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									                                     Marathon Training

  Monday             Tuesday          Wednesday             Thursday               Friday     Saturday/Sunday          Totals

13             14                15                  16                        17             18/19
2 Miles                          2 Miles                                       2 Miles        rest                              6
Walk 5         Strength Training Walk 5              Strength Training         Walk 5
Run 5                            Run 5                                         Run 5
20             21                22                  23                        24             25/26
2 Miles                          2 Miles                                       2 Miles        rest                              6
Walk 3         Strength Training Walk 3              Strength Training         Walk 2
Run 5                            Run 5                                         Run 5
27             28                29                  30                        1-May          2/3-May
3 Miles                          3 Miles                                       3 Miles        rest                              9
Walk 3         Strength Training Walk 3              Strength Training         Walk 1
Run 5                            Run 5                                         Run 5

This program assumes that you are a novice to running and will start with the very basics. It is important to start
marathon training slow and easy and build up miles gradually. For the first three weeks of training we are going
to focus on just getting on our feet and getting moving. Don’t worry about speed here. Remember, we have
several months of training to get to marathon running condition.

Let me take a moment to explain what you see on the program calendar. You have two types of days there, run
days and strength training days. First I’ll explain the running days. The first thing you will notice is the mileage
you will be going that day (“2 Miles”). Under the mileage you will see the words “Walk” and “Run” with numbers
behind them. Those numbers represent minutes. So, it says “Walk 3, Run 5” you will walk for 3 minutes and then
run for 5 minutes and continue that pattern until you have completed your mileage. The idea is to eventually get
you running all of your miles.

The other days are strength training days. I’ll have more to say about these in a future article, but for now just
know that we are including this training to help your muscles stay active, get stronger, and help your body
recover from the runs. You do not need to invest in any type of equipment at this point because the exercises
are pretty simple at this point. For each strength training session you will do the following exercises in order and
then repeat the order two more times (“sets“). Each time you do conduct the exercise you will perform it until you
are fatigued and can do no more (“reps”).

1. Squats                                                     4. Calf Raises

2. Push-ups                                                   5. Towel Rows

3. Pelvis Raises                                              6. Crunch-ups

Now you may be wondering how you are suppose to execute these exercises. Not to worry. Each month a link to
a video will be posted that will walk you through the workouts. For this months workout you can go to my blog
(www.AutismRuns.blogspot.com) and find the heading “April Workout” and find the link to the workout video. It
will be posted on April 7th. Finally, if you have any questions concerning the training please feel free to email me
at chrisfales@train4autism.org and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. Happy training!
Marathon Training

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