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					       Acquisition of Agricultural Land in Singur and Its Protest —
                         An Incomplete Timeline
                               (From May to 31st December 2006)
From the last week in September everyday there have been numerous Sabhas, Samitis, marches
and conventions in support of the Singur Movement. Its waves have reached other states as well
as the international scene.

May 2006

18th               Announcement of Singur Development at the Chief Minister-Tata
                   Joint Press Conference in Kolkata
25th               Gherao of Tata representatives in Singur went they went there to see
                   the land
29th               More than a 1000 peasants show black flags as a sign of their protest
                   to the Minister of Industry, Nirupam Sen

June 2006

1st                A few thousand peasants‘ protest demonstration at the BDO office
                   with brooms, farm tools and oxen and with ―Singur Agricultural
                   Land Protection Committee‘s‖ banner.
8th                Formation of a committee of 70 persons at the S… ‗s first formal
12th               Arrival of CPI (M) leaders for inspection at the time of protest
                   demonstration at Singur‘s Bajemalia village
15th               Fact finding by a 15 member team of CPDR
17th               Protest demonstration at the office of the District Collector against
                   acquisition of agricultural land

July 2006

13th, 17th         More than a 1000 peasants unwilling to give up land submit a
                   written note of dissent to the District Magistrate
19th – 24th        13 notices issued under Section 9 (1) of the Land Acquisition Act of
24th               The people of Singur protest by blocking the Durgapur Expressway

August 2006

18th               Notice issued under Section 9 (1) of the Land Acquisition Act of
                   1894; demonstration by the peasants
22nd               Hearing at the BDO office—boycott and sit-in protest
25th               The endeavor to make the peasants sign is futile—temporary camp is
                   wrapped up
28th – 29th      48 hours sit-in protest demonstration at the BDO office
29th – 31 st     Notice issued under Section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act of 1894

September 2006

1st              All day sit-in protest demonstration at Bowbajaar in Kolkata by
                 Sanhati Udyog
1st – 2nd        Because of protest demonstration keeping women in the forefront in
                 Bajemelia district authorities flee—work of issuing notices is
3rd              Political rally from Kamaarkundu organized by Singur Agricultural
                 Land Protection Committee
4th              By the initiative of PSFA an international fact-finding team conducts
                 an enquiry
7th              By the initiative of APDR there is a protest rally from Kolkata‘s
                 College Square to Shyambajaar
10th             Topic of the Jatin Lahiri Memorial Open Discussion Forum
                 organized by APDR‘s Sreerampur branch —Land Acquisition for
                 Industry—Peasant‘s Rights
10th – 11th      By the initiative of Congress there is a gathering/meeting and protest
                 demonstration at Singur*
19th             At the initiative of Sanhati there is an all day sit-in-protest
                 demonstration at the office of Hoogly District Magistrate‘s office
20th             Announcement that all the land necessary for the Tata Motor factory
                 entrusted to the Government
21st             At the Singur eviction Bandh Congress and Trinamool Congress
                 request the Governor to intervene
21st – 23rd      Under section 6 of the Land Acquisition Act of 1894 the date for the
                 price announcement is shown
25th             Attempt to distribute checks at the BDO office under the cover of
                 RAF and the police—at around 1:40 am in the night the RAF and
                 the police attack a few thousand men-women-children who had been
                 protesting peacefully all day, few hundred persons are injured—73
                 persons including MP Mamata Bannerji, MLA Rabindranath
                 Bhattacharya are arrested
26th             Rajkumar Bhool of GopaalpaDa who was injured by the police
                 atrocities at the BDO office dies. He is declared as the first martyr of
                 the Singur Agricultural Land Protection Committee. By the initiative
                 of Trinamool Congress there is blockage of all roads and railway
                 lines in the state from 11am to 12noon.
27th             Singur Bandh called by the S.U.C.I and CPI (ML) Liberation. There
                 is a huge political rally. At Dharmatala, Kolkata there is a protest
                 demonstration by Trinamool Congress, Sanhati UDyog‘s dhikkar
28th             All Durgapuja Celebrations in Singur are stopped
October 2006

1st             On the day of Bijoy Doshumi night vigil is observed in the affected
                moujas of Singur. Ex-chief justices of the Supreme Court judges J.
                S. Verma and Rajendra Babu and retired judge M. N. Rao write
                letters to Ratan Tata to abandon Singur
3rd             On the day of Lakkhi pujo there is no cooking in various villages of
4th             There is an all party meeting by the initiative of the government—
                Trinamool Congress boycotts. The government declares that
                possession of the occupied land will take place in one or two days.
8th, 9th        In support of the proposed October Bandh there is a huge all party
                political rally in Singur
9th             12 hour total Bangla Bandh called by various opposition parties,
                democratic groups and mass organizations—6211 Bandh supporters
12th            A deputation of the Sanhati Udyog is sent to the Hoogly District
                Magistrate; APDR publishes its fact-finding report on police
                atrocities at the BDO office and the murder of Rajkumar Bhool.
14th            At the Kolkata Bharatsabha Hall there is a citizens‘ convention
                organized by the voluntary organization, Fiyan.
15th            Because of police atrocities in Singur on September 25th shame day
                is observed
17th            10 universities of the state and 130 faculty members of IIT request
                the governor to intervene to stop the forceful eviction of peasants in
18th            More than a 1000 women from Singur protest in front of the Tata
                Center at Kolkata
21st            No lights are lit in the villages of Singur on the night of Diwali
27th            By the initiative of Singur Agricultural Land Protection Committee
                and Sanhati Udyog, a public hearing takes place in front of a panel
                comprising of Medha Patkar, Mahasweta Devi, retired chief justice
                Malay Sengupta and Dipankar Chakroborty to discuss the various
                issues of industrialization by acquisition of agricultural land in
                Singur. In the evening there is a huge public meeting in the lawns of
                Bajemelia Hospital
29th            The chief Minister did not meet with the judges of the public
                hearing. Talks of the minister of Industry, Nirupan Sen, with Medha
                Patkar, Malay Sengupta and Dipankar Chakraborty

November 2006

3rd             Citizens‘Convention by the Citizen‘s Mancha in Kolkata. Ten
                complaints are filed against the government. Public meeting
                organized by SUCI in Singur

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