; The Beach
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The Beach


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									The Beach
 By Riley
       Have you ever been to the beach
before? I have on my family vacation.
I’ll include about the car ride, the
beach, and those fancy places we eat.
    Now in the car I was playing
LEGO Star Wars 2 and I finally
got through a level. Without my
brother messing with me. It was
called speeder showdown. Other
than that it was fun.
    Next at the beach. There
were people catching jellyfish. I
saw this guy with 4 or 5 jellyfish
in one bucket. WOW! Those
guys are crazy. Later my
brother, my dad, and I built
water ways.
    Afterwards, every night we
would go eat somewhere. One
night we went to the Crab Shack
and I ordered chicken and fries.
At this other place, I can’t
remember the name, I ordered
     So as you can see the beach is
fun but fierce with jellyfish but I
idolize it because it is very fun!

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