain its position on the
Committee.                                                  course with respect to the group preceding it.
                                                            Any group with a clear hole in front of it will
3. Handicaps                                                be considered out of position. Penalties will
3.1 All handicaps will be fixed by the                      be issued to individuals in such groups who
    Championship Committee of Golf Tasmania.                by their pace contribute to such delay.
    The Championship Committee reserves the                 Warnings may not be issued prior to
    right to make any alteration in the handicap            penalties.
    of any entrant before he starts in each event       9.2 A time allotment for the completion of each
    should it be deemed desirable.                          round will be allocated by the Championship
3.2 It is the duty of each competitor to report any         Committee to assist with the pace of play.
    reduction in his handicap between the date          9.3 Competitors in 36 hole events played on the
    of entry and the day of play to the starter             one day must be prepared to resume play
    prior to hitting off.                                   after a break of not more than 30 minutes for
3.3 The exact handicap certified as at the                  lunch.
    commencement of the first round is the
    handicap to be used for all purposes.               10. Driving Clubs
                                                        Any driver the player carries must have a clubhead,
4. Format                                               identified by model and loft, that is named on the
4.1 For foursomes, the best score for each pair         current List of Conforming Driver Heads issued by
    will be taken.                                      R&A Rules Limited.
4.2 The best three scores from each of the              Exception: A driver with a clubhead that was
    singles events will be added to the                 manufactured prior to 1999 is exempt from this
    foursomes score.                                    condition.      (The list may be viewed at
4.3 Substitute players will not be allowed once         www.golfaustralia.org.au)
    play has commenced.                                 * PENALTY FOR CARRYING, BUT NOT MAKING
                                                        STROKE WITH, CLUB OR CLUBS IN BREACH OF
Stroke-play – Two strokes for each hole at which a      13.       GPS Measuring Devices
breach occurred; maximum penalty per round –            A player may obtain distance information using a
Four strokes.                                           device that measures distance only. If during a
* Any club or clubs carried in breach of this           stipulated round, a player uses a distance
condition must be declared out of play by the player    measuring device that is designed to gauge or
to their marker or fellow competitor immediately        measure other conditions that might affect his
upon discovery a breach has occurred. If the            play (e.g. gradient, windspeed, temperature, etc),
player fails to do so, they are disqualified.           the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the
* PENALTY FOR MAKING STROKE WITH CLUB                   penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether
IN BREACH OF CONDITION: Disqualification.               any such additional functions are actually used.

11. Motorised Transport                                 14. Code of Conduct
During play, it is prohibited for a player or their     All entrants assent to be bound by Golf Australia’s
caddy to ride in or on a motorised vehicle unless       Code of Conduct. A copy of the code is available
permitted by a member of the Championship               at www.golftasmania.org.au
Stroke-play – Two strokes for each hole at which a      15. Golf Australia Hard Card
breach occurred; maximum penalty per round –            The Golf Australia Hard Card will be in effect
Four strokes.                                           throughout the Claremont Shield.
Note: Permission will only be granted to entrants
who, for medical reasons, normally use a vehicle at     16. Publicity
their home club. Attach home club endorsement to        Golf Tasmania and the sponsors arrange publicity
this effect to a written application.                   before and during the Championship in the press,
                                                        by live and recorded radio, television broadcasting
12. Drug Testing                                        and by filming.      The competitors assent to
All competitors are subject to drug testing by the      reference to them and pictures of them in practice
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency for banned         and play being used for commercial purposes by
substances as laid down in Golf Australia’s Anti-       Golf Tasmania and the sponsors. Golf Tasmania
Doping Policy. Any competitor infringing this policy,   reserves the right to any press, broadcasting or
or refusing to take a test, will be disqualified and    television fees paid or payable for permission to
subject to any sanction(s) brought down by              broadcast, photograph or televise play.
ASADA. Clarification of any medication can be
obtained via the ASADA hotline – 1800 020 506, or
from www.asada.gov.au

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