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        (Rregistered under: Travancore - Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955)

                                      (Reg. No. ER-43/2007)

 No. 002 _ Quarterly Circular _ Oct 2007

 (1) Dr. B.C. Nayak                                President                                          Tel: 2203100
 (2) Mr. Arun Kumar Das                            Vice-President                                          2305169
 (3) Dr. Jaganath Swain                            Secretary                                               2422208
 (4) Mrs. Manisha Dandapat                         Joint Secretary                                         2400341
 (5) Mr. Tusharkant Sahoo                          Treasure                                       Mob: 9447574728
 (6) Mr. D. Nayak                                  Member-Social                                  Mob: 9947036418
 (7) Mr. Chinmaya Choudhury                        Member-Cultural                                Mob: 9847290494
 (8) Mr. Netajee Patro                             Member-Finance                                          2204775
 (9) Dr. Sujata Acharya                            Member-Editorial                               Mob: 9447987088
 (10) Mr. Pradip Kumar Patra                       Member-Audit                                            2536469
 (11) Mr. Siddharth Biswal                         Election Officer 2007-08                       Mob: 9847031942
 (12) Mr. Gynaranjan Samant                        External-Auditor                               Mob: 9447209318

     Note: This is the second “Executive Committee” of UTKALIKA-Cochin Oriya Association, Kerala.

 I.         Circular for all members of “UTKALIKA” (Includes Minutes
            of MC Meeting dated 22 September 2007)

      Quarterly circulars are being communicated to members of UTKALIKA through
       EMAIL during the months of April, July, October and January. This is the
       second circular of UTKALIKA.
       The Annual General Body Meeting – 2007 and Family Get Together were held
       on 22 July 2007 at Petro-House, Kochi Refinery, Bharat Petroleum, Corporation
       Ltd., Cochin. The meeting was chaired by Dr. K.R. Rajpan, Honorary Member,
       UTKALIKA along with Dr. Salil Kumar Mohanty (Life Member) and Mr.
       Siddharth Biswal (Election Officer). The meting started at 1130 hrs. with lighting

    of lamp, offering of flowers to Lord Jagannath and Jagannath Bhajan. The
    President welcomed the Chief Guest, all the members and their families of
    UTKALIKA. The Secretary read the annual report. Treasurer presented the
    Annual accounts (audited by Member-Audit and External Auditor) and it was
    passed by the AGM. The new MC for 2007-08 was unanimously elected as given
    in the attachment file. Election was followed by the Cultural Function and Lunch
    contributed by the members who attended the AGM. The meeting was concluded
    with the concluding address and vote of thanks by the Vice-President Mr. A.K.
    Das. Some of the highlights of AGM are stated below.
   Formal handing over and taking over (Inventory-2007) formality between the out
    going and in coming MC was completed and the papers were signed.
   The nomination of External Auditor was completed by the new MC. In favor of
    suggestion by MC, the same was accepted by Mr. Gynaranjan Samant and
    approved by AGM (acceptance letter signed).
   First announcement inviting articles for Souvenir-2008 (Chandrabhaga) was made
    by Member-Editorial.
   Few Membership Certificates (Honorary/Life/Annual) were distributed during the
    function by Chief Guest and the President, UTKALIKA. Rest will be distributed
   Winners of the various Competitions organized during the function were awarded
    prizes along with certificates. Pending certificates will be issued later.
   Merit certificate and cash prize of Rs. 500 was awarded to Miss Neha, D/o Mrs.
    Manisha Dandapat and Mr. Subhakar Dandapat for securing highest percentage of
    marks in tenth class examination during this year among the children of
    UTKALIKA members.
   Five Honorary Members have been nominated by the MC: (1) Shri Surjya
    Narayan Patro, Minister – Energy, Information Technology and Culture, Orissa;
    (2) Prof. Prabhat Patnaik, Vice-Chairman, State Planning Board, Govt. of Kerala,
    (3) Prof. KV Thomas, Local MLA, Ernakulam, (4) Shri. A.P.M. Mohammed
    Hanish, IAS, District Collector, Ernakulam, and (5) Dr. KR Rajappan, Specialist
    Hospital, Ernakulam North. The consent letter from Local MLA is awaited.

Other points:

   Cochin Oriya Association, Kerala is organizing an Oddissi Dance Programme
    in connection with the DIWALI FESTIVAL 2007.
    Venue:                  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Auditorium, TD Road, Cochin-11
    Date:                   04 November 2007
    Time:                   6 to 8 PM
    Dancers:                Mrs. Ipsita Behoora and Mrs. Meena Kumari Sahoo
    Guests of Honor:        Mr. PK Mohanty, IAS
                            Commissioner, Kerala State Land Use Board &
                            Mr. APM Mohammed Hanish, IAS
                            District Collector, Ernakulam

    (A scanned copy of the invitation card will be separately circulated to all)

         A family picnic (for interested members) is proposed during X-MAS vacation.
         Second notification inviting the articles for Souvenir-2008 (CHANDRABHAGA)
          is issued by the newly elected “Member-Editorial”. The copy of the circular is
         The proposed Editorial Committee for Souvenir–2008 is as given below:

                              Editor:   Dr. Sujata Acharya
                              Member:   Mr. Arun Kumar Das
                              Member:   Mr. Subhakar Dandapat
                              Member:   Mr. Netajee Patro
                              Member:   Mr. Tusharkanta Sahoo
                              Member:   Dr. Jaganath Swain

         All the members of UTKALIKA are requested to contact/approach for new
          members (Membership Registration). Presently, we are 119 members (some
          have submitted registration forms recently) excluding Honorary Members.
         Land acquisition at Cochin for UTKALIKA is in progress (Scanned copies of the
          letters attached).
         As indicated earlier, this circular includes the minutes of MC meeting/discussion
          held on 22-09-2007 and the agenda for MC meeting on 28 October 2007. It will
          be kept as a record along in the “MC Minutes” register duly signed by the
          Secretary and President.
         The accounts for the Current Financial year and AGM 2007 are attached.
         The pending job to be completed are tabulated in a word file and attached for
          information of the members/MC.
         Mr. D. Nayak, Member_Social left for Culcutta on his transfer. The Managing
          Committee gave farewell to Mr. Nayak soon after the MC meeting was completed
          on 22-09-2007.
         Feedback from the members of UTKALIKA is always welcome either over
          telephone or through email.
         We may be excused for any mistakes, omissions if any in the circulars which can
          be corrected/modified and the society shall not proceed beyond the bye-
          laws/constitution of the association unless and otherwise the same is amended

II.       AGENDA FOR THE “MC” MEETING (28th October 2007):

                Attendance of Members
                Welcome address by President and Silent Prayer

                Quarterly circulars (2 nd during October 2007, 12 attachments along
                 with the Email)

                        1. Election 2007 Results

          2. Oath Taking
          3. External Auditor 2007
          4. Inventory List
          5. Member-Editorial Circular
          6. Balance Sheet, Financial Year 2007-08
          7. AGM 2007 Balance Sheet
          8. Letter to District Collector for land acquisition
          9. Recommendation of Cultural Minister, Orissa
          10. Recommendation of Governor of Orissa
          11. Table of pending jobs
          12. MC members Address & Telephone

 Odissi Dance programme in connection with DIWALI

          1. Funds
          2. Booking of Hall & Light
          3. Banners (3 Nos. – Hall/Stage, Sponsors list & Gate)
          4. Invitation Cards - Distribution
          5. Arrival/Departure of the Guests
          6. Hall Arrangements
          7. Displays from Sponsors
          8. Anchoring by Dr. Sujata
          9. Welcome Song
          10. Welcome to Guests of Honor
          11. Lighting of Lamp
          12. Brief Felicitations
          13. Vote of thanks
          14. Odissi Dance: Photography/Vedio
          15. Tea & Snacks
          16. Concluding Ceremony: Gifts & Honorarium
          17. Any other points relating the programme

   Souvenir 2008 – Articles

   Fine Arts Hall Booking

   Brochure 2008 for UTKAL DIVAS (6 April 2007)

   Family picnic: X-MAS December 2007

   List of Pending Jobs

   Points from Members

III.    VENUE FOR COMING MC Meeting: Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi’s –

IV.     Date & Time of MC Meeting : 28th October 2007 (Sunday),
        1700 hrs

Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi’s Residence Address:                 4-E, KB Apartment,
Fatima Church Road, Alamkulam, Cochin-682020.

Site Map:

                                   From Vytilla Junction

                                               Versha Apartments
                                               (Naval Ouarters)

               KB Apartment (4E)
               Fatima Church Road
                                                     BUS STOP

                                                    BPCL Petrol Pump

                                    To Kadavantara

                   Table: Executive Committee Meetings
            Date & Time                  Venue             Discussion/Remarks
   01     09-06-2006, 1600 hrs   Dr. Nayak – Residence     Initial discussions
   02     22-10-2006, 1600 hrs   Mr. Das – Residence       Registration - Regarding
   03     24-12-2006, 1600 hrs   Dr. Swain – Residence     Regarding proposed get
                                                           together in January (2 nd
                                                           Saturday – 13th)
   04     07 January 2007        Petro-House               General Body Meeting
          (1100 hrs – 1700hrs)   Kochi Refinery,           (Oriya Association)
                                 Bharat Petroleum

                                     Corporation Ltd., Cochin
   05    14 January 2007             Dr. Reeta Jayasankar –   Managing Committee
         (Sunday, 1900 hrs)          Residence                Meeting (prior to
                                     (Member-Cultural)        registration)
   06    11 February 2007            Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -  First Managing
         (Sunday, 1700 hrs)          Residence                Committee Meeting,
                                     (Member-Finance)         after registration.
   07    04 March 2007               Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -  Second Meeting,
         (Sunday, 1700 hrs)          Residence                Regarding UTKAL
                                     (Member-Finance)         DIVAS Celebrations.
   08    25 March 2007               PETRO HOUSE              Third meeting,
         (Sunday, 1700 hrs)                                   regarding UTKAL
                                                              DIVAS celebrations.
   09    21 April 2007               Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -  Forth Meeting after
         (Saturday, 1730 hrs)        Residence, Common        registration regarding the
                                     Room (Venue changed post activities of UTKAL
                                     to Mr. Dandapat,s        DIVAS-2007 and future
                                     Residence)               plans
   10    08 July 2007                Dr. Nayak’s Residence    Regarding AGM and
         (Sunday, 1700 hrs)          (President)              current      activities of
   11    22 July 2007                Petro-House              AGM-2007 & Family Get
         1000 hrs                    Kochi Refinery,
                                     Bharat Petroleum
                                     Corporation Ltd., Cochin
   12    22 September 2007           Petro-House              MC meeting and Farewell
         1800 hrs                                             to Mr. D. Nayak,
   13    28 October 2007             Mrs. Sabita Panigrahi -  Discussion regarding
                                     Residence, Common        Odissi Dance Programme
                                     Room                     on 4 Nov 2007

Pages: Six

SECRETARY                                             PRESIDENT
                                                      Date: 28 October 2007

         -------------------------   END OF MINUTES ---------------------------


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