Microchip town

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					Microchip Town

Today, technology is
  amazing. And so are
  computers. Laptops, or
  wireless computers, have
  the capability of
  downloading pictures
  from cameras. RAM, or
  Random-access Memory,
  is in the form of small
  microchips that stores
  data. RAM also stores
  data that is to be
  accessed at any order-----
  --Well, which is random.
 One day, a boy who lived in
   microchip town named Jay, got
   a job at a summer school. He
   was very excited. He told all of
   his friends named Joey, Grant,
   and Billy bob.
“You got a job at a summer
   school?,” Billybob asked.
“Yeah, I start when school ends.”
   Jay replied.
Jay and his friends were in 5th
   grade. Their school ended
   June 12th.
When Jay and his friends came
     home from school, they turned
     on the television.
“I’ll go get some snacks,” said
“Okay!”, the friends replied in
While Jay was getting the food,
     Billybob turned on the sports
“Cool, the Yankees are on!” said
“I’ll go get my foam finger and
     soda hat,” Joey said in an
     exciting manner.
“WHAT!!!!!!!????????, “ screamed
“What’s wrong?” asked Jay.
“Something shut down the main Micro
   plant, and that means no power!”
“There goes video games for a long
   time,” Billybob said in a depressed
“Ugh, I ride my skateboard 5 miles to
   watch the Yanks and all I get is no
   power? Man, that’s just sad,”
   whined Joey.
After some board games and snacks,
   everyone went home. Jay ate
   dinner with his mom and dad, then
   went to bed. He thought about
   what would happen with no power.
   It never happened in the history of
   Microchip Town, and he just
   hoped that the town could
People were coming down with
   some disease caused by
   radiation coming from the RAM
   factory. Doctors thought that
   the radiation only spreads
   when the RAM factory isn’t
   supplied with power.
At school, Jay was talking to his
   friends about what they were
   going to do.
“Let’s sneak in and find out what’s
   going on,” Joey suggested.
Everyone agreed. They decided
   to sneak in the factory and find
   out what shut down the power.
   But for some reason, Jay had
   a very bad feeling about going
   to the factory, but he was
   afraid to tell his friends…
That night, Jay, Joey, Grant, and
    Billybob snuck into the factory.
    They were all armed with
    things that could get past the
    infrared security lasers.
“EWWWWWW! What is that
    stench??” complained Jay.
“I think it’s the RAM cells breaking
    down. I read that sometimes
    the smell can get really bad,”
    confirmed Joey.

The boys went to the control
  center. There was a big switch
  with a sign that said “off”. Jay
  tried to tug the switch to turn it
  on, but it was extremely hard
  and couldn’t do it alone. Jay
  asked his friends to help him.
They all tugged and the
  switch turned on. The
  factory was up and
  running. Jay and his
  friends worked all night
  and replaced the dead
  Random-Access Memory
  cells with new ones.
  They woke up next
  morning to find
  themselves very, very
Jay, Joey, Grant, and
  BillyBob woke up to find
  themselves in a ring of
  people. They heard
  clapping and cheering.
  Microchip Town was
  celebrating their
  accomplishment! The
  four boys each made a
  speech about there
  adventure, and then went
“So class, that’s why we should
   never, ever shut down the
   factory, or all of its memory will
   be erased.” Explained Jay. He
   was teaching in summer
   school. ”Okay class, you can
   leave now.” Jay walked out of
   the school, to find his friends
   holding him a small cupcake.
   “We just wanted to say that
   you did a great job for your first
   day of teaching about RAM
   technology.” Said Grant.
   “Thanks a lot you guys, I just
   wouldn’t know what I would do
   without you.”

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