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					             CLASS OFFERINGS
                                                                            SCHEDULE                                         CHESAPEAKE
Please Show Preferences each day: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.                     Friday, April 9, 2010                                  FIBER ARTS
                Friday, April 9, 2010                           9:00-10:00am Conference Registration,
____________Making a Scrappy Quilt – Carol Evans
____________Appliqué – Joyce McComas & Kit Spalding
                                                                    Check In Paul Hall Center Hotel                               April 9— April 10, 2010
____________Rug Hooking – Pat Duggan                            10:30-11:30am Welcoming and Speaker
____________Patterning a Patchwork Quilt – Julia Friedman       11:30am-1:00pm Lunch at the Culinary School
____________Beginning Knitting and Tips – Judy Nelson
 ___________ Knitting (making and repairing Socks)
                                                                    Demonstrations, Vendors, Raffle Boulevard                        School of Seamanship, SIU
____________Miniature Needle Punch – Misti Dayton               1:00-4:30pm Friday Classes
____________Scrapbooking &Memory Boxes – Nancy Sipes                                                                                    Paul Hall Center Hotel
                                                                4:30-6:00pm Dinner at the Culinary School
____________Project Linus – Debbie Rumple
                                                                6:30-7:30pm Keynote Speaker:                                             Piney Point, Maryland
____________Beading – Melissa Riner
____________ Paper-piecing, CBFL Block – Becky Benton               Genie Posnett: “Dressing the Bones”
____________Crocheting – Roy Bowman
                                                                8:00pm Night Lunch, Culinary School
____________Making Borders – Marilyn Horton
____________Preparing for Longarmer – Kathie Lamoureux                 Hotel Bar open from 5pm – 11pm
____________Special Quilting Techniques – Shoko Ferguson          Around the Clock – Open Quilting/Crafting
____________Quilt Appraisals (extra fee) – Phyllis T Hatcher               for registered participants
                      Saturday, April 10, 2010
____________Making a Scrappy Quilt – Carol Evans                         Saturday, April 10, 2010
____________Appliqué – Joyce McComas & Kit Spalding
____________Rug Hooking – Pat Duggan
                                                                6:30-8:00am Breakfast at the Culinary School,     Sew to Save the Bay
____________Patterning a Patchwork Quilt – Julia Friedman               Yoga and Walking (optional)                    to Benefit
____________Knitting (making and repairing Socks)               8:00-11:30am Saturday Classes                   Chesapeake Bay Field Lab
____________Miniature Needle Punch – Misti Dayton
____________Scrapbooking & Memory Boxes – Nancy Sipes
                                                                11:30am-1:00pm Lunch at the Culinary School,      and Other Charities
____________Project Linus – Debbie Rumple                               Demonstrations, Vendors,
____________Beading – Melissa Riner                                     Raffle Boulevard
____________ Paper-piecing, CBFL Block – Becky Benton
____________Crocheting – Roy Bowman
                                                                1:00-4:00pm Additional Saturday Classes
____________Making Borders – Marilyn Horton                     All Day -- Open Quilting/Crafting for
____________Preparing for Longarmer – Kathie Lamoureux                  registered participants
____________Special Quilting Techniques – S. Ferguson                                                                     s
                                                                                                                       “It’ our Bay. Pass it on.”
____________ Quilt Appraisals (extra fee) – Phyllis T Hatcher
                                                                4:00-4:30pm Closing Session, Door Prizes,
                                                                        Quilt Drawing, Check Out            
____________Baltimore Album Block (shading flowers)-
        Marylou McDonald ($25.00 fee for this 6 hour class)                                           
The Retreat is a rare opportunity for non-
                                                               CHESAPEAKE FIBER ARTS                            REGISTRATION FORM
seafarers to see and use the Paul Hall Center                             RETREAT                                       CHESAPEAKE FIBER ARTS
hotel and grounds, Piney Point, MD.                                                                                                  RETREAT
                                                                       April 9-10,2010                                        APRIL 9-10, 2010
The beautiful waterfront facility is the only acad-
emy in the US for training and                                                                               Registration is urged by March 12 with final cut-off March 26
certifying merchant mariners. It is owned by the
                                                      The Chesapeake Fiber Arts Retreat is a “coming
Seafarers International Union as a base to teach                                                             Name      _____________________________________________
                                                      together” for Maryland’ fiber artists. The two-
comprehensive seafarer skills like navigation,                                                               Name as should appear on nametag:
                                                      day event features knitting, crocheting, quilting,
rescue, firefighting, oil
                                                      appliqué, spinning, beading, needle-punch,                       ____________________________________
spill containment,
                                                      canvas sewing, patterning, weaving and other           Address _____________________________________________
culinary excellence, and
                                                      fiber arts. Classes, presentations, a non-profit
other maritime/                                                                                                        _____________________________________________
                                                      “Raffle Boulevard,” quilt appraisal, vendors, and      City   ________________________State_______Zip________
merchant mariner skills.
                                                      old-fashioned friendship are offered in the mari-
                                                                                                             Phone     _____________________________________________
                                                      time setting of the Paul Hall Center.
         Some Retreat Highlights:                     Proceeds from the conference will support the          Email     ______________________________________________

                                                      Chesapeake Bay Field Lab (CBFL), which is a non-               s
                                                                                                             Roommate’ name ___________________________________
Genie Posnett - Keynotes April 9 presentation         profit educational facility dedicated to passing the   ************************************************************
   of "Dressing the Bones" and her work with          heritage of the Chesapeake Bay onto future genera-     $175 Full Participation______________
   the National Museum of Natural History to          tions. CBFL carries more than 5,000 students a year
                                                                                                             $75 Friday only ______________
   dress recreated figures of 17th Century                              s
                                                      into the St. Mary’ River aboard the skipjack the Dee
                                                      of St. Mary’ and conducts additional environmental
                                                                 s                                           $75 Saturday only______________
   Chesapeake inhabitants for "Written in
   Bone" at the Smithsonian.                          and social science classes from the Sea-Fruit Oyster   $25 Baltimore Album class, McDonald____________
                                                      House and marsh walk                                   $30 Friday dinner & Keynote only______________
Marylou McDonald - nationally acclaimed for           on St. George Island.
                                                                                                             $50 Friday dinner & Keynote only (couple)________
  her needlework appliqué - will lead a 6 hour        Students and schools
  class on Baltimore Album Quilting on                cannot afford the full
                                                      cost of running such a                                 Enclosed is my check for total fees of $_________
  Saturday, April 10.                                                                                        Check number                           __________
                                                      hands-on field lab.
More than a dozen classes are offered on both         CBFL members help                                      Make check payable to: Chesapeake Bay Field Lab
days. Materials lists, patterns, supplies and         to underwrite the                                      Send to:       Becky Benton, Conference Manager
directions to the Paul Hall Center will be given      educational costs with                                                17721 St. Inigoes Road
by email, with confirmation of your                   grants, membership,
                                                                                                                            St. Inigoes, MD 20684
registration. A room for open sewing/crafting         and fundraisers such as this retreat. Please visit
is available at all times.                   to learn more about CBFL.

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