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Performances and work experience - Sahi Projects


									                            CURRICULUM VITAE
                         PRITANJALI EVELYN SAHI
                            Date of Birth: 17th December 1979


  Home address in India: “Vishram”, Silvepura, Bangalore North, Karnataka, 560090, India

Performances and work experience

1997-2001         Performed with the Kalakshetra Dance Troupe in several dance dramas and
Chennai           folk dance productions.

June 2001         Upon special invitation, performed in Germany for the “Kirchentag” Festival in
Germany           Frankfurt, in addition to performing in solo exhibitions in Frankfurt and Koln.

June 2001         Conducted multiple workshops on Indian dance, decorative designs using
Germany           Henna and the Kolam patterns, and short presentations on traditional Indian
                  dance and culture.

September 2001    Conducted workshops in different primary schools in Somerset, England,
England           during which the children viewed slide collections depicting the life style in
                  India. The workshops also included demonstrations on Indian folk dance and
                  introduced various hand gestures used in Indian classical dance (mudras).

November 2001     Created, choreographed and designed the costums for a dance drama
                  depicting the Nativity Story in a village context, at Sita School, a non-formal
                  school on the outskirts of Bangalore. This unique event involved fifty school
                  children between the ages of 5 and 13 years old, portraying various characters
                  and telling the story in interpretative dance.

January 2002      Conducted a workshop under the auspices of the Indian Foundation for the Arts
Pune              (IFA) for the Kamala Nimbkar Balbavan in Phaltan and The Rewach and
                  Bhojwani Academy, Pune. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarise
                  students with the basic elements of Indian classical dance; rhythm, movement
                  and mudras and to help the students improvise ways of incorporating these
                  basic elements in a popular folk form such as Garba, a Gujarati folk dance

June 2002- 2005   Commenced work in Sita School as a part time dance teacher, with the
                  objective of familiarizing our students to rhythm and co-ordinated movements.
                  Created and choreograhped numerous folk dances with the children using
                    various objects such as pots, dandia-sticks, winnowing baskets, lamps, all of
                    which have special significance in the village context. In addition, conducted
                    classes with the children in traditional crafts and art work related to the various
                    festivals such as Diwali, Christmas etc., using not only dance but also
                    traditional ways of decorating, i.e., rangoli, in connection with body movement.
                    Special focus on folk dance, exploring different geometrical formations
                    incorporated into dance movement and patterns. Utiized „mandala‟ patterns in
                    choreography and conducted three dance dramas.

September 2002      Performed upon special invitation in a dance ballet depicting the life of Buddha
                    in A.D. Rangamandira with a group of dancers from Kalakshetra.

2003-2004           Worked (part-time) as a dance teacher at The Valley School, Bangalore,
                    primarily focusing on introduction and familarization of the students on Indian
                    dance, rhythm, movements and the hand gestures. Age of children ranged from
                    6 years to 12 years, exploring folk dances especially the Dandia. Completed
                    sucessful choreography for dance and music drama entitled “ Earth Song”,
                    performed for the school‟s Silver-Jubilee.

2005                Participated in choreography and custom design for a two-day dance drama
                    depicting the lives of saint Meera Bhai and Akka Mahadevi, entitled “Brides of
                    God”, which was staged at Ranga Shankara, during which I performed the lead
                    role of Meera.

2005 August-        Conducted numerous workshops in twenty schools in Somerset, England, on
November            Indian culture, using both folk and classical dance as the main medium.

2005 October        Upon special invitation by the Indo-German Society, performed in Heidelberg,
                    demonstrating classical Kathak and Bharatyam dance forms.

2005 November       Conducted two workshops and several performances in Switzerland on Indian
                    folk and classical dance forms.

2006 January –      Choreographed and conducted a dance drama with Jane Sahi entitled, “The
February            King with Donkey‟s Ears”, a traditional Indian folk tale, at the Sita School, which
                    involved all the students participation in dance and interpretative body

2006 June to date   Commenced teaching at the Mallya Aditi International School, a prestigous
                    private academy outside of Bangalore.
                    Have been teaching dance, art and crafts to the children in the primary and
                    middle school division.

2008 February       Choreographed a dance drama on a Panchatantra story about “the elephant‟s
                    little friends” which was performed by the students of the Mallya Aditi
                    International school, in Bangalore.
Education and Academic Achievements
Date        Establishment     Achievements and details.

March       Kalpana Dance     Studied Kathak under Bharathi Vittal, an acknowledged dancer from
2003-       School            the Maya Row Kathak Institution in Kathak dance and completed my
2005                          junior Kathak exam with honors. Performed the lead role of Meera in
                              a dance drama performance depicting the life of Saint Meera Bai in

                              Continuing my practice of Bharathanatyam as well as studying
                              under the Bharathanatyam dancer Minal Prabu and former
                              Kalakshetra dance teacher Vasantha Vedam

November    Swami             Completed a Yoga Instructor course.
2004        Vivekananda
            Yoga              As Yoga is related to Indian Classical Dancing, the study of yoga is
            Anusadhana        essential in the teaching of dance to children.Course work included
            Samsthana         the completion of a paper on Yoga for Children.

1997-2001   Kalakshetra       First Class Diploma in Bharathanatyam
            Rukmini Devi      (Indian Classical Dance Form)
            College of Fine
            Arts, Chennai     Performed in several dance drama ballets as well as several of the
                              folk dance productions.
                              Responsible for design and decoration of the performance hall
                              (including kolam design and floral arrangements) for productions at
                              the College.

2000        Molley–An         Diploma in Traditional Henna Designing
            Chennai           Studied traditinal patterns and forms of decoration especially for
                              festive occasions. Upon completion of this diploma, conducted
                              workshops henna design and application.

1994-1997   The Valley        Completed my ICSE Examinations with a first class at the
            School.           Valley School Bangalore.
                              During studies at Valley School, participated in all cultural activities,
                              including the school‟s creation of an „Art Village‟, where the use of
                              traditional designs and dance forms were incorporated.

1990-1991   Nrityagram        Introductory studies in Indian classical dance
                              The dance school Nritygram was set up near to my parent‟s home,
                              when I was 8 years old. This provided an opportunity for me to
                              attend weekend classes and through a friendship with Pratima Bedi
                              who founded this institution, I was very much encouraged in the field
                              of dance. First public performance was as part of the Vasatha
                              Habba in 1991.

1986-1994   Sita School,      Primary schooling in a non formal school
                              The education I received in Sita School emphasized the connection of
                              learning with creativity. Dramas, folk dances, art and crafts like pottery etc
                              were encouraged which gave me my initial interest in the arts.
Background and interests.

I have grown up in a village on the outskirts of Bangalore, with my family. I have been involved in
art and dance activities since childhood and have been encouraged to develop in these fields. I
am also interested in yoga, home science, gardening and various Indian traditional art forms.
Though my mother tongue is English, I am also fluent in Kannada, and have basic knowledge of
Tamil, and Hindi. Although I have travelled a great deal in Europe and the UK, my home base is
in Bangalore.

I have an elder sister who is an architect, and three brothers, two of whom help my father run an
informal school of art and design, as they are both trained in art and design. We have studios,
and a workshop in which ceramic work is done, along with other crafts. My Father is an artist from
North India, and is engaged in painting and writing. He has taught in a number of art colleges as
a visiting professor. My Mother is British, and runs a small non-formal school for children from the
nearby villages, which she started in 1975.

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