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									           FRIENDS ALUMNI
        University of Wisconsin-Waukesha             1500 N. University Drive        Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188
    Spring 2008                                                                                                 Issue 55

Ecology Club Plans 30th Anniversary                                                  Foundation Board
                                                                                     UW-Waukesha Foundation announces
Reunion                                                                              the 2008 Board of Directors: Kristi
                                            The UW-Waukesha Ecology Club is          Nelson Foy, Waukesha, President;
                                       celebrating its 30th Anniversary this sum-    Laraine O’Brien, Waukesha, Vice-
                                       mer with a Reunion Party at the UW-           President; E.A. “Dub” Brown,
                                       Waukesha Field Station. Biologists, Marlin    Brookfield, Treasurer; Bonnie Birk,
                                       Johnson and David Skryja, founded the         Waukesha, Friends & Alumni
                                       Club in 1978. Johnson has served as the       Representative; Ron Gulotta, Franklin,
                                       group's Advisor for all those 30 years and    Campus Represen-tative; Mike
                                       continues to do so even after retiring from   Robinson, Waukesha, Student
                                       teaching 10 years ago. He is seeking con-     Government Representative; Patrick
                                       tact information for past members.            Schmitt, Waukesha, Campus
                                           If you were a member, or know some-       Executive Officer/Dean. Other mem-
                                       one who was, please notify Marlin at 262-     bers include: Ken Cooley, Richard
                                       965-2227 or e-mail him at                     Mundell, Rebecca Richardson, Jeri
                                                    Sass and Jack Tans all of Waukesha
                                                                                     and Russ Launder, Oconomowoc.

What’s Happening at UW-Waukesha - FREE
   March                                      April                                  Dan Anderson. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre,
   25 – Visions & Expressions –                3 – 50 Minutes Lecture – “Bend-       noon.
“Country Music Goes to War” by Bill        Over-Backwards Customer Service— A            26 – Instrumental Concert –
Malone, Tulane University professor        Reference Model” by Cheryl                Symphonic band and ensembles,
emeritus of history, author, and country   Schoenhaar, UW-Waukesha media             directed by Craig Hurst, professor of
musician. Commons 101, noon.               manager. Commons 101, noon.               music; hand bell choir directed by
   26 –Film Festival – Sponsored by            8 – 50 Minutes Lecture – “Grandpa     Nancy Van Brunt, senior lecturer in
the United Nations Association,            Was a War Hero: The Combat Soldier        music. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, 7:30
Plowshare Center and UW-Waukesha.          in Pictures and Verse” by Peter           p.m.
Northview 133. Schedule:                   Whalen, UW-Waukesha lecturer in              May
    2:00     Introduction/Welcome          English. Commons 101, noon.                  2 – Choral Concert – Directed by
    2:10     Abstaining from Reality,          11 – Jazz & Poetry Jam –              Brian McLinden, associate lecturer in
                  9 min                    Commons, 7:30 p.m.                        music. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, 7:30
    2:30     Baghdad ER, 64 min                16 – 50 Minutes Lecture – “What’s     p.m.
    3:50     American Soldier, 3 min       Troubling Our Youth Today?” by Deb
    4:00     Mr. Dial has Something to     Stec and Tricia Wessel-Blaski, UW-
                   Say, 60 min             Waukesha assistant professors of psy-
    5:15     Like a Ship in the Night,     chology. Commons 101, 7 p.m.                  Inside
                  30 min                       21 – Art Exhibit – Show of UW-           Alumni Updates . . . . . . .2
    6:00     Rights on the Line:           Waukesha student art. Fine Arts Center
                  Vigilantes on the        Gallery. Through May 22.                     Dean’s Column . . . . . . . .3
                  Border, 25 min               23 – 50 Minutes Lecture – “20th          Faculty/Staff Notes . . . . .3
    6:40     Toxic Bust: Chemicals and     Century American Folk Music and the          Get Involved . . . . . . . . . .4
                  Breast Cancer, 41 min    Popularization of Protest” by Craig          Guldan Remembered . . .3
    7:30     Interview with an             Hurst, UW-Waukesha professor of
                  Executioner, 13 min      music. Southview 123, noon.
    8:00     America’s Brutal Prisons,         25 – Visions & Expressions –
                  48 min                   Internationally known ceramics sculptor
Alumni Updates
    Scott Allen (85-86) lives in             tant coach.                                  He owns a retreat and spa in Jamaica.
Waukesha. He received a BA from                   Sam Guldan (02-05) lives in             It’s web site is:
UW-Milwaukee in 1989 and a master’s          Brookfield. He was a member of Phi 
degree in planning and public adminis-       Theta Kappa when he was on campus.                Sandra (Byrnes, Balzer) Potter
tration from the University of Southern      He received a BA in Organizational           (72-89) lives in Gilbert, Arizona.
California in 1992. In addition to selling   Administration in May 2007 from UW-          Sandra received an Associates Degree
homes and managing the First                 Milwaukee with a minor in communica-         in 1989. She graduated in May of 2006
Realty/GMAC Real Estate Waukesha             tion. He went to Gateway Technical           summa cum laude from Mount Mary
office, Scott owns and operates his own      College and received an associate of         College and was a member of the
home building company, CedarMill             applied science in aeronautic pilot train-   Honors Program. She is a financial
Homes. He's has been married for 16          ing in May 2007. He’s a pilot for            analyst in public finance with Robert W.
years and is the father of two. He is an     Mesaba Airlines, a division of               Baird and was recently transferred to
active member of Christ the Servant          Northwest.                                   their Scottsdale, Arizona location.
Lutheran Church in Waukesha. When                 Jeffrey Jaworski (98-00) recently            Ed Price (91-94) lives in Milwaukee
not working, he enjoys traveling, play-      did a guitar recital on campus. He lives     and recently listed his e-mail on the
ing pool, and kayaking. He also current-     in Eau Claire. He received a BA in           alumni web page. He attended
ly serves as the president of the            applied music from UW-Green Bay. He          Marquette University and received a BA
Waukesha Civic Theatre. The theatre is       gives guitar lessons and is a freelance      in education and speech communica-
currently seeking board and committee        writer.                                      tions and has a master’s degree from
members to assist with organizational             Jeffrey Kuglitsch ( -72) is now         UWM in administrative leadership. He
growth and development. Interested           Assistant Professor of Earth Science at      currently teaches math and is the math
parties can e-mail Scott at                  North Carolina Wesleyan College.             chair in Wauwatosa for 7th grade.                           Jackie Larson (04-06) is engaged             Anatasia Renshaw (05-07) lives in
    Kelly Banach (00-03) lives in New        to alum, Greg Winn (04-07). They met         Mount Gravatt, Queensland, Australia.
Berlin. She graduated from UW-               on campus and are planning a wedding         She works for Queensland University of
Milwaukee in August with a bachelor’s        in August of 2008. She’s attending           Technology, Kangaroo Point Technical
degree in psychology and a minor in          school part-time and is also a nanny.        and Further Education College in the
French. She’s plans to marry Eric            He is a full-time student at UW-             Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Technology,
Olson in July 2008. He’s an alum of          Milwaukee seeking his Bachelor’s             Information and Learning Support
UW-Whitewater.                               Degree in Political Science. He also         Office. The campus is located in
    Nicole M. Else-Quest (96-97) lives       bartends at the Trysting Place and           Bisbane. She is also pursuing a bache-
in Washington, DC and added her e-           Uncle Johnny's.                              lor’s degree at Queensland University
mail to the alumni web page. She                  Kailey Lewandowski (04-07) is           of Technology with a double major in
earned her BA in 1999, her MS in 2002        pursuing her degree in sociology at          business and information management
and PhD in 2006, all in psychology from      UW-Milwaukee.                                systems. She welcomes e-mails with
UW-Madison. She is an Assistant                   Lisa Merkel (85, 06-07) lives in        questions about her country and culture
Professor at Villanova University in         Menomonee Falls. She received her            and has listed her e-mail on the alumni
Pennsylvania. Her husband works for          BA in history from UW-Milwaukee in           directory.
the federal government and they have a       1993, returned to UW-Waukesha to ful-             Chris Washebek (01-02) lives in
baby daughter.                               fill prerequisites to pursue her Master’s    Cincinnati and just completed his thesis
    Dawn Garthee (91-94, 96-98) lives        of Nursing degree at UW-Milwaukee.           and graduated from Western Michigan
in Germantown and listed her e-mail on       She’s married to Dave and has a son,         University where he had been a gradu-
the alumni website.                          Jacob. She’s recently added her e-mail       ate teaching assistant in the geography
    Rob Graetz (91-93) is now the            to the alumni directory.                     department. He is now working at
Head Girls Basketball Coach at                    Robert Olkowski (78-86) lives in        Macy's as a Site Location Research
Greenfield High School. He also heads        Sussex and added his e-mail to the           Analyst where he uses demographics,
up the girls' track program. In 2001, he     alumni web page.                             statistics, on-site analysis and store
was inducted into UW-Waukesha's                   Ryan Persitza ( -99) received an        comparisons to determine Macy's loca-
Athletic Hall of Fame. While at UW-          associates degree while here and             tions and renovations.
Waukesha, he was named an NCAA               recently listed his e-mail on the alumni
Division III All-American. At UW-            web page. He lives in Menomonee              Correction
Whitewater, he helped the school win         Falls. He received a BBA in Finance             Jeff Hopper (81-83) was listed as
the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic       and a BBA in real estate and urban           being a coach at Waukesha West, but it
Conference championship. He                  development from UW-Milwaukee in             was for Waukesha North High School.
coached boys JV basketball and then          2001. In 2002, he got a master’s of sci-        Nichole Merckes (02-04) will gradu-
moved to Arizona to become a high-           ence in accounting from UW-                  ate from UW-Green Bay in May 2008.
school head coach. He then came              Milwaukee. He’s Vice-President of NAI
back to Greenfield where again he            MLG Commercial in Brookfield working
coached boys JV and was varsity assis-       as a broker in commercial real estate.                Continued Next Page
Lococo Leaves                                             Dean’s Column
   Mark Lococo, who had been with                                       by Patrick Schmitt
UW-Waukesha in the Communication
and Theatre Arts Department since
1999, has been named director of the           I was talking with a group of County       County residents
theater program at Loyola University in    residents recently, when one asked me          who otherwise
Chicago.                                   a question: "Isn't it true," he asked, "that   would be shut out.
   In addition to teaching on the          UW-Waukesha was created to educate             As we tell incoming
Waukesha campus, Lococo directed           farm kids?"                                    students, "This is
student theater productions.                   I was taken aback--not only by the         your university.
   Lococo attended Northwestern            question, but by the tone, so dismissive       This is your future."
University in Evanston, Illinois and has   of both our school and our students. I             As we build the future, we need
maintained ties to Chicago-area the-       was saved by another member of the             your help. We need you to speak well
ater since.                                group, who said, "Not at all! The mis-         of us in your community. We need your
                                           sion of UW-Waukesha is access."                generosity, both in terms of your energy
                                               He was spot on, of course. Our             as a volunteer and your donations to
Retired Staff                              chancellor, David Wilson, calls our mis-       our Foundation for our students and our
                                           sion "maximum access." We open our             programs. Most of all, we need your
Member Dies                                doors wide to help transform the lives         spirit.
    Robert Jozwiak 1930-2007 taught        of the students who come to us. Our                We're building the future at UW-
journalism and was an administrator        mission isn't any particular degree. Our       Waukesha and educating the next gen-
for the University of Wisconsin-           mission is being the local UW, the UW          eration of leaders. We've been doing it
Waukesha, where he retired in 1994.        next door, that, through a combination         for over forty years. Come join us. The
He served as advisor for the student       of affordability and intense academic          mission continues!
newspaper, Aspects. He passed away         work, opens opportunities to Waukesha
on November 18th and leaves behind
his wife and three daughters, one of
them Elizabeth Jozwiak, a former out-
                                           Guldan Remembered
standing alumna. A scholarship has              Alumnus, Dale Guldan, who died in         tiger. His last out-of-country travel was
been established in Jozwiak’s name.        2005, was The Milwaukee Journal                to Sri Lanka to take photos of tsunami
                                           Sentinel’s most award-winning photog-          victims. He wrote and narrated that
                                           rapher. UW-Waukesha honored him in             story for JSonline.
Kaplan Awards                              February exhibiting his photos in the              For more than 25 years he worked
    Four faculty/staff members have        Fine Arts Center Gallery.                      at The Milwaukee Journal (and its suc-
been named Arthur M. Kaplan Fellows             Guldan attended UW-Waukesha               cessor Journal Sentinel). Earlier he had
for 2007-08. The program recognizes        from 1973-75 and received the school’s         been with the Waukesha Freeman as
outstanding contributions to education     first Outstanding Alum award in 1983,          well as taking photos for smaller
made by University of Wisconsin            following two years of being named             papers, events at UW-Waukesha, and
Colleges faculty and academic staff.       Wisconsin News Photographer of the             other occasions. He earned a BFA with
    The award is given to individuals      Year. That honor came to him the next          High Honors from UW-Milwaukee. With
who make “significant and innovative       two years as well and again in 1999.           his death from a heart attack at age 51,
improvement of instruction or of serv-     The organization now offers a scholar-         he left a widow, Joyce and their chil-
ice to students.” The four nominees        ship in his name. He accumulated               dren Sam, now 24, also an alumnus
selected by the campus Steering            many other awards, including the 2000          and Sarah, now 20.
Committee this year are: Greg              Pictures of the Year- International
Ahrenhoerster, English; Dean               Public’s Best Picture of the Year Award.          Outstanding Alumni
Kowalski, philosophy; Tony                 His work hangs in the permanent col-
Landowski, Fort Atkinson, director of      lections of AP, UPI, Milwaukee Art                Nominations Sought
the Study Center; and Nancy Van            Museum, EPCOT’s Kodak Center, and                      Each spring, the Friends & Alumni
Brunt, Music.                              others. In fall 2007, he was inducted in          chooses an outstanding UW-
                                           the Milwaukee Press Club Hall of                  Waukesha alumna or alumnus. To be
                                           Fame.                                             eligible for this award, one must show
Alumni Continued                                Born in Milwaukee and raised in              outstanding academic, civic or profes-
                                           New Berlin, Guldan toured Europe with             sional accomplishments, have attend-
Death                                      the Milwaukee Symphony, traveled to               ed more than ten years ago, have
   Rich Suleski (02-06) had attended       Russia following the breakup of the               been active on campus while here and
UW-Waukesha and was working on             Soviet Union, went to Nicaragua with a            maintained some contact with the cam-
completing his degree in journalism at     medical mission and to Israel to photo-           pus.
Carroll College while also working as a    graph Reggie White’s pilgrimage.                      Please consider nominating some-
security guard for the school. Suleski     Through his travels, he rode an ele-              one. To do so or for further information,
was 35 and died suddenly in June of a      phant in India with tigers nipping at his         contact Lynn Knight at
heart attack while bike riding.            toes – and got the shot of the lunging  
Stay connected Golf Outing                                                                  The Friends & Alumni News
    The UW-Waukesha wants to main-                                                               Penny Kelsey and
               Date Set
tain connections with campus alumni.
The new Friends & Alumni Association
                                                                                                 Bambi Butzlaff Voss

will do just that. Membership is open to                                                    A note to Parents: If this issue is
all alumni, to all campus students, fac-                                                    addressed to your son or daugh-
ulty and staff, and to everyone who                                                         ter who no longer maintains a per-
has an interest in UW-Waukesha.                                                             manent address at home, please
    Janet Brown, Mary Winze and                                                             let us know.
Bonnie Birk are planning a math/
                                                                                            For changes to the mailing list,
English tutor reunion providing a
                                                                                            please contact:
chance to visit with other tutors and
                                                                                            Bambi Butzlaff Voss, Editor, at
former and current faculty and staff.
                                                                                              Phone:           (262) 521-5445
The Ecology Club reunion this summer                                                          Fax:             (262) 521-5491
and past Madrigal Reunion and                  We’re thinking spring!                         E-Mail:
Athletic Hall of Fame events have              The Annual UW-Waukesha                 
been directed at campus alumni. We         Foundation Golf Outing is set for                Visit our Web Page at:
want to do more events like this. Let      Monday, June 9 at the Broadlands Golf
us know what interests you.                Course in North Prairie. Foundation    
    The Friends & Alumni Association       Board member Russ Launder is chair
mission is to foster, promote, and         of the event.                                    Please send us your news and
advance the interests and welfare of           Register before April 25th for early-        alumni updates. If you know of an
UW-Waukesha by encouraging and             bird special price of $100 per golfer by         alum not receiving this newsletter,
facilitating strong relationships          contacting Linda Vincent by phoning              please have them contact us to
between the campus and its alumni as       262-446-3328 or e-mailing                        be added to our mailing list.
well as the community as a whole.
    If you are interested in finding out      The price after April 25th is $125
more, please contact Lynn Knight at        per golfer.

                                                                                       Waukesha, WI 53188-2799
    Permit No. 702
                                                                                        1500 N. University Drive
 Waukesha, Wisconsin
 Nonprofit Organization

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