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					                   Australian Ladies Variety Association

Hello Everyone,                                              Jan/Feb/March 2007

Well – how time is flying by!! Yes it has been some time since our last newsletter
and yes much has happened. Firstly your President and committee have been
very busy, working hard and many of us traveling also since after the Christmas
Party. Secondly, as many of you know, I lost my darling Mum very suddenly just
over a month ago. Naturally this has knocked the wind out of my sails and have
only just been able to get back to some kind of normality and schedule.
A very big thank you to everyone that has sent messages, cards, flowers and all
sorts of support and kind wishes. And thank you to all of you who attended the
funeral. It was very good of you. This is really a time that you realize fully what an
amazing support team ALVA is, in good times and bad. Everyone tells me it just
takes time to get through, so I know you will all understand why the newsletter is
later than usual.
From the great success of our 2006 Christmas Party of which many members
contributed greatly, we had a great AGM as well!
The AGM was very well attended (for an AGM!!) and this was so good to see.
We had a lovely day at South‟s Leagues at Redfern with lots of great discussion
and conversation during the meeting.

Your new committee for 2007:
President                Susie Smither
Vice President           Lisa Crouch
Secretary                Jacqui Alexander
Treasurer                Kerri Lacey
Benevolent Treasurer     Pat Scroope
Public Relations Officer Kaye Thomas
Public Officer           Kathy Watson
Committee:               Tabbi Francis, Olive Johnston, Di Georgeson,
                         Julie Trachtenburg, Shirley McDonald

We welcome 2 new committee members Julie and Shirley and congratulate them
for already surviving their first committee meeting!
We will farewell Lola Nixon (end of last year) and Donna Lee from the 2006
committee at The Banquet. Donna is in Adelaide at the moment with
“Menopause” and will be returning to Melbourne and Sydney with the show.
She is STILL doing an amazing job with 8 shows a week!! We will miss her
contributions and hard work on the committee and hope to see her at a function
soon. Again huge thanks for her amazing work on the Christmas Party. Thank
you Dons – Thank you Lola. We had some great times on committee with you.
At the AGM we welcomed a new Member, Debra Marks, wife of Rodney Marks
and we will badge new Members and Associate Member at the Banquet.

Message from Secretary Jacqui:
Many members ask „what can I do for ALVA?‟ it‟s simple really – here are a few
suggestions that will help ALVA a great deal if we are all able to contribute just a
little - it amounts to a lot and gives us the financial strength and emotional
support we need to help those in greater need.

Members Support to ALVA
   Attend as many ALVA functions as you are able always
   Bring friends to ALVA functions
   Support sponsors by using their products & services, and thank them for
    their donation
   Promote Sponsors by recommending them to others – we should support
    the sponsors who support us.
   Email /write to prospective sponsors for support & donations – ALVA
    functions are made profitable by the many donations we are able to obtain
    for the raffle – large or small these donations are always welcome
   Encourage new members – the more members we have the stronger we
    are – this is doing your friends a good deed as well – you know what a
    great association ALVA is to belong to!!
   Ensure your membership fees are up to date
   If you have any suggestions for fundraising event, share them with your

Roll of Remembrance
Through the history of ALVA we have been blessed with many members that
have truly committed their time and efforts. Sadly, some of these members are
no longer with us. To ensure they are never forgotten, the committee have
decided to add a page to our website to honour these members (with the
permission of their family). If you have any thoughts on who should be included
on this page, don‟t hesitate to let your committee know.

Now to The Annual ALVA Banquet – another great ALVA night is planned with
lots of glamour, fun and excitement! Details on the flyer included.
As always I would love to see as many of you and your friends at this lovely
night. The venue is magnificent and thank you to Member Roxanne Palladin-
Keily for her contact there. It is a fun way to do your bit for ALVA and to use the
event to catch up with old friends and make some new ones. As you will see from
the message from Jacqui below, just by attending you can contribute so much.
So get out your glad rags and make that booking to be there!!
Remember to call or email to book and send cheque/CC details as soon as
possible. It really does help your hard working committee if you can pay before
the night. Please also remember that if you do book we are committed to the
payment to the venue. So if you are unable to attend at the last minute for
whatever reason, ALVA is committed to the charge. If you could remember that,
it would be appreciated.
Let‟s start our first function off with a Big, Buzzy Bang and have a great night!!!
Tables are 10 each, so make up a table of friends, or give preferences of seating
to Lisa (98221997) when you book. Also any special meal requirements. We
don‟t know till you tell us.
All contributions for the raffle are ALWAYS gratefully received!!!
Just let one of us know.
Another friendly reminder to ALL members – my mobile number is 0412 038 950.
Please use this number ONLY to contact me. My landline number is our office
number and not a good number to use to contact me. Please always leave a
message, let me know what you are after and I will get back to you. Promise!
Membership form is included also. Thank you to those who have already sent
dues for 2007. If you are not sure if you are financial or not, give me a call (on the
mobile!!) and we‟ll sort it out. Remember Life Membership available also.
See you all at The Banquet and remember to call Lisa to make your bookings.

It will be a GREAT night!! And I really look forward to seeing you all and getting a
big hug from all my ALVA girls.
Much love and light to all,
Susie x

ALVA News:
Congratulations to member Seamus Earley who recently married Texan performer Bayne Bacon
in a lovely ceremony at Watson‟s Bay.
Best wishes to both.

Very proud parents Cheryl & Billy McLellan also celebrated the marriage of their daughter Katie in
March. Member Cheryl was a very proud and glamorous Mum and Billy was THE happiest Dad
as he walked his little girl down the aisle.
Best wishes to all.
Happy Birthday to member Margot Lloyd who celebrated her 90 birthday in December.
Happy Birthday to our esteemed Patron Dame Very Lynn who also celebrated her 90 birthday in
Congratulations to both these amazing ladies!!

Love & Light to Dora de Grey who is not well and in St. George public at the moment.
Lola’s Theatre-Go-Round
Priscilla World Premier 7/10/07
This show is certainly “No Drag”
It burst on to the Lyric stage with all the colour and high camp you could imagine. With a cast
headed up by Tony Sheldon, Jeremy Stanford, Trevor Ashley and Michael Caton how could you
go wrong! On opening night the atmosphere was electric, the packed house danced and sang
along with everything!
This is a show filled with “Froth & Bubble” very funny dialogue, outrageous costumes, an amazing
set and production numbers to die for. Thank Ross Coleman for these! So if you want a total
escape from the daily grind, you should throw the hot rollers in „Shake your Groove Thing‟ and go
„Downtown‟ to the Lyric Theatre for the greatest fun night you can have – standing up!
I loved the nightlife and so will you!!!!
Titanic 26/10/07
After 2 successful years on Broadway, 5 Tony Awards, including Best Musical –
 “Titanic” dropped anchor at Sydney‟s Theatre Royal.
This is a wonderful ensemble piece with the most beautiful and thrilling musical score heard for a
long time. Gorgeous costumes and an unbelievable set.
From curtain up you are transported back to 1912. As the passengers, filled with anticipation and
excitement, head off to the New World and a new life.
The entire cast was outstanding, all giving first class performances, although a special mention
must go to Hayden Tee, Alexander Lewis and Matthew Lewis.
This was an epic musical event, a must see for lovers of theatre and music.
Love to all, Lola x
p.s. QB & Consort Clive actually went out to this one & it was as Lola said, just great!
Thanks Lola.

Condolences to Angela Townsend and Gail Castle who have both lost their Dad recently.

Condolences to Doug, Greg and all the family of our beautiful long time member Pixie Burgess who
recently passed away. She was always a delight, a great supporter of ALVA for many years and
one of our real treasures. We will miss her.

Just to let you know that I went on the Opera Cruise offered by Marienne last week and it was
wonderful. Champagne on arrival - lovely three course meal and very entertaining light opera. At
$65 it was well worth it.
I took Harriet, who, by the way, celebrated her 70th birthday on Tuesday 31st October. She's
marvelous and very energetic as she always has been. Regards, Toni Stevens.

Sylvia Raye has all sorts of problems with her knee ending up with an operation to try to improve
things. Apparently it was a little to do with her jumping off the shed in the garden for 20 years
after she had pruned trees and bushes!!! Is there no end to her talents??!! Do be careful and
hope it is all better. Sylvia is also very involved with entertainers marching in .the Anzac Day
march. Give her a call for more info re this.

        I suppose Lisa passed on the reason why I missed the lunch at South Seniors. I went on
      the wrong day, I was so eager to see you all I went a day early!!!!! One of my craft moments.
      I did have the correct day to go to the Central Coast to see one of Wayne's Extravaganzas
      Starring The Rhythmaires and delighted to see O.J. and Miss Tabersham hoofing away. I
      will be going there tomorrow to see The Tivoli Show and I stay over rather than go on the
train at night, and stay on for the Jazz on Sunday.
Did I tell you, for those of you who may have remembered seeing Gregg Arthur a few years
ago on one of the Ace Awards shows, that he has now got someone new looking after him
and has got him on the Oprah Show and Letterman. I know we are more concerned with the
Ladies side of the business but it is nice to hear when the chaps do well. In the new year he
hopes to be doing a Concert at The Capitol Theatre with Tommy Tycho's 30 piece Orchestra
and I hope the girls will go along to support him. He was going to do it on December 15 until
the U.S. things came up. Incidentally December 15 is the 8th anniversary of the lovely Roy
Kimber‟s passing. A school friend of Roy's sent me a cutting about a review of a couple of
books that have just come out about the music and times of the 50's and there is a mention
of Roy Oh Joy Kimber. I will have to find out what the Oh Joy was although he sure was a
joy. Oh yes I couldn't go the lunch on the following day as I had a Doctor's appointment.
What really bugged me was when the first announcement of the lunch was on the computer
I entered it in two diaries and on three calendars. There is little hope for me.
 In the spirit of Christmas I thought I'd pass on this poem although I'm sure those of you get
the Jazz Action Society magazine will know it.

A Christmas poem by Mal Francis.
It was Christmas Eve in Bethlehem
  The night our Lord was born
 Musicians were sitting all around
  In dinner suits shiny and worn

They were there to play for the Tree Wise Men
  Who in the business were pretty big
     The musos didn't like their charts
      But what the hell it's a gig

There were fourteen players, brass and reeds
They brought their instruments with 'em
 But they couldn't even make a start
  There was no sign of rhythm

But never mind, for from afar
Came a thunderous swelling cry
As a wondrous star climbed Heaven-wards
      In the purple desert sky

 Below the star three beings appeared
    All dressed in shimmering gold
It must of course be the three wise men
       Or so we've all been told

 Then Mary called to Joseph
"My dearest heart who comes?"
 And Joseph called out joyously
   "Piano, bass and drums.

Lots of love to all and the Best of all you wish for in the New Year
 Like a full book? Or is that being greedy, now Santa won't come
    Cheers Barbara Comfort x x
Margaret’s News from up North:

My how time flies I can‟t believe it‟s February already, it just seems like yesterday that I was
chatting to you all at the ALVA Christmas Party. Keith and I were on Pat and Doug Scroope‟s
table with four of their lovely friends as well as Ken Laing and Adam Scicluna we couldn‟t have
been happier. It was a wonderful night and after telling the girls in the Sidekickers Club all about it
a few of them want me to book a table so they can come down for this year‟s party.

Earlier on the same day we went to the Pioneers of Television 50 Years Celebration at
Taroonga Park Function Centre. It was great to catch up with members of The Revue 20, Judy
Stone, Mary Schnieder Col Joye, Brian Henderson, Warwick Freeman (Bandstand) Gus
Merzi, Stuart Wagstaff, Jimmy Hannan and many others. For Judy, Mary and me it was a very
wonderful, but tiring day.
For those of you who worked in the East for Johnny Dane might be interested in hearing that
Johnny & Rita celebrated their 60 Wedding Anniversary at the Gold Coast Arts Centre with 60
of their close friends. The group included Tabby & Geoff Mac, Max & Blossom Bygraves,
Peter & Tricia Flanagan, & Maria Grills (Lucky was cruising the high seas)
We spent Australia Day with Elizabeth Garnett & Peter Mathieson, Coral Roy & Valentine
Jones, Lucky & Maria Grills at a party hosted by Bill & Robyn Alexander for a group of their
delightful neighbours. After lunch we had a wonderful musical afternoon finishing off with some
great Aussie songs.
Lucky & Maria have been in Tenterfield during the past few weeks where Lucky continues with a
film shoot he is currently involved in. The working title of the film is "The Secrets of Tenterfield",
written, produced and directed by Peter Yaxley, a doctor here on the Gold Coast.
The story revolves around the discovery of bones, which relate to the murder of two teenagers,
and the police investigation which follows to find the murderer. Lucky plays the part of the Station
Master - as well as lending a hand behind the scenes with script and direction.
Not a new involvement for Lucky, but he says he thoroughly enjoys filming and all it entails. At
almost 79, while the phone stills rings, and the work continues to be offered to him, Lucky says he
will continue to enjoy "show business".
Annette & Peter Terrill finally made the decision to move from Belrose, after 37 years, they now
reside at 21 Oxford Parade, Pelican Waters Qld - it wasn't an easy decision to make, however,
they are happy in their new home. Pelican Waters is a really nice suburb of Caloundra - Sunshine
Coast. Both Peter and Annette have been busy getting their 2yr old home to their liking including
a new in ground pool. Annette is very proud of the work they have done and informed me that the
gardens are really lovely now. Quite a feat seeing they only moved in 23rd October.
Annette plays tennis once or twice a week. Kathy and Courtney (their grand-daughter) live
approx. 15 minutes away. Their son Richard stayed in Sydney (Narrabeen), however, he is in
Kuala Lumpur until mid-April - he is with a company called H2o Entertainment and appears in an
all water sports show five days a week. Great gig - all sponsored by Yamaha Jet Skis.
We were all saddened up here to hear that Alan Nash (brother of Wally) passed away and a
couple of weeks later his lovely wife Val also passed away. Alan was in Tommy Tycho’s
Orchestra during my time at Channel 7 and The Flanagans also worked with him many times
over the years. Until next time………All my love MARGARET FLANAGAN …..xxxx

How happy is our ex Queen Bee....Maria Venuti...her daughter, Bianca had just returned from
working in Rome (at Pricewaterhouse Coopers)...and of course Mama just had to take her on yet
another Mama/daughter bonding trip before Bianca started work back in Sydney at PWC and La
Venuti started filming another series of 'Pizza' for SBS. So where better than the beautiful Gold
Coast for a week! Getting healthy for a couple of days at Hope Island with her friend and beloved
ALVA 'girl' Geraldine Porteous. And yes… Gerry had them walking the beach walk and were
actually in bed asleep by 10pm !!! Up early and off to Tambourine Mountain, lunching with Gerry's
daughter and granddaughter, Fiona and Alexis, who at one year old is definitely practicing her
singing for her showbiz career! Then off to spend the rest of the week at the breathtaking
Sheraton Mirage where Venuti and Bianca caught up with birthday girl Lynne Rogers and they
celebrated with a surprise cake and of course a few wild choruses of Happy Birthday! And what
about Valentine's Day night.....a celebration dinner with Maria's mates, Paul Waite and the
awesomely talented Musical Director of Australian Idol, John Foreman. Sounds like a great ALVA
time was had by all!

What a great way to share a Mama/daughter holiday that to catch up with all these beautiful
friends - friendships that were started and strengthened with ALVA many years ago and are still
going strong. Bianca Venuti for Associate Member maybe!!!!??!!!

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