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					                                                           “Our Stories”

          “People/Places/Things”                                Origins                                      “Change”
 What makes St. George special?                            Places/Landmarks                   What is different today, than in the
 What do you enjoy about St. George?                    Industries/Occupations                past?
 What do you want to stay the same?                        Education/Schools                  What is important to preserve or
 Who in our community knows its history?             Natural Resources/Environment            protect?
 What natural resources do we have and                         Lobstering                     What do we want to keep the same?
 value?                                                          Fishing                      What challenges is our community
 What are your favorite places?                                Recreation                     experiencing?
 What are your favorite stories?                               Traditions                     What are plans for the future of St.
 Who in our community knows “the                             Current Issues                   George?
 stories” about our history and its people                    Arts/Culture
 and its culture?                                            Events/History
 What are you interested in learning                            Service
 more about?

                            Burnt Island Rescue Station
                                                                                           The Arts in Port Clyde       A documentary
Lobstering – Now and Then
                                       A Photography Display
                                                                                Communities of Smalleytown, Elmore, Glenmere
 Being an Emergency Responder
              Maps             Childhood Years Ago                                              Sardine Factory Fire

Aquaculture in St. George                                                                                           iMovie/PPt

        The Marsh                     Essay
                                  Mapping A Place                                                     Podcast
   The Quarries /Quarrying                                                    Fishing Grounds Today                       Interview
                                 The Stories Behind the Places
    Oral History                                                                                          Schools of St. George
                                                             War Veterans - Experiences and Service