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EDITION SIX: August 2008                                                            … the newsletter for AusIMM Branch Committees

           Important Dates                                                 Welcome/Introduction
        August/September 2008
                                                   Hello to all Branch office bearers and welcome to the August edition of the Branch
                                                   Broadcast. Unfortunately IT issues saw us having to postpone the May-June issue
13 August            Branch August                 and delayed this issue slightly.
                     Documents and
                                                   However, we are now back on track and progressing rapidly many of the projects
                     Information Due to
                                                   and topics that Branches have requested us to follow. The year to date has also
                     Central Services
                                                   seen a flurry of Branch related activity and several events and activities are
4 September          Branch Monthly                referenced in this edition.
                     Reports Distributed           As always we welcome input to the Broadcast as a means of promoting interaction
                     by Central Services           between the Membership and Branches Team at Central Services and the
                                                   Branches. The deadline for the next Branch Broadcast (September-October) will be
11 September Branch September                      Friday 12 September for an issue date of 22 September.
             Documents and
                                                   Kind regards,
             Information Due to
             Central Services                      Ashley Van Krieken
                                                   Director of Membership & Branch Services
22 September Close of Directors
             Ballot for the 2009-                                   Changes to The AusIMM Team
             2011 period
                                                   As some branches may be aware, there have been some internal changes within
                                                   Central Services, which has seen the elevation of several staff to management
                                                   positions. The changes made are as follows:
              The AusIMM
                                                   Executive Team:
         2008 President’s                          Michael Catchpole - Chief Executive Officer
             Dinner                                Philip Colwell - Director of Business Services
                                                   Angie Spry - Director of Publications
     will be held at the Park Hyatt in             Ashley Van Krieken - Director of Membership & Branch Services
        Melbourne on Thursday 4                    Miriam Way - Director of Conferences & Events
            December 2008.
                                                   Management team – comprising the Executive team above plus:
       Booking enquiries to Pauline                Brad Clements - Manager, Finance
                Weaver:                            Alison McKenzie - Manager, Conferences & Events                      Kristy Pocock - Manager, Publications
                                                   Monika Sarder - Manager, Policy & Advocacy

The Branch Broadcast is a bi-monthly               In addition to the above changes, a new position of Manager, Member Services has
publication intended to communicate issues         been created within the Membership and Branches department.
that directly affect the running of your Branch.
                                                   Announcing the changes, Michael Catchpole said they would help The AusIMM work
We welcome your comments and suggestions
                                                   smarter and make the best use of the people and resources available to us. The
as to the content and format of this newsletter.   promotions are well-deserved by both Directors and Managers, and recognise the
Branches are welcome to place articles or          levels of responsibility the new Managers bring to their roles, and the support they
editorial of interest to other branches in this    provide to the Executive group. The new structure also provides more opportunities
newsletter.                                        for recognising and rewarding all staff members for the expertise and commitment

Next publication: 22 September 2008
                                                               Election of Directors 2009-2011
Submissions by: 12 September 2008
                                                   There are three vacant positions to be filled for the period 2009-2011. Ballot papers
                                                   were sent to all Corporate Members in the week commencing 11 August; close
                  The AusIMM Central Services
                                                   of ballot will be 22 September.
      PO Box 660 Carlton South Victoria 3053
                        Phone: 03 9662 3166        Retiring Directors will be: Peter McCarthy (to Immediate Past President); Greg
                          Fax: 03 9662 3662        Chalmers and Mike Spreadborough. Mike Spreadborough steps down after
          Email:          completing two 3-year terms. Greg Chalmers was elected unopposed as President
                                                   for 2009 at the recent AusIMM Congress and Annual General Meeting.
                                 Analysis of The AusIMM, 2007-2008
Accompanying this Broadcast is a pdf document, which                        processing across the globe!
provides an analysis of the membership of The AusIMM for
2007, with selected statistics updated to June 2008. As the                 The challenge for Central Services as discussed at
document shows growth in membership continues to be strong                  Congress 2008 is to be able to service each of our 9,000
with membership approaching 9,000 members as more and                       plus members regardless of whether they are in Canberra,
more professionals in the industry recognise the importance of              Kalgoorlie or Kazakhstan.
belonging to The AusIMM. Also positive is the 95% retention
rate in members for 2007 – a very rare achievement for a                    In addition the document breaks down the growth in each
membership organisation. This membership growth has                         member category of The AusIMM and also provides a
occurred through the work of our Branches, Student Chapters                 summary of the criteria of each membership grade. Please
and Central Services staff across a range of different activities           feel free to use these descriptions and the information in the
and projects including Student Meet Industry nights, BBQ’s                  document when promoting The AusIMM. It would also be
and social events and technical talks.                                      useful if you could provide Membership & Branches with
                                                                            copies of any promotional materials you produce for our own
The Analysis also shows the divergence of members both in                   reference.
age and geographic location. While many people may
consider The AusIMM just an Australasian Association we are                 Please direct any questions regarding the document directly
clearly more than that – a truly global membership                          to Ashley Van Krieken, Director of Membership and Branch
organisation as the document shows. Based on our database                   Services by email or by fax to
we can reasonably expect that there is a member of The                      +61 3 9662 3662.
AusIMM involved in every major area of mining and mineral

                                            Long Serving Certificates
Membership and Branches have now prepared the lists of those members eligible to receive long-serving certificates and these
have been circulated directly to Branch Secretaries in the week beginning 4 August. We are aware that there are several
Branches with pending functions where such awards will be presented and we will endeavour to deliver the certificates within
these timeframes.

                                                                                                          In total 762 members will receive
                                                                                                          long-serving certificates in 2008
                          Long Serving Members                                                            broken down as per the graph
                                                                                                          below. Central Services
 250        238
                                                                                                          congratulates all members and
                       196                                                                                will provide details of those
 200                                                                                                      members in an upcoming edition
                                                                                                          of The AusIMM Bulletin
 150                              140                                                                     magazine and Week in Review.

                                                                                                          If you require certificates urgently
 100                                          77         77                                               or have Branch members who
                                                                                                          believe they should have
   50                                                               24                                    received a long-serving certificate
                                                                                6          4              please contact Membership &
    0                                                                                                     Branches directly with the
         10 years 20 year 25 year          30 year 40 year 50 year          60 year 70 year               member’s name, ID number and
                                                                                                          any other relevant details.

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The Branch Broadcast                                                                                                           Page 2
         Summary of Congress Outcomes
All Branch representatives who attended Congress should have received a sum-
mary of the outcomes from Pauline Weaver. If you have not, please contact
Pauline on +61 3 9662 3166 to ensure you receive a copy.
                                                                                          Nominations are now open for
The Congress was a huge success with a range of ideas and concepts advanced                The AusIMM Awards 2008.
and discussed to ensure the continued relevance and sustainability of The
                                                                                        The awards, started in 1935, recognise
AusIMM to the changing Minerals industry.
                                                                                           excellence by professionals in the
                                                                                            minerals sector and include The
Core outcomes for Branches were as follows:
                                                                                          Institute Medal; President’s Award;
                                                                                         New Professional Award and the G B
• Member attraction
                                                                                                    O’Malley Medal.
  • Clarity in the description of grades and benefits of membership to improve
    the ability of Branch and Student Chapter Office Bearers to promote mem-              Nominations can be made online at
    bership of The AusIMM
  • Focus on non-tertiary qualified Professionals and Professionals for non-
    traditional Minerals disciplines (Economics, Law, Accounting etc)                    Nominations close on 31 October 2008
  • Improvements in ease of payment including stronger use of direct debits                Further information on the awards
    and on-line payment facilities                                                      including Terms and Conditions can be
  • Simplification of the process to transfer between grades                                            found at:
  • Greater promotion and awareness of Concessional rates of memberships    
    offered by The AusIMM                                                                   s/awards_nom_bro_dec06.pdf
• On-line services
  • Focus on a centralised source of information for Branches, Student Chap-             Or please contact Pauline Weaver on
    ters and individual members                                                              (03) 96586114 or via email
  • Information must be of high quality and accurate

   • Immediate services identified were:
      • Video and audio downloads             • Branch manual & ‘How to’ guides on-line and searchable
      • Discussion forums                     • Outcomes of Committees and Taskforce meetings
      • On-line administration documents
Central Services staff have begun factoring these and the other outcomes into their Business Plans for the coming three years
and I look forward to working with the Branches on implementing many of the new features and abilities our new IT system

                                      Uranium Conference Report
The AusIMM’s International Uranium Conference 2008 was held in Adelaide on 18th and 19th June 2008. The conference was
hosted at the Adelaide Convention Centre and was opened by Premier Mike Rann. It included keynote speakers from
ConverDyn, the Australian Uranium Association and BHP Billiton's Graeme Hunt, who is in charge of the Olympic Dam
expansion project. The theme of the conference was “taking best practice and education to a new level”.

The conference was very successful, with over 400 delegates from 25 countries represented, over 55 technical papers presented
and sponsorship from key local companies including BHP Billiton and AMDEL and a number of uranium producers and explorers.

Technical sessions were held in parallel sessions and included a large variety of topics in major sessions such as International
Uranium, Uranium Geology and Exploration, Uranium Processing and Production, Uranium Policies and Issues, Reserves,
Resources and Reporting and Health, Safety and the Environment.

The Conference coincided with the meeting of the Uranium Group, a joint initiative of the Paris-based OECD Nuclear Energy
Agency (NEA) and the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which oversee the publication of a key industry
publication, Uranium Resources, Production and Demand, also familiarly known as the "Red Book".

The Conference was followed by the first ever Uranium Open Day, which was well attended by members of the Adelaide Public
and was jointly sponsored with the South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy inc. The objective was to inform the public
about all aspects relating to uranium mining, exploration.

A workshop on uranium exploration models, exploration methods and case histories was well attended. Similarly, pre and post
conference mine site tours to Olympic Dam and Beverley were booked out.

The conference had substantial input at the organisational level from Adelaide Branch members whose contribution is gratefully
acknowledged. A proportion of conference profits will be used to support Adelaide Branch activities.

David Brunt

The Branch Broadcast                                                                                                Page 3
     2008 Events                          AusIMM Conferences and Events Update
MetPlant 2008                 Click here to access the latest Video and Audio Podcasts from recent events.
Perth, WA
New Zealand Branch
                              The PACRIM Organising Committee is pleased to announce the following three travel grant
Annual Conference 2008        winners each recipient receiving a $1000 cash prize and complimentary registration to the
Wellington, New Zealand       International PACRIM Congress in November.
                              •   Glen Diemar – University of Western Sydney
                              •   Michiel van Dongen – Monash University
                              •   Stefan Wallier – University of British Columbia
ICAM2008 – International
Conference for Applied        The PACRIM 2008 Congress Travel Grant Prize for Students is to support an outstanding
Mineralogy                    student abstract submission to attend this international congress with the aim that the student
                              will gain experience and international contacts that he/she would not otherwise have been
Brisbane, Qld                 able to. The awarded abstracts will be published in the PACRIM 2008 Congress Proceedings
REGISTER NOW                  and place offered in the program to present.

24 – 28 SEPTEMBER             Congratulations to each of the three winners.
The XXIV International
Beijing, China                8 – 10 September 2008, Brisbane Australia
                             An initiative of The AusIMM, CSIRO and JKTech
                              * * REGISTER NOW * *
14 – 15 OCTOBER
                              So much has happened in our field of applied mineralogy in the last four years, coinciding
Narrow Vein Mining 2008       with the biggest mining boom in history and it is ongoing. The profession of applied
Ballarat, Vic                 mineralogy, along with the other sectors of the mining industry, is in great demand.
REGISTER NOW                  Universities and research centers are under pressure to produce urgently needed engineers
                              and scientists, as well as future technologies. New tools and methods are being developed to
20 – 24 OCTOBER               help the mining industry to recover more valuables, to reduce operational and capital costs,
                              and to minimize environmental and social impact. We have all been very busy indeed. The
Geostatistical mineral        timing of the 9th ICAM is right for us to get together, to review our progress and to plan our
resource/ore reserve          future as a profession.
estimation and meeting
                              The main theme of this Congress is “Automating Quantitative Mineralogy”, which is
JORC requirements             appropriate because Brisbane is the world-wide focus of automated mineralogy with the two
Perth, WA                     suppliers of the technology based in this city. There are now over 100 SEM-based automated
                              mineralogy tools operating all over the world in company research centers, universities and
                              mine sites.
11 – 14 NOVEMBER              Preliminary Technical Program -
Strategic Risk Management
                              Register Online -
and Applied Optimisation in
Mine Design                   Pre-Congress Workshops
Perth, WA
                              Saturday 6th September 2008
                              Short Course 1 - Ore Microscopy for SEM Microscopists
19 – 21 NOVEMBER              Short Course 2 - Quantitative Mineralogy Workshop
Future Mining 2008            Short Course 3 - MLA – An Introduction
Sydney, NSW
                              Sunday 7th September 2008
                              Short Course 4 - Introduction to mineralogical image analysis: from 2D to 3D
24 – 26 NOVEMBER
                              Short Course 5 - Deleterious AAR in Concrete: Reaction Basics, Damage Diagnosis,
PACRIM Congress 2008                           Aggregate Assessment, Expansion Testing, and Discrepancies.
Gold Coast, Qld               Short Course 6 - Applied Mineralogy – An Introduction to Analytical Methods and Applications
REGISTER NOW                  Short Course 7 - An Introduction to QEMSCAN and applications of Automated Mineralogy

The Branch Broadcast                                                                                         Page 4

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