JASON ROSENFIELD, A.C.E.


INDIVIDUAL: 2000 Telly Award, 1999 Prime Time Emmy Award, 1999 Regional Emmy Award, 1997 Prime Time
Emmy Award, 1996 Gold Cindy Award, 1995 World Medal New York Festivals, 1995 Bronze Columbus Int. Film
Festival, 1992 Silver Cindy Award.

PRODUCTION: 2005 Emmy Nomination, 2005 Peabody Award, 2001 Emmy Nomination, 2000 Emmy Award, 1999
Silver, San Francisco Int. Film Festival, 1997 Cable Ace Nomination, 1997 R.F. Kennedy Award,1995 Oscar
Nomination, 1995 W.C. Handy Award, 1994 Gold Chicago Int. Film Festival, 1987 DGA Award, 1982 Grand Prize
Chicago Int. Film Festival.


I Survived a Japanese Game Show; [ABC] Calix Productions. Supervising Producer- Blake Levin, Executive Producers-
Arthur Smith, Kent Weed.

The Next Great Champ; [Fox] Endemol Entertainment. Executive producers- Joe Livecchi, Paul Buccieri.

Project Greenlight III; [Bravo] Live Planet; Executive Producers- Dan Cutforth & Jane Lipsitz, Chris Moore, Matt Damon,
Ben Affleck, Wes Craven; Documentary Series; Third Season (2005), including season premiere; Airing 2005; 2005 Emmy

Bands Reunited; [VH-1] Evolution Film & Tape. Executive Producers Francis Gasparini & Dave Rupel. 2004 Season
Premiere Epiode.

Trace Evidence; [Court TV] KLS Communications. Executive Producer- Larry Schiller, Senior Producer- Nina Weinstein.
Pilot Episode. FCP.

Real World; [MTV] Bunim-Murray Productions. Executive Producers- Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray.
10th Anniversary season, New York.

Making The Band; [MTV] Bunim-Murray Productions. Executive Producers- Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray. Second

Real World /Road Rules Challenge; [MTV] Bunim-Murray Productions. Executive Producers- Mary-Ellis Bunim, Jonathan


The Greenhouse Project; Barsamian Communications/Robert Woods Johnson Foundation. Director- Susan Smiley. FCP,
currently in post.
Jason Rosenfield, A.C.E; Editor (cont’d)                                                                                     2


Semper Fi; [Showtime] Working Dog Pictures. Producer/Director- Vince DiPersio. Feature length documentary of an Iraq
War veteran’s one-man show. FCP. 2007.

Secrets of the Code; [Theatrical] Zuckerman Entertainment Inc. Producer- Donald Zuckerman, Dan Burstein. Director-
Jonathan Stack. 2006.

Black Sky: Burt Rutan’s Race For Space; [Discovery] Antenna Films, Producers- Sandy Guthrie and Scott B. Feature
Length Documentary, aired fall 2004. 2005 Peabody Award.

Crime & Punishment; [NBC] Wolf Films/USA. Executive Producers- Dick Wolf, Bill Guttentag. EpisodicVerite Documentary
Series. Pilot episode, second season premiere, two seasons: 2001-2003.

Top Speed; [Theatrical] MacGillivray Freeman Films. Director- Greg MacGillivray, Porche sponsored 70mm Imax film
featuring Grand Prix auto racing, downhill bicycling and world-class track & field races, with Tim Allen and Marion Jones.
2005 Prix de Public Kodak Award, Paris Imax Festival.

American High; [Fox] Fox/Actual Reality Pictures. Co-Director/Editor. Executive Producer- R.J. Cutler. Serial Verite
Documentary Series. 2000 Emmy Award, 2001 Emmy Nomination [nominated episode]

Tripping; [Theatrical] RSL/ UK Channel 4. Producer/Director- Vikram Jayanti. Feature documentary on Ken Kesey & The
Merry Pranksters. 1999.

Teen Killers: A Second Chance?; [HBO] “America Undercover” Series. Half Court Pictures/OPB. Co-Producer/Editor.
Producers- Bill Guttentag, Vince DePersio. 1999 Individual Primetime Emmy Award, 2000 Telly Award.

Kids Who Kill; [Oregon Public Broadcasting] OPB/HBO. An entirely different version of the Teen Killers documentary, for
regional broadcast. 1999 Individual Regional Emmy Award, Dirrector/Editor.

Memphis PD: War in the Streets; [HBO] “America Undercover” Series. Half Court Pictures. Producers- Bill Guttentag &
Vince DePersio. 1997 Individual Primetime Emmy Award , 1997 Cable Ace Nomination, 1997 R.F. Kennedy Award.

Blues Highway; (TBS) Half Court Pictures/National Geographic Television. Producers- Bill Guttentag & Vince DePersio.
1994 Oscar Nomination, 1994 W.C. Handy Award, 1994 Gold Chicago Int. Film Festival.

Life Remembers; [CBS] ZM Productions. Supervising Editor. Producers- Chris Cowan & Jean-Michel Michenaud.

Life Magazine 65th Anniversary Special: Photographs That Changed The World; [CBS] Half Court Pictures/ZM
Productions. Producers- Bill Guttentag & Vince DePersio. 1996 Emmy Award.

To Be With Sharks; [Discovery Channel] Co-Producer/Co-Writer/Editor. Shark diving expeditions for Blues and Great
Whites. Producer- Marty Snyderman. Premiered 1993 Shark Week!

Eugene O’Neill: A Glory of Ghosts; [WNET American Masters] Producer/Director- Perry Miller Adato. 1987 DGA Award.


Trendsetters; [ABC Pilot] Yard Hills Productions/ABC Snippets. Comedy Pilot. Creator/Director- Aaron Hilliard. FCP.2008.
Cast: Kit Pongetti, Jessica St. Clair, Aaron Hilliard & Andrew Daly.
Jason Rosenfield, A.C.E; Editor (cont’d)                                                                              3


Free Ride: [Fox] Wild Jams Productions/Fox 21. Lead/Finishing editor. Created by Rob Roy Thomas. Improvisational single-
camera comedy series. 2006.
Cast: Erin Cahill, Josh Dean, Dave Sheridan, Loretta Fox & Allan Havey.


Learning To Fly; [Theatrical Short] Inside Out Group. Director- Jay Torress. FCP. 2008 Audience Award, 168 Festival
Cast: Starletta DuPois, Clyde Jones, Linara Washington

The Kingdom [World Wildlife Fund] Producer/Writer/Director. Invited to open United Nations Environmental Youth Forum,
raised funds worldwide for WWF. 1991 Cindy Writing Award, 1992 Cine Golden Eagle.

The Girl With Hungry Eyes; [Feature - Golden Shadow] Supervising Editor. Director- Jon Jacobs. 1995
Cast: Christina Fulton, Leon Herbert

Come Back to the Five & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean; [Cinecom] Director- Robert Altman. 1982 Grand Prize
Chicago Int. Film Festival.
Cast: Cher, Kathy Bates, Sandy Dennis

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