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									                                                                       Year 1 long/medium term plan
                                     ST                           ND
     TERM           AUTUMN 1                       AUTUMN 2                  SPRING 1ST       SPRING 2ND                              SUMMER 1ST                SUMMER 2ND
     THEME                SPINNING,                       SPARKLE                  ONCE UPON A                WILLY WONKA’S            ALL CREATURES            OH WE DO LIKE TO
                         SWINGING &                                                  TIME…                     CHOCOLATE              GREAT AND SMALL            BE BESIDE THE
                           SLIDING                                                                               FACTORY                                            SEASIDE
   QUESTION/        How can we help children       How can we entertain our    Why do princess’ live in   What things shall we        How can we find out       How can we make our
   SCENARIO         stay safe in playgrounds?      parents at Christmas?       castles?                   sell at Easter to raise     about animals not found   trip to the seaside
                    Make a video promoting         Perform a play to the       Find out about castles     money?                      in this country?          cheaper?
                    safety in public               parents at Christmas        and ballrooms and why      Make chocolate/sweet        Make a book to help us    Provide the food to take
                    playgrounds                                                they appear so often in    food to sell                                          on a trip to keep the
                                                                               fairy tales                                                                      costs down
 FINAL PRODUCT      Video – How to keep safe       A performance of the        A ball for princes and     A stall selling chocolate   A big book on jungle      A healthy picnic to take
                    in playgrounds                 nativity story              princess’                  goods for Easter            animals                   to the seaside
      TRIP          3 visits to 3 different        Local church                Wizard stories/drama       Chocolate factory or        Paradise Wildlife Park    Clacton-on-Sea
                    playgrounds – village          Pantomime at the theatre    company to come in         food company to come in
                    park, school park, local       Lambourne End Centre        Village hall to watch
                    park                                                       old-time dancing
TEXT TYPES/SKILLS                                     labels, captions &          labels, captions &        labels, captions &        labels, captions &       labels, captions &
   REVISITED                                           lists                        lists                      lists                      lists                     lists
                                                      poetry                      poetry                    poetry                    poetry                   poetry
                                                      recounts                    recounts                  recounts                  recounts                 recounts
                                                      instructions                instructions              instructions              instructions             instructions
                                                      narrative through           narrative through         narrative through         narrative through        narrative through
                                                       oral story telling           oral story telling         oral story telling         oral story telling        oral story telling
                                                                                                                                         contents and             contents and
                                                                                                                                          glossaries                glossaries
                                                                                                                                                                   information texts
     REVISED        Non Fiction Unit 1 –           Unit 3 – playscripts - 2    Narrative Unit 3 –         Narrative Unit 4 –          Narrative 2 – visual      Poetry 3 – poems on a
   FRAMEWORK        labels, captions & lists –     weeks (Collins Unit 10) -   traditional and fairy      stories about fantasy       literacy – Baboon on      theme - 1 weeks
     COLLINS        1 week (Collins Unit 1)        school nativity play        tales – 2 weeks (Collins   worlds – 1 weeks –          the Moon – 2 weeks        Narrative Unit 1 – The
                    Poetry Unit 1 - Senses –       Narrative Unit 2 – 2        Unit 4 and unit 8)         (Collins unit 12)           Non-fiction 3 –           Door in the Mountain –
                    1 weeks (Collins Unit 3)       weeks – The Holy Man –      Poetry Unit 2 - pattern    Narrative Unit 3 –          recounts - 1 weeks        Oral Storytelling – 2
                    Narrative Unit 1 – The         Oral Storytelling           and rhyme – 1 weeks        traditional and fairy       Non fiction 4 –           weeks
                    Little Red Hen – Oral                                      (Collins Unit 7)           tales – 2 weeks – The       (information texts) - 1
                    Storytelling – 2 weeks                                     Narrative Unit 3 –         Gingerbread Man– Oral       weeks
                    Non Fiction Unit 3 -                                       traditional and fairy      Storytelling
                    recounts – 1 weeks                                         tales – 2 weeks –          Non fiction 4 –
                    (Collins Unit 5)                                           Princess Rosie – Oral      information texts
                    Non fiction 2                                              Storytelling               (contents & glossaries) -
                    Instructions – 1 weeks                                                                1 weeks (Collins Unit 6)
                    (Collins Unit 9)
VISUAL LITERACY     Lgfl – ‘a trip to the park’’                               Disney fairy tales         Willy Wonka’s Chocolate     Baboon in the Moon        The Lucky Dip (BFI)
                    – ks1 geography                                                                       Factory                     (BFI)
    DRAMA/S&L            Role play, hot-seating,      Role play, hot-seating,     Role play, hot-seating,      Role play, hot-seating,   Role play, hot-seating,    Role play, hot-seating,
                         mirror work, voice           mirror work, voice          mirror work, voice           mirror work, voice        mirror work, voice         mirror work, voice
                         control                      control, performing         control, performing          control                   control                    control
     NUMERACY            Abacus Evolve Autumn         Abacus Evolve Autumn 2nd    Abacus Evolve Spring 1st     Abacus Evolve Spring      Abacus Evolve Summer       Abacus Evolve Summer
                         1st half – A1 a&b, B1 a&b,   half – A1 c&d, B1 c&d, D1   half – A2 a&b, B2 a&b,,      2nd t half – D2 c&d,      1st half – A3 a&b, B3      2nd half – A3 c&d, B3
TeachersTV video clips   , E1 a&b                     c&d,                        E2 a&b                       E2 c&d                    a&b, D3 a&b, E3 a&b        c&d, D3 c&d,
     NUMERACY            Measures – lengths &         Money – coins (E1 c&d) –    Measures – time              Number – ordinal          Measures – time (C3        Measures – capacity (C3
  THROUGH TOPIC          heights (C1 a & b) –         linked to role play area    (C2c&d) – linked to          numbers (A2 c) – linked   c&d) – linked to science   a&b) – linked to D&T
                         linked in with science                                   literacy/Cinderella          to science                                           Money – coins (E3 c&d) –
                         Common 2D shapes – (D1                                   Direction – (B2 c&d) –       Measures – weight (C2                                linked to role play area
                         a & b) – linked to D&T                                   linked to geography          a&b) – linked to D&T
                         Days of week, months,                                                                 (cooking)
                         seasons (D1 c & d) -                                                                  Shape – 3D (D2a&b) –
                         linked to music through                                                               linked to D7T
                         playground songs                                                                      (packaging)
 PROBLEM SOLVING         Finding rules and            Diagramatic Problems        Logic Problems               Finding all possible      Finding rules and          Diagramatic Problems
                         describing patterns                                                                   solutions                 describing patterns
                                                      Finding all possible        Finding rules and                                                                 Finding all possible
                         Logic Problems               solutions                   describing patterns          Diagramatice problems     Logic Problems             solutions

                         Word problems linked to      Word problems linked to     Word problems linked         Word problems linked      Word problems linked       Word problems linked
                         topic with number and        topic with number and       to topic with number         to topic with number      to topic with number       to topic with number
                         calculation work covered     calculation work covered    and calculation work         and calculation work      and calculation work       and calculation work
                         so far                       so far                      covered so far               covered so far            covered so far             covered so far

      SCIENCE            Pushes and Pulls             Electricity, light/dark,    Materials                    Changing materials        Ourselves                  Growing plants
                         Sc4 2a, 2b, 2c               sources of light            Sc1, 2a, 2f, 2g, 2a, 2i,2j                             Sc2 1b and c               2.3
 Virtual experiments     Sc1 - Does the height of     Sc3 3a, 3b                  Sc3 1a, c, 1b, d             Sc1 -Can we make the      Sc2 2a, b, e, f, g         Sc1 - What do plants
    Crickweb.co.uk       the slide affect the         Sc1 – Can we light up       Sc1 - Which material is      chocolate melt faster?    Sc2 5a and b               need to grow?
TeachersTV video clips   speed we come down the       Rudolph’s nose?             best for Cinderella’s        Sc1 - Which type of       Sc1 - Why do animals       Virtual experiments –
                         slide?                       Can we make the clown’s     carpet? Windows?             chocolate melts the       live in certain places?    growing plants
                         Which surface is it          bow tie spin?               Which paper is best for      quickest?                 Virtual experiments -
                         easier to pull our trainer   Virtual experiments –       drying Cinderella’s                                    ourselves
                         on?                          light and dark              tears?                                                 Sound and Hearing
                         Virtual experiments –        Using electricity           Virtual experiments –                                  Sc4 3c and
                         pushes and pulls                                         sorting & using                                        Sc1 - Does using a sound
                                                                                  materials                                              cone help us hear things
                                                                                                                                         Can we hear louder
                                                                                                                                         sounds from further
                                                                                                                                         Virtual experiments –
                                                                                                                                         sound and hearing
        ICT            Exploring a variety of        Different ways               The use of ICT in and      Different ways            Exploring a variety of     Exploring a variety of
                       ICT tools 5b                  information can be           out of school 5c           information can be        ICT tools 5b               ICT tools 5b
                       2a , 3a, 3b - Video,          presented 5a                 Research castle            presented 5a              Use photostory to make     Research, images
                       camera, photo story           1a, 2a, 3a, 3b - Type a      Make textured paper        Research                  electronic book, take      Use Crickweb for
                                                     programme, make posters      for walls                  Banners for stall         photos using digital       chronology and
                                                                                                             Efolio – sending emails   camera                     differences

 ESPRESSO LINKS        D&T photos – parks
                       Science – pushes & pulls
                       – video clip and activities

     HISTORY           Changes in the lives of       Lives of people at           Lives of people at         Events from history of    Events from the history    Changes in the lives of
                       themselves, their             different times              different times            Britain                   of the wider world         themselves, their
   Crickweb.co.uk      families and others           6c - Guy Fawkes              History of castles 1a, b   History of giving eggs    Changes in tropical        families and others
                       2b - Examine artefacts –                                   Timelines – kings and      or chocolate at Easter    countries – what events    6d - Victorian seaside,
                       different push and pull                                    queens                                               happened?                  changes in seaside
                       toys from modern to                                        Compare materials in                                 Lives of people at         holidays
                       grandparents era                                           the past to the present                              different times
                                                                                  2b                                                   Helen Keller

    GEOGRAPHY          The locality of the           The locality of the school   A locality with            A locality with           A locality with            A locality with
                       school                                                     contrasting features,      contrasting features,     contrasting features,      contrasting features
Coxhoe.durham.sch.uk   6a, 7a - Make maps and                                     7a, 7b - Local castles     6b - Where does cocoa     6b - Map work, identify    changes in places
                       plans, use maps                                            3b - Locate features on    come from? Use maps       places on maps, lives of   6b, 7a -
                       1a, 3a –                                                   a map                      What’s it like there?     people living in places

  ART & DESIGN         Painting                      Textiles                     Collage                    Digital media             Print making               Sculptures
                       5a – Printing, collage,       Make and sew a               Change photo into a        Egg designs/Faberge,      Animal fur                 Sand sculptures
                       painting, landscapes,         Christmas stocking           Disney prince or                                     Big art for big animals    Scarecrow for the
                       sculpture,                    5a - Firework pictures,      princess                                             Range of materials         school garden
                       5b – tools and techniques     tone/shade, black/white/     Painting, decorating,                                Texture, printing          Monet – water squiggles
                                                     glitter                      different materials,
                                                     fire                         textiles 4a, 4c, 2a, 2b

       D&T             Items that can be put         Textiles                     Items that can be put      Food technology           Textiles                   Food technology
                       together                      2c, 2d, 2e – Help to make    together                   Packaging                 Design and make an         Design and make a
                       5a – evaluating               costumes, make Diwali        Make a castle                                        animal mask from           healthy packed lunch
                       1a, 4b – use first hand       sweets                       Make a tiara                                         material
                       experience to generate                                     Food for the ball
                       ideas                                                      1a-e, 5a, 1b, 2d, 2a-e
                       2a - model making,
                       construction, joining
        RE            Special People              Special Places               Special Words &          Special Things in         Special Symbols and       Special Ways of Living
                                                  1a, 3f, 3g - Christmas       Stories                  Nature                    Objects                   Needs of others –
                                                  story, festivals of light    Church of England 1a,    Easter                                              kosher food
                                                  inc Diwali, local church     2e, 3f

        PE            Gymnastics – travelling     Dance – stamping &           Dance – ballroom         Dance – travelling        Games – Tennis            Games – Netball,
                                                  chanting rhythms             dance/repeating          pathways                                            Football
                      Swimming                    Gymnastics – jumping         patterns                 Gymnastics - balancing    Swimming

      MUSIC           Exploring duration          Exploring pulse & rhythm     Exploring pitch          Exploring instruments     Exploring sounds          Exploring timbre, tempo
(ideas on eduwight)   1c, 3b - Perform            1c, 3b – Perform Xmas        Waltz                    and symbols               Create simple pieces      & dynamics
                      playground songs            songs,                       Composing for a story                              that sound like various   Seaside songs
                      1b, 2b, 4c - Investigate    1b, 1c - Play percussion                                                        animals
                      noise                       instruments

   PSHE/SEAL          3g - health and safety      Getting on and falling out   Going for goals          Raising money             Relationships             Changes
                      links                                                                             Good to be me
                      4b – work co-operatively
                      with others
                      New beginnings
ROLE PLAY AREA        Park Information Centre     Xmas Card Shop               Fairy Tale castle with   Chocolate Factory         Jungle Hut                Punch and Judy
                      Park Café/Shop              Science Lab                  dressing up              Sweet Shop                Animal Sanctuary          Beach Hut
  USING THE           Use the school play                                                               Look at local shop        Go on a ‘sounds’ walk     Plant cucumbers and
OUTDOOR AREA          equipment, the local park                                                         window displays for       Look at habitats in the   tomatoes in the school
                      and the village hall park                                                         ideas for stall – go to   school gardens            garden
                                                                                                        local deli

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