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                                                                                              Spring 2010

New Executive Board Elected                                                         Inside this issue:

Pennsylvania NOW             also lives in         Shani Robin,                 New Executive Committee   1
elected our new              Wilkinsburg,            Member At Large of           Voters’ Guide - PAC       2
Executive Committee          Allegheny County        the Executive
for 2010-2011 at the         and is the other Co-    Committee. Shani             Fundraising Update        3
biennial convention          President of East       lives in State College,      Legislative Updates       4-7
held in State College        End NOW. She is         Centre County. She
on December 5, 2009.         returning for her       is a member of Ni-Ta-        NOW/PAC Endorses Lois     7-8
Our new officers are:        third term as           Nee NOW. And this
                             Treasurer.              is her first term on the
 Joanne Tosti-                                     Executive                      Northwestern PA NOW.
   Vasey, President.       Mary Kay
                                                     Committee.                     This is also her third
   Joanne lives in           Peterson,
                                                                                    term on the Executive
   Bellefonte, Centre        Secretary. Mary       Susan Woodland,                Committee.
   County. She is Co-        Kay lives in Honey      Member At Large of
   President of Ni-Ta-       Brook, Chester          the Executive
   Nee NOW. This             County. She is          Committee. Susan
   will be her third         President of            lives in Edinboro, Erie
   term as President         Chester County          County. She is the
   of Pennsylvania           NOW. And this will      President of
   NOW.                      be her sixth term as
 Kathleen Wilson,
   Vice President.         Doris Pridgen,
   Kathleen lives in         Member At Large
   Wilkinsburg,              of the Executive
   Allegheny County.         Committee. Doris
   She is Co-                lives in
   President of East         Philadelphia. She
   End NOW. This             is a member of
   will be her third         Philadelphia NOW.
   term as Vice              This is her forth
   President.                term as a member
                             of the Executive
 Pamela Macklin,           Committee.
   Treasurer. Pamela                                      Members of PA NOW Executive Committee (l to
                                                          r): Joanne Tosti-Vasey, President; Kathleen
                                                                                  Wilson, Vice President;
How to contact            Pennsylvania NOW                                        Pamela Macklin, Treasurer;
                            TREASURER’S                                           Shani Robin, At-Large
 MAIN OFFICE                                     E-Mail
                                 OFFICE                                           Member; & Susan
 PENNSYLVANIA NOW                                 Joanne Tosti-Vasey, President
                          PENNSYLVANIA N0W
                                                                                  Woodland, At-Large
        P.O. Box 68                                                               Member. Missing from
   Bellefonte, PA 16823     Treasurer’s Office    Kathy Wilson, Vice-President
                              P.O. Box 8614      picture are Mary Kay
   Phone: 814-280-8571
    Fax: 814-355-3057      Wilkinsburg, PA 15221  Pamela Macklin, Treasurer     Peterson, Secretary & Doris
                               412-242-4448              Pridgen, At-Large Member.
                                                   Mary Kay Peterson
                                  PENNSYLVANIA NOW TIMES                                              Page 2

                  National NOW/PAC & PA NOW PAC Voters’ Guide
Primary Election Day is Tuesday May 18, 2010. Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. The following
information is provided to you from the National NOW PAC and the PA NOW PAC.
National NOW/PAC: The National NOW PAC makes endorsements in all Federal races. As of May 6th,
2010 the following people have been endorsed in Pennsylvania:
U.S. Senate:                                                     U.S. Congress:
Joe Sestak (D)                              Lois Herr (D) 16th CD
U.S. Congress:                                                   Bryan Lentz (D) 7th CD
Ryan Bucchianeri (D) 12th CD                 Manan Trivedi (D) 6th CD

 Pennsylvania NOW PAC: The Pennsylvania NOW PAC makes endorsements for all
 statewide and local races. This year, there are races for Governor, Lt. Governor, half of the
 PA State Senate, all PA House races, and all precinct-level and state committee level seats
 for both the Democratic and Republican parties. As of May 6th the following people have
 been endorsed. We are continuing to interview other candidates. We will update our
 endorsements at as they become available. Click on PA NOW PAC
 and then on PAC Endorsements for full details.
Governor:                                                               Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee
Joe Hoeffel (D)
Lt. Gov: Jonathan Saidel (D)                       Pamela Macklin (D) Allegheny Co., 38th SD
Pennsylvania House of Representatives:                                   Barbara Ernsberger (D) Allegheny Co., 43rd SD
Tonya D. Payne (D) 19th HD                          Karen Cochran (D) Bucks County
Tina Davis (D) 141 HD                           Stephanie Fineman (D) Bucks County
Babette Josephs (D)182            HD                                     Joanne Tosti-Vasey (D) Centre County                                                Ruth Damsker (D) Montgomery County
Pennsylvania Senate:                                                     Karen Bojar (D) Philadelphia Co., 4th SD
Ruth Damsker (D) 12th SD
                                                        PAC Donations
The PA NOW PAC needs your help to put out a voter’s              Yes, I want to help support the PA NOW PAC
guide and to assist NOW endorsed candidates for
statewide and local office. we need funds donated                 Yes, I wish to make an nondeductible donation to
directly to the PA NOW PAC. If you are interested in              help the PAC: $25__ $50___$100___$250___
electing public officials who fully support the full equality of
                                                                  Other $____.
women, then please donate to the PA NOW PAC by credit
card online at or mail your                 Donation over $250.00 require the following additional information:
donation to PA NOW PAC, P.O. Box 8614, Wilkinsburg, PA            Occupation: _______________________________________
15221. Thank you!                                                 Employer: _________________________________________
 Method of Payment            Name:
    Check (PA NOW PAC)
                                                                       Credit Card #                                         Exp. date
     Discover                 Address:

     Visa                                                              Signature
                              Phone:                                        Voters’ Guide paid for by PA NOW PAC & NOW/PAC
     American Express
                     Pennsylvania NOW Times
                   PENNSYLVANIA NOW TIMES                                             Page 3

     NOW is the time to dig deep!
 Prepare to fight, keep the pressure on!
Women’s rights are under                      What can we do?
                                              Send your tax deduction deductable donation to
                                              our Pennsylvania NOW Education Fund, P.O.
   Right to a legal, safe abortion          Box 8614, Wilkinsburg, PA 15221 or online at
   Right to have birth control     The Fund is a not-
   Right to pay equity                      for-profit organization, that focuses on raising
   Right to privacy and self                the consciousness of people and in particular
     determination                            young women and corporations on feminist
   Right to freedom from                    issues. The overwhelming sexist and violent
     discrimination                           media from video games to television to movies
   Right to disability rights               is increasing. We saw this in the Super Bowl
   Right to freedom from sexual             advertising. Now there is a new Japanese video
     assault, domestic violence, stalking     game promoting rape and molestation “until our
   Right to equal sports scholarships
                                              women and daughters learn to like it”.
   Right to herstory
   Right to healthcare                      What can we do?
   Right to quality public education        Our President Joanne Tosti-Vasey, Vice President
   Right to organize                        Kathy Wilson and NOW leaders speak to
                                              organizations, college students and at events
What can we do?                               addressing feminist issues. Invite them to speak
Help us go “green” save trees                 to your organization or campus event.
and money (paper, printing,                   What can we do?
postage).                                     Keep your favorite TV stations phone numbers
Help us save your money for                   by your side. Pick up the phone and call the
                                              station or corporation when you see or hear
                                              anti-female sexually explicit, violent, or degrading
Email “”                       behavior or advertising to or about women.
with your latest email address                E.g. billboards advertising a gun show depicted a
with “PNT mail” in subject                    woman with a target on each breast. Email,
line so we can send you a link                write or call the corporations whose ads are
to our Spring Newsletter.                     degrading or support these shows or talk show
     YES — Make a Financial Commitment to your future
 I will make a financial commitment to ensure Pennsylvania NOW is at the table with our friends to
             STOP the right wing agenda to eliminate women’s rights and women’s unity
                              PENNSYLVANIA NOW TIMES                                      Page 4

PA NOW is monitoring           HB 164—PA NOW                passage of this bill in the    patients the ability to
several pieces of              supports passage of          General Assembly.              choose the best
legislation in the             this bill. This bill adds                                   treatment plans for the
Pennsylvania General           breastfeeding as a           HB 2245 — PA NOW               individual patient.
Assembly.                      protected class under        supports passage of            Referred to Senate
                               the PA Human                 this bill. This bill adds      Banking and Insurance
Reproductive Justice           Relations Act, which is      language to the                Committee on
                               Pennsylvania’s anti-         Pennsylvania Human             November 10, 2009.
Emergency                                                   Relations Act to make it
Contraception                  discrimination law. Bill                                    For more information,
                               sent to Appropriations       illegal to discriminate        see
SB 402 — PA NOW                Committee from               against someone in             http://pennsylvanianow.
supports passage               Children and Youth           employment based on  
WITHOUT any                    Committee on                 either their marital or        hree-bills-for-women-
amendment. It requires         February 11, 2009.           familial status. HB 2245       on-ides-of-march.html.
hospitals to provide                                        passed out of the House
Emergency                      HB 1303—PA NOW               State Government
Contraception (EC) to all      supports passage of          Committee on March 9,
                               this bill. This bill would   2010 and is currently in       Health Care
sexual assault victims
who come to the                prohibit discrimination      the Appropriations             The Federal Health
emergency room. The            against a woman who          Committee. Rep. Carroll        Care bill passed in
hospital & staff must          is breastfeeding in          has agreed to urge             Congress in March
provide every woman            terms of hiring, firing,     expanding the definition       2010. It is a good start.
clear & unbiased               or discipline and must       of family status to include    However there are
information on EC. Anti-       allow these women to         family responsibilities        serious problems with
choice advocates &             express their milk           across the life span.          the bill for women that
legislators want to            during break periods.        Please call Rep. Carroll       need to be fixed. These
amend this bill to allow       Complaints must be           and you state legislator       include:
hospitals & doctors to opt     filed with the PA            to urge them to add this
out of providing EC. This      Department of Labor          amendment to the bill           The bill contains a
is currently sitting in the    within 90 days of            and then vote for the bill         sweeping anti-
Senate Public Health           violation. Bill sent to      in its entirety. For more          abortion provision.
and Welfare Committee          Appropriations               details go to                      This provision
                               Committee from               ultimately achieves
Reproductive Health            Children and Youth             the same outcome
                               Committee on                 e-bills-for-women-on-              as the infamous
HB 28 — PA NOW                                                                                 Stupak-Pitts
                               November 10, 2009.           ides-of-march.html.
supports passage of                                                                            Amendment, namely
this bill. This “Pharmacy      Note, the new Federal        Eating Disorders                   the likely elimination
Act” requires                  Health Care Law                                                 of all private as well
pharmacists to fill all        requires workplaces          SB 1138 — PA NOW
                                                            supports this bill. to             as public insurance
legal prescriptions            with 50 or more                                                 coverage for
without delay unless           employees to create          increase awareness and
                                                            show support for this              abortion. It imposes
there are medical              lactation-friendly                                              a bizarre
contraindications,             policies and create          legislation that would
                                                            require insurance                  requirement on
duplications, incorrect        private spaces (NOT in                                          insurance plan
dosages, drug-allergy          bathrooms) for               companies to cover non-
                                                            hospital residential care          enrollees who buy
interactions, drug abuse,      lactation purposes.                                             coverage through
or inability to pay for Rx.    This law can, in PA          for eating disorder
                                                            patients, thereby                  the health insurance
This bill was referred to      NOW’s opinion, be
the Health and Human           used to urge for quick       allowing doctors and                         (Continued on page 5)

                                 PENNSYLVANIA NOW TIMES                                   Page 5

                                 Legislation (Continued)
(Continued from page 4)            The bill also          working to have                preexisting conditions or
                                     permits gender-        Congress eliminate the         ability to pay; these bills
      exchanges to write             rating, the practice   Hyde amendment and             also preserve the
      two monthly checks             of charging women      will continue their work       private health care
      (one for an abortion           higher premiums        for passage of a single–       system with the right of
      care rider and one for         simply because         payer health care              individuals to choose
      all other health care).        they are women.        program at both the state      their own doctors. PA
      Even employers will            Large-group plans      and federal levels.            NOW urges passage
      have to write two              (more than 100                                        of the Economic
      separate checks for            employees) sold        Pennsylvania is one of         Impact Study as well
      each of their                  through the            the states at the forefront    as HB 1600 / SB 400.
      employees                      exchanges will be      for passage of Single-
      requesting the                 permitted to           Payer Healthcare, which        Care Giving
      abortion rider.                discriminate           PA NOW supports.
                                                            There are two bills in the     HB 245 — PA NOW
                                     against women --                                      supports this bill, which
 President Obama                   having an              General Assembly on
      made an eleventh-                                     this issue.                    amends the Family
                                     especially harmful                                    Caregiver Support Act
      hour agreement to              impact in
      issue an executive                                    SR 267 in Re SB 400:           to provide lottery fund
                                     workplaces where       State Health Care              monies to assist
      order lending the              women
      weight of his office to                               Economic Impact                persons who are
                                     predominate.           Study—This resolution          primary at-home
      the anti-abortion
      measures included in         Preexisting            creates a study to review      caregivers of
      the bill. This                 conditions             the impact of PA’s             “functionally dependent
      executive order helps          restrictions/costs     proposed “Family and           and victims of chronic
      to cement the                  are not entirely       Business Healthcare            dementia” who earn
      misconception that             eliminated.            Security Act” (SB 400)         less than 200% of
      the Hyde                       Insurance              on the state. A                federal poverty income.
      Amendment is                   companies will no      bipartisan majority (34 of     This bill unanimously
      settled law rather             longer be able to      50) of the PA Senators         passed the House on
      than what it really is -       deny health            who have signed on as          March 30, 2009. It has
      - an illegitimate tack-        insurance to           sponsors of the bill. In       remained in the Senate
      on to an annual                people with            order to get a hearing to      Aging and Youth
      must-pass                      preexisting            pass the Resolution,           Committee since then.
      appropriations bill.           conditions. But        pressure needs to be put       Poverty Issues
                                     they don’t have to     on to Senators Dominic
 The bill permits age-                                    Pileggi, Joseph Scarnati,      HB 1766 – would
                                     provide the                                           require a 90-day
      rating, the practice of        coverage at the        Jake Corman, and Don
      imposing higher                                       White. Please call them        residency period in PA
                                     same cost they                                        before being eligible for
      premiums on older              quote to people        and tell them you want a
      people. This practice                                 hearing NOW!                   any Dept of Welfare
                                     without the                                           benefit. NOW opposes
      has a                          preexisting
      disproportionate                                      SB 400 and HB 1600.            In these poor economic
                                     condition. This        These are the bills that       times, this could put
      impact on women,               would include
      whose incomes and                                     will create the “Family        families lives at threat if
                                     conditions like        and Business Healthcare        this denial prevents
      savings are lower              diabetes, high
      due to a lifetime of                                  Security Act” Both bills       access to food, housing,
                                     blood pressure,        provide comprehensive,         and/or health care that
      systematic wage                obesity, etc.
      discrimination.                                       universal health               would otherwise be
                                  National NOW is           coverage regardless of                       (Continued on page 6)
                               PENNSYLVANIA NOW TIMES                                    Page 6

                               Legislation (Continued)
(Continued from page 5)         that denies services to    bill would creates a           SR 253—PA NOW
                                citizens and legal         “Sexual Violence Victim        supports this bill.
available. Bill is currently    residents of the US.       Protection Order” for          VICTORY! This is a
in the House Health and         Most people denied         sexual violence victims.       Resolution directing the
Human Services                  services through this      Basically, this is a           Joint State Government
Committee.                      program are people of      Protection From Abuse          Commission to
Lesbian Rights                  color. HB 44 was           law for victims of sexual      establish an advisory
                                referred to House          assault. This bill is          committee to study the
HB 300— LGBT Civil              Health and Human           awaiting a final vote in       problem of human
Rights Bill. PA NOW             Services Committee.        the Senate before being        trafficking and to make
supports this bill, which       HB 1184 was referred       sent to the House.             a report to the Senate
seeks to amend the PA           to the House                                              on the issue of human
Human Relations Act to          Intergovernmental          Human Trafficking              trafficking, including a
prohibit discrimination         Affairs Committee. SB      SB1227— PA NOW                 proposed State plan for
based on sexual                 9 was passed by the        supports this bill. This       the prevention of human
orientation & gender            full Senate on April 3,    bill mandates the posting      trafficking and any
identity in employment,         2009 and has sat in        of the National Human          recommendations for
housing, & public               the House State            Trafficking Resource           changes in State law,
accommodations. HB              Government                 Center hotline, in key         policies and
300 has passed out of           Committee since then.      locations throughout the       procedures. Adopted by
the House State                 Stopping Violence          state to provide               Senate on April 20,
Government Committee            Against Women              assistance, tip reporting      2010.
on March 5, 2009 and is                                    and training on human
now in the House                Protection from Abuse                                     Shackling of Pregnant
                                                           trafficking to victims,        Women
Appropriations                                             community members and
Committee.                      HB 1191—PA NOW
                                supports this bill. It     law enforcement. Posting       SB 1074—PA NOW
Promoting Diversity &           creates a “Criminal        of signs would be              supports this bill. This
Ending Racial                   Protective Order” for      required in massage            bill prohibits correctional
Discrimination                  people who are being       parlors, spas,                 facilities within the state
                                stalked, intimidated, or   restaurants, bars,             from shackling pregnant
SB 9, HB 44, & HB 1184          threatened by another.     taverns, hotels or clubs       women during labor and
– requires all recipients       It adds a Civil            that have a valid liquor or    delivery. FYI, most
of public benefits over         Protection from Abuse      malt or brewed beverage        jurisdictions in
age 18 to sign an               Order to prevent abuse     license, adult                 Pennsylvania either
affidavit and then have         (sexual or physical)       entertainment                  have no policy or have
their names checked             even in cases where        enterprises, hotels or         explicit policy allowing
through the US                  there is no familial       motels found to be a           this procedure.
Department of Homeland          relationship between       drug-related nuisance,         Currently, only the PA
Security SAVE (federal          the perpetrator and the    airports, train stations or    Department of
Systematic Alien                victim. It also creates    bus stations, and              Corrections and the
Verification of                 a permanent state-         welcome centers and            Philadelphia Prison
Entitlement) program to         wide registry of ALL       rest areas operated by         Board are the only know
prove they are citizens or      criminal and civil         the Dept of                    jurisdictions known to
legal residents of US           protective orders. This    Transportation. This bill      prohibit this practice
before receiving benefits.      bill is in the House       was referred to Senate         (Philadelphia NOW
PA NOW opposes all              Judiciary Committee.       Labor & Industry               helped create this
three bills as they target                                 Committee on February          prohibition in the city).
legal immigrants with a         SB 432 – PA NOW            4, 2010.                       In addition, the Centre
flawed database system          supports this bill. This                                                (Continued on page 7)
                               PENNSYLVANIA NOW TIMES                                     Page 7

                                 Legislation (Continued)
(Continued from page 6)         procedures.                 a Senate floor vote.           believe that allegations
                                Restrictions could          HB 463 – Joint Custody         of abuse are
County Prison Board is          include – stay away         bill mandates that in          presumptively false,
currently rewriting their       order, travel               contested custody cases,       simply a nuclear
policy after they agreed        restrictions, removal of    physical custody goes to       weapon in the ongoing
to not shackle a pregnant       child’s passport or stop    the parent who in the          divorce custody war. A
woman in January 2010           order for passport, and     opinion of the court is        study conducted in
at the behest of PA             visitation restrictions.    more likely to allow           2008 by a statewide
NOW. This bill has              While this bill may help    visitations. Contrary to       parental education
passed the Senate and           protect children from       Fathers’ Rights groups’        program found that only
was referred to the             familial kidnapping, it     arguments, only 1% of          9% of these allegations
House Judiciary                 could also prevent          cases are litigated.           were false. With this
Committee on March 18,          international women         Mothers usually get            belief by professionals
2010.                           who are fleeing a           custody by agreement of        in the court system,
                                domestic violence           the parties in the rest of     custody of children by
Family Law                      situation from leaving,                                    their alleged abuser
                                                            divorce cases. In
HB 90 – Uniform Child           resulting in the entire     addition, there is a           would be more likely to
Abduction Prevention Act        family remaining in         pervasive attitude in the      happen if this bill
– bill creates procedures       danger. Until this          courts that allegations of     passes. PA NOW
for determining when a          conflict is resolved, PA    child abuse are not true.      therefore opposes this
child is likely to be           NOW opposes this            Many professionals             bill. This bill continues
abducted allowing a             bill. This bill has         involved in custody            to sit in the House
court to implement child        passed out of the           cases involving                Judiciary Committee.
abduction prevention            House and is awaiting       allegations of child abuse

                      NOW/PAC Endorses Lois Herr for Congress
On Saturday, November           November 21, 2009           NOW PAC endorsing
7, 2009, Congressman            Pennsylvania NOW,           Lois for this seat.            Thanks in large part to
Joe Pitts of Lancaster,         National NOW, and           The National                   Pitts' efforts, the
PA , along with Bart            Planned Parenthood          Organization for Women         House's version of
Stupak, inserted an             PA Advocates held a         Political Action               health care reform now
amendment into the              protest rally against       Committee is proud to          stands as the greatest
House version of the            Rep. Joe Pitts for co-      announce our                   threat to women's
health care bill that           authoring the Stupak-       endorsement of Lois            fundamental right to
denied access to                Pitts amendment to the      Herr for Congress in           abortion in decades.
abortions through the           health care reform bill .   Pennsylvania's 16th            That's why we're here
proposed health                 During the rally, the       District. Lois is taking on    today on Joe Pitts'
insurance reform (A             National NOW PAC            the all-important              home turf -- not only to
slightly different version      announced their             challenge of unseating         express outrage at his
of this prohibition put into    endorsement of long-        Rep. Joe Pitts, co-author      actions but also to
the Senate version of the       time NOW member             of the outrageous              demonstrate our
bill by Senator Nelson          and women’s rights          Stupak-Pitts                   commitment to getting
became law in March             advocate Lois Herr for      Amendment. Lois rightly        Lois Herr elected in this
when the health care bill       this seat.                  called this amendment "a       district next November.
was signed into law by                                      direct attack on the
President Obama).               Here’s the speech                                          Lois is dedicated to
                                given by Terry O’Neill,     freedom and privacy of
Two weeks later, on                                         American women."               providing affordable
                                Chair of the National                                                   (Continued on page 8)
                                                                                                   NONPROFIT ORG
                                                                                                   US POSTAGE

             Pennsylvania NOW Inc.                                                                 PAID
                                                                                                   PITTSBURGH PA
                                                                                                   PERMIT NO 1099

Pennsylvania NOW Inc.
P.O. Box 8614
Wilkinsburg, PA 15221

   Political Information Enclosed

            NOW Inc.

                                         GOING GREEN! Save costs and to save Trees.
                                         We will be sending out future copies of the Pennsylvania NOW Times
       See the PA NOW                    via email to everyone for whom we have an email address.
       PAC Voter’s                       Please send us your name and email address to;
       Guide on page 2.                  put “PNT email” in the subject line.
                                         To continue receiving a paper newsletter, please write to our main
                                         office (see front page) or call 814-280-8571. Thank You!

             Endorsement of Lois Herr by NOW/PAC (continued)

(Continued from page 7)       We have a battle ahead
                              of us, but I am confident
health care to every          that the people of
person in the United          Pennsylvania's 16th
States, but not at the        District will see the light.
expense of women's            The current health care
access to reproductive        debate has revealed the
health services. She is a     cynical side of law-
longtime NOW member           making and exposed
and a strong supporter of     those legislators who are
constitutional equality,      only too willing to throw
equal pay, affirmative        women overboard for the
action, equal marriage        sake of political
rights and the full range     expediency. To those like
of feminist issues. Lois      Joe Pitts, I say: if
understands the hurdles       women's rights aren't
that women face every         safe when you're in
day in this country, and      office, then we'll just
when we send her to           have to replace you. And       L. to R.: Congressional Candidate Lois Herr (D),
Capitol Hill, she will work   I can't think of a better      PA 16th CD; PA NOW President Joanne Tosti-
to improve the lives of       candidate to take your         Vasey; Lancaster Councilwoman Louise Williams;
women and girls.              seat than Lois Herr.           National NOW President Terry O’Neill; and State
                                                             Representative Barbara McIllvaine-Smith.

                                                             Representative Barbara McIllvaine-Smith.

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