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         Company                Key Product Contact              Company Size                     SA Product Brochured                         Comments

TUI UK -                   Lisa Fitzell                   TUI operates under 3 brands,    Austravel 2008-2009 brochure:              Austravel/Thomson brands
Austravel & Travelmood &   Program Director Australasia   Austravel, Travelmood and       -   The Ghan & Indian Pacific              send approx 55,000 combined
Thomson Aus/NZ             (moving on at the end of       Thomson Australia/NZ.           -   Wilpena Pound Resort                   to Australia per year.
Mimet House                November 08)                                                   -   Temptation Sailing
5a Praed Street                                           Austravel has a very well       -   Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris       Austravel have 100%
London                     Karen Joyce                    established name across the     -   Baird Bay Eco Charters                 Australian content in brochure.
W2 1NJ                     Product Manager                UK and Ireland and send         -   Kangaroo Island Sealink                Target Market 45+. Individual          Australasia                    approx 60k per year through     -   North Adelaide Heritage Apartments     and coach touring products/                                        their 10 shops across           -   Mercure Grosvenor Hotel                Family market.         Nikki Venning                  UK/Ireland.                     -   Majestic Roof Garden Hotel
                           Senior Product Executive                                       -   Rendezvous Allegra Hotel               Coop marketing, we have
                           Australasia                    Travelmood is of the leading,   -   Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury         worked with Austravel in their
                                                          direct sell, Australian         -   Padthaway Estate Homestead             Endeavour Magazine and are
                                                          specialist in the UK.           -   Robe House                             working on large consumer
                                                                                          -   Chardonnay Lodge                       promotion with Borders
                                                          Thomson is one of the UK’s      -   Ozone Seafront Hotel                   bookshops..
                                                          largest wholesale holiday       -   Kangaroo Island Lodge
                                                          brands, currently with a        -   Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat     Travelmood send approx
                                                          dedicated Australia/NZ          -   Rawnsley Park Station                  23,000 pax to Australia per
                                                          brochure distributed            -   Australian Wild Escapes ‘Barossa       year. They also have a
                                                          throughout its 450 retail           Valley Discovery’ (National)           dedicated Australia brochure
                                                          shops across the UK.            -   APT - Highlights of Kangaroo Island.
                                                          As of 2009 they will feature    -   Stranraer Homestead                    Travelmood have been a
                                                          the Austravel Brochure in       -   Adventure Tours - Adelaide to Alice    strong supporter of SA and
                                                          Thomson and First Choice            Springs Adventure Tour                 have a strong focus on Self
                                                          retail stores as their prime    -   Ultimate Flinders Ranges 4WD           drive in brochure. A South
                                                          Australia Brochure.                                                        Australian Supplement is being
                                                                                          Thomson Tailor-Made                        produced for Jan 2009
                                                                                          Dec 07 – Mar 09, Australia/NZ
                                                                                          Brochure includes product as above         All brands will now use AOT as
                                                                                                                                     their inbounder
                                                                                          Travelmood - 2008- 2009 brochure:
                                                                                          -   Indian Pacific & The Ghan
                                                                                          -   Australian Wild Escapes - Barossa
                                                                                              Valley Experience
                                                                                          -   Temptation Sailing - Dolphin Swim
                                                                                          -   Victor Harbor Tour
                                                                                          -   Spirit of the Coorong Discovery
                                                                                          -   Captain Cook Cruises - 3 Night

                                                                                             Murray River Discovery Cruise
                                                                                         -   Adventure Tours, 6 Day Adelaide to
                                                                                             Alice Springs Safari
                                                                                         -   KI Sealink, Kangaroo Island Coast
                                                                                             to Coast
                                                                                         -   Grazing On Gouger
                                                                                         -   Abbotsford Country House
                                                                                         -   Rendezvous Allegra Hotel
                                                                                         -   Comfort Hotel Adelaide Riviera
                                                                                         -   Hilton International Adelaide
                                                                                         -   Prairie Hotel
                                                                                         -   Wilpena Pound Resort
                                                                                         -   McCracken Country Club
                                                                                         -   Stranraer Homestead

Flight Centre                  Charlotte Stanford       Refocus on Australia and         Worldwide Luxury Brochure                - Approx 50,000 pax to
2nd Floor, CI Tower St         Ground Product Manager   New Zealand, increased           -   Banksia Adventures                     Australia per year.
George's Square High Street                             product offered.                 -   North Adelaide Heritage Group        - Strong focus on product.
New Malden KT3 4TE Surrey                               Have gone from 75 – 100          -   The Louise                           - Good supporters of SA
Tel: +44 20 8336 8035                                   retail shops in 18 months.                                                  marketing & product.                                                               Australia Brochure                       - Coop marketing, 2 major                                  Land product sales have          -   Indian Pacific & the Ghan              campaigns, one sole state
                                                        risen dramatically from 5%       -   AAT Kings Territory Discoveries        and one DTOOZ
                                                        to over 30% in last 18           -   North Adelaide Heritage Group        - Have 10 dedicated Australia
                                                        months                           -   Abbotsford Country House               Stores.
                                                                                         -   Wilpena Pound Resort                 - Strong focus on training.
                                                        Have now developed Luxury        -   Prairie Hotel                        - ITO: Infinity (FC owned),
                                                        product and Australian           -   Banksia Adventures                     ATS and Qantas Holidays
                                                        specialist retail stores in UK   -   McLaren Vale Cheese & Wine Trail
                                                                                         -   Australia Wild Escapes - Barossa
                                                                                             Valley Experience
                                                                                         -   Sebel Playford
                                                                                         -   Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury
                                                                                         -   Rydges South Park Adelaide
                                                                                         -   Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris
                                                                                         -   KI Sealink
                                                                                         -   APT – Kangaroo Island Odysseys
                                                                                         -   Ozone Seafront Hotel
                                                                                         -   Novotel Barossa Valley
                                                                                         -   Chardonnay Lodge
                                                                                         -   Desert Cave Hotel

Gold Medal                     Rebecca Yerkess          One of the UK's leading          Brochure:                                - 50,000 pax to Australia per
The Trident Centre Port Way,   Destination Manager,     independent travel               -   The Ghan, Indian Pacific               year.

Ribble Docklands Preston PR2   Australia/NZ/South Pacific      companies and ranked as           -   Cellar Door Pass                      - Gold Medal is used by over
2QG Lancashire                                                 the country's second largest      -   Melbourne to Adelaide Self-drive.       4000 retail travel agents in
Tel: +44 01772 835 145                                         distributor of scheduled          -   Captain Cook Murray Princess            UK.                                            airline services.                 -   Portee Station                        - ITO is ATS Pacific and
                                                               Strong distribution with trade,   -   Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris        Proud Australia Holidays for
                                                               direct-sell and key online        -   Sea Lion and Outback Experience         some SA components,
                                                               players.                          -   Kangaroo Island Sealink                 however go direct where
                                                                                                 -   Hyatt Regency Adelaide                  possible.
                                                                                                 -   Sebel Playford Adelaide
                                                                                                 -   Majestic Roof Garden
                                                                                                 -   Mercure Grosvenor
                                                                                                 -   Oaks Plaza Pier, Glenelg
                                                                                                 -   The Louise, Barossa Valley
                                                                                                 -   Grand Mercure Lofty House
                                                                                                 -   Novotel Barossa Valley
                                                                                                 -   Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat
                                                                                                 -   Ozone Seafront Hotel
                                                                                                 -   Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours

                                                                                                 Pure Luxury Brochure:
                                                                                                 -   The Louise

Kuoni Travel Limited           Jayne White                     Kuoni has lead the United         Brochure:                                 - 90% Australian content in
Kuoni House                    Product Manager                 Kingdom longhaul tour             -   The Ghan, Indian Pacific                brochure.
Dorking Surrey RH5 4AZ GB                                      operation market and has          -   Adelaide Festival of Arts             - 10,000 pax to Australia per
Tel: +44 01306 744 115                                         consistently been the most        -   Migration Museum                        year – looking to increase                                                successful specialist tour        -   Fosters Tourism                         this with renewed focus on
                                                               operator, winning Travel          -   Captain Cook - PS Murray Princess       Australia over the next 3
                                                               Weekly’s ‘Best Long Haul          -   Coober Pedy Outback Experience          years. Goal is 25k pax in
                                                               Tour Operator’ for the last 22    -   Big Blue Air Touring                    2009
                                                               consecutive years.                -   Portee Station                        - Targets the more affluent
                                                                                                 -   Mercure Grosvenor                       traveller. Has a good loyal
                                                                                                 -   Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury          customer and agency base.
                                                                                                 -   Stamford Grand Adelaide               - Has specialist group and
                                                                                                 -   Hilton International Adelaide           sports touring arm.
                                                                                                 -   Hyatt Regency Adelaide
                                                                                                 -   Chef’s Media tours - Central Market
                                                                                                 -   Kangaroo Island Sealink

Qantas Holidays                Esther Denyer                   They are in the top ten           -   Hilton International Adelaide         - 60% Australian content in
395 King Street                Market Development Manager      wholesalers in the UK.            -   Rendezvous Allegra Hotel                brochure.
Hammersmith W6 9NJ GB                                          Thomas Cook and Travel            -   Medina Grand Adelaide                 - 35,000 pax to Australia per
Tel: +44 020 8222 9151         Kelly Dunn                      Counsellors (largest home         -   Hyatt Regency Adelaide                  year.       Product & Marketing Executive   worker network) would be          -   Oaks Plaza Pier Hotel                 - Most products are sourced

      Qantas Holidays number one     -   Mercure Grosvenor Hotel                  by Sydney, although the UK
      source of business from the    -   Breakfree on Hindley                     can request product to be
      UK.                            -   Freedom Adelaide Meridien                contracted.
                                     -   Oaks Embassy                           - Generally higher end product
      They are also developing a     -   Stamford Grand Adelaide                  in brochure.
      direct sell market, with now   -   Novotel Barossa Valley Resort
      over 30% of their business     -   The Louise
      coming from this source and    -   Mercure Grand Hotel Mount Lofty
      strong links with Qantas           House.
      Airlines.                      -   City Sights Seaside, Day Tour –
                                         Premier Stateliner
                                     -   Temptation Sailing – Dolphin Swim
                                     -   A Night to Remember – Banksia
                                     -   Life’s a Beach – Banksia
                                     -   Bookabee bush food tour of Botanic
                                     -   Barossa Valley At Its Best, Day Tour
                                         Permier Stateliner
                                     -   Barossa Valley Experience, Day
                                     -   Australian Wild Escapes Southern
                                         Flinders Ranges – Banksia
                                     -   Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris
                                     -   Kangaroo Island Highlights, Day
                                         Tour – KI Sealink
                                     -   Kangaroo Island Highlights, 2 Day,
                                         1 Night – APT/KI Odysseys
                                     -   Adelaide, Barossa, Kangaroo
                                         Island, 4 Days, 3 Nights – APT/KI
                                     -   Odyssey Murray Cruise, 4 Days, 3
                                         Nights – Odyssey River Cruises
                                     -   Murray River Weekend Escape
                                         Cruise, 4 days, 3 nights – Captain
                                         Cook Cruises
                                     -   APT
                                     -   AAT Kings Great Australian
                                         Outback Cattle Drive
                                     -   Tour Down Under
                                     -   Clipsal 500
                                     -   Womadelaide
                                                                                         -   Hertz & Maui
                                                                                         -   Indian Pacific & The Ghan

STA Travel                    Andrea Robinson           STA Travel are the leading       Brand new Australia only               - Approx 85,000 pax per year
Priory House 6 Wrights Lane   General Manager Product   student operator in the UK,      2009 – 2010 brochure                     to Australia.
London W8 6TA GB                                        with over 60 shops, call         - YHA                                  - Wants to develop ‘gap year’
Tel: +44207 361 6267          Natasha McLaughlin        centre and website. STA          - Blue Galah                             market.           Surface Product Manger    Travel UK is part of STA         - Nomads                               - Currently running an online
                                                        Travel Global which              - Hotel Grand Chancellor                 interactive adventure
                                                        comprises of over 450            - Campwild Adventures                    campaign with SATC &
                                                        locations worldwide.             - Groovy Grape                           Qantas
                                                                                         - Temptation Sailing
                                                                                         - Adventure Tours Australia
                                                                                         - Pichi Richi Camel Tours
                                                                                         - Nullarbor Traveller
                                                                                         - Greyhound
                                                                                         - Rail Australia
                                                                                         - Travellers Autobarn
                                                                                         - Conservation Volunteers World Wide
                                                                                         - i-to-i volunteer tours

Tailor Made Travel            Lorna Curry               Tailor Made Travel is            Brochure:                              - 5,000 pax to Australia per
18 - 22 Port Street Evesham   Land Product Director     recognised as one of the         - The Ghan, Indian Pacific               year.
WR11 1AL Worcestershire                                 leading quality independent      - Fosters Tourism                      - 100% Australian content in
Tel: +44 01386 712019                                   travel companies in its field.   - Sebel Playford                         brochure.                                   They specialise in preparing     - Hotel Richmond                       - 90% of passengers
                                                        “Tailor Made” itineraries for    - Fire Station Inn (NAHG)                purchase ground.
                                                        holidays in Australia and        - Southern Ocean Lodge                 - Has a fairly niche and
                                                        New Zealand for the              - Stranraer Homestead                    upmarket product. Target
                                                        independent traveller. They      - Abbotsford Country House               market is 50+ independent
                                                        are part of the Titan Travel     - The Louise                             travellers. As their name
                                                        Group                            - North Bundaleer Clare Valley           implies, the company tailor
                                                                                         - Angorichina Station                    makes all programmes.
                                                                                         - Prairie Hotel Parachilna             - Also has sports arm,
                                                                                         - Wilpena Pound Resort                   Grandstand Travel.
                                                                                                                                - ITO is Goway for Self Drives
                                                                                                                                  also use Southern World
                                                                                                                                  Vacations for some smaller
                                                                                                                                  niche product.

Trailfinders Worldwide        Alison Noble              Number 1 wholesaler in the       Worldwide Brochure:                    - 100,000 pax to Australia per
9 Abingdon Road               Product Director          UK and globally would be the     - The Ghan, Indian Pacific               year.
London W8 6AL GB                                        biggest supplier of              - The Great Ocean Road Melbourne to    - 30% Australian content in
Tel: +44 020 7368 1525                                  passengers to Australia.           Adelaide self drive holiday            brochure – minimal SA.

   144                                      Selling tailor made itineraries   -   A Day in the Barossa Valley. Murray   - Mainly operates a flight
                                                          to independent travellers and         River Highlights                        programme.
                                                          some groups.                      -   APT                                   - 40% of passengers book
                                                                                            -   Hyatt Regency Adelaide                  ground product.
                                                                                            -   Rendezvous Allegra                    - Markets to a wide audience
                                                                                            -   Oaks Horizon Adelaide                   and has a good distribution.
                                                                                            -   Peregrine Flinders and KI tours in    - ITO is ATS Pacific
                                                                                                Trailfinders Overwrap of Peregrine

Stella Travel UK              Julian Lawman               Stella Travel Services UK is      Travel 2 Brochure:                        - 100,000 pax to Australia
Travel 2, Travel Bag          Product Manager             the parent company of well-       - The Ghan, Indian Pacific                each year.
Hamlyn House 21-23 Highgate                               known tour operators, Travel      - Dolphin Watch or Dolphin Swim           - ITO will be switching to ATS
Hill, Cnr Macdonald Road      Emma Viney                  2 (wholesale, trade-only) and     - Spirit of the Coorong Cruises           Pacific, part of the Stella Group
London N19 5PR GB             Assistant Product Manager   Travelbag (consumer, direct-      - KI Sealink                              in 2009. Currently they use
Tel: +44 0207 561 2755                                    sell). Both brands have been      - Barossa Valley Experience               AOT                                           promoting & selling holidays      - APT – KI Odysseys                       - Strong Australian presence in                                       to Australia for over 25 years.   - Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris        brochures and thru retail
                                                                                               Sealion & Outback Experience           outlets.
                                                          Stella Travel Services UK         - Wetlands Discovery Cruise               - SATC is currently working
                                                          complements its tour              - The Great Ocean Road Self-Drive         with Stella on an Outback
                                                          operating businesses with            (Mel-ADL)                              campaign and brochure with
                                                          two major retail travel agency    - Mercure Grosvenor Hotel                 TA and 4 other States
                                                          chains - Harvey World Travel      - BreakFree on Hindley Adelaide
                                                          and the Global Travel Group,      - Holiday Inn Adelaide
                                                          which make them one of the        - Hotel Grand Chancellor Adelaide
                                                          biggest travel agents in the      - Rendezvous Allegra Hotel
                                                          UK.                               - Hyatt Regency Adelaide
                                                                                            - North Adelaide Heritage Group
                                                                                            - Nine Historic Cottages
                                                                                            - Oaks Plaza Pier, Glenelg
                                                                                            - Ozone Seafront Hotel
                                                                                            - Kangaroo Island Seafront Resort
                                                                                            - Kanagroo Island Wilderness Retreat
                                                                                            - Novotel Resort, Barossa Valley
                                                                                            - The Louise, Barossa Valley

                                                                                            Travel Bag Brochure:
                                                                                            Wrap of Travel 2 brochure


All Ways Pacific         Catherine Walter             Tour Operator specialising in     Accommodation:                             -   Good broad range of South
7 Whielden Street        Product Manager              FIT and escorted group            Adelaide                                       Australian product.
Old Amersham                                          tours. The company markets       − Hyatt Regency Adelaide                    -   35% Australian content in
HP7 0HT Bucks                                         to the older generation with     − Hilton International Adelaide                 brochure.
Tel: +44 01494 432 747                                most on a "Trip of a Lifetime"   − North Adelaide Heritage Group             -   1500 pax to Australia per                                    although there is an             − Oaks Pier Hotel and Suites.                   year.
                                                      increasing number of repeat       Tours:                                     -   Good producers for
                                                      journeys. All accommodation      − Banksia Adventures – Fleurieu                 Australia but have strong
                                                      is in the middle to upper           Peninsula, Southern Flinders,                focus on New Zealand.
                                                      range.                              Australian wine and Country, the
                                                                                          Ultimate Flinders 4WD Experience.
                                                                                       − APT – Half Day City Tour.
                                                                                       − Sealink – Kangaroo Island Day Tour.
                                                                                       − Taste of South Australia – Barossa
                                                                                          Valley Day tour.
                                                                                       − Exceptional KI – Kangaroo Island in
                                                                                       − Captain Cook – PS Murray Princess.
                                                                                       − River of Australia - MV Expedition.
                                                                                        The Ghan & Indian Pacific, The
                                                                                        Self Drives:
                                                                                        Melbourne to Adelaide

Audley Travel            Rachel Wood                  Independent hgh end, luxury       Brochure:                                  -   Approx 2,000 pax to
The New Mill             Program Manager              and looking for different         - North Adelaide Heritage Group                Australia each year
New Mill Lane            Australia/NZ/South Pacific   boutique, products. Large            (Buxton Manor, Fire Station, Friendly   -   ITO is Outback Encounter
Witney OX29 9SX                                       focus on responsible tourism.        Meeting Chapel)                             and ATS
Tel: +44 1993 838 000    Paul Done                                                      - Adelaide Hills Country Cottages          -   Great product range     Australia Regional Manager   Approximately 190 staff – 14      - Grey Masts                                   particularly in comparison
                                                      solely selling Australia now.     - Life Time Private Retreats (The Cliff        to rest of Australia
                                                      Voted as best tour operator          House, The Sky House)
                                                      of the year at the recent         - Stranraer Homestead
                                                      Guardian Travel Awards.           - Southern Ocean Lodge
                                                                                        - Abbotsford Country House
                                                                                        - North Bundaleer
                                                                                        - Angorichina Station
                                                                                        - Desert Cave Hotel
                                                                                        - Baird Bay Eco Villas
                                                                                        - Gawler Ranges Wilderness
                                                                                           Safaris/Kangaluna Camp
                                                                                        - Tourabout Adelaide
                                                                                        - Exceptional KI - Wildlife and Natural
                                                                             -   Wool and Wine (Angorichina Station,
                                                                                 North Bundaleer)
                                                                             -   Outback & Sea-lion Encounter
                                                                                 (Wirraminna Outback Station, Gawler
                                                                                 Ranges Wilderness Safaris)
                                                                             -   Coorong – Spirit of the Coorong, Mail
                                                                                 Run, Gawler Ranges Wilderness
                                                                             -   Murraylands – Odyssey River
                                                                                 Cruises, Murray River
                                                                             -   The Ghan, Indian Pacific

Bales Worldwide          Sally Inskip        Independent luxury operator. Brochure:                                      -   Approx 100 pax to
Bales House              Product Manager     Started selling Australia in  - Hyatt Regency Adelaide                          Australia each year.
Junction Road                                2007. Dedicated Australia     - Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury
Dorking RH4 3HL                              Brochure released Dec 2007. - Collingrove Homestead, Barossa
Tel: + 44 01306732730                                                         Valley                                                     - The Louise, Barossa Valley
                                                                           - Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo
                                                                           - Stranraer Homestead, Kangaroo

Bath Travel              David Betsworth     Bath Travel is the leading      Accommodation:                              -   Have a good loyal
2 Albert Road            Manager Long Haul   independent retail agent for   − Holiday Inn Adelaide                           customer base via a
Bournemouth BH1 1BY GB                       the South West of England.     − Oaks Plaza Pier                                network of retail travel
Tel: +44 01202 200 748                       Strong repeat visitors and     − North Adelaide Heritage Group                  shops. Tailor makes most                           baby boomer demographic        − Breakfree on Hindley                           packages.
                                             with high disposable income.   − Rendezvous Allegra                         -   Approx 6,000 pax to
                                             Large cruise market out of     − Mercure Grosvenor                              Australia per year.
                                             UK.                            − Mount Lofty House                          -   ITO is ATS Pacific
                                                                                                                         -   Also overwrap ATS white
                                                                            − The Louise
                                                                                                                             label luxury brochure
                                                                            − Stranraer Homestead
                                                                                                                         -   Strong on cruising sales.
                                                                             Self Drive:
                                                                            − 2 night, 3 Day Clare/Barossa (Thorn
                                                                               Park Country House, Barossa - The
                                                                            − 3 days/2 nights Great Southern
                                                                               Journey (Chardonnay Lodge.)
                                                                            − MEL to ADL Self Drive route
                                                                            − Adelaide City Stopover
                                                                            − 2 day/1 night Flinders Ranges 4WD
                                                                                        Explorer – Banksia Adventures
                                                                                     −  Kangaroo Island Coast to Coast.-
                                                                                     − 2 day/1 night Coober Pedy – Desert
                                                                                        Cave Hotel
                                                                                     − Barossa and Clare Valleys- Banksia
                                                                                      Budget, Maui, Britz, Indian Pacific, The

Bridge and Wickers                Rachel Bottomley    Direct sell Australian          New brochure to be released soon. But       -   Niche high-end product
3, The Courtyard, 44 Gloucester   Product Director    specialist.                     current one:                                    with good yield and above
Avenue Primrose Hill City                                                             Accommodation:                                  £2500 average spend
London NW1 8JD GB                 David Wickers       Company started by Jerry        Adelaide                                    -   1100 pax to Australia
Tel: +44 020 7438 6552            Director            Bridge (ex Bridge the World)   − Oaks Embassy                               -   Very supportive of solo                              and David Wickers (Chief       − North Adelaide Heritage Group                  campaigns for SATC.
                                  Jerry Bridge        Travel Editor Sunday Times         (Buxton Manor, Fire Station, Friendly    -   Joined with SATC to share
                                  Managing Director   for 17 years).                     Meeting Chapel)                              stand at Luxury Travel
                                                      Wealth of Experience and a      Flinders/Outback                                Show, London 2009.
                                                      fresh approach to selling       − Prairie Hotel
                                                      Australia.                      − Rawnsley Park Eco Villas
                                                                                      Kangaroo Island
                                                                                     − Lifetime Private Retreats
                                                                                     − Stranraer Homestead
                                                                                     − Southern Ocean Lodge
                                                                                     − Abbotsford Country House
                                                                                     − North Bundaleer
                                                                                      Limestone Coast
                                                                                      − Robe Lifestyle Properties
                                                                                      The Southern Outback – (Wilpena Pound
                                                                                      Resort, Prairie Hotel, Arkaroola Ridgetop
                                                                                      4WD, Embassy), Exceptional Kangaroo
                                                                                      Island and Kangaroo Island Wilderness
                                                                                      Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris
                                                                                      Indian Pacific, The Ghan
                                                                                      National Tours:
                                                                                      An Aussie Tour (Lifestyle Properties,
                                                                                      Stranraer Homestead, Oaks Embassy)

Emerald Travel                Bruce Taylor                  Smaller, tailor made direct       Brochure:                                 -   5,000 pax per year to
15-16 New Burlington Street   Business Development          sell operator. Also strong        - The Louise                                  Australia
Mayfair London W1S 3BJ        Director                      links to a sports tour operator   - The Ghan, Indian Pacific                -   Just launched a new
Tel: + 44 020 7312 1705                                     specialising in car racing,       - Kangaroo Island Wanderer                    concept in their retail travel                                     rugby and cricket tours           - The Sebel Playford                          store, Peoples Travel, that
                                                                                              - Oaks Embassy & Plaza Pier                   has interactive blogging
                                                                                              - Stranraer Homestead                         and live web feeds in store.
                                                                                              - Angorichina Station, Flinders Ranges
                                                                                              - Thorn Park, Clare Valley
                                                                                              - North Bundaleer, Clare Valley
                                                                                              - Buxton Manor, NAHG

Freedom Australia             David Wallis                  Specialising in self-contained    -   Oaks Horizons Adelaide                -   95% Australian content in
Centurion House, Railway      Director                      apartment/villa style holidays    -   Mantra on Hindmarsh Square                brochure.
Street,                                                     in Australia, with car hire,      -   Oaks Plaza Pier Glenelg.              -   Approx. 6,000 pax per year
Hertford. SG14 1AP            Jenny Snow                    motor homes, tours and            -   Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury            to Australia.
Tel: +44 01992 514912         Product Manager               flights.                          -   Franklin Central Apartments           -   More of a retail agent                                                                    -   Breakfree on Hindley                      rather than a wholesaler
                                                                                              -   Majestic Old Lion Apartments              but does package products
                                                                                              -   Novotel Barossa Valley                    directly. Is known to have
                                                                                              -   Ozone Seafront Hotel                      a good knowledge of
                                                                                              -   Whalers Inn Resort                        Australia and targets the
                                                                                              -   Self Drive – Mel to ADL                   more independent traveller.
                                                                                              -   The Ghan

Gullivers Sports Travel       Suzy Hillier                  The United Kingdom’s              Australia as part of a worldwide sports   -   Has potential to offer pre
Fiddington Manor Tewkesbury   Marketing Manager             leading sports tour operator      programme                                     and post touring outside of
Gloucestershire GL20 7BJ GB                                 offering fully inclusive travel                                                 sports programmes.
Tel: +44 01684 29 3175                                      packages for groups of                                    supporters to follow major
                                                            sporting events around the

The Lotus Group               Matt McMillan                 The Lotus Group is an             Accommodation:                            -   Good potential.
Sandpiper House 39 Queen      Australasia Product Manager   established direct sell agent.    Adelaide                                  -   Target market is mid 30s
Elizabeth Street London SE1   (Departing Dec 2008)          They are traditionally strong     - Breakfree on Hindley                        plus. Has over 350
2BT GB                                                      sellers to East coast             - Sebel Playford                              reservation ‘traders’.
Tel: +44 020 7962 9966                                      Australia but are now             - Rendezvous Allegra Hotel                -   Approx 25,000 pax to                                         increasing sales to South         - Oaks Plaza Pier Glenelg                     Australia per year.
                                                            Australia                         - Hilton International Adelaide           -   ITO is ATS and GTA
                                                                                              - Captain Cook
                                                                                              - Adventure Tours
                                                                                              - Oz Experience

                                                                                             -   APT – KI Odysseys

                                                                                             They produce a monthly mail shot as
                                                                                             their brochure which is sent to all repeat
                                                                                             customers and also a door drop to new
                                                                                             potential customers.

                                                                                             Most of their business comes from their

Thomas Cook                    Robbie Orr                   Thomas Cook Group is one         Awaiting new brochures for all brands, as    -   Outbound from the UK
Flight Savers Units 1-3        Head of Product for Thomas   of the largest ITA’s in the UK   there have been many changes in the              approx 260,000 pax.
Coningsby Road                 Cook worldwide               with strong high street          structure of the Thomas Cook companies       -   45,000 to Australia
Peterborough PE3 8BL GB                                     presence and well-known          this year.                                   -   Also under their group are             Victoria Morris              brand name. (now the             Current Signature Brochure:                      luxury specialists, Elegant
                               Product Manager              second largest travel             - Accommodation:                                Resorts,
                                                            company in UK/Europe)             - Rydges South Park                         -   The Australia Product is
                                                                                              - Mercure Grosvenor                             brochured through their
                                                                                              - Hilton Adelaide                               Signature brand.
                                                                                              - Holiday Inn Adelaide
                                                                                              - Tours:
                                                                                              - Barossa day trips
                                                                                              - KI Sealink - Kangaroo island
                                                                                              - MV Expedition – River of Australia

Turquoise Holiday Company      Sue Leitch                   Started in 2003 by all ex        Brochure:                                    -   Approx. 400 pax to
37-39 London End Old           Product Director             Bridge the World staff.          - Exceptional Kangaroo Island                    Australia per year.
Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire                                Experience focussed rather       - Australian Coastal Safaris                 -   ITO is Outback Encounter
HP9 HW GB                      Katy Lamb                    than product focussed.           - Big Blue Air Touring                           and ATS Pacific.
Tel: +44 0870 443 177          Marketing/Product Manager    Direct sell only – no            - Angorichina Station                        -   Niche/high-end, focussing                                 wholesale                        - Prairie Hotel                                  on honeymoons.
                                                            Specialist in upmarket           - Lifetime Private Retreats
                                                            honeymoon.                       - Southern Ocean Lodge
                                                                                             - The Louise
                                                                                             - Stranraer Homestead

Wexas                          Susanne Nuttal               Established in 1970, WEXAS       Wexas Travel Planner:                        -   Full worldwide brochure –
45-49 Brompton Road            Product Marketing Manager    International is the United      - The Ghan, Indian Pacific                       10% Australian content.
Knightsbridge London SW3 1DE                                Kingdom’s largest                - Rawnsley Park Station                      -   Approx 3,500 pax to
Tel: +44 020 7589 3315                                      independent Travel Club.         - Kangaroo Island Highlights – APT/KI            Australia per year.                                               Typically, the 40,000+             Odysseys                                   -   Working with TA and DAP
                                                            members are high income          - The Best of Barossa & Clare                    partners to sell Australia to

                                                  professionals aged 45-55        -   Rendezvous Allegra Adelaide                other WEXAS members
                                                  years who use the services      -   The Louise Barossa Valley                  that have not travelled to
                                                  of Wexas for both their         -   Thorn Park Country House Clare             Australia.
                                                  leisure and business travel         Valley
                                                  needs.                          -   Kangaroo Island Lodge


Abercrombie and Kent          Kay Durden          Travel company offering five    Brochure:                                  -   India, Orient & Australasian
St Georges House Ambrose St   Product Manager     star tailor-made holidays       - Indian Pacific, The Overland, The            brochure, very little
Cheltenham GL503LG GB                             worldwide – luxury and high        Ghan                                        Australian content.
Tel: +44 1244 547 864                             end.                            - Fosters Tourism                          -   Approx 200 pax to                                                         - Hyatt Regency Adelaide                       Australia per year.
                                                                                  - Bishops Garden (NAHG)
                                                                                  - Abbotsford Country House
                                                                                  - The Louise
                                                                                  - Collingrove Homestead
                                                                                  - Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy
                                                                                  - Lifetime Private Retreats

Bailey Robinson               Sarah Parker        Independent travel company      Brochure:                                  -   Approx 400 pax to
The Courtyard, Hungerford     Product Manager     offering luxury villas, accom   - The Louise                                   Australia
Berkshire RG17 0NF                                and touring options. They       - Thorn Park                               -   First brochure launched in
+ 44 1488 689700                                  launched Australia in late      - Abbotsford Country House                     November 2006                            2006.                           - Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive
                                                                                  - Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris
                                                                                  - Baird Bay Eco Villas
                                                                                  - Arkaba Station
                                                                                  - North Bundaleer
                                                                                  - Angorichina Station
                                                                                  - Lifetime Private Retreats
                                                                                  - Southern Ocean Lodge

Cox & Kings                   Aaron Jennings      Cox & Kings is the longest      Brochure due to be released, likely to     -   Approx 100 pax to
6th Floor, 30 Millbank        Product Manager     established travel company      include strong SA coverage, product from       Australia
London SW1P 4DU                                   in the world, They are a        the flowing regions:                       -   First brochure launched in
Tel: + 44 0207 873 5000                           direct sell tour operator who   Adelaide, Clare Valley, Barossa Valley,        November 2008                             organise brochure tours for     Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges           -   ITO is ATS Pacific
                                                  both groups and individuals,
                                                  and tailor-made individual
                                                  tours. Group sizes do not
                                                  normally exceed 25 people &
                                                  are generally smaller. They

                                                         also offer a Family Explorer
                                                         range of tailor-made private
                                                         adventure holidays.

Titan Travel Group          Ben Davis                    Worldwide brochure on          South Australia forms part of 2 round        -   Fully inclusive tours (mid to
HiTours House               Product Manager Australia,   escorted tours from the UK.    Australia tours and one Australasian tour.       high range).
Crossoak Lane Salfords      New Zealand                                                                                              -   Approximately 2000 pax to
Redhill RH1 5EX Surrey                                                                                                                   Australia.
Tel: +44 01293 450 723


Addicted To Travel          Colin Richards               Online membership based        Online, no brochure                          -   Co-founders of company    Co-Founder                   community web referral         Current product listed                           are former First Choice
                                                         operator.                      - Nullarbor Traveller                            Directors.
                            Nick Anstead                 Offering direct lead to        - Bookabee Tours Australia                   -   Has only been live since
                            Co- Founder                  member operators as well as    - Adventure Tours Australia                      September 2007.
                                                         Blogs and online feedback.     - MV Expedition – River of Australia         -   Activity encourages
                                                                                        - Ozone Seafront Hotel                           community reviews of
                                                                                        - Rawnsley Park Eco Villas + Holiday             product.
                                                                                           units                                     -   Approx 400 pax to
                                                                                                                                     -   E newsletter started in
                                                                                                                                         SEPT 2008.
Responsible Travel          Richard Skinner              An online web only             Online, no brochure                          -   Must have dedicated   Sales Director               membership organisation        Current product listed                           responsible travel policy,
                                                         that only promotes trips       - Heading Bush                                   elements to include,
                                                         and accommodations that        - Nullarbor Traveller                            community, environment,
                                                         are run in a way that          - Southern Ocean Lodge                           economy.
                                                         maximises the positive and     - Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours           -   Largest UK online referral
                                                         minimises the negative         - Bookabee Tours Australia                       website
                                                         impacts on the local                                                        -   300,000 users each Month.
                                                         community, economy and                                                      -   E-zine goes to 150,000
                                                         environment.                                                                    registered users each

Global Travel Market            Jess Rehor               Australian dedicated travel    Online, no brochure                        -   Approx 70,000 pax to
Australian Travel Market        Commercial Manager       search engine.                 Several SA product have signed up to           Australia
5 Floor, Regal House                                                                    their Monthly fee advertising structure,   -   SA hosted a dedicated 9
70 London Road                                           Online buy-in web referral     with direct referral to the SA operators       page micro site for 7
Twickernham, TW1 3QS GB                                  operator, no commission.       own websites.                                  months through 2008.
Tel: +44 870 499 9550                                                                                                              -   E newsletter go to 120,000                            In operation since Feb 2006.                                                  each month

                                                         Currently building direct
                                                         product links.


Abbey Travel                    Kathryn McCarthy         One of the key Australian      Wrap Qantas Holidays brochure              -   Looking to have a stronger
43-45 Middle Abbey St           Manager                  Specialists in Ireland.                                                       focus on South Australia in
Dublin 1 IE                                                                                                                            the future.
Tel: +353 01 804 7188

Austravel Ireland               Ciara Cocoran            One Retail store of the UK     Product as per Austravel UK brochure       -   Looking to cross train all
18-19 Duke Street               Marketing Manager        brand in Dublin. They share                                                   brands in Dublin office to
Dublin 2 IE                                              retail space with other TUI                                                   sell each other.
Tel:+ 353 01 642 7000           Gemma Fee                brands, Crystal Ski,                                                      -   Marketing decisions now                Senior Travel Designer   American holidays and                                                         made in Ireland
                                                         Tropical Places                                                           -   Send approx 3,000 pax to
                                                                                                                                       Australia each year

Club Travel                     Aine Whelan              Club Travel is the largest     Recently produced brochure, copies not     -   Send approx 7,000 pax to
30 Lower Abbey Street           Inclusive Tour Manager   Irish Travel Agent employing   yet received.                                  Australia per year.
Dublin 1 IE                                              90 staff. As a consolidator                                               -   Mainly flights only and
Tel: +353 01 500 5503           Joanna Kavanagh          they represent 55 airlines.                                                   group tours with AAT kings               Australian Holidays      Are rapidly acquiring other       Manager                  companies including
                                                         Australian Specialist Agency
                                                         and Student Travel Agency.

Joe Walsh Tours                 Alana Ware               Tour Operation program to      New brochure currently being produced,     -   Approximately 500 pax to
8-11 Lower Baggot Street        Marketing Manager        South East Asia, Caribbean,    currently running form 2007-2008               Australia a year.
Dublin 2 IE                                              Australia & New Zealand.       Brochure.
Tel: +353 01 241 0800                                    Flight only consolidation to                                     Asia and Australia/New
                                                         Focus on high end FIT and

                                                       honeymoon market.

USIT                         Dearbhla O’Brien          Specialist in Student, Youth    -   Groovy Grape – Boomerang tour       -   Approx 10,000 pax to
19-21 Aston Quay O'Connell   Commercial Director       & Independent Travel for        -   Campwild Adventures – Kangaroo          Australia per year.
Bridge Dublin 2 IE                                     Europe, USA & Longhaul.             Island Tour
Tel: +353 01 602 1733        Lisa O’Regan, Marketing   USIT also cater for groups,     -   Nullarbor Traveller – Australian                  Manager                   adults & family bookings.           Camping Adventures.
                                                       USIT is Ireland's biggest       -   Adventure Tours Australia
                                                       student travel company with
                                                       21 branches in the Republic
                                                       and Northern Ireland.


Aussie Tours                 Product Director          Direct wholesaler               Brochure:                               -   2500 Pax per year
Sint-Jansstraat78            Els Verhoest              specialising in Australia,      - Rydges South Park                     -   100% Australian content.
B-8840 Staden,                                         New Zealand and the South       - North Adelaide Heritage Group (Fire   -   South Australia very well
Belgium                                                Pacific for Flemish Belgium.       Station)                                 represented in brochure
Tel: +32 51705611                                      Main focus on the major FIT     - Hilton Adelaide                                     market, moderate to             - Majestic Roof Garden Hotel
                                                       upmarket. They also offer all   - Stamford Grand
                                                       inclusive, small and            - Oaks Plaza Pier
                                                       upmarket Dutch and Belgium      - Novotel Barossa Valley Resort
                                                       guided group tours.             - Jacobs Creek Retreat
                                                                                       - The Louise
                                                                                       - Clare Country Club
                                                                                       - Kangaroo Island Lodge
                                                                                       - Ozone Seafront Hotel
                                                                                       - Kangaroo Island Seafront Hotel
                                                                                       - Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat
                                                                                       - Rawnsley Park Eco Villas
                                                                                       - Wilpena Pound Resort
                                                                                       - Desert Cave Hotel
                                                                                       - A Taste of South Australia
                                                                                       - Kangaroo Island Sealink,
                                                                                       - Banksia Adventures
                                                                                       - Exceptional KI
                                                                                       - Nullarbor Traveller
                                                                                       - Ecotrek
                                                                                       - Adventure Tours Australia.
                                                                                       - Self drive – MEL-ADL, SYD-ADL,

                                                                                     -   Greyhound
                                                                                     -   Indian Pacific, The Ghan

Barron Travel                 Greta Bal                Direct-seller to high end     Barron Brochure:                           Barron Travel
Hinthamerstraat 100’s-        Senior Product Manager   product with 3 offices        - Rendezvous Allegra                       - 100% Australian content in
Hertogenbosch                                          throughout Holland. Part of   - North Adelaide Heritage Group               brochure.
5211 MS NL                    Philip Evers             the larger ITG group          - Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat       - 2000 pax to Australia per
Tel: +31 073 548 22 25        Wereldcontact -Product   That has now purchased 2      - The Lousie                                  year.          Manager                  more Australian focused       - Rawnsley Park Eco Villa’s                - Self Drive itineraries and
                                                       companies - group tour        - Prairie Hotel                               simplicity of packaging is
                                                       specialist Wereldcontact      - Majestic Roof Garden                        attractive.
                                                       Reisen and online company,    - A Taste of South Australia
Werldcontact Reizen                                    Travelaustralia.              - Barossa Day tour                         Wereldcontact Reizen
De Molen 61                                                                          - Temptation Sailing                       - 2500 Pax to Australia
Houten 3995 AW                                                                       - Spirit of the Coorong Cruises            - Mix of group tours and FIT
Netherlands                                                                          - Nullarbor Traveller                        product on offer
TEL: + 31 343 530 511                                                                - Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours
www.                                                                - Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris
                                                                                     - Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive
                                                                                     - Adventure Tours Australia
                                                                                     - Self-drive: Mel to Adl, Explorers Way,
                                                                                        Syd to Adl
                                                                                     - Indian Pacific, The Ghan.

                                                                                     Note: new brochure due out in Jan 2009

Boomerang Reizen              Edwin Hessing            Established arm of the        Brochure:                                  -   Caters for mainstream and
Nieuwe Parklaan 17 Den Haag   General Manager          German brand, opened          - Hilton Adelaide                              niche, including adventure
2597 LA NL                                             another office in the         - Hotel Grand Chancellor                       options
Tel: +31 070 3228 653                                  Netherlands in 2003.          - Stamford Grand Adelaide                  -   Great supporters of SA.                                                              - Fire Station Inn (NAHG)                  -   Own inbound office in
                                                                                     - Breakfree Director’s Studios                 Sydney.
                                                                                     - Desert Cave Hotel                        -   First Australian and New
                                                                                     - Mud Hut Motel                                Zealand dedicated
                                                                                     - Wilpena Pound Resort                         brochure produced from
                                                                                     - Prairie Hotel                                the Netherlands
                                                                                     - Standpipe Gold Motor Inn                 -   Good, high yielding
                                                                                     - Wirraminna Station                           bookings
                                                                                     - Cottages of Goolwa                       -   Approximately 1,500 pax
                                                                                     - Lawley Farm – Barossa                        per year.
                                                                                     - Barossa Weintal
                                                                                     - Chardonnay Lodge
                                                                                     - Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat
                                                                                        Kangaroo Island Lodge

                                                                                      -   Ozone Seafront Hotel
                                                                                      -   Poltalloch Station
                                                                                      -   Ann’s Place
                                                                                      -   Spirit of the Coorong Cruises
                                                                                      -   Kangaroo Island Wilderness Tours
                                                                                      -   KI Sealink
                                                                                      -   Proud Australia – 3 Day Murray River
                                                                                      -   Nullarbor Traveller
                                                                                      -   Greyhound
                                                                                      -   The Ghan, Indian Pacific

QAS                          Sven Dijkstra           GSA for Qantas Holidays in       Brochure:                                  -   Product is higher-end and
Vijzelgracht 13              Director                the Netherlands and no. 1        - Rendezvous Allegra Hotel                     has up-market clientele.
Amsterdam 1017 HM NL                                 wholesaler for flights to        - Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury           -   Approx. 3,500 to Australia.
Tel: +31 20 683 8471                                 Australia from Holland.          - Kangaroo Island Seafront                 -   Qantas Holidays or Goway.                                                                    - Freedom Adelaide Meridien                    .
                                                                                      - Wilpena Pound Resort
                                                                                      - Prairie Hotel
                                                                                      - Thorn Park Country House
                                                                                      - Self Drive: Adelaide – Perth, Sydney
                                                                                         – Adelaide, Adelaide – Perth,
                                                                                      - Kangaroo Island Sealink

Kuoni                        Petrel van Bronkhorst   Sell to the clients via travel   Brochure:                                  -   70% Australian content in
Entrada 211-214              Product Manager         agencies or direct and via       - Mecure Grosvenor                             brochure.
Amsterdam 1001                                       the internet (Net Vacations).    - Holiday Inn Hindley                      -   3,000 pax to Australia per
Tel: +31 020 398 9292                                African Holidays is a            - Rendezvous Allegra                           year.                                         subsidiary.                      - Grayline                                 -   Good product – developing
                                                                                      - KI Odysseys - APT                            new SA programmes.
                                                                                      - The Ghan, Indian Pacific                     Strong on self-drive
                                                                                                                                 -   ITO is ATS Pacific.
                                                                                                                                 -   Perenial winner of best
                                                                                                                                     Operator to Australia from
                                                                                                                                     Dutch tourism Awards

Pacific Island Travel        Rob Kusters             One of the leading               Brochure:                                  -   Combined Australia/New
Herengracht 495              Director                specialists to Australasia       - Rydges South Park Adelaide,                  Zealand brochure, 60%
Amsterdam N-1017                                     from the Dutch market.           - North Adelaide Heritage Group                dedicated to Australia.
Tel: +31 020 638 7855                                                                 - Hilton Adelaide                          -   2,500 pax per year                                                            - Majestic Roof Garden Hotel
                                                                                      - Stamford Grand Adelaide
                                                                                      - Oaks Plaza Pier

                                                                          -   Novotel Barossa Valley Resorte
                                                                          -   Jacobs Creek Retreat
                                                                          -   The Louise
                                                                          -   Clare Country Club
                                                                          -   Thorn Park Country House.
                                                                          -   Kangaroo Island Lodge
                                                                          -   Ozone Seafront Hotel
                                                                          -   Kangaroo Island Seafront Hotel
                                                                          -   Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat.
                                                                          -   Comfort Inn Port Augusta
                                                                          -   Wilpena Pound Resort
                                                                          -   Desert Cave Hotel
                                                                          -   Melaleuca Motel & Apartments
                                                                          -   Poltalloch Station Farm Stay
                                                                          -   Russells Camp Farm Stay
                                                                          -   A Taste of South Australia
                                                                          -   Kangaroo Island Sealink
                                                                          -   Banksia Adventures
                                                                          -   Indian Pacific, The Ghan

Tasman Travel          Mariette Hermans   Best of the South Pacific       Brochure:                                 -   100% Australian content.
Postbus 40 Harlingen   Product Manager    Group. Target Market is self-   - Breakfree Directors Studios             -   South Australia very well
N-8860 AA NL                              drive independent travellers    - The Chifley South Terrace                   represented in brochure.
Tel: +31 517 430068                       in mid 40 plus.                 - Medina Grand Treasury                   -   Good distribution network                                                       - Rendezvous Allegra                          plus ability to negotiate
                                                                          - Oaks Embassy                                rates.
                                                                          - Stamford Grand Glenelg
                                                                          - Nomads
                                                                          - MV Expedition
                                                                          - Spirit of the Coorong Cruises
                                                                          - Portee Station
                                                                          - Exceptional KI
                                                                          - KI Sealink
                                                                          - Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris
                                                                          - Banksia Adventures
                                                                          - Kangaroo Island Lodge
                                                                          - Magic Tours
                                                                          - Wilpena Pound Resort
                                                                          - Nullarbor Traveller


Australiareiser               Rolf Kjeseth                Retail facing tour operator    Brochure:                              -   4,000 pax to Australia.
Oevre Slottsgate 17, 6. etg   General Manager             in Sweden and Norway.          - Breakfree Directors Studio           -   Targets families and high
Oslo 157, Norway                                          Has grown from 25 staff in     - Breakfree on Hindley                     yielding individuals.
Tel: + 47 23 89 68 29         Eirik Solen                 2.5 years. Looking to open     - Hyatt Regency Adelaide               -   ITO is ATS        Product Manager             2nd Swedish shop and           - Oaks Horizons                        -   Also wrap ATS luxury
                                                          potentially in Denmark.        - All Seasons Adelaide                     brochure.
                                                                                         - Mercure Grosvenor
                                                                                         - Holiday Inn Adelaide
                                                                                         - Barossa Valley Wineries
                                                                                         - Adelaide City Tour
                                                                                         - Kangaroo Island Highlights
                                                                                         - Kangaroo Island in Style
                                                                                         - Captain Cook Cruises – Wetlands
                                                                                            Discovery Cruise
                                                                                         - The Ghan, Indian Pacific

My Planet                     Winnie Sorensen             My Planet                      My Planet Brochure:                    My Planet
Hannibal Marco-Polo           Assistant Product Manager   Major Danish Market Travel     - Fire Station Inn – NAHG              - 8,000 pax per year.
Borgergade 16                                             provider. Have recently lost   - Abbotsford Country House             - ITO is AOT.
Copenhagen K DK-1300                                      market share in Sweden.        - Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury
Tel: +45 033 76 67 00                                     Direct sell to public – also   - Novotel Barossa Valley Resort,                                          via Internet and friendship    - Saville City Suites                                           societies.                     - Rawnsley Park Station                                                                         - Wilpena Pound Resort
                                                                                         - A Night to Remember – Banksia
                                                                                         - MV Expedition, Rivers of Australia
                                                                                         - Temptation Sailing
                                                                                         - Bookabee

                                                                                         Hannibal/Marco Polo Brochure:          Hannibal Marco-Polo
                                                          Hannibal Marco-Polo            - Holiday Inn Adelaide                 - Approx 1500 pax to
                                                          Mainly tailor made             - Hyatt Regency Adelaide                  Australia per year.
                                                          itineraries aimed at luxury    - Breakfree on Hindley                 - ITO is now AOT
                                                          market & groups with           - North Adelaide Heritage Group        - They have a good
                                                          Danish speaking guides.        - Hilton Adelaide                         selection of South
                                                          Market is 40+ - general        - Novotel Barossa Valley Resort           Australian product and are
                                                          touring, high yield            - The Louise                              a big supporter of SA.
                                                                                         - Desert Cave Hotel
                                                                                         - Wilpena Pound Resort
                                                                                         - Prairie Hotel
                                                                                         - Stranraer Homestead
                                                                                         - Kangaroo Island Seafront
                                                                                       -   Portee Station
                                                                                       -   APT/KI Odysseys
                                                                                       -   MV Expedition – River of Australia
                                                                                       -   Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris
                                                                                       -   Banksia Adventures
                                                                                       -   The Ghan

Tour Pacific                   Annette Sandqvist        They are the GSA for           Do not have their own Australia Brochure of   -   Tour East and ATS Pacific
Box 1090, Sundstorget 3, 3rd   Product Manager          Qantas Holidays.               their own but do overbrand Qantas                 are their ITO.
Floor SE-251 10 Helsingborg,                            They do 65% direct sell and    Holidays Full Programme                       -   1,300 pax to Australia per
Sweden                         Lars Jonsson             35% the retail travel trade.                                                     year.
Tel: +46 42 17 95 00           Managing Director        Last year they contracted                                                    -   They have strong agents                                      Aesia which is the second                                                        for selling of Australia.
                                                        largest RTA in Sweden with
                                                        45 shop fronts throughout
                                                        the country.

Nyhavn Rejser                  Steen Grossman           Based in Copenhagen,           Brochure:                                     -   ITO is Australia One.
Nyhavn 12 Copenhagen           Product Manager          Denmark.                       - Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury              -   Approximately 11,000 pax
DK-1051                                                 USA is their number one        - Breakfree on Hindley                            per year.
Tel: +45 033 320320            Neils Johansen           destination but Australia is   - Mercure Grosvenor                           -   Australia is 2nd top selling                  Director Marketing and   taking a higher priority.      - Stranraer Homestead                             destination for Nyhavn with
                               Production               Numbers to Australia have      - Prairie Hotel                                   1,500 pax per year
                                                        continued to increase.         - Peppers the Louise
                                                                                       - Self drive package, Mel – Adl, via
                                                                                          Kangaroo Island
                                                                                       - The Ghan, Indian Pacific
                                                                                       - Hertz, Kea Campers


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