Liquidation Monitor Business Valuation Valuation AccuVal LIQUIDATION OF

					                                                                   LIQUIDATION OF ASSETS MONITORED BY ACCUVAL ASSOCIATES, INCORPORATED
Industry                                         Sale Name                                                         Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                    State      Country
Accommodation & Food Services                    Coldstone Creamery                                              3/25/2010 Ice Cream Machine, Dipping Cabinet, Hardening Cabinet, Walk-In Cooler/Freezer, Display Freezer, Service Counters, Blending      PA           USA
                                                                                                                           Stations, Waffle Cone Bakers, Sink, Smallwares, Racks & Shelving, Cash Registers, Etc.
Accommodation & Food Services                    Right of Way Acquisition of Simon Concessions, Pittsburgh, PA   4/1/2010 Coolers, Concessions and Kitchen Equipment , Golf Cart , Surplus                                                                 PA           USA

Accommodation & Food Services                    Right of Way Acquisition of Assouline & Roth in Philadelphia    4/1/2010 Walk In Coolers & Freezers , Stainless Tables , Rolling Stairs , Material Handling Equipment , Coolers , Display Cases           PA           USA
Accommodation & Food Services                    Rein's Deli                                                     4/1/2010 Liquor License Commercial Kitchen Equipment Commercial Deli/Dessert Display Cases and Merchandisers Walk-in                      MA           USA
                                                                                                                           Refrigerators and Freezers Bar Equipment Restaurant Furniture and Fixtures
Accommodation & Food Services                    Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Liquor       3/17/2010 LIQUOR LICENSE RIGHTS - (requires LCB renewal applications and authorization), Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh, "R"        PA           USA
                                                 License Rights Acquired by Right of Way Acquisition                       Liquor License, Including Sunday Sales
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing                  VERMONT MILK COMPANY                                            3/18/2010 Pasteurizer, Separator and Homogenizer, S/S Cheese Production Equipment, S/S Processors and Tanks, 2008 60 Gal. S/S             VT           USA
                                                                                                                           Processor, CIP & COP Systems, Osgood 12-Station Rotary Filler - REBUILT 2007, Ice Cream Freezer & Cultured Product Filler,
                                                                                                                           Tanker Truck, Ice Builder & General Dairy Plant Equipment, Laboratory, General Plant Equipment
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing                  Udder Chaos Dairy - Jay Beecham                                 3/20/2010 Highlights include New Holland self-propelled HW340 discbine, John Deere 6910 SP Forage harvester, John Deere 7320 MFWD         MI           USA
                                                                                                                           with loader, John Deere 7600 with loader, John Deere 8430, 4850, 4320, & (3) 3020's plus trucks, tillage, forage, & other
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation                 Right-of-Way Acquisition of Video Game Machines in              3/16/2010 Pinball Machines, Megatouch, Digital Jukeboxes, Driving Games, Shooting Games, and More!                                        PA           USA
Arts, Entertainment & Recreation                 Adobe Creek National Golf Course                                3/23/2010 Yamaha Golf Cars, All Gas, 25 – 2002s, 20 – 2000s, 16 – 1996s, All With Canopies, Sell ABSOLUTE.                                CO           USA
Construction                                     Pillari Brothers Construction Co.                               3/25/2010 (15) Crawler Tractors • (6) Hydraulic Excavators • Rubber Tired Loaders and 4x4 Extend-a-Hoes • Motor Grader and Scrapers •     NJ           USA
                                                                                                                           Pull Tractor and Pull Scrapers • 25-40 Ton Articulated End Dumps • Water Wagon • Vibratory Compactors and Trench
                                                                                                                           Compactors • Tractor and 75 Ton Lowboy • Dump Trucks and Water Truck,• Service Trucks • Crew Cab Pickups • Tag-A-Long
Construction                                     NEMITZ SHEET METAL                                              3/16/2010 Sheet metal shop equipment & tools                                                                                              WA           USA

Construction                                     Prelub Starters, Pumps, HVAC & Misc. Equipment From a Utility 3/18/2010 Unused Detroit Diesel Prelub Motor Starters, Unused Size H-5 Cast Iron Pump, Unused ABS Ultima Submersible Canned Motor           VA           USA
                                                 Company in Virginia                                                     Pump, Unused SIHI Cart Mounted Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Unused Copeland Condensing Unit, Unused Bull-Dawg Conveyor
                                                                                                                         Belt Cleaner, Unused NIOSH Approved 250 PSI Air Hose, Slightly Used Power Packs for EMD Diesel Generator Engine

Construction                                     ALL METAL FABRICATION                                           3/23/2010 CNC PRESS BRAKE, SHEAR & PLASMA TABLE 2004 ACCURPRESS MDL. 715514 CNC PRESS BRAKE 14’ X 175 TON SN. 7850;                          AZ         USA
                                                                                                                           ATLANTIC 10’ X 1/4” PLATE SHEAR SN. 65221; 2004 PLATE PRO CNC PLASMA TABLE MDL. PLP 2000 SN. 40513, KOIKE
                                                                                                                           CONTROL, HYPERTHERM POWERMAX 1650 POWER SUPPLY, 6’ X 20’ TABLE; GENERATORS CUMMINS 100 KW GENSET W/500
                                                                                                                           GAL. DIESEL TANK; MULTIQUIP WHISPERWATT 40 KW GENSET MDL. DB0831J; FORKLIFTS & SCISSOR LIFTS HYSTER 155 XL2
                                                                                                                           15,000# FORKLIFT, PROPANE, PNEUMATIC TIRES, TRI-MAST SN. F006D0588X; KOMATSU 25 HT-16, 5000# FORKLIFT,
                                                                                                                           PROPANE, PNEUMATIC TIRE, TRI-MAST, SN. 204125A; CAT V80D DIESEL FORKLIFT, PNEUMATIC TIRE, NEEDS WORK; (2)
                                                                                                                           GENIE GS-2032 SCISSOR LIFTS;
                                                                                                                           (4) SNORKEL ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTS; WELDERS (2)MILLERMATIC 252; (2) MILLERMATIC 251; MILLERMATIC 250;
                                                                                                                           MILLERMATIC VINTAGE; MILLER DIAL ARC 250; MILLER REGENCY W/SA22 WIRE FEEDER; MILLER BLUE STAR 185; MISC.
                                                                                                                           SHOP EQUIPMENT
Construction                                     Cutting Suction Dredger & Suction Dredger                       3/30/2010 An online Auction for Cutting Suction Dredger & Dreger Thai Nationality 5 Lots. All of them include Diesel Engine and License in N.A.       Thailand
Construction                                     C&M Exterior Renovations, LLC                                   3/16/2010 CNC Fabrication Machinery Construction Equipment Trucks Roofing Equipment Raw Material, Parts and Supplies                         CT         USA
Construction                                     MIDWEST STEEL MFG. COMPANY                                      3/16/2010 2001 MRS TITIAN 32 HEAD ROLL FORMING MACHINE UNP 30.000 LB. HYDRAULIC DECOILER 1999 JONES PROGRAMABLE                              AR         USA
                                                                                                                           TRIM BRAKE TRUCK TRACTORS & TRAILERS EDWARDS IRONWORKERS COMPLETE SHOP
Information                                      Motorola #10 (USA)                                              4/2/2010 An Online Auction of High-End Telecommunication Electronic Test & Measurement Equipment                                        IL & TX & NJ    USA
Information                                      Vail Ballou Press, Inc.                                         3/23/2010 BOOK MANUFACTURING COMPANY, MUELLER PERFECT BINDING LINE, (2) KOLBUS CASING IN LINES, (4) HANTSCHO WEB                             NY         USA
                                                                                                                           PRESSES, CUTTERS-FOLDERS-STAMPERS, SHEETERS-COMBINER-CASEMAKERS, SEALERS-WRAPPERS-BALERS, SHREDDER-
                                                                                                                           COMPRESSORS-FORKLIFTS, PLANT-OFFICES, (7) MIEHLE SHEET FED PRESSES
Manufacturing: Beverage & Tobacco Products       Coca Cola                                                       3/9/2010 Complete Facility Closure of the Rochester, NY Bottling Plant! Live & Webcast Auction!, Blending Skid Including Breddo              NY         USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              Likwifier, AGC Plate Heat Exchanger, and Pumps, Bottle Packaging Line #2, Bottle Packaging Line #3, PET Bottle Sizes 1 & 2
                                                                                                                           Liter, Cryo-Quip Inc. 10,000 SCFH Vaporizer System, Osmonics FLT DM Backwashable Sand Filter, Peterson Custom Stainless
                                                                                                                           CIP System, Quincy QITD 400 CFM Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer, Russel UAM41100G Cooler 215 CFM Gardner Denver
                                                                                                                           Screw Type Air Compressor, Bottle Warmer Tunnel, Evapco Inc. 390 Tons Evaporative Condensor, , Flo Mix Model K Syrup and
                                                                                                                           Water Proportioner, Paul Mieller Company Stainless Steel Plate eat Exchanger System, Premix Tank Packaging Line #6, 4.75
Manufacturing: Chemical Products Manufacturing   BioPharma Exchange #231                                         3/17/2010 Pfizer & Bristol-Myers Squibb Online Auction: Over 750 Lots including (20+) Agilent / HP 1100 HPLCs, (5+) Mass                    N.A. USA & North America
                                                                                                                           Spectrometers, Assorted HPLC Components, Liquid Handling Systems, Large Quantity of General Lab and Pharmaceutical
Manufacturing: Chemical Products Manufacturing   BioPharma Exchange #232                                         3/24/2010 Pfizer & Merck Online Auction: 700+ Lots of (10+) Agilent / HP 1100 HPLCs, Mass Spectrometers, Assorted HPLC Components, N.A. USA & North America
                                                                                                                           Liquid Handling Systems, Large Quantity of General Lab, Tablet Presses and Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

Manufacturing: Chemical Products Manufacturing   BioPharma Exchange #233 Hosted by Pfizer, Inc.                  3/30/2010 Online Biotech Equipment Auction: Over 1,500 Lots of (40+) Agilent / HP 1100 HPLCs & Mass Spectrometers, Assorted HPLC         N.A. USA & North America
                                                                                                                           Components, Liquid Handling Systems, (900+) General Lab, Tablet Presses and Pharmaceutical Processing Equipment

Manufacturing: Chemical Products Manufacturing   A Leading UK Pharmaceutical Company                             3/30/2010 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment - Bioreactors, Jacketted Mobile Vessels, Spectrophotometer, Chromatography,             N.A.           UK
                                                                                                                           Separator Centrifuges and Homogeniser
Manufacturing: Chemical Products Manufacturing   Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                                      3/18/2010 Key Assets: 1 Thermo Finnigan LTQ 1000 Mass Spectrometer with HPLC, auto sampler and detector; 1 Beckman Scintillation          CT           USA
                                                                                                                           Counter LS6500 System; 1 Boekel The Jitterbug, Model 130000 shaker; more.
Manufacturing: Computer & Electronic Products    Heetronix                                                       3/10/2010 Wafer Fab                                                                                                                       NV           USA
Manufacturing: Computer & Electronic Products    Qimonda Dresden- 300mm Front End Wafer Fabrication Tools        3/30/2010 An exceptional opportunity to acquire about 100 Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Tools as late as 2008 for the fabrication of   N.A.        Germany
Manufacturing                                                                                                              300mm Wafers, some compatible to 200mm
                                                                     LIQUIDATION OF ASSETS MONITORED BY ACCUVAL ASSOCIATES, INCORPORATED
Industry                                           Sale Name                                                   Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                      State   Country
Manufacturing: Computer & Electronic Products      B. Gelbfish Chain Mfg. Co.                                3/17/2010 Over 700 Chain Making Machines, Featuring: Large Curb, Double Curb, Large Cable & Double Cable, Small and Medium Size              NY      USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Curbs, Cables & Rope Chain Making Machines – Large Quantity!! * Figaro Long & Short Chain Machines * Assorted Original
                                                                                                                       Chain Making Machines, Foxtail Making Machines, Fasti Long & Short Cable Mdl. AL, Fasti Curb & Cable Mdl. GE & GM (Some
                                                                                                                       New In Crate!), Sisma FZC Multicolor Chain Making Machines, Ombi & Fico Stocking Mesh Chain Making machines, Fico Bead
                                                                                                                       Making Machine, Large Quantity of Turks Heads – Other Chain Making Machines !! Manufacturers Include: FASTI, SISMA,
                                                                                                                       OMBI, FICO,Bechtold, RUF, Industrial, Rico, Nickerson … Related Machinery Available – Tornos Ice Diamond Chain Cutting
                                                                                                                       Lathe (with2- Drums & Refrigeration Unit – New In Box), Branson Degreaser, Langeolier Swagers, Langelier #1, #2, & #3
                                                                                                                       Hammer Mills, Comevi Spoolers, Over 15 Link-O-Matics, Fusion Welders, Ompar Diamond Faceting Machines, Heavy Duty Wire
                                                                                                                       Rollers, Wire Mills, Chain Limbering Machine, Toolroom, Crafford Chain Cutting Machines, Assorted SM Engineering Pass Thru
                                                                                                                       Annealing and Soldering Furnaces, Plus So Much More
Manufacturing: Computer & Electronic Products      DELL                                                      3/25/2010 250+ Dell Power Edge servers, 200+ Dell PC’s, Zebra & Label Aire thermal printers, Large quantity of powered steel roller         N.A.    Ireland
Manufacturing                                                                                                          conveyor with belt & chain transfers and 180 degree turn stations, Desoutter & URYU pneumatic & electrical screwdrivers with
                                                                                                                       power supplies, Symbol /Gryphon data logic scanners (inc. wireless, 2D & single dimension), Marco scissor lifts & tilt tables,
                                                                                                                       Electric tray lifters, Vacuum lift systems, Robopac pallet wrap system, Steel stock, dismantled barriers and partitioning, Herman
                                                                                                                       Miller office workstations, Canteen tables & chairs, Light curtains, pneumatic manifolds & valves, tool balancers, Autoview
                                                                                                                       Commanders, PLC control cabinets, operators workstations & work benches etc
Manufacturing: Computer & Electronic Products      PHILIPS – LCD TV Assembly Line Equipment                  3/29/2010 An online auction for over 200 lots of LCD TV Assembly Line Equipment                                                             N.A.   Belgium
Manufacturing: Computer & Electronic Products      Networking/Telecom                                        3/30/2010 Servers from HP, Dell, IBM, Rackable Storage Arrays from EMC, Del, and others. Networking and Switches from Cisco, Juniper,       CA       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Notebooks, and Desktop systems from Dell, HP, Apple, Sony.
Manufacturing: Electrical Equipment, Appliance &   Wide Selection on New and used Commercial Coin Operated   3/9/2010 Lot of 4 BRAND NEW Heubsch 75 lb. Capacity Coin Operated Commercial Dryers , Hamilton Engineering 750,000 BTU Boiler               MI       USA
Component Manufacturing                            Washers and Dryers Near Detroit, Michigan                           System , Bock "Time Saver" Coin Operated Commercial Clothes Compressor , Lot of 9 Masco Dry Coin Operated Commercial
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           B&C Machine Co.                                           3/18/2010 Huge Offering of Over 90 CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machining & Turning Centers, Heat Treatment, Metalworking, Toolroom,           OH       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Mobile Equipment and Much More
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           RO Industries, Inc                                        3/17/2010 Industrial Repair Shop Featuring: Horizontal & Vertical Boring Machine; Lathes, Milling Machines, Saws, Welders & Much More!      CO       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          HORIZONTAL BORING MACHINES Cincinnati Gilbert 3-3/4" Horizontal Boring Mill, s/n 1016, (1957), 8' Z x 10' Y Milling &
                                                                                                                       Drilling Machine, Rapid Traverse, 1000 RPM H.W. Kearns & Co. Horizontal. Boring Mill, 3" Bar, 48" Vertical, 60" Horizontal X
                                                                                                                       30", 48"x48" Top rotating Table, 36"x72" Table, Rapid Traverse VERTICAL BORING MILL Webster & Bennett Vertical Boring Mill,
                                                                                                                       48" Table, 24" Under the Rail, (1956), 100 RPM, 50 Cyl. Motor, 40" Travel ENGINE LATHES Lodge & Shipley 24"x144" Engine
                                                                                                                       Lathe, 30" Swing w/ Risels, 8-331 RPM, s/n 30669, Taper Attach, 19" 4-Jaw Chuck, (3) Steady Rests Monarch 20"x72" Engine
                                                                                                                       Lathe, s/n 31705, 22.5" Swing, Taper Attach, 15" 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, 1.5" Spindle Hole, English Threading Monarch
                                                                                                                       16"x78" Engine Lathe, s/n 30999, 18.5" Swing, Taper Attach, 14" 4-Jaw Chuck, Steady Rest, 1.5" Spindle Hole, English
                                                                                                                       Threading BRIDGEPORT MILLING MACHINES Bridgeport Series I 2Hp Vert. Milling Machine, s/n 239130, 2 Hp, Variable Speed,
                                                                                                                       9" x 42" Table, Power Feed, 2-Axis DRO Bridgeport Vert. Milling Machine, 1 Hp, s/n 89525, 9" X 48" Table, 4" Riser Bridgeport
                                                                                                                       Vert. Milling Machine, s/n 71089, 1 Hp, 9" x 48" Table
                                                                                                                       HYD. PRESSES Bliss OBI Punch Press, 60-Ton, Model C60, 4" Stroke, 4.5" Shut Ht., 15" Between Uprights, 32"x21" Table
                                                                                                                       Homemade Hyd. Press, Horizontal, Approximately 60-Ton, Sliding Ram, 38" Between Uprights SAWS Grob 36" Vertical
                                                                                                                       Bandsaw w/ 24"x28" Table Johnson Model J Horizontal Bandsaw 9"x16"
                                                                                                                       Wells 5M Horizontal Bandsaw, 5" WELDING & CUTTING EQUIPMENT Esab LAU-600 I Mig Welder, 600 Amp w/ WFU-30 Feeder
                                                                                                                       and Bernard Boom Cart
                                                                                                                       Heath UG-48 Pantograph Torch w/ 4' x 4' Table Lincoln DC-1000 Stick Welder Lincoln Idealarc 250 Welder Lincoln Hi-Freq Tig
                                                                                                                       Welder Westinghouse 300 Amp Stick Welder Welding Rod w/ Supplies PORTABLE HONES Sunnen JN-95 Junior Portable Hone
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           National Tool and Machine                                 3/18/2010 Vertical Milling Centers • Presses • Lathes Grinders • Sanders • Welders • Shears • Forklifts • Saws • Honing Machines •          IL       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Tooling • Comparators • Inspection Equipment • Blast Cabinet Ovens • Air Compressors • Drills… and much, much more!
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           Baker Machining Inc.                                      3/24/2010 Unique large capacity machining auction featuring a Gray/Futuremill 10'x30' CNC bridge/planer mill, Giddings and Lewis MC 50      MI       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          4 pallet horizontal boring mill style machining center., Mattison 36"x96" surface grinder, Ingersoll 4-head bridge type planer
                                                                                                                       mills, 42" Blanchard grinder, production mills, OOYA radial arm drill, Cincinnatti CNC machining centers, tool and cutter
                                                                                                                       grinders, band saws, Jib cranes, tooling, and CMM's.
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           BUSCHE - IN                                               3/26/2010 Okuma Horizontal Machining Center, Victor Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder, Lagun Vertical Milling Machine, Custom Designed &      IN       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Fabricated KINGSBURY Drilling, Tapping, & Boring Machine, Fork Trucks, Surplus To The Needs of Busche
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           Kohl & Vick Machine Works, Inc.                           3/23/2010 CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS MAZAK MODEL AJV-25/405 CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER, S/N 76071 (1988): 30                         IL       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Tool ATC, Mazatrol M-32 Control, 48-3/4” x 21-3/4” Table, Flood coolant system, Full enclosure MAZAK MODEL MAZATECH V-
                                                                                                                       550 CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTER, S/N 92097 (1990): Mazatrol M-32 Control, 30 Tool ATC, 68-1/2” x 21-1/2” Table,
                                                                                                                       Tsubuki Chip Conveyor YUASA MODEL SPNC-300 4TH AXIS With 8” Chuck, Tailstock CNC TURNING CENTERS MAZAK QUICK
                                                                                                                       TURN 28N CNC TURNING CENTER S/N86183 (1990): Mazatrol T32-2 Control, 10” 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, Tailstock, 8-Position
                                                                                                                       Turret, Flood Coolant, Full Enclosure, Turbo chip conveyor MAZAK MODEL M5 CNC TURNING CENTERS/N 49119: Mazatrol T-
                                                                                                                       1Control, 15” 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chuck, 8-Position Vertical Front Turret, 6-Position Horizontal Rear Turret, Sliding 39” Partial
                                                                                                                       Enclosure, Non-Programmable Tailstock W/Thrust Gauge, 1-Shot Lube, Rear Full-Length Chip Guard, Flood Coolant, Sliding
                                                                                                                       Control Carrier HORIZONTAL BORING MILLS GIDDINGS & LEWIS NO. 330-T HORIZONTAL BORING MILL S/N 7033: Spindle
                                                                                                                       Speeds: Main 8.3 – 500 RPM, Aux 25 – 1500 RPM, 36” X 98” Table, 15 HP, Sony 2-Axes DRO CINCINNATI-GILBERT 3-1/2”
                                                                                                                       HORIZONTAL BORING MILL
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           Herrin Enterprises Inc                                    3/23/2010 Precision Machine Shop Containing Excellent CNC Machining Centers & Turning Centers Featuring: Mori Seiki NH-4000 DCG             TX       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Horizontal Machining Center, new 2005; Mori Seiki NV5000 Vertical Machining Center, new 2002; Mori Seiki SL-303B CNC
                                                                                                                       Lathe, 60" centers, new 2000; Mori Seiki SL250A CNC Lathe, new 2000; (2) HAAS VF-6 Vertical Machining Centers, new as
                                                                                                                       2000; (2) HAAS VF-3 Vertical Machining Centers...
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           Gates Corporation - Denver Machine Shop                   3/31/2010 Featuring: Machining and Fabricating Facility including DAINCHI 40” x 200” Engine Lathe, MONARCH 62” x 60” Lathe, Other           CO       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          Lathes including LEBLOND, CAZENEUVE, LODGE &SHIPLEY 25” x 8’ with 8” Thru-Hole, BARBER-COLMAN 16-56 Gear Hobber,
                                                                                                                       FITCHBURG 44” x 108” Horizontal Gear Hobber (Completely Re-Built), AMERICAN 40” x 10’ CNC Lathe with Fanuc 16T, GRAY
                                                                                                                       48” CNC Vertical Boring Mill, WOTAN 4 ¾” Horizontal Boring Mill with 50” Rotary Table, BERTSCH 5’ x 1 ¼” Plate Bending Roll
                                                                                                                       (1990’s), SMT-PULLMAX 6’ x ¾” Plate Bending Roll, CINCINNATI 10’ x ¼” Plate Shear, ESAB 10’ x 12’ CNC Burning Machine,
                                                                                                                       Welding Positioners, Welders, Numerous Free Standing Bridge Cranes & Jibs, Band Saws, Tooling, Steel Stock Plate, Bar,
                                                                                                                       Angles, ETC…
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products           Quadco Precision, Inc.                                    3/30/2010 CNC TURNING CENTER, CNC TOOL ROOM LATHE, CNC VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS, CNC VERTICAL MILLS, TOOL ROOM                            OH       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                          LATHE, HORIZONTAL BAND SAW, VERTICAL BAND SAW, SURFACE GRINDER, OPTICAL COMPARATOR, ELECTRONIC HEIGHT
                                                                   LIQUIDATION OF ASSETS MONITORED BY ACCUVAL ASSOCIATES, INCORPORATED
Industry                                        Sale Name                                                          Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                         State   Country
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        SURPLUS WIEDEMANN 112 TOOLING TO THE ONGOING                     3/12/2010 SURPLUS WIEDEMANN 112 TOOLING TO THE ONGOING OPERATIONS OF A MAJOR PRECISION SHEET METAL MANUFACTURER                                MN       USA
Manufacturing                                   OPERATIONS OF A MAJOR PRECISION SHEET METAL                                LOCATED IN MINNEAPOLIS, MN
                                                MANUFACTURER                                                               $500,000.00 (New Cost) Wiedemann Turret Tooling Sale
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        Steel Fabrication Plant                                          3/16/2010 Late Model Fabricating Equipment Featuring: Beam Line new in 2007; Large Cap. Horizontal Bandsaw new in 2007; 105 T.                 MO       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              Ironworker new in 2007; 10' x 1/2" Plate Roll new in 2007; Miller 300 AMP Welders new in 2007; 10 T Overhead Crane new in
                                                                                                                           2007; Many other late model machines incl. Shear, Pressbrakes, CNC Plasma Burning System; 5 T Gantry Cranes, Forklifts, &
                                                                                                                           Plant Support Equipment some ...
Manufacturing:   Fabricated Metal Products      Amada Sheet Metal Fabrication Facility                           3/31/2010 Amada CNC 8-Axis Press Brakes, Amada Turret Punches, Stamping, Notching, Grinding, Spot Welding, Punch & Die Tooling,                CA       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              Inspection Tools, Forklift & Sheet Metal
Manufacturing:   Fabricated Metal Products      Unused Line Pipe, 12 OD, 135 Joints About 5,400 Feet Total       3/10/2010 19 joints (760 ft apx) 12" 0.375" wall 49.56# API X-42 PSL-2 W/Fussion Bond Epoxy Coating DRL , 116 joints (4640 ft apx)             PA       USA
Manufacturing                                   With MTRs                                                                  12" 0.250"wall 33.38# API X-42 PSL-2 W/Dura-Bond X-Tec II DRL with MTR's
Manufacturing:   Fabricated Metal Products      Large Diameter Heavy Wall Casing - Pipe 26 inch OD X 1.000       3/18/2010 Unused Large Diameter Casing, 26” OD X 1.000” Wall Thickness Grade X-70, Mill Test Reports Included, 15 joints of Unused             TX       USA
Manufacturing                                   inch Wall in Grade X-70                                                    Casing, XL Systems Connections
Manufacturing:   Fabricated Metal Products      Empco                                                            3/23/2010 Finishing Machines • Saws • Lathes • Drills • Mills • Welders • Tooling • Sanders • Grinders • Fans • Forklifts • Chip Spinner •     IL       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              Centrifuge • Inspection Equipment • Broach • Compressors • Dryers • Scales • Mist Collector • Tappers • Pallet Truck • Chip
                                                                                                                           Separators • Hoists • Racks • Baskets and much more!!
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        RJ Metal Fab Inc                                                 3/11/2010 (3) Strippit/ LVD CNC Turret Punches to 2001/ 2000 Accurpress 100t CNC Press Brake/ Gasparini, 80 ton, Accurpress 60 ton             ON     Canada
Manufacturing                                                                                                              and Allsteel 20 ton Hyd. Press Brakes/ Piranha 70t Hyd Ironworker/ CNC Plasma Burning Machine/ Programmable Bandsaws/
                                                                                                                           Forklifts/ Trucks
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        FabStar                                                          3/23/2010 Featuring: (3) MITSUBISHI 3600 Watt, 3000 and 2000 Watt Lasers with 4’ x 8’ Tables and Pallet Changers – mfg. 1997/ 1998/            NC       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              2000, (3) Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes, ACCURPRESS 60 Ton x 8’ –mfg. 1997, AMADA 100 Ton x 10’ with NC9-EXII Control –
                                                                                                                           mfg. 1999, and AMADA 50 Ton x 6-1/2’ FBD-5020E, WYSONG 10’x ¼” Shear , GEKA H-50 Hydraulic Ironworker, (2)
                                                                                                                           Spotwelders and Other Assorted Welders, (3) Vertical Milling Machines, (4) DAEWOO Propane Forklifts with Capacities to
                                                                                                                           6,000Lbs., ETC…
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        D&D Specialties, Inc.                                            3/30/2010 Featuring: 350 Ton X 12’ Cincinnati Hydraulic Press Brake, 160 Ton Wysong CNC Press Brake, (4) Mechanical Press Brakes to            SC       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              300 Ton & 12’, Large Quantity Press Brake Dies, (3) Squaring Shears to ¼” X 12’, Trumpf Trumatic 185 CNC Punch, (20)
                                                                                                                           Welders, Plasma Cutters, Saws of All Types, Misc. Fabricating Machinery, Toolroom Machinery, Air Compressors, Material
                                                                                                                           Handling Equipment, Large Quantity Shop & Office Equipment.
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        The Timken                                                       3/16/2010 Pedestal Grinders • Surface Grinders • Radial Drills • Drill Presses CNC Turning Centers • Lathes • Chop Saws • Sand Blast           OH       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              Cabinet • RX Generators Chillers • Jib Cranes • Hoists • Vidmar Cabinets • Bearings • Overhead Cranes • Forklifts Rolling Tool
                                                                                                                           Cabinets • Tooling • Electric Motors • Pusher Tray Draw Furnaces Hardening Furnaces • Lindbergh Annealing Furnaces • Pit
                                                                                                                           Furnaces • Rolling & Rotary Hearth Hardening Furnaces • Shrink Wrap Equipment • Tooling… and much more!!
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        Unused Valor & Aktomatic Solenoid Valves in Virginia             3/31/2010 Unused Valor & Aktomatic Solenoid Valves in Virginia                                                                                 VA       USA
Manufacturing: Fabricated Metal Products        NTN Bearing Corporation of America                               3/30/2010 HUGE SELECTION OF GRINDERS, AUTOMATIC SCREW MACHINES, PRESSES, BRIDGE CRANES, POLISHERS, MATERIAL                                    PA       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                              HANDLING & ASSEMBLY AUTOMATION, INJECTION MOLDING, TOOLING, RACKING PUMP & FILTRATION SYSTEMS, & MORE!!
Manufacturing: Food Manufacturing               Bavarian Specialty Foods                                         3/10/2010 R&D Kitchen, Dough mixing department, Azo Bulk Storage & Handling System, Doge Pastry & Croissant System, Werner                     CA       USA
                                                                                                                           Frozen Cookie Line, Cake and Muffin Department, Revent Rack Ovens & Proofer Area, Pan Wash and Sanitation Area, Off Line
                                                                                                                           Packaging & Labeling Equipment, Cake / Muffin & Sheet Pan Inventory, Wrapping and Packaging Area, Pallet Racking &
                                                                                                                           Forklifts, Ingredient Storage & Air Compressors, Maintenance Shop Area, Additional Equipment & Fixtures, Office Furnishings

Manufacturing: Food Manufacturing               Eastern Protein Foods Ltd.                                       3/11/2010 Contents of Their Chicken Processing Facility Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine • Deboner • Blast Freezers • Conveyor Ovens •          NS     Canada
                                                                                                                           Sorting Lines • Labeling Systems • Oil Storage Tanks • Packaging Systems • Huge Quantity of Assorted Stainless Steel Food
                                                                                                                           Processing Equipment • Air Compressors • Plus Much More
Manufacturing: Food Manufacturing               ELECTRO FREEZE Freedom 360 Ice Cream Machine in                  3/11/2010 ELECTRO FREEZE 30T-CMT-132 Freedom 360 Ice Cream Machine                                                                             PA       USA
Manufacturing: Food Manufacturing               Humboldt Creamery Facility                                       3/11/2010 Well maintained ice cream production facility for assorted novelty ice cream & fudge bars, popsicles and fruit pops. Featured        CA       USA
                                                                                                                           are (2) recently refurbished Gram novelty bar molding & cartoning systems, both lines with dedicated ice cream freezers, mix
                                                                                                                           tanks, and back-end packaging lines. Both to be offered in their entirety and in lots to suit.
Manufacturing:   Food Manufacturing             Maui Land & Pineapple Co                                         3/23/2010 Complete State-of-the-Art Processing and Canning Facility--Excess Assets No Longer Required for Ongoing Needs                        HI       USA
Manufacturing:   Furniture & Related Products   Welder, Surface Grinder, Lathe & Box Stapler From Leggett &      3/25/2010 Box Stapler , AIRCO 300 AMP Welder , PARKER MAJESTIC Surface Grinder , SOUTH BEND Engine Lathe                                       IN       USA
Manufacturing                                   Platt in Indiana
Manufacturing:   Furniture & Related Products   Trailers, Forklifts, Furnaces, Milling Machine & More From Two   3/29/2010 Great Dane Semi Trailer , Wabash Semi Trailers , Trailmobile Semi Trailer , Clark Forklifts , MRO Items , Johnson Gas Appliance      KY       USA
Manufacturing                                   Leggett & Platt Locations in Kentucky & Georgia                            Furnaces , Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine
Manufacturing:   Machinery Manufacturing        Steel Shelving And Locker Manufacturer                           3/9/2010 AUCTION HIGHLIGHTS: Press Brakes: 12’ x 90 Ton Niagara Mdl. IB-60-10-12, (2) 8’ x 55 TON Chicago “D&K” Mdl. 68-B’s, (2)               NY       USA
                                                                                                                           6’ x 30 Ton Chicago “D&K” Mdl. 335’s, 4’ x 11 Ton Chicago “D&K” Mdl. 131; Power Shear: 10’ x 14ga Pexto Mdl. 14U10; Spot
                                                                                                                           Welders: 30KVA & 15KVA Alphil’s; Punch Presses: 40 Ton Whitney Jensen Mdl. 331, 20 Ton Whitney Jensen Mdl. 230, (2) 20
                                                                                                                           Ton Press-Rite #2’s; Box Truck: 1996 International 4700 DT466 with power tail lift; Car: 1999 Saturn SW2 Wagon,
                                                                                                                           Miscellaneous: Walkthru Drying Oven, Paint Booth, 10HP Compressor, shelving, power tool, gang boxes, scrap hoppers, hand
                                                                                                                           tools, raw material, hardware, parts, offices, PLUS: Large Qty of Work in Process of Shelving, Lockers, Mesh, etc
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing          The Hearth Bakery                                                3/9/2010 From the Hearth Bakery - Equipment available includes Peerless Model # HS10FD Mixer, Trump Lamination Make Up Line 26 "               CA       USA
                                                                                                                           wide , Adamatic Roll Line, Flour silo, Revent ovens and Much More!!!!!
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing          Unreserved Farm Machinery & Construction Equipment               3/9/2010 TRACTORS, CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT, COMBINES & HARVEST EQUIPMENT, FARM MACHINERY, TRUCKS, TRAILERS,                                     NE       USA
                                                Retirement Auction                                                         PICKUPS & VEHICLES, LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT, SNOWMOBILES, MISCELLANEOUS
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing          20th Annual Spring Heavy Construction & Contracting              3/10/2010 Automobiles, Consignment, Farm Equipment, General Auctions, Heavy Equipment, Online Auctions, Transportation, Trucks &               CO       USA
                                                Equipment                                                                  Trailers
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing          Construction Eq. & Trucks–Comm. of VA, Sunbelt Rentals &         3/12/2010 Excavators, Trucks, Trailers, Tools-Public Auction                                                                                   VA       USA
                                                Others–Richmond, VA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing          Qualité Moules 2000 Inc.                                         3/11/2010 Modern CNC Mould Making Facility featuring: PARPAS FAMU (2002) PHS 916 TT90 5-axis bridge type vertical machining                    QB     Canada
                                                                                                                           center; HURON (2000) KX 30 CNC bridge type vertical machining center; CINCINNATI MILACRON (1997) SABRE 500 CNC
                                                                                                                           VMC; MAZAK (1993) V-655B CNC VMC; MAZAK (1994) V-515/40 CNC VMC; JOEMARS (1998) JM1050 CNC sinker type EDM;
                                                                                                                           TOS (1993) W100A table type horizontal boring mill; ATELIERS VERBOM low profile hydraulic die spotting press; ENGEL (1990)
                                                                                                                           7000/880 plastic injection molder; CUMBERLAND 684 GRAN KN plastic granulator; cranes to 10 ton, conventional machine
                                                                                                                           tools, factory equipment, Large Quantity of tool holders and tooling, milling vices, rotary tables, pedestal grinders, double end
                                                                                                                           bench grinders, drill presses, power tools, hand tools, benches, pin gauges, gauge blocks, micrometers, verniers, depth
                                                                                                                           gauges, office furniture, computers, business machines and more!
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing          Village Rental Construction Equipment Auction                    3/9/2010 Contractors and Construction Equipment Auction                                                                                        OH       USA
                                                               LIQUIDATION OF ASSETS MONITORED BY ACCUVAL ASSOCIATES, INCORPORATED
Industry                                     Sale Name                                                           Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                       State   Country
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Scepter Corporation                                               3/9/2010 CNC and Conventional Machine Tools featuring: TOSHIBA 4" CNC table type HBM; MONTI 3.35" table type HBM; TOSHIBA VMC                ON     Canada
                                                                                                                         85-E; KITAMURA MYCENTER 4X CNC VMC; HITACHI SEIKI VA65 CNC VMC; SODICK A10C CNC sinker type EDM; EST TICINO
                                                                                                                         42"/57” X 85" gap bed engine lathe; TOS 20"/28" X 84" gap bed engine lathe; STANKO 79” X 24.5" hydraulic surface grinder;
                                                                                                                         CSEPEL 6’ radial arm drill; COMAIRCO 15HP air compressor; ULTRA AIR air dryer; (3) surface grinders; (6) turret mills; (2)
                                                                                                                         MOTIVATION 10000 lbs. rolling gantry cranes; MOTIVATION 4000 lbs. rolling gantry crane; EATON YALE 11800 lbs. LPG
                                                                                                                         forklift; granite & steel surface plates, work benches, vices, stands, carts, cabinets, angle plates to 48” X 24”, parallels,
                                                                                                                         magnets, racks and more!
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Agricultural Equipment Auction                                    3/18/2010 Farm Equipment,Trucks, Trailers, and More!!!                                                                                       KY       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Great Smoky March Auction                                         3/18/2010 Articulated Dump Trucks, Crawler Dozers, Loader Backhoes & Skid Steer Loaders, Wheel Loader, Motor Grader & Vibratory              TN       USA
                                                                                                                         Compactors, Hydraulic Excavators, Single, Tandem & Quad-Axle Dump Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Box Van & SUV, Equipment &
                                                                                                                         Mobile Office Trailers, Lawn, Farm & Fun Equipment, Telescopic Forklifts, Trencher & Skid Steer Attachments "NEW" & Support
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       A Leading Illinois-Based Precast Concrete Construction            3/16/2010 Link Belt LS278H Hy-Lab Series 250-Ton Lattice Boom Crawler Crane, S/N F9J1-4773 (2001), MI-Jack MJ50 100,000-Lbs.                 IL       USA
                                             Company                                                                     Straddle-Type Mobile Lifting Crane, S/N 1824P (2008), Caterpillar TMS-875B 75-Ton Hydraulic Truck Crane, Caterpillar 225
                                                                                                                         Back Hoe, Kobelco SK350LC-8 Hydraulic Excavator, S/N YC08U1793 (2008), Link Belt HC238 125-Ton Lattice Boom Truck
                                                                                                                         Crane, S/N 22G4-672A (1974), Link Belt HC218A 100-Ton Lattice Boom Truck Crane, S/N 18HA-754 (1979), Link Belt HC218
                                                                                                                         82-Ton Rough-Terrain Truck Crane, S/N 18HA522 (1975), JLG 120HX Superboom 120’ Telescoping Boom Lift, Drott 650 A1
                                                                                                                         Straddle-Type Mobile Lifting Crane, (7) JLG 600s 60’ Telescoping Boom Lifts, Genie Z-20/8 26' Narrow Aisle Articulated Boom
                                                                                                                         Electric Manlift, ERMC Mesh Bender (2004), 20 HP Rebar Bender, Trailers, Forklifts To 18,000-Lb., Pick Up And Crew Trucks,
                                                                                                                         SUV, And Miscellaneous Equipment
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Regional Farmers & Ranchers                                       3/17/2010 CIH 8870 Swather, 2NH780 Balers, 2-1460 Combines, 2 JD 1000 Field Cult, 81 Ford Truck, Brent 420 Grain Cart, Krause 5200           NE       USA
                                                                                                                         MinTill Drill, 1150 Grinder, Hay, Lvstk Equip
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       KAHRE BROTHERS, INC.                                              3/16/2010 Featuring: OKUMA CNC Vertical Machining Centers, OKUMA CNC Turning Centers, CNC EDM's, CNC Mills, CNC Jig Mill, CNC                IN       USA
                                                                                                                         Lathe, Toolroom, Grinding, Inspection
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       DANVILLE INDUSTRIAL SURPLUS                                       3/17/2010 Featuring: Trucks, Trailers, Lift Trucks, Fabricating, Machine Tools, Material Handling, Pallet Racking, Scrap                     KY       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       DJO, INC.                                                         3/18/2010 Featuring: Late Model HEM Saw, Model VT120HA-60, Shear, Ironworker, Toolroom, Welders, Air Compressors, Powder Paint               TN       USA
                                                                                                                         System, Several Lift Trucks to 13,500-lb. Capacity, Broderson Crane, Distributing/Warehousing Equipment, Lots of Late Model
                                                                                                                         Office Furniture
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       B & B Quality Tool                                                3/16/2010 AUTOMATIC SURFACE GRINDERS, HAND SURFACE GRINDERS, LATHES, CNC VERTICAL MILLS, VERTICAL MILLS, HORIZONTAL                          OH       USA
                                                                                                                         MILLS, UNIVERSAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDER, COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE, VERTICAL BAND SAW, HORIZONTAL BAND
                                                                                                                         SAW, H-FRAME HYDRAULIC SHOP PRESS
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Modern Farm Equipment                                             3/15/2010 2 to 3 yr old JD round baler,tractor & tillage equip., NH discbine, Walinger Vac                                                   NJ       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Phoenix Formations, Inc.                                          3/18/2010 Featuring: Komo VR512 CNC Router (New 2005), Gerber 408 CNC Router (New 2001), 10' SCMI Sigma 90 CNC Panel Saw                     OH       USA
                                                                                                                         (New 1999), SCMI K203 Edge Bander (New 1997), Panel, Table & Band Saws, Sanders, Jointers, Planers, Laminate Machines,
                                                                                                                         Dust Collectors, Paint Booths to 12' X 24', Hazardous Material Storage Building, Toolroom Machinery, Fabricating & Welding
                                                                                                                         Equipment, 12' X 30' Mezzanine, Air Compressors, Inventory, (5) LP & Electric Lift Trucks, GMC Truck, Huge Quantity
                                                                                                                         Extremely Late Model Shop, Office & Computer Equipment.
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Prototype/Fabricating Facility                                    3/15/2010 Excess equipment no longer needed in the continuing operations of a Prototype/Fabricating Facility                                 MI       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       2006 Sakai SV505T Pad-Foot Roller in Round Rock, TX               3/15/2010 2006 Sakai SV505T Pad-Foot Roller                                                                                                  TX       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Caterpillar, Clark, and Nissan Forklifts Located in WI, MS, and   3/16/2010 (3) Caterpillar Forklifts, (1) Clark Forklift, (1) Nissan Forklift                                                                 WI       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Industrial Equipment From Hubbell in Christiansburg, VA           3/16/2010 Drill Presses, Steam Coils, Electrical Fuses, Pallet Jacks, Fork Trucks, Turret Press, Band Saw, Powered Conveyor, Trash Bins,     VA       USA
                                                                                                                         Dust Collector
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Appliance Distributor Liquidation - Richmond, Virginia            3/16/2010 Forklifts, Appliances, Parts & More - Internet Only                                                                                VA       USA
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Atlas Copco ZR-275 Screw Compressors in Kentucky                  3/26/2010 Qty. (2) Atlas Copco ZR-275-8, 6-60 , Electronikon Control System                                                                  TN       USA
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Big Iron                                                          3/24/2010 Farm Equipment                                                                                                                    N.A.      USA
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   2004 Extec 8x30 Portable Trommel                                  3/24/2010 2004 Extec 8x30 Portable Trommel                                                                                                   VA       USA

Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Zee Technologies INC                                           3/26/2010 Nelmor 75 hp grinder with 5 hp blowers, Cyclone on stand , Multiton electric pallet jack 3500 lb capacity , 5' industrial ladder ,    OH       USA
                                                                                                                      Recylce center with 3 stations for sorting
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       DSA - Heavy Equipment Construction                             3/20/2010 Heavy Equipment                                                                                                                       IN       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Hi-Pro International                                           3/25/2010 Metal Fabrication, Saws & Drill Press, Welders, Paint Booth and Oven, Sky Light Inventory and Forming , Office Equipment &            TN       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Global Automation Company                                      3/23/2010 CNC TURRET PUNCH PRESS: Murata Wiedemann Centrum 3000/Q CNC Turret Punch Press, CNC PLASMA CUTTER: C & G                              MI       USA
                                                                                                                      Systems Challenger CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, SHEARS: AccurShear 837512 .375” (3/8”) x 12' Hydraulic Power Squaring
                                                                                                                      Shear (1999); Cincinnati 2CC12 1/2” x 12' Mechanical Power Squaring Shear; (2) Sets - 12' Shear Blades, PRESS BRAKES:
                                                                                                                      Cincinnati 230CB x 12FT 230-Ton Hydraulic Press Brake; Cincinnati 175CB x 10FT 175 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake; Whitney
                                                                                                                      Jensen 10' x 16 Gauge Hand Bending Brake; Quantity of Press Brake Dies, IRONWORKER: Mubea Systems / IMT-Holding BV
                                                                                                                      HIW 550/510 Hydraulic Ironworker (1997), BENDING ROLLS: Lown 600 6' & Morgan Rushworth 4' Initial Type Bending Rolls,
                                                                                                                      SAWS: Hyd-Mech & DoAll Metal Cutting Bandsaws; Scotchman Miter Cut Cold Saw; Lockformer 24” Vertical Bandsaw, SEAM
                                                                                                                      WELDER: Jetline Engineering Horizontal Seam Welder, ROLLFORMING: Lockformer & Tin Knocker Sheet Metal Edge Rollforming
                                                                                                                      Machines, HYDRAULIC CRANE: Broderson IC-70-1A 6-Ton Hydraulic Carry-Deck Crane, FORKLIFTS: (5) Clark, Caterpillar, &
                                                                                                                      Yale Forklifts To 7,725-Lb., STEEL INVENTORY: Mild Steel & Stainless; Sheet & Structural Field Service Installation Tools &
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Aldin Industrial Installations                                 3/25/2010 Articulating Boom Lifts, Scissor Lifts, Forklifts, Welders & Equipment, Saws, Pipe Threaders, Transformers, Electrical Supplies,      ON     Canada
                                                                                                                      Conduit & Wire, Huge Quantity of Hand Tools, Industrial Building Supplies, Scaffolding, Job Boxes, Rigging Equipment,
                                                                                                                      Machinery Dollies, Hydraulic Jacks, Huge quantity of Contractors Equipment. Plus Much More
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Skidsteer, Tractor Loader and Forklifts From WestPoint Home in 3/30/2010 Skid Steers Loaders , Forklifts & Order Pickers , Rotary Cutters , Swing Reaches                                                      AL       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       FORD Bucket Truck With 65 ft Boom & INTERNATIONAL With         3/30/2010 1997 FORD FT900 Bucket Truck with 65' HI-RANGER Boom , 1989 INTERNATIONAL S1900 with ALTEC Digger Derrick                             AL       USA
                                             ALTEC Digger Derrick in Alabama
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Skid Steer Loader, Dump Trucks, Concrete Tools, Sewing         3/31/2010 1999 NEW HOLLAND LX565 Skid Steer Loader , 1988 MACK Tri Axle Dump Truck , 1998 HUDSON 18' Equipment Trailer , 2002                   PA       USA
                                             Accessories, Ceramic Accessories - Right of Way Acquisition in           DODGE Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab Pickup Truck , 1994 FORD F450 Super Duty Diesel Dump Truck , Concrete Tools and
                                             Pennsylvania                                                             Equipment , Sewing Accessories , Ceramic Accessories , Residential Double Wide Mobile Home

Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Concrete Barriers in Rockford, Illinois                           4/1/2010 10 Ft. Concrete Barriers (Quantity 9)                                                                                               IL       USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Auction 100326A - Bidding Extended - Atlas Copco ZR-275           4/1/2010 Qty. (2) Atlas Copco ZR-275-8, 6-60 , Electronikon Control System                                                                   TN       USA
                                             Screw Compressors in Tennessee
                                                                 LIQUIDATION OF ASSETS MONITORED BY ACCUVAL ASSOCIATES, INCORPORATED
Industry                                     Sale Name                                                           Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                          State    Country
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Atlas Copco Controllers, Nut Runner Units, & Centerline Air/Oil   4/2/2010 ATLAS COPCO Controllers and Nut Runner Units , CENTERLINE Air/Oil Weld Guns                                                            IL         USA
                                             Weld Guns in Chicago, IL
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Heavy Aggregate Equipment                                         3/29/2010 Heavy Aggregate Equipment by Secured Party. Cat D7E Dozer, Pioneer 35s Crusher, Conveyors, Dodge 1 Ton 4 x 4, Miller               MN            USA
                                                                                                                         Bobcat 250 Welder, Genset 150KW Cat with Ttrailer, All Sells ABSOLUTE
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Electronic Manufacturing Exchange #124                            3/31/2010 Electronic Manufacturing Equipment Auction: (300+) Lots of Quality Test & Measurement, Solar Panel & Disk Drive                    N.A.      North America
                                                                                                                         Manufacturing, PCB / SMT, and Semiconductor Equipment from Honeywell, AMD, JDSU, Philips, and many more
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   MerryChef SDN BHD – Automated Bottle/Jar Filling Line             3/31/2010 An online auction for a automated bottle/jar filling line and related equipment.                                                   N.A.       Malaysia
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Electronic Manufacturing Exchange #124 - Asia-Pacific             4/1/2010 Electronic Manufacturing Equipment Auction of Bundle of used Feeders and Spare Parts (not used) of Siemens and Fuji.                N.A.      South Korea
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Spring Hudsonville Fairgrounds                                    3/27/2010 This is our annual March equipment auction. Be a part of one of the largest auctions in the State! Quality consignments             MI          USA
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   PCB Manufacturing Facilities (2)                                  3/30/2010 Illinois - 2006 Mania LOC 8 Flying Probe Tester 2004 Mania Speedy 580 Flying Probe Tester TTI DS/DD Grid Tester OEM 140          IL & NC        USA
                                                                                                                         ton 4-Opening 30x30” Vacuum Press Barco Argos 850 AOI Quicksilver HASL System Colight & ORC Exposure Printers
                                                                                                                         Dynachem 1500B Cut Sheet Laminator Excellon Mark V, Mark VI, and EX-200 Drills & Routers Plating & Waste Treatment
                                                                                                                         Complete Lab Ovens Forklift Plant Support & Much More
                                                                                                                         North Carolina - ATG A3 8 Probe Flying Probe Tester Excellon Mark VI, EX-300, and EX-200 Drills & Routers Telemec 13.9
                                                                                                                         Scoring Machine Gerber Crescent 30 Laser Photo Plotter Chemcut Wet Process Plating & Waste Treatment Complete Lab Ovens
                                                                                                                         Forklift Plant Support & Much More
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       CONSTRUCTION/FARM EQUIP CONSIGNMENT AUCTION                       3/27/2010 CONSTRUCTION/FARM EQUIP                                                                                                             IN           USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Equipment Auction                                                 3/27/2010 ATV's, Construction Equipment, Farm, Tractors, Trucks & Trailer.                                                                    FL           USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Kaltenberg Seed Farms INC.                                        3/31/2010 Large line of farm machinery and equipment used in producing seed corn. Full list @ Onsite starting @            WI           USA
                                                                                                                         8:30 AM Central; Live-online bidding on selected items @ 11:00 AM Central.
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Rollco CNC Solutions                                              3/30/2010 Large Capacity MAZAK Machining & Turning Facility                                                                                  ON            USA
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Large Construction Equipment & Utility Fleet - FL                 3/27/2010 Construction Equipment, Utility Equipment, Trucks, Trailer, Light Duty Vehicles & Tools.                                            FL           USA
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   Large Construction Equipment & Utility Fleet - MA                 3/27/2010 Construction Equipment, Utility Equipment, Trucks, Trailer, Light Duty Vehicles & Tools.                                            FL           USA
Manufacturing:   Machinery   Manufacturing   NW Iowa Ag, Farm & Construction Equipment Auction                 3/27/2010 Larchwood, IA-MAC to host auction featuring used farm & construction equipment, trucks, trailers, tractors, loaders, grain          IA           USA
                                                                                                                         wagons, flatbeds, forklifts & a host of other equipment & miscellaneous lots.
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Glen Jones Estate Auction                                         3/27/2010 TRACTORS-FARM EQUIPMENT-TRUCKS-TOOLS-SHOP EQUIPMENT-MISC                                                                            KY           USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Farm & Heavy Equipment Auction                                    3/27/2010 Excavator, dozer, pallet chipper, dump truck, semi-tractor, trailers, farm tractors, haying and field machinery, vehicles, boat,   MN            USA
                                                                                                                         NEW 30'x40' building package, Plus more
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       CAPITOL TOOL AND DIE COMPANY                                      3/30/2010 FEATURES: HAAS VF-9 (with all options), FADAL VMC-40-20, FADAL VMC-15, Fanuc WIRE EDM, M/N OIA, Large selection of                  TN           USA
                                                                                                                         Milling, Boring, Grinding, Machines.. (2) Presses, 750 Ton Bliss & 250 Ton Bay City. ForkTrucks, Vehicles, plant support equip.

Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Unreserved Farm Machinery Retirement Auction                      3/30/2010 Tractors, Harvest Equipment, Farm Machinery                                                                                           KS         USA
                                                                                                                         , Trucks & Trailers, Miscellaneous
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Large Collection of Unused & Used Industrial and Petroleum        3/8/2010 55 sub lots of Mad Dog, 16 sub lots of Holstein                                                                                        TX         USA
                                             Equipment in Texas
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Perrone Group                                                     3/10/2010 By Order of Perrone Group, Outstanding Offering of Sheet Fed, Digital, Web and Envelope Printing Presses. Complete Plant              MA         USA
                                                                                                                         Closure, Including: Bindery, Mail Department, Pre Press, Warehouse, Office, etc.
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Snub Secure Inc.                                                  3/17/2010 2007 FREIGHTLINER Tandem Axle / Tri Axle, s/n 1FVPALAV3727DX29597, 98,245 km, Snubbing Unit Cat C15 Acert Engine,                     AB        Canada
                                                                                                                         Eaton Fuller 18 Speed Transmission, Front Tires 315/80R22.55 - Aluminum Buds - 70% 40,000 LB Axles, Rear Tires 11R24 5
                                                                                                                         – Aluminum Buds - 75%, 54.000 LB Axles, Airliner Air Ride Suspension, c/w Model 62 - 50,000 Snubbing Unit, 62' Mast,
                                                                                                                         50,000 LB Static Hook Load, Traveling Head, Heavy & Light Slips, 4 Hyd. Motors, 790 L Accumulator, 2 – Pipe Handling
                                                                                                                         Winches, 1 Hyd. Working Winch, Hyd. Tongs [LS4]
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Reed Parker, Inc.                                                 3/16/2010 Featuring: 18” X 26” Sakurai Oliver OL466SIP 4-Color Perfecting Press (2002), 13” X 18” Heidelberg QM46-2 Press (2001), 20”           IL         USA
                                                                                                                         X 28” Sakurai Oliver 272EP 2-Color Press (1993), (3) Paper Cutters to 45” (New As 2003), Theisen Bonitz 15-Pocket Collator /
                                                                                                                         Stitcher (2002), Harris 6-Pocket Saddle Stitcher, Danippon Screen PT-8800 Laser Imager w/ Loader (2006), AGFA 93171
                                                                                                                         Imager (2003), (3) Proof Printers to 45” (New As 2006) Related Pre-Press Equipment, Heidelberg QB200E Perfect Binder
                                                                                                                         (2001), Buskro Ink Jet Machine, MBO & Baum Folders, Wisconsin Plate Oven, Shanklin Packaging System (1998), Shop,
                                                                                                                         Support & Office Equipment
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Exceptional Offshore and Industrial Equipment Located in          3/18/2010 Stainless Steel Valves and Panels, Production and Completion Equipment, Materials Handling Equipment, Oil and Gas                     TX         USA
                                             Houston, TX                                                                 Equipment, Industrial Equipment, Cargo/Equipment Wire Rope Slings, Pipe Bolsters, Shipping from Houston, TX area.
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Newman Whitney Machinery Company, Inc.                            3/25/2010 Featuring: MORI SEIKI MB -16/38 3-Axis Portal Gantry Machining Center with 47” x 126” Table, (5) Machining Centers                    NC         USA
                                                                                                                         including MORI SEIKI 65/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center with #50 Taper and 30” x 67” Table Size, MILLTRONICS RM30 CNC
                                                                                                                         Vertical Machining Center with 24” x 66” Table and 8000 RPM – mfg. 2006, (1) MORI SEIKI SL 25/MC/1000 CNC Turning/
                                                                                                                         Milling Center with 20 ½” Swing by 45” Centers, (1) MAZAK M5 CNC Flat Bed Lathe, (2) Vertical Boring Mills including a NILES
                                                                                                                         100” with (2) Ram Heads, BULLARD 54” Vertical Boring Mill, (5) Horizontal Boring Mills including GIDDINGS & LEWIS 6” CNC
                                                                                                                         Table Type, 5” Floor Type, (1) GIDDINGS & LEWIS 4” and (2) LUCAS 3” and 4” Table Types, Boring Mill Accessories including
                                                                                                                         Floor Plates, T-Slotted Plates, Angle Plates, R.P. Milling ATT with 50 Taper, LUCAS 23” Facing Head, (7) Surface Grinders
                                                                                                                         including a MATTISON 30” x 96”, BLANCHARD #18 – 36”, (4) Cylindrical Grinders including a NORTON 16” x 120”, (4) Internal
                                                                                                                         Grinders including HEALD and CINCINNATI, (20) Tool and Cutter and Double End Grinders, (7) Belt Sanders, Drum Sander, (3)
                                                                                                                         Planer Mills including a GIDDINGS & LEWIS 120” x 84” x 24”, (3) Planers Up to 48” x 22’, (4) Horizontal Mills, (7) Vertical Mills,
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       350 Gallon Carbon Steel Liquid Supertainers in Virginia           3/30/2010 350 Gallon Carbon Steel Liquid Supertainers in Virginia                                                                               VA         USA
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       Printing Equipment                                                4/1/2010 Printing Eq: 5c Komori'90, web presses, Titan thermal oxidizer, bindery, balers, shredder, prepress, phone sys, Captor 4800            CA         USA
                                                                                                                         sweeeper/scrubber, compressors etc!
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       European Panel Products                                           3/30/2010 major cnc veneer & coating facility                                                                                                   CA         USA

Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       San Francisco Public Utilities Commission                         3/8/2010 4 Never Used GE LM 6000 Sprint Turbine Generators                                                                                      CA         USA

Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       LOREN COOK Model 32CVB Centri-Vane Aluminum Inline Duct           3/11/2010 LOREN COOK Model 32CVB Centri-Vane Aluminum Inline Duct Blower Belt Drive Fan (no motor)                                              OH         USA
                                             Blower Belt Drive Fan (no motor) in Ohio
Manufacturing: Machinery Manufacturing       F L Smithe Machine Company                                        3/25/2010 Cincinnati/Niagara shear and brakes, Devlieg CNC Jig Mills, (4) OKK vertical machining centers, Okuma turning center, Mazak 3- PA                USA
                                                                                                                         axis laser, Hurco CNC machining centers, cylindrical grinders, gear equipment, inspection, toolroom, mobile equipment and
                                                                                                                         much more
Manufacturing: Miscellaneous Manufacturing   Wilson Sporting Goods                                             3/23/2010 Fadal VMC6030 CNC Vertical Machining Center, Tof Horizontal Boring Mill, Chevalier Automatic Surface Grinder, (15) Newbury     TN                USA
                                                                                                                         V9-150 Injection Molding Machines, LeRoi 450 Hp Rotary Air Compressor, Ingersoll Rand 100 Hp Rotary Air Compressor, Pad
                                                                                                                         Printing Equipment, Automated Packaging Line, Automated Test Equipment, Urathan & Paint Line, Mills, Lathes, Grinders,
                                                                                                                         Saws, Air Handlers, (12) Forklifts, $500,000.00 Evaluation of Repair Parts & Inventory,
Manufacturing: Miscellaneous Manufacturing   JJ Creations                                                      3/18/2010 Continous Casting, Inductotherm Induction Melter, Rolling & Slitting Machines, Tube Forming, Annealing Frunaces, Plus Much     NY                USA
                                                                LIQUIDATION OF ASSETS MONITORED BY ACCUVAL ASSOCIATES, INCORPORATED
Industry                                      Sale Name                                                   Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                           State   Country
Manufacturing: Nonmetallic Mineral Products   Creative Touch Interiors                                  3/23/2010 CNC Water Jets, Gantry Bridge Stone Saws, Edge Detailing and Polishing Machines, Filter Presses, Dust Collection,                AZ             USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     Woodworking , Material Handling
Manufacturing: Nonmetallic Mineral Products   St. Gobain                                                3/17/2010 Complete Plant with over 1100 lots, Fadal CNC machining center, (30) CZ induction heated crystal grow stations, HCT wire        WA              USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     saws (as new as 2001), DTW wire saws year - 2007, polishers, lappers, welders, testing equipment, lathes, Bridgeport milling
                                                                                                                  machines, slicers, Countinious power supplies, lab equipment, towmotors, office equipment and much more
Manufacturing: Nonmetallic Mineral Products   Diamond Wheel Industries, Inc.                            3/18/2010 TOOLROOM LATHES, SPEED LATHES, COMPRESSION MOLDING PRESSES, UNIVERSAL CYLINDRICAL GRINDER, HEAT TREAT                            MI             USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     OVENS, AIR COMPRESSORS, H-FRAME HYDRAULIC SHOP PRESSES, HORIZONTAL BAND SAW, MISCELLANEOUS MACHINERY
Manufacturing: Paper Products Manufacturing   Caltex Holdings, L.P.                                     3/25/2010 Major Paper Mill & Paper Recycling Facility Closing Featuring: (3) Newsprint Paper Machines; Winders; Roll Wrapping Systems;     TX             USA
                                                                                                                  Truck Dump; Drum Pulper; Clarifier; Disc Filters; Roll Grinder; 2,000 KW Portable Generator; Power Generation Turbines;
                                                                                                                  Boilers; Electric Motors up to 12,000 HP; Valves; Pumps; Gear
Manufacturing: Plastics & Rubber Products     SCIOTO PLASTICS, LLC                                      3/10/2010 PLASTIC BLOW MOLDING PLANT, (8) 1992-2000 STERLING BLOW MOLDERS, 8-30# SINGLE & DUAL HEADS, ROTATIONAL &                        OH              USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     INJECTION MOLDERS, BLENDERS-GRANULATORS-CHILLERS-PUMPS, COMPRESSORS-FORKLIFTS-PLANT-OFFICES
Manufacturing: Plastics & Rubber Products     Starplast and Crown Plastics, Inc                         3/18/2010 Lawn Furniture, Food Storage, Laundry Baskets, Beverage Storage, Drinkware, Storage Boxes, Planters, Hangers, Buckets,           FL             USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     Bowls, Cutlery, Chairs, Lawn & Garden
Manufacturing: Plastics & Rubber Products     Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.                      3/23/2010 WALDRICH COBURG (2000) MC 3500 AT-M3 6 axis CNC portal type machining center; MAZAK (1998) MEGA TURN A16MC CNC                  ON            Canada
Manufacturing                                                                                                     twin pallet vertical turning and horizontal milling center; MAZAK (2004) INT-1060V8 5 axis CNC twin pallet vertical turning and
                                                                                                                  horizontal milling center with (6) 31.5" x 31.5" pallet shuttle system; WFL (2003) M60 x 4500mm 5 axis CNC combination
                                                                                                                  turning and milling center; MAZAK INTEGREX 35 and 40 CNC combination turning and milling centers; (3) MAKINO A-77 and
                                                                                                                  MCB 1210 CNC 4 axis twin pallet HMC’s; (2) ZAYER (1997) 30KCU 14000 CNC traveling column ram type universal milling and
                                                                                                                  boring machines; (2) DMG DECKEL MAHO (2006 & 2007) 160U duoBLOCK 5-axis universal machining centers (located offsite in
                                                                                                                  SINGAPORE, contact office for more details); (3) YASDA (2006) YBM-950VIII CNC high precision jig borers (located offsite in
                                                                                                                  SINGAPORE, contact office for more details); KASTO (1997) HBA 320/420PL hydraulic tilting horizontal bandsaw with material
                                                                                                                  storage and retrieval system; TRUMPF (2005) TC L6050 CNC 5000 WATT flying optic laser with material storage, retrieval, and
                                                                                                                  loading system; CINCINNATI (1997) 750AF AUTOFORM CNC 24' x 750 ton hydraulic press brake; SCHLICK (1998) ROTO-JET
Manufacturing: Plastics & Rubber Products     DANA Calatayud - Spain                                    3/30/2010 High quality injection moulding machines and equipment                                                                          N.A.           Spain
Manufacturing: Plastics & Rubber Products     Renosol                                                   3/31/2010 Hitachi drill w/box, model - D10VH , DeWalt 7" angle grinder, model - D28474 , Makita battery powered saw, model - 4390D ,             SC       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     B & D drill, 1/2", model - DR550 , Westward 1/2" air ratchet, brand new in box , TIF Photoelectric Tachometer and Sperry
                                                                                                                  outlet circuit tester , Thermal Dynamics Pak Master 38XL plasma cutter, model - PM38XL Serial No. E91878A192001D

Manufacturing: Plastics & Rubber Products     Green Crest Industries Ltd.                               3/31/2010 Complete contents of their Plastic Extrusion Facility                                                                                  ON     Canada
Manufacturing: Primary Metal Manufacturing    Automotive Aluminum Extrusion and Forging Facility        3/30/2010 This major automotive aluminum extrusion and forging facility has sent in truckloads of Equipment, Tooling and MRO, Higlights          MI       USA
                                              Liquidation                                                         include a Kaeser 600HP Rotary Screw air compressor, Cincinnati 10' shear, Case Skid Steer loader, Brand new Allen Bradley
                                                                                                                  components, tool room machinery, specialty aluminum billet processing equipment, hand tools, power tools, perishable tools,
                                                                                                                  cabinets filled with tooling, brand new motors etc
Manufacturing: Primary Metal Manufacturing    Aleris Aluminum Canada L.P.                               3/9/2010 World-Class Aluminum Sheet Rolling Mill Facility                                                                                        QB     Canada
                                                                                                                  Specializing in the Production of Bare and Clad Aluminum Strip for the Manufacturing of Automotive Heat Exchangers - Over
                                                                                                                  5000 Lots - Featuring United, Hunter, Mesta & Achenbach Cold Mills, Reycan & Achenbach Foil Mills, MIDI, Schmutz, Stamco &
                                                                                                                  Kampf Slitters & Separators - Including Patents - Intellectual Property
                                                                                                                  PLEASE NOTE: Day 1 will be conducted as an ONSITE only auction (no webcast)
                                                                                                                  Day 2 bidding requires a deposit.
Manufacturing: Printing                       GROUP 7500                                                3/16/2010 KBA Scitex 74K 4-Color Digital Press (1999), Hewlett Packard Indigo 1000 6-Color Press (2004), Mathias Bauerle Model CAS-52            MI       USA
                                                                                                                  Folder, Stahl Model F-50 Folder, Support Equipment, Shop Supplies and Office Equipment
Manufacturing: Printing                       Allprint Ainsworth Associates Inc.                        3/24/2010 (5) Heidelberg Presses: Speedmaster Model SM102-6-P3-L (1998), 72SPP (1989) 6-Colour, SM102-8-P3 5 8-Colour (1996),                    ON     Canada
                                                                                                                  102 ZPL 2-Colour (1989); GTO Single Colour
                                                                                                                  , Heidelberg Platen Presses: SBGZ 260008 22” x 30-1/4” & Platen 10" x 15", Plate Maker: 2005 Heidelberg Suprasetter 105
                                                                                                                  Xerox 2045 2000 Series Docucolour (2005)
                                                                                                                  , Wide Format Printers: Canon PROGRAPH IPF 8000S Tandem 44" 12-Colour; Xerox 8160 Colour (2008), Die Cutter/Embosser:
                                                                                                                  Koenig & Bauer Mabeg MA IV , Polar Mohr Paper Shears & Transfers: 137EMC-MON 54"; 115EMC-MON 45"; TRL30EP
                                                                                                                  Transformat/Lifter; Air Transfer Table; LW1000-4 Jogger; Lifter , Saddle Stitchers: Muller Martini Presto 1528.0417 8 Pocket
                                                                                                                  (1999); Heidelberg HS-270 Stitchmaster 4 Pocket (2001) , Bindery Equipment: Stahl Folders; (2) B-30 (2000-2001) w/ Right
                                                                                                                  Angles & Feeders, T50/4-NA; Stahl Pile Feeder, (2) In-Line Stackers, Knife Unit; Agrafix BC Wire Stitcher; PMC Die Cutter; (3)
                                                                                                                  Challenge 3 & 5 Head Drills; CMC Corner Rounder; (2) GBC Coil Binders; Much More, Pre Press: (14) MacIntosh G5, 2006 iMac
                                                                                                                  and Mini Computers; Kodak Polychrome AE 34 Plate Processor; HP Ink Mixing System; (3) Heidelberg Plate Punches;
                                                                                                                  Scanners; More Laminator: 1999 GBC F-60T Pro-Tech Parts & Accessories: Over $250,000.00 Cost in Heidelberg Parts
                                                                                                                  Large Inventory: Paper Stock; Inks; Solvents; etc. Plant Support: Kaeser Air Compressor & Dryer; Executive Office,
Manufacturing: Printing                       PREMERE COLOR CORPORATION                                 3/31/2010 PRINTING & MAILING PLANT, 2000 KOMORI L640 6 COLOR SHEET FED 1999 KOMORI L640 6 COLOR SHEET FED 2001                                   MA       USA
                                                                                                                  HEIDELBERG ST270 8-PKT SADDLESTITCHER, 2004 POLAR 115XT 45" PAPER CUTTER, POLAR 137EMC 54" PAPER CUTTER,
                                                                                                                  2008 FUJI FILM OCE ACUITY HD2504 F.B. PRINTER, (2) 2006 KIRK RUDY INK JET LABELLERS, 2006 XEROX NUVERA 100
                                                                                                                  DIGITAL PRINTER, XEROX DOCUCOLOR 5000 DIGITAL PRINTER, 1999 MBO B30C & 1998 MBO B26C FOLDERS, 2005 STAHL
                                                                                                                  1220E FOLDER, HAMADA PRESS-INSERTERS-GLUERS, BINDERY-PREPRESS-FORKLIFTS-PLANT
Manufacturing: Printing                       Pride Signs                                               3/17/2010 Complete Plant Closure of Sign Manufacturing Facility, Featuring: Metal Fabricating Equipment, Paint/Finishing Equipment,              NY       USA
                                                                                                                  Lamination Equipment, Material Handling Equipment and Plant Support.
Manufacturing: Transportation Equipment       Bestop, Inc                                               3/11/2010 HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: Bench Grinders • Miller Welders • Hobart Welders • Juki Box Tackers • Juki Sewing Machines • Heat                  CO       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     Stake Machines, SMT Bow Benders • Cosmo/Kabar Heat Seal Machines • Startrite Horizontal Band Saws • Lathes • Presses •
                                                                                                                  Bridgeport Milling Machines • Forklifts Stanley Stacker System • Air Press • Pallet Lifts • Set-up Tables • Bancroft Spot Welders
                                                                                                                  • Fire Roll-up Door • Lockers • Stanley Bostitch Box Stapler Baldor Motors • Office Cubicles • KO Lee Universal Grinders •
                                                                                                                  Sullair Air Compressor • Air Dryers • Air Tanks • Spanko Hoist System • Fabric Spreaders Powder Coat Cure and Dry Off Oven
                                                                                                                  • Pressure Washers and much more!
Manufacturing: Transportation Equipment       Major Automotive Stamping and Welding Assembly Facility   3/16/2010 Over (30) Stamping presses including (4) Verson and (2) Clearing 900 ton Stamping Presses, 144 x 90 bed size, Clearing 1200            MI       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                     ton Press, 180 x 96 bed, Clearing 1000 ton Stamping Press, 156 X 100 bed with Feed line, Clearing 500 ton Stamping Press
                                                                                                                  with Feed line, 186 x 108 bed, Over (25) Forklifts including Taylor 52,000lb Forklift, Silent Hoist 50,000lb Forklift, (20) CAT LP
                                                                                                                  Forklifts up to 15,000lb cap, Genie lifts, Case Model W18 Front End Loader, (2) Kaeser 250hp (1) Kaeser 200hp Air
                                                                                                                  Compressors with Dryers, low hours, (6) Overhead cranes up to 30 ton, Niagara 3/8" Shear, Dust Collectors, Die Separators,
                                                                                                                  G&L Boring Mill, Radial Drills, Tool room including. (5) Bridgeport Mills, Lathes, Drill Presses, Grinders, Mig Welders, 22-station
                                                                                                                  Roll Former, Comau Robots, Plant support equipment and much more
                                                                   LIQUIDATION OF ASSETS MONITORED BY ACCUVAL ASSOCIATES, INCORPORATED
Industry                                        Sale Name                                                           Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                         State   Country
Manufacturing: Transportation Equipment         Complete Car Painting Systems From a Major Automotive             3/25/2010 Phosphate System , E-Coat System , Sealer System , Primer System , Topcoat System , And Much More                                    AL       USA
Manufacturing                                   Manufacturer in Alabama
Manufacturing: Transportation Equipment         Setco Automotive (UK) Ltd                                         3/24/2010 Giddings & Lewis RAM 500 Twin Pallet Horizontal CNC Machining Centre                                                                N.A.      UK
Manufacturing: Transportation Equipment         Hesco Parts, LLC                                                  3/25/2010 CRANK SHAFT GRINDERS, CAM SHAFT GRINDERS, POLISHERS, AUTOMOTIVE HONES, CYLINDER BORING MACHINE, BORING                               KY       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                               BAR, SIM TESTER, CRANK SHAFT WELDER, SEAT AND GUIDE MACHINES, SURFACERS, REFACER, AUTOMATED STATOR WAVE
                                                                                                                            WINDER, CNC HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER, COORDINATE MEASURING MACHINE, TOOL ROOM HONES, LAPPING
                                                                                                                            MACHINE, C-FRAME HYDRAULIC PRESS, MISCELLANEOUS AUTOMOTIVE MACHINERY
Manufacturing:   Transportation Equipment       Accuchiller, Single & Dual Coil Reels, Conveyor, CNC Lathe        3/30/2010 THERMAL CARE Accuchiller , COE Single Coil Reel , LEWCO Conveyor , COE Dual Coil Reel , OKUMA SIMULTURN 4-Axis CNC                   OH       USA
Manufacturing                                   From Federal Mogul in Van Wert, OH                                          Lathe
Manufacturing:   Transportation Equipment       Liquidation 100325B - Complete Car Painting Systems From a        4/2/2010 Phosphate System , E-Coat System , Sealer System , Primer System , Topcoat System , And Much More                                     AL       USA
Manufacturing                                   Major Automotive Manufacturer in Alabama
Manufacturing:   Transportation Equipment       Sea Ray Boat's Riverview Plant                                    3/24/2010 Paint Booths, Dust Collection, Vacuum Systems, Lifting Equipment, Woodworking Equipment, Metalworking Equipment, Cut &               TN       USA
Manufacturing                                                                                                               Sew, Boat Manufacturing, Support Equipment
Manufacturing:   Wood Products Manufacturing    Norco Norwood Sash & Door - Day 2                                 3/10/2010 Featuring: (2) Alpine CNC Linear Saws (To 2006), MiTek CNC Sheathing Saw (2006), BAMC Fully Automatic Door Machine                   OH       USA
                                                                                                                            (2004), Roller Presses & Tables, MiTek 7000000/4000 CNC Truss Saws, Truss Machinery, Merrick CNC Stair Router, KVAL Door
                                                                                                                            Assembly Machine, Ruvo Casing Saw, Ruvo Stair Clamp, Norfield Jamb Routers, Norfield Door Machinery, Triad Ruvo Stapling
                                                                                                                            Bridge, IBS Framing Table, Midwest Sandrite Wide Belt Sander (2005), Saws of All Types, Dust Collectors, Air Compressors,
                                                                                                                            Modular Storage Buildings, 2004 International Box Truck, 1995 Freightliner Road Tractor, Flat Bed & Pick Up Trucks to 2005,
                                                                                                                            (3) ASI Wabash Extending Truss Trailers, Other Truss Trailers, (2) Broderson Carry Deck Cranes, 2004 Bobcat Excavator, 2002
                                                                                                                            Bobcat Skid Steer, Genie Snorkel Lift, John Deere Gator, (6) Lift Trucks of All Types to 12,000 Lb Capacity, Late Model Shop,
                                                                                                                            Support & Office Equipment
Manufacturing: Wood Products Manufacturing      Norco Norwood Sash & Door - Day 1                                 3/9/2010 Featuring: (2) Alpine CNC Linear Saws (To 2006), MiTek CNC Sheathing Saw (2006), BAMC Fully Automatic Door Machine                    OH       USA
                                                                                                                            (2004), Roller Presses & Tables, MiTek 7000000/4000 CNC Truss Saws, Truss Machinery, Merrick CNC Stair Router, KVAL Door
                                                                                                                            Assembly Machine, Ruvo Casing Saw, Ruvo Stair Clamp, Norfield Jamb Routers, Norfield Door Machinery, Triad Ruvo Stapling
                                                                                                                            Bridge, IBS Framing Table, Midwest Sandrite Wide Belt Sander (2005), Saws of All Types, Dust Collectors, Air Compressors,
                                                                                                                            Modular Storage Buildings, 2004 International Box Truck, 1995 Freightliner Road Tractor, Flat Bed & Pick Up Trucks to 2005,
                                                                                                                            (3) ASI Wabash Extending Truss Trailers, Other Truss Trailers, (2) Broderson Carry Deck Cranes, 2004 Bobcat Excavator, 2002
                                                                                                                            Bobcat Skid Steer, Genie Snorkel Lift, John Deere Gator, (6) Lift Trucks of All Types to 12,000 Lb Capacity, Late Model Shop,
                                                                                                                            Support & Office Equipment

Manufacturing: Wood Products Manufacturing      Jerry G. Williams & Sons Lumber, Inc.                             3/6/2010 2004 BREWER SCRAGG • (2) 2004 BREWER GANGS • FORKLIFTS • LOGGING EQUIPMENT • (2) LOG MERCHANDISING                                    NC       USA
                                                                                                                            SYSTEMS • TRUCKS & TRAILERS • SURPLUS EQUIPMENT •
Manufacturing: Wood Products Manufacturing      Comar Enterprises, Inc.                                           3/13/2010 •(2) WOODMIZER MILLS • WOODMIZER E430 EDGER • FULGHUM CHIPPER• • HOLTEC PACKAGE SAW • CAT IT28G •                                    VA       USA
Manufacturing: Wood Products Manufacturing      Arbor Processing Inc                                              3/20/2010 Complete Sawmill and Shavings Mill Operation                                                                                         SC       USA
Manufacturing: Wood Products Manufacturing      Northeast Wood Products, Inc.                                     3/25/2010 Complete Saw Mill (2) Self-Contained Portable Dry Kilns Volvo Wheel Loader Molders and Rip Saws Sanders and Planers                  VT       USA
                                                                                                                            Wood Hog and Chipper Forklift and Material Handling Equipment Thousands of Board Feet Kiln-Dried Finished Hard and Soft
                                                                                                                            Wood Product, Rough Cut Wood, Logs
Manufacturing: Wood Products Manufacturing      RA Miller Hardwoods                                               3/31/2010 COMPLETE HARDWOOD MANUFACTURING PLANT WITH EXTENSIVE DRIED HARDWOOD INVENTORY                                                        NY       USA
Manufacturing: Wood Products Manufacturing      Bolivar Wood Products                                             3/27/2010 Kobalt Air Compressor 60 Gallon, Drill Press, Acme Carbide Saw Sharpener, Lincoln 250 Welder, Cabinet W/Contents, Cabinet            TN       USA
                                                                                                                            W/Contents, Space Heater, Steel Bench W/Vise and Grinder, Powerwasher, Pipe Holder, Air Jack, Kobalt Air Compressor 60
                                                                                                                            Gallon New Never Installed, 3 Fire Extinguishers, Gas Cans, Greae Pump and Barrel Pump, Misc. Pieces of Steel Sheets, Steel
                                                                                                                            Roll Door, Toyota Forklift for Parts, 7 Tires and Wheels, Suction Blower 96” W/100 HP Electric Motor includes Piping, Phelps
                                                                                                                            Suction Blower 36” W/40HP Electric Motor W/Pipe to Cyclone, 14’ Cyclone and Stand, Phelps Suction Blower 36” W/15HP
                                                                                                                            Electric Motor and Wide Diverter Pipe, Challanger Series 200 Grinder 50 HP Electric Motor W/Hopper and Controls, Belt
                                                                                                                            Conveyor 24” X 30’ W/Drive, 14 Unit Chip Bin W/Cyclone and Hydraulic Unit, Cornell 4 Strand Lumber Package Deck 10’ X 15’,
                                                                                                                            Winston 5 Strand Pit Unscrambler, Transfer Deck 4 Strand Transfer Deck, Transformer 75 KVA, Transformer 75 KVA, Misc.
                                                                                                                            Starters and Disconnects, 30 HP Starter, Cornell Powered Rolls 12” X 40’ W/4”rolls, Cornell Hydraulic Chopsaw W/Waste
                                                                                                                            Conveyor, Cab, Controls, 20’ Infeed and 30’ Outfeed Powered Rolls W/2 Air Stops, Powered Rollcase 12” X 12’ W/4” Rolls,
Mining, Quarrying and Oil & Gas Extraction      5/8 Grade D Norris Sucker Rods Offered by BP                      3/11/2010 500 each 5/8" Grade D Norris Sucker Rods (25 foot lengths)                                                                           KS       USA
Mining, Quarrying and Oil & Gas Extraction      BP GoM; 23 spools of electrical cable, various gauges;            4/1/2010 (23) spools of electrical cable, various gauges, lengths unknown                                                                      TX       USA
                                                Location: ASCO 1755 Federal Road, Houston, TX 77015
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services   Elastometric Fire Fighting Facepiece From ATK in Beltsville, MD   3/24/2010 Elastometric Fire Fighting Facepiece                                                                                                 MD       USA
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services   Online Auction Sale - Hollywood Tans                              3/11/2010 Tanning Salon Equipment & Fixtures, (11) Tanning Booths, Spray Tan Booth, Fixtures, Service Counters, Office Equipment               FL       USA
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services   POWER PACKAGING                                                   3/9/2010 Reverse Osmosis and Water Treatment Systems, Hot Fill Pasteurization Systems and Mix Systems, 10-24 OZ. PET Filling Line -            PA       USA
                                                                                                                            Installed New 2001, 64 Oz. PET Filling Line, 16, 20, and 32 0z. Round Bottle PET Filling Line, 43 Mm Cap Size
Professional, Scientific & Technical Services   MN Commercial Turf, Golf Course & Landscape Equipment             3/27/2010 Commercial, Z-Turns and Out Front Rotary Mowers, Consumer Mowers, Fairway Mowers, Greens, Tee and Trim Mowers, Wide                  MN       USA
                                                Consignment Auction                                                         Area Mowers. Aerators, Seeders, Rakes, Spreaders, Sweepers, Chippers, 3 pt. Equipment, Miscellaneous. Compact and Utility
                                                                                                                            Tractors, Mini Excavators, Skid Loaders, Attachments. Utility Vehicles, Golf Cars, Trucks, Trailers. Trees
Real Estate                                     Heavy Load Warehouse Racking From Snap-on in Poway, CA            3/24/2010 Heavy Load Warehouse Racking                                                                                                         CA       USA
Rental & Leasing                                Comm. of VA, Sunbelt Rentals & Others – Richmond, VA              3/15/2010 Tools, Support Equipment, Attachments & More!                                                                                        VA       USA
Rental & Leasing                                Phillips Rent-All                                                 3/20/2010 Complete liquidation of an ongoing rental store: Equipment, Attachments, Trucks, etc.                                                OH       USA
Rental & Leasing                                Taylor Rental Company                                             3/27/2010 Huge inventory of tents, party supplies, contractor tools & equipment                                                                VA       USA
Retail                                          ROPER BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY, INC. - DAY 1                       3/24/2010 Featuring: Rolling Stock, Lift Trucks, Moffetts, 100's of Pallet Racking, Vertical Band Saws, Planers, Joiners, Routers, Sanders,    VA       USA
                                                                                                                            100's of Wood Associated Hand Tools
Retail                                          ROPER BROTHERS LUMBER COMPANY, INC. - DAY 2                       3/25/2010 Featuring: Rolling Stock, Lift Trucks, Moffetts, Trucks, Boom Trucks, Trailers, Vehicles                                             VA       USA
Retail                                          Harmon Cadillac                                                   3/9/2010 ROTARY LIFTS AND SHOP EQUIPMENT, KENT MOORE SPECIALTY TOOLS, MISCELLANEOUS EQUIPMENT                                                  OH       USA
Retail                                          Private Offering of More Than 600 Lots of Office Furniture for    4/1/2010 Desks , Chairs , Cubicles , Entire Office Groupings , Conference Room Furniture , Office Equipment , Tables , File Cabinets           PA       USA
                                                Local Municipalities & Non-Profit Organizations Only
Transportation & Warehousing                    1992 TAYLOR TEC-155H Container Handler & Steel Cargo              3/9/2010 1992 TAYLOR TEC-155H Container Handler , 20' Open Top,                                                                                CA       USA
                                                Shipping Containers                                                         20' Dry Cargo, 40' Open Top
Transportation & Warehousing                    K&K Trucking Company                                              3/11/2010 Auction of all remaining business assets of K&K Trucking Company. Complete Liquidation of Road Tractors, Van Trailers, Yard          TN       USA
                                                                                                                            Tractors, Shop Equipment and Office Furnishings.
Transportation & Warehousing                    Right of Way Acquisition of a Specialty Foods Warehouse -         3/18/2010 Caviar & Caviar Jars, Vinegars and Oils, FLEX-OFF Containers, Pastas & Pastrys, Gelatos & Sorbets, See Supporting Pictures           PA       USA
                                                Assouline and Roth in Philadelphia, PA                                      and Videos
Wholesale                                       Fleet Maintained Refrigerated Trailers and Converter Dollies in   3/11/2010 Great Dane 28' Trailers in MN, Utility 28' & 35' Trailers in CA, Silver Eagle Converter Dollies in TX, Kaufman 35 ft Wedge Hauler    OH       USA
                                                Various Locations                                                           Trailer,
Industry    Sale Name                                                           Date     Asset Type                                                                                                                   State   Country
Wholesale   Collection Vehicles in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia 3/10/2010 Front Load Refuse Trucks, Rear Load Refuse Trucks, Recycle Trucks, International Truck Tractor                                   MA       USA

Wholesale   Wheel Loaders, Track Loader, Backhoe, Pickup Trucks & Utility     3/10/2010 John Deere Wheel Loaders, Ford Wheel Loader, Komatsu Track Loader, Pickup Trucks, Utility Trailer, Caterpillar Backhoe         IN       USA
            Trailer Located in Indiana, Kentucky, Delaware &
Wholesale   Refuse Trucks, Rolloff Trucks, and Trailers Located in WI, SD, 3/11/2010 Front Load Refuse Trucks, Rear Load Refuse Trucks, Side Load Refuse Trucks, Recycle Trucks, Rolloff Trucks, Recycle Trailers,     WI       USA
            IA, MN, and MI                                                           Transfer Trailers
Wholesale   Truck Tractors, Pickup Trucks with Dump Boxes, and More        3/11/2010 (3) Mack Truck Tractors, (1) Ford Pickup Truck with Dump Box, (1) Dodge Pickup Truck with Dump Box, (1) Dorsey Flatbed            MI       USA
            Located in MI, MN, and WI                                                Trailer, (1) Ottawa Yard Truck
Wholesale   Medical Equipment Auction - Las Vegas                          3/18/2010 Medical & Hospital Equipment                                                                                                      NV       USA
Wholesale   Supplied Air Trailer, Enclosed Service Truck With IR           3/17/2010 Supplied Air Trailer with ZEKS Nomonox Breathing Air Purifier and Atlas Copco GA111 Air Compressor, 2000 FORD F750                VA       USA
            Compressor & More in Ohio & Virginia                                     Enclosed Service Truck with Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor, 2003 JOHN DEERE Gator Utility Vehicle
Wholesale   Fleet Maintained Truck Tractors in CT, MD, PA, OH, MI, TX & CA 3/16/2010 Volvo Tandem Daycabs & Sleepers, Ford/Sterling Singles & Tandems, International & White Refrigerated Box Trucks,                  CT       USA
                                                                                     International Singles & Tandems, Mack CH612 Singles
Wholesale   Surplus and Seized Assets From the State of Tennessee          3/16/2010 Dump Trucks, Police Cars, Pickup Trucks, SUVs, Furniture, Surplus, and More                                                       TN       USA
Wholesale   Rolloff Trucks, Refuse Trucks, and More Located in NC, SC, and 3/18/2010 Rolloff Trucks, Side Load Refuse Trucks, Front Load Refuse Trucks, Rear Load Refuse Truck, Recycle Truck, Grapple Truck,          NC       USA
            GA                                                                       Rolloff Trailers
Wholesale   2000 Mack Side Load Refuse Truck in Alabama                    3/23/2010 2000 Mack Side Load Refuse Truck                                                                                                  AL       USA

Wholesale   Demo Utility Vehicles Sold From the Factory in Fort Wayne, IN     3/23/2010 2008 American Sportworks Electric UTV with Manual Dump , 2008 American Sportworks Contractors UTV with Manual Dump ,           IN       USA
                                                                                        2008 American Sportworks UTV with Manual Dump
Wholesale   Bucket Trucks, Cargo Vans & Fleet Cars in PA, NY, IL & MA         3/25/2010 CHEVROLET W5500 & HD3500 Bucket Trucks , CHEVROLET G3500 Cargo Vans , CHEVROLET Astro Cargo Vans , FORD E150                   PA       USA
                                                                                        Cargo Vans
Wholesale   Box Trucks, Cargo Vans, Beverage Trucks and More in Multiple      3/25/2010 Step Vans , Box Trucks , Cargo Vans , Beverage Trucks , Lifts                                                                  MD       USA
Wholesale   GMC & Ford Cargo Vans Located in Connecticut & Kansas             3/30/2010 1995 GMC Safari XT , 2000 GMC Savana , 2001 Ford E250s                                                                         CT       USA
Wholesale   48 ft DORSEY & TRAILMOBILE Dry Van Trailers From WestPoint        3/30/2010 (4) 1997 DORSEY 48' Dry Van Trailers , 1996 TRAILMOBILE 48' Dry Van Trailer                                                    FL       USA
            Home in Florida
Wholesale   Surplus and Seized Assets From the State of Tennessee             3/30/2010 Cars , Pickup Trucks , SUVs , Surplus and More                                                                                 TN       USA
Wholesale   Collection Vehicles in North Carolina, West Virginia, Michigan,   3/30/2010 MACK Front Load Refuse Trucks , FORD F700 Grapple Truck , MACK Rear Load Refuse Trucks , VOLVO Recycle Truck                   NC       USA
            Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & Ohio
Wholesale   1998 FORD E-150 Cargo Van in Ohio                                 3/30/2010 1998 Ford Cargo Van , 8 Engine , Full size                                                                                     OH       USA
Wholesale   Fleet Vehicles, Cargo Vans, and a Wide Variety of Trailers From   3/30/2010 1999 Ford Taurus - 4 Available - 68K Miles to 99K Miles , Chevy Astro Cargo Van & GMC Safari Cargo Van , GMC P35 Step Van ,    TX       USA
            a Utility Company in San Antonio, TX                                        Equipment Trailers, Pump Trailers, Tank Trailers, Cargo Trailers & More
Wholesale   Ford F350 Utility Trucks North of Chicago                         3/31/2010 2004 Ford F350 , 2006 Ford F350 , 2004 Ford F250                                                                               IL       USA
Wholesale   2000 Freightliner Truck Tractor & 48 ft Great Dane Flatbed        4/1/2010 2000 Freightliner Truck Tractor , 48 ft Great Dane Flatbed Trailer                                                              NM       USA
            Trailer in New Mexico
Wholesale   Peterbilt Dump Trucks (yr 2000 & 1994) Peterbilt                  3/27/2010 Peterbilt Conventional model 377 Dump Trucks: 1994, four axle, VIN 1XPCDB8X9RN349543 and 2000, 3 axle, VIN                     CA       USA
                                                                                        will be auctioned
Wholesale   Large Lot of Electrical Relays in Gary, Indiana                   3/18/2010 Electrical Relays (three manufacturers), ABB, GE, Westinghouse                                                                 IN       USA
Wholesale   METAL PROCESSING PLANT CLOSED                                     3/11/2010 Scrap Metal Processing Plant                                                                                                   CA       USA
                                                                                        Including: Logermann and Seco Harris Balers, American Pulverizer, Kenworth Roll-Off Trucks Trailers, Metal Boxes, Handling,
Wholesale   Desktop Telephones in St. Louis, Missouri                         3/17/2010 INTER-TEL 8LK AIM 660.7400, Axxess 550.4500                                                                                    MO       USA

Wholesale   Pad Mount GE Transformer in West Virginia                         3/23/2010 General Electric Transformer                                                                                                   WV       USA

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