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									             The Insider
         The weekly newsletter of the Lower Moreland Township School District
  Online:                                       October 13, 2006                                         Volume 1, No. 4

Lower Moreland named                                                                                       Six to be
academic “outperformer”                                                                                  inducted into
       ower Moreland Township School District is one of 55
                                                                                                          High School
L      Pennsylvania school districts recognized as academic “outper-
       formers” by Standard & Poor’s School Evaluation Services. To
be identified as an outperformer, districts over the course of two years
                                                                                                          Hall of Fame
must show a significantly higher percentage of students that scored          In 1995, Lower Moreland High School established a Hall
proficient or above on state reading and math tests when compared to       of Fame to honor distinguished graduates who have
other school districts with similar levels of economically disadvantaged   excelled in their careers or in community activities, or to
students. According to Standard and Poor’s, “Academic achievement          commend individuals who have provided special services
levels are compared with the percentage of economically disadvantaged      to the school district. This year, six outstanding people will
                                                                           be inducted into the Lower Moreland High School Hall of
students because educators and researchers have found that there is
                                                                           Fame on Friday, November 10. We invite you to join us as
often a strong correlation between the two indicators.”                    we celebrate the achievements of:
  More from the report:                                                        Dr. David Archibald, retired Lower Moreland Township
                                                                           School District Superintendent.
   *Outperformers must report higher percentages of students that
                                                                               Ms. Rachel Elfont Cole, Class of 1988: Professional
score at or above state standards on reading and math tests than           singer, soloist.
other school districts and serve similar proportions of economically           Ms. Erin Carey Corcoran, Class of 1992: Outstanding
disadvantaged students.                                                    Athlete; Graphic Designer for the New York State Bar
   *Outperformers must achieve proficiency levels that significantly       Association.
exceed statistical expectation; simply outperforming peers is not              Ms. Susan Rumpf Miesnik, Class of 1970: Perinatal
sufficient.                                                                Advance Practice Nurse, Children’s Hospital of
   *School districts must outperform consistently.                         Philadelphia.
   *Standard & Poor’s believes that highlighting outperforming dis-            Dr. Richard Reifsnyder, Class of 1964: Pastor of First
                                                                           Presbyterian Church in Winchester, VA.
tricts is important because it may help shed light on effective strate-
                                                                               Mr. Rod Rosenstein, Class of 1982: U.S. Attorney for
gies and ‘best practices’ that assist lower-performing ‘peers’ in mak-     Maryland.
ing needed improvements to positively impact student achievement.            For reservations, log onto or call 215-
                                                                           938-0270 ext. 2170.
 Pennsylvania’s other outperforming school districts include:
Altoona Area; Apollo-Ridge; Bellwood-Antis; Blacklick Valley;
Blairsville-Saltsburg; Central Bucks; Central Cambria; Conemaugh
Valley; Dubois Area; Ellwood City; Erie City; Fairview; Ferndale Area;
                                                                                 Have news                    Inside
Fox Chapel Area; Frazier; Freeport Area; General McLane; Girard;                 to share?                     Page: 2
Greensburg Salem; Grove City Area; Hampton Township; Harbor                                                      In the Spotlight:
Creek; Harmony Area; Homer-Center; Indiana Area; Jamestown Area;                 If you have                   Who is Joe Sufleta?
Jenkintown; Lower Merion; Mahoney Area; Montgomery Area; Mt.               newsworthy items or a
Lebanon; New Brighton Area; North Allegheny; North East; Northern
                                                                             photo opportunity,                Page: 3
Cambria; Northgate; Peters Township; Portage Area; Radnor Township;
                                                                               please contact                     News from inside
Riverview; Rockwood Area; Scranton; Shenandoah Valley; South
                                                                                                               the schools.
Fayette Township; State College Area; Titusville Area; Tredyffrin-           Dina McCaffery at
Easttown; Tyrone Area; Unionville-Chadds Ford; Upper Saint Clair;
                                                                                 Page: 4
Wayne Highlands; Wilkes-Barre Area; Windber Area and Wyoming                                                      Upcoming events.
Area.                                                                         or 215-938-0270
                                                                                                                  From the
                                                                                  ext. 2170.                   Superintendent.
 The analysis used to identify the outperforming districts can be found
on the Pennsylvania homepage of
Page 2                                             The Insider                           October 13, 2006

 In the Spotlight...
   Joe Sufleta: Head Building Custodian at Pine Road
 What is your position? How long have you                   you see it at your location you report it to the
 worked in the district? I am the head building             National Weather Service. I’ve been doing it for
 custodian at Pine Road School. I’ve been here for          years. I’ve always been interested in meteorology,
 14 years, at Pine Road, exclusively.                               ever since I was in grade school. I have all
                                                                        the equipment, such as rain gauges,
 What did you do prior to coming
                                                                           and barometers. I just read about it
 to work for Lower Moreland? I
                                                                            and learned on my own.
 was a warehouse manager for a
 banking equipment company.
                                                                             Tell us a little about yourself. I
                                                                              like a good cup of coffee! I went
 What is the most challenging
                                                                              to Montgomery County
 part of your daily job? I would
                                                                              Community College and I have
 say planning for the next day,
                                                                             an Associate of Arts degree. I
 because you never know what’s
                                                                             went to Temple University for one
 going to arise. You can plan for it;
                                                                            year and got involved in politics
 but nothing is in stone. The biggest
                                                                          and the anti-war movement. I
 challenge is getting the gym classes
                                                                        learned alot, I would do the same thing
 and the lunches coordinated each day.
 Tell us a little about your daily duties.
                                                            What do you like most about LM School
 I open the school and make sure every classroom
                                                            District? It’s small enough that you get to know
 and bathroom is safe and functional for students
                                                            most of the staff and it becomes like family.
 and staff. I check for maintenance problems.
 During the day, it’s a potpourri of jobs. I set up for
                                                            What is one thing you would like people to
 lunch; repair items, help teachers with anything
                                                            know about you? I like doing things the right way
 they need; I do receiving; and I work in the parking
                                                            the first time. I give 110% all the time. I have a
 lot to make sure that cars don’t pass the buses.
                                                            no-nonsense approach to my job, but on the other
 Every day is different. Every day is like staging a
                                                            hand I have a sense of humor and I can have a
 production and when it goes seemless that gives
                                                            good laugh. I think a sense of humor is just as
 you satisfaction.
                                                            important as a good work ethic.
 What is the best part of your job? Intermingling
 with all of the different personalities of the staff and
 the children. Working with all of them gives you a                       In the Spotlight
 lot of satisfaction. The physical part of the job I like
 most is when you repair something and it works!                   Each week, a different member of the
                                                                 Lower Moreland Township School District
 When you aren’t working, what do you like to                   family will be featured in this section. Take
 do in your free time? I like to spend time with my
                                                                  the opportunity to learn something new
 family and friends. I also like to pursue my hobby,
 which is meteorology. I am a sky warn spotter for              about someone! Keep your eyes open, you
 the National Weather Service. If there is severe             just may be the next person “In the Spotlight.”
 weather, or a tornado or something like that, and
Page 3                                                     The Insider                                   October 13, 2006

High School

 “Media and Politics” Presentation
   On Tuesday, Oct. 10, Elizabeth Skalyo of the Education
   Management Corp. presented an interactive multi-media
   program on “Media and Politics” to Mr. Hugh Montaigne’s
   political science classes, Mr. William Pezza’s current issues
   class, and Ms. Carole Burton-Haldeman’s AP government
   class. She also presented a related program geared for                     German Club celebrated Oktoberfest with
   graphic arts to Ms. Trudi Smith’s third period class. The                  bratwurst, pretzels and the sights and sounds of
   Education Management Group is affiliated with the                          Oktoberfest from Munich.
   Philadelphia Art Institute, which offers programs in graphic arts
   and media. Mr. Montaigne arranged for Ms. Skalyo to speak to
   social studies classes, in light of the ongoing emphasis on
                                                                              Pine Road
   political advertising, media strategies, and the use of symbols
   to sway public opinion. Ms. Skalyo’s presentation was well
   received by the students, who asked questions and displayed
                                                                              RESPECT is a Key Word
   their knowledge of current issues and politics.                             Pine Road School had its second town meeting. This
                                                                              month, students will focus on the character trait,
                                                                              RESPECT. Students were told a story by the principal
M u r r a y Av e n u e                                                        about Rebecca and Robert Respect, two fictional Pine
                                                                              Road students. The story provided students a glimpse of
                                                                              two children who modeled respectful words, actions and
Get            ”                                                              attitudes throughout the school day. Mrs. Eisenman led

                                                                              the student body in a rousing rendition of the song
        e                                                                     “Respect,” originally recorded by Aretha Franklin! Mrs.

“I n th      for Jean Week                                                    Casey’s, Mrs. Thoryk’s and Mrs. Winter’s, the September
                                                                              Spotlight Classes, each shared what they had learned
                                                                              about RESPONSIBILITY, the focus during September.

Benefits Breast Cancer Awareness                                              Learning to use the Library
                                                                                In library classes students received orientation lessons
  Teachers & staff join us the week of Oct. 16-20 in support of the Eileen    on how to use the library. They became more aware of the
Stein Jacoby Breast Cancer Foundation for Fox Chase Cancer Research           physical layout of the library and where to find fiction and
Center. For a $10 donation you can wear jeans to school all week long! OR     nonfiction books. They learned checkout procedures and
For a $5 donation, you can wear jeans on two days of the week! Try to         began looking up books on the computer. The Dewey
wear something Pink every day. On Friday, Oct. 20 wear anything pink          Decimal System was introduced to the second grade and
with your jeans. For a $1 donation, students can wear a hat on Friday, Oct.   reviewed with the third. Story hours focused on stories
20.                                                                           relating to humorous school experiences. Some of our
    Put cash or check (payable to Eileen Stein Jacoby Foundation) in an       favorite stories were: Sideways stories from Wayside
envelope with your name in Hanne Laursen’s mailbox at Murray Avenue.          School, Listen Buddy, Me First, and Matthew ABC.
Page 4                                           The Insider                        October 13, 2006

                                                                         U p c o m i n g E v e n ts
 From the Superintendent ...
                                                                         10/17 - School Board meeting; Murray
                                                                         Avenue Library; 7:30 p.m.
   Congratulations to the PEEC team
                                                                         10/18 - MA Picture Day
   Murray Avenue’s Mrs. Diana Sullivan, sixth-grade language arts
 teacher; Mr. Kevin Maginn, sixth-grade science teacher; Ms. Kathe       10/18 - PTA Executive Board Meeting;
 Walz, art teacher and Mr. Michael Mueller, school board member          Pine Road School; 7:30 p.m.
 took part in the 2006 School Leadership Conference at the Hershey
 Lodge & Convention Center.
                                                                         10/21 - PSAT at LMHS
   The annual conference is sponsored by the Pennsylvania
 Association of School Administrators and the Pennsylvania School         Tax Study Commission meetings
 Boards Association. On Thursday, Oct. 12, Mrs. Sullivan,
 Mr. Maginn, Ms. Walz and Mr. Mueller shared information about           10/19 - Murray Avenue Library; 7 p.m.
 their exemplary education program. PEEC, a trip to the Pocono
                                                                         10/26 - Murray Avenue Library; 7 p.m.
 Environmental Education Center, is a unique place for students to
 learn about the environment, to learn about group effort and
 support in solving problems and to learn to participate in activities
 with their teachers as fellow students.                                         The Insider
   Congratulations to the Lower Moreland team for representating               The weekly newsletter of the
 our district and our program so well!                                        Lower Moreland Township
                                                                                   School District
                             Warm retirement wishes to                           2551 Murray Avenue
                                                                              Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
                               Mrs. Elaine Zanzinger                                 215-938-0270
                              Mrs. Zanzinger, special education                   Dr. Marykay Feeley
                              secretary, will be saying goodbye                 Superintendent of Schools
                                after 36 years with the Lower                        Mark McGuinn
                               Moreland School District family.
                                                                                    Business Manager
                               We wish you much happiness in
                                      your new journey!
                                                                                     Gregory Doviak
                                                                           Lower Moreland High School Principal
                                                                                      Frank McKee
Faculty News                                                                 Murray Avenue School Principal
                                                                                   Donna Blakeman
Jamie Lincow selected to present paper                                         Pine Road School Principal
                                                                                    Dina McCaffery
Mrs. Jamie Agins Lincow, high school Spanish teacher, was selected                  Insider Editor and
to present a paper this past weekend at Penn State University.                  Public Relations Specialist
The paper is called “La transformación de una narradora testigo en
una narradora protagonista en Vecindarios excéntricos por Rosario               Questions? Comments?
Ferré.” She presented the paper during the 2nd annual Graduate                   Suggestions? News?
Student Symposium in Hispanic Literature at Penn State.                         Contact Dina McCaffery:
Jamie is currently studying for a MA/ Ph.D. in Spanish Language and    or
Literature at Temple University.                                                215-938-0270 ext. 2170

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