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									February 2004

Newsletter             2003 Wrap
                     As we venture into the start of a new       investments in track timing equipment,
• 2003 Wrap          karting year I am very excited about        speed radar equipment and portable
• 12 Hour            the prospects of endurance karting with     radios while also repaying outstanding
• Partnership with   TEKA - prospects limited only by            loans to founding members. TEKA also
  MSOA               human and financial resources.              covered the costs associated with AKA
                                                                 engine homologation and affiliation with
                     Before mentioning 2004 I thought I
                                                                 the AKA.
                     would reflect on last year and what
                     TEKA achieved.
                                                                 The year ended with TEKA affiliating
 Teka Contacts:      In the grip of an insurance crisis, six     with the AKA and a excellent Christmas
                     committee members resigned leaving a        bash/end     of   season     presentation
 President and
                     few of us standing. At the time there       recognising the efforts of, not only the
                     were no confirmed tracks booked and         winners, but the volunteers and all
 Brett Parker
 Ph: 0410 420 089
                     the AKA advising clubs to not allow         competitors. Many thanks to Trisha for
                     TEKA to run leaving our calendar in         organising this.
 Vice President:     tatters. The prospect of obtaining
 Peter Brien         insurance acceptable to the AKA was         Once we got the AKA affiliation nod,
 Ph: 0408 260 559    financially not viable and even if          Richard did a great job getting the 2004
                     obtained, there was still no certainty of   calendar booked and confirmed. We will
 Secretary:          track access. The only logical step was     all enjoy the variety these circuits will
 Richard Davidson    affiliation with CAMS/AKA.                  provide in 2004 and beyond.
 Ph: 0413 272 536
                     In spite of these challenges TEKA           Finishing off 2003, we all should pay our
 Committee           managed to successfully organise an         thanks to the many hours put in by all
 Members:            eight round series at privately operated    volunteers who enable each event to run
 Phil Bolsher        circuits with an average of           29    smoothly. Special mention is to be made
 Michael Burke       karts/teams per event. This was an          of Peter Brien and Richard Davidson
 Brian Luck          outstanding effort and worthy of            (and families). They put in many hours
 John Lusty
                     special thanks to all competitors who       of their time so we can enjoy our sport.
 Terry Osmond
                     kept supporting the series.                 Next time you see them be sure to give
                                                                 them a slap on the back and thank them
 www.teka.com.au     TEKA also closely monitored its             for their time. Appreciation goes a long
                     financial position preparing for the        way and is cheap
 Email:              various outcomes for 2004 and
 See website         planning the investments required for
                     independence. During 2003 we made
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2004 Update
That leads me to this year, and boy what a start. The “Beat   The MSOA is a volunteer organisation of
the Heat”12 Hour event was huge for TEKA. The TEKA            experienced and dedicated motorsport officials
committee put in many hours to ensure the event ran           who will provide flag marshals, refuelling
smoothly and it certainly turned out to be a great show.      marshals and fire officers (on race day only) to
Events of this scale are certainly not revenue raises for     ensure TEKA continue to run safe and
TEKA, but we did not lose money on the event. The value       professional events. These are the same volunteers
in exposure of our sport of endurance karting to              who assisted us at the 12 hour and helped to make
newcomers cannot be overstated. TEKA are already              it a top class event. The professionalism and
planning for another bigger and better 12 Hour next           safety awareness shown by this team allowed us
year….stay tuned. The 12 hour event is a great vehicle to     all to concentrate on racing rather than running
introduce new people to endurance karting and this year       the event and begging for volunteers throughout
we had V8 personalities, international motor cycle            the night. It is imperative that we work with
champions, regular motor racing competitors and many          organisations like MSOA to assist with our future
sprint karters as well as our usual competitors. The          growth. At this stage, TEKA plan to absorb the
winners of the event showed that endurance karting is         additional costs associated with the MSOA
about being there at the end.                                 however the ability to maintain the current level
                                                              of fees will depend on the level of ongoing entries
A special thank you to our Clerk-of-the-Course, Steve Ellis   in each event. If necessary, I am sure that you
and Chief Steward, David Douglas who ensured the event        would agree their support is definitely worth a
was run professionally and safely -the endurance kart way     small increase if required. We will keep you up-
                                                              to-date on this issue as we get feedback on the
Some notable points and statistics of the 12 Hour event       number of teams entering our events.
• Race Starter - John M Large, FIA Vice President             Committee for 2004
• Chequered Flag - Donald Wells, National President           For those who did not make the AGM last year
   AKA                                                        we have some old and some new faces on the
• 31 Teams competed with 150 drivers                          committee. The full committee for 2004 is:
• Winning kart covered 815 kilometres
• All karts covered more than 23,700 kilometres               • Brett Parker- President and Treasurer (anyone
• More than 400 driver changes                                  interested in taking on one of these roles please
• More than 210 refuelling stops                                drop me a line)
                                                              • Peter Brien – Vice President
Whilst events like the 12 Hour are very important to help     • Richard Davidson – Secretary
TEKA and individual teams with exposure and potential         • Terry Osmond
sponsorship opportunities, our core objective is to run a     • Brian Luck
successful endurance karting series for our members.          • Michael Burke
                                                              • John Lusty
                                                              • Phil Bolsher
Going Forward
                                                              I will close this off by wishing all of you a safe
As the TEKA series expands, we simply do not have the
                                                              and enjoyable years’ racing. If you have any
resources to run events utilising the same volunteers for
                                                              questions about TEKA or our plans, please feel
each event. To that end, TEKA are pleased to announce
                                                              free to give any of us a call.
that for each and every round of the TEKA series in 2004,
we have the contracted the services of Motor Sport
Officials Association (MSOA).                                 Brett Parker

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