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					                            E      Y        E              O       N
                                                                          eoa       A       R       B    O       N       N        E

Sometimes you find the best things in life when you need them most

                                                                                          NEW RVP
and expect them least. My journey with Arbonne began at one such
moment and my destiny was forever changed.

I have always hoped and strived for an extraordinary life and have
been blessed with much happiness. One year ago, however, my life
looked very different than it does today. Although I had always con-
sidered myself to be the eternal optimist, I was losing sight of my
dreams and hope for the future. At the age of 42, I found myself in
a place I never imagined I would be — divorced, raising my son
alone and completely unsure about my future.

I bought a plaque one day that said, Miracles happen and we                                                                                 hope baker
should expect them. The plaque was small and non-descript, but it                                            Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
gave me hope and I read it every day for inspiration. As a single                                                        Hope Baker Region; Scottsdale, AZ
mom, I was trying to find balance and security in my life. I wanted
and needed to work; however, finding a career that would allow me
to be the best mom I could be was a daunting task.
                                                                                            From my first meeting with Lory and her mom, Janine, I really
The jobs I had pursued just did not coincide well with motherhood.                          thought Arbonne might be the answer I was looking for. At that time,
I had been a flight attendant for 15 wonderful years, but retired                           I had absolutely no idea what this company and opportunity would
when I realized how much of my son, Dylan’s, life I was missing                             actually mean to me.
when I traveled. I had a gratifying job as a personal trainer and also
tried my hand at real estate; however these, too, just did not seem                         I began my Arbonne business in January of 2005. Right away,
to fit. I was searching for the answer when I met NVP Lory Muirhead                         things felt different. Month after month, I saw my paychecks increas-
and my personal “miracle” with Arbonne began.                                               ing. At the same time, something far more important was taking
                                                                                            place — I was becoming filled with a sense of hope and a renewed
                                                                                                                                                        continued ...

                                                           Hope with ERVP Shari Weller.                       Hope’s “mama,” DM Jody Baker and Dylan.

                            Hope with her son, Dylan and
                            dogs, Harry and Sally.
                          s u c c e s s strategy:

                                                                                                                                                                             NEW REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
“     Anything is possible when you
       approach your business with
     passion, belief and determination.
 joy for life. My business was thriving and I was still able to be there
 for Dylan, every step of the way. My excitement and passion contin-
 ued to grow as I saw how I could help others change their lives for        RVP Janine Finney, Hope, EAM Dana Ericksson and sponsor, NVP Lory Muirhead.
 the better. I had finally landed where I was supposed to be and had
 achieved the balance I so desired.
                                                                              To my wonderful team: Where would I be without you? I am so proud
 Over the past 10 months, I have learned so much about this busi-             to be in business with you and even prouder to call you my friends.
 ness and have discovered much about myself. I have found strengths
 in myself I never knew existed and find so much satisfaction in put-         To ERVP Shari Weller: You are such an inspiration. Thank you for
 ting those to good use. I have also learned my weaknesses, but               sharing your insight and helping all of our teams grow.
 through it all I have had my team to help keep me strong.
                                                                              To my dear friends, DMs, Abby Stits, Erica Cole, Kim Chester,

                                                                                                                                                                                              The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
 I truly believe the Arbonne opportunity is there for anyone who              Suzanne Niemi and AMs, Sara Koury, Michelle Maxwell and
 wants it. To make it truly successful, however, you must believe it is       Tauna Reneau: You all are my “sisters by heart” and NVPs-in-the-
 possible and decide to make it happen. One of my favorite poems              making!
 says at the moment of commitment the universe conspires to assist
 you. I know this was true for me and can be true for all of us.              To DM Jody Baker: Thank you for being my wonderful “mama.” I
                                                                              am constantly amazed by your kindness, wisdom and grace. Your
 I do not believe there is any secret recipe in this business, rather I       Mercedes-Benz is right around the corner!
 do think there are some special ingredients that will help make it
 stick. The first is conviction — this business is a gift and we should       To my sister, Nancy: Thank you for being my best friend and inspi-
 share it with pride. The second is determination — we all have our           ration, always. You are the smile in my heart.
 ups and our downs, but it is those who persevere through it all who
 will take the prize. And the most important ingredient is passion.           To my incredible mom, Ruthie: I do not even know how to thank you
 Your Arbonne business does not take all of your time, but it takes all       for all you have done for me. I love you so much.
 of your heart!
                                                                              And finally, to Dylan, my heart and soul: Thank you for the love and
 There is absolutely no way I would be where I am today without the           laughter and for bringing such joy to my life. Being your mom is the
 incredible people who have surrounded and embraced me.                       greatest gift I have ever been given.

 To my amazing sponsor, NVP Lory Muirhead: I can never thank you              To all of my team: I hope you follow your dreams to the end of the
 enough for bringing me this incredible opportunity. I cannot imagine         rainbow. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream
 how different my life would be right now if not for that chance meet-        it, you can become it.
 ing last December. I will always think of you as my Christmas angel.

 To RVP Janine Finney and EAM Dana Eriksson, my “unofficial”
 sponsors: What would I have done without your endless support?
 You have enriched my business in so many ways and I thank you
 for that. Even more, I thank you for sharing your hearts.

Hope with her team members at her car presentation.

                                                                           “Arbonding” with team members and friends. L–R: DM Abby Stits, Hope, AM Tauna
                                                                           Reneau, AM Michelle Maxwell, DM Susan Watson, DM Kim Chester, AM Suzanne
                                                                           Niemi and AM Sara Koury.

                                                                                                                                    E Y E O N A R B O N N E | JANUARY 2006

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