iTAP Draught List by accinent


									                         iTAP Draught List
Since you all drink from the draught so quickly it is nearly impossible to
keep the written menu up to date but we can manage the big board so here is
the list of all our possible draughts with an explanation. Alphabetical
for ease.

Abita Turbodog (Abita Springs, LA): “Laissez Les Bons Temps Roulez” Let those good times
roll with this Bayou basic. That is chocolate and some caramel in this wheat driven speedster.
Officially an English Brown Ale, but the Cajuns would be ragin if you called them any sort of
English. Easy drinking with enough taste to keep you interested. ABV 6.1%

Anchor Liberty Ale (San Francisco, CA): Declare your independence from your average
APAs. This offering has a floral aroma with a nice sweetness that drifts away from the bitterness.
Anchors up for a much more polite Pale Ale. ABV 6,0%

Anderson Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout (Boonville, CA): Long name and long on taste.
Sure there are the standard stout flavors, but there is a hint of licorice and a splash of hop. The
bitterness isn’t as bold as the sweet savoring chocolate and molasses. ABV 5.7%

Anderson Hop Ottin IPA (Boonville, CA): As green as it gets, this American IPA is solar
powered. The Anderson Valley Brewery not only makes a tasty and spirited IPA but it does it
being environmentally conscience. But going green for this brew means green with hops as well.
A strong suited IPA there is plenty of taste inside among the smorgasbord of taste a hint of cherry
and dried fruits. ABV 7.0%

Arcadia Hopmouth (Battle Creek, MI): As far as Double IPA’s go this one is sure to be a iTAP
staple. Smooth but sinister enough for those hoping for hops. As the name suggests every
tastebud will be tickled by the Humulus lupulus. The bitter bud is prevalent but the caramely malt
finish makes the beauty balanced and delightfully drinkable. ABV 8.1%

Arcadia Imperial Stout (Battle Creek, MI): This black beauty has a smoky taste but there is
a bit of hops, which is weird for a stout. Molasses and coffee also meander in this murky pour. A
lot of alcohol swims in this stodgy stout but it doesn’t overpower its malty taste. ABV 8.4%

Arcadia IPA (Battle Creek, MI): It’s Greeeaaaattt. Tony the Tiger would approve of this classic
IPA from the cereal city. While hops don’t go well with milk they are crucial to an IPA. Columbus
dry-hops are added directly to the open fermenter giving it an intensely robust pure-like floral
aroma and resinous hop flavor. A pronounced hop bitterness is balanced by a medium-bodied,
lightly caramel and toasted malt character with a nutty finish. ABV 5.9%

Arcadia Shipwreck Porter (Battle Creek, MI): Wrecked together in this porter, the traditional
malt and a whisk of whiskey. Ahoy, it’s easy sailing to the bottom of the glass after you get your
sea legs beyond that first blast of bourbon. Swimming in the swell a hint of caramel and as usual
a taste of toffee tips this porter off. ABV 7.8%

Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye (Healdsburg, CA): This IPA will have your taste buds racing for
pink slips. It drags a bitter blast to your nostrils when poured then crosses the finish line much
smoother. Few brewers are bold enough to try rye, these hot shots have perfected it. ABV 8.0%
Bear Republic Racer 5 (Healdsburg, CA): Go speed racer go, and it will. This tasty IPA will
dash to the bottom of your glass. Like all American IPAs this brew is boldly citrusy in its hoppy
heart. Delightfully drinkable but bitter enough to please the pickiest palate. ABV 7%

Belhaven Scottish Ale (Dunbar, Scotland): Get in my Belly! This Fat Bastard is only large in
taste. Although a bitter it is much smoother than most. Malty and hoppy, we at Delivering a
sweet, smooth and creamy finish, Scottish Ale has a stunning ruby colour in the glass. ABV 5.2%

Belhaven Twisted Thistle (Dunbar, Scotland): Like most Brits this IPA is unapologetically
British. True to its roots this classic English IPA (they coined the phrase you know) has more malt
than sweet in a swig. Of course it Bitter, it’s the British way but the Scots but a semi-sweet twist
that makes this IPA easy to drink. ABV 6.1%

Bells Hopslam (Kalamazoo, MI): Truth in advertising. You need not look any further than the
name to realize what this Imperial IPA is all about. It is the one that makes all the beer
aficionados drool. The SLAM of hops spills a citrus start with a sweet honey tasting finish but
overwhelming is the unapologetic scent and taste of hops, they are the star of this story and your
taste buds are the audience in this brewing blockbuster. ABV 10%

Bells Nut Brown Ale (Kalamazoo, MI): Nut and Brown are the key words here there is a
nutty taste to this brown ale. Caramely and malty with a hint of cream, classical brown ale taste.
But the hazelnut that plasters the palate is inescapable. ABV 6.6%

Bells Oberon Ale (Kalamazoo, MI): This wheatful wonder pours creamy orange and has a
similar taste when it settles down. The sun suggests a summer brew but this beer can truly tempt
palates with every turn of the Calendar. Along with the citrus pop there is a bit of a brown sugar
finish. ABV 5.8%

Bells Two-Hearted Ale (Kalamazoo, MI): Go fishing for a fine American IPA. Highly rated
and strongly spirited with a citrusy palate. The description evokes a fishing trip with Hemingway
up his heralded Two Hearted River. While old Ernest never downed this beer the Sun also Rises
on this beautiful and hop healthy brew. ABV 7.0%

Bitburger Pilsner (Bitburg, Germany): Bitte Ein Bit, go ahead make it Zwei. A classic German
Pils brewed according to the German Purity Law. Dry-finished, hoppy taste with a splash of honey
and citrus. ABV 4.8%

Blanche de Chambly (Chambly, Quebec, Canada): A Witbier with a french attitude. It pours
the color of champagne. Only partially filtered, it retains the full benefits of its natural ingredients.
This gives it the cloudy appearance that was characteristic of pale beers in the Middle Ages,
historic and hella good. Taste of wheat, with subtle spices and citrus. ABV 5.0%

Blue Star Wheat (Ft. Bragg, Ca): A Golden poured wheat from the Golden State. This light
American Wheat Beer is unfiltered and brewed with a blend of noble hops and wheat malt to
create a light, fruity, refreshing beer. ABV 4.5%

Boddingtons Pub Ale (Manchester, England): A nitro-poured English Ale from the home of
the Red Devils. Even Arsenal fans will see through the Football feud to fill a pub pint with this
creamy creation. The Bee pours a thick flowing pale-gold. Very smooth body with a thick creamy
head. ABV 4.7%
Boulevard Single-Wide IPA (Kansas City, MO): Not nearly as “classy” as the double –wide
but this lighter IPA has plenty of elbow room. Orange aroma on the pour with a pinch of pine and
a swath of sweetness. Once you trail past those you can set up camp with a nice hoppy finish.
ABV 4.6%

Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat (Kansas City, MO): The flagship of the brewery on Southwest
Avenue is a classic American Wheat. It’s naturally citrusy with the distinctive cloudiness when
poured. The Midwest is all about Wheat and this beer is among the most popular Wheat beers in
the region. ABV 4.4%

Brother Thelonious (Ft. Bragg, CA): An American Tribute to what else: The Monk.
Thelonious pours a deep black but settles in like a Dubbel should, brown and smooth. The fruit
flavors explode with the first taste whether its raisins, plums or maple syrup the tastes are smooth
as its soulful namesake. ABV 9.0%

Chambly Noire (Chambly, Quebec, Canada) : A Belgian Dark Ale with an opaque blackness
and beige-colored foam mousse. Boastfully Belgian with a Canadian attitude. It’s light, refreshing
body and clean, long finish which features hints of roasted coffee beans, toast and toffee. ABV

Charleville Hoptimistic (Ste. Genevieve, MO): Tait and his family brew it and bring it, this
winery near St. Gen. is branching out to test the waters in beer and although they may be in the
shallow end they are already ready to take the floaties off. Hoptimistic is heartfully IPA but
doesn’t sting the palate, an easy drinking hop brew. 7%

Chimay Premiere (Baileux, Belgium): The Red version of this classic and charming Belgian
Dubbel. Full sweet maltiness upfront with notes of plum, fig and sour apple that slowly winds
down with spicy yeast and somewhat bitter hops. The finish is slightly dry and for the most part
clean. Try and find this premiere brew many other places we proudly pour it. ABV 9.8%

Chimay Tripel (Baileux, Belgium): The white version of this classic and charming Belgian
Brand. A pinch of spice with a hoppy heart and a swath of sour apple Full sweet maltiness upfront
with notes of plum, fig and sour apple that slowly winds down with spicy yeast and somewhat
bitter hops. The finish is slightly dry and for the most part clean. ABV 7.0%

Delirium Tremens (Melle, Belgium): the Pink Elephant is a worthy mascot to this Belgian
Strong Pale Ale. Strong because we will call have to call you a cab after a few of these fruitful
fellas. Color is gold with a beautiful creamy head. A small taste of hops with plenty of malt and a
fruity aftertaste. ABV 9.0%

Duchesse de Bourgogne (Vichte, Belgium): A sweet french lady from Flanders. A Red Ale
that pours a dark ruby red with a lovely head. The first taste is a bitter but drink on and you will
experience the Duchesse is very smooth and creamy with a big cherry taste. ABV 6.2%

Ephemere (Chambly, Quebec): Eff-a-meer. Funny sounding not tasting. This Nymphy brew is
brewed with apples and is true to its brew. Sweetness is not so subtle as it almost dips into a
cider but this is beer, just with a tart topping of sour apples. ABV 5.5%

Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale (Frederick, MD): Sit, speak and roll over for this classic
APA. The “gonzo” bottle art may be a bit deceiving, as this brew is more mainstream. It starts
bitter and crisp but finishes much smoother with a nice blend of pine and toast. ABV 5.5%
Ft. Collins Rocky Mt IPA (Ft. Collins, CO): Crafted in the Capitol of American Ales by Hop
heads. The Elephant stomps on the label like this beer will trample on your taste buds. This IPA
is dry hopped for an intense floral aroma with a generous helping of malt to create a backbone
stable enough to support the bitterness of the beer. ABV 6.2%

Franziskaner Hefe-Weiss (Munich, Germany): This monk is happy for a reason, the saintly
taste of this Munich-based brew is dedicated to the Hefe style. The citrus scent upon pour spills
into a banana and clove taste in the mouth. There is just a hit of hop at the end, a spirit that
sparks it beyond the standard of the style. ABV 5.0%

Fuller’s London Porter (London, England): It was the London porters’ pension for this style
that monikered this dark dandy brew style. So Fuller’s pretty much is the default draw of the
style. It smells of roasted coffee as it pours and tastes of cream, coffee with a hint of chocolate.
Just enough sweetness to keep even the finicky beer drinker interested. A classic Porter with the
history to back the name. ABV 5.4%

Fullers London Pride (London, English): Proud to be English and arguably the King of
English Pub beers. Clear when poured with a malty taste and good carbonation. Light malt,
citrus, and hops. There are notes of caramel, butterscotch, and fruit like pears. Fullers most
popluar beer and a truly fantastic ale. ABV 4.7%

Goose Island 312 Ale (Chicago, IL): Dial up this easy drinking brew. Dedicated to wheat but
a smooth pour leads to a smooth drink. A taste that has a hint of fruit but bathes in yeast and
wheat making it a popular pint for a reason. ABV 4.2%

Gouden Carolus Cuvee Ruud (Mechelen, Belgium): Starts sweet and stays true to it until
the end. A splash of apple and pear perpetuate this palatable pour. There is a faint flop of hop
but all in all this brew aims to please from full to empty. For a strong ale this beer has a gentle
touch. ABV 10%

Gouden Carolus Gran Cru (Mechelen, Belgium): For an “emperor’s” brew this dark strong
ale is awfully subtle. Dark fruits including raisins splash sweetness from first scent to last taste.
That is sour apple that picks at your palate. Don’t know which Emperor liked this brew, but it isn’t
short on taste, a supremely session beer. ABV 11%

Guinness Draught (Dublin, Ireland): The Signature stout. When you brew the stuff since 1759
you got dibs on the representin’ the style. Pours brown to black with a smooth creamy head. With
an initial malt and caramel flavor and finishes with a dry roasted bitterness and no they don’t
serve it warm in Eire. Cold as ice is a requirement for Sir Arthur’s gift to the world. ABV 6.0%

Harp (Dublin, Ireland): This good solid European Lager pours out of St. James Gate a clear gold
with a wonderful white head. Nothing fancy here, but a dependable and safe lager that still has
plenty of taste to tempt. ABV 5.0%

Hebrew Coney Island Human Blockhead (San Francisco, CA): Circus Freaks unite! The
Blockhead takes the center ring as an American made Bock that disguises itself with a much
lighter pour. A bit bitter from a hit of hops but the malts meander back into the spotlight. Not
exactly easy drinking but it doesn’t take a lot to like this freak. ABV 8%

Hebrew Jewbelation (San Francisco, CA): L’chiem, Raise a glass to this Kosher Strong
American Ale. Pours deep brown with a highlight of molasses in the first sip with a finish that’s
roasty. The taste is interesting the alcoholic content is mind-blowing. ABV 11% OY VEY!
Hebrew Sword Swallower (San Francisco, CA): L’Chiem. The scent is fruity from the start
but the biscuity bite starts a bit strange, but stick with it. The finish is satisfying and drinkable.
There is almost a tint of tangy pineapple amidst the wheat wandering around. Like the branding
this APA is odd but strangely comfortable. ABV 6.8%

Hobgoblin (Witney, Oxen, England): Mischievous as the character atop the pull. A strong
roasted malt with moderate hoppy bitterness and slight fruity character. Ruby red color is full-
bodied and has a delicious chocolate toffee malt flavour. ABV 5.2%

Hoegaarden (Hoegaarden, Belgium): A classic Witbier, but keep the orange off because the
mix of coriander and strong citrus flavors make adding any more peeled fruits fruitless. A smooth
drink with an interesting taste that will make a trip into more exotic brews easier once this one
makes your favorite list. ABV 4.9%

Hofbrau (Munich, Germany): True to its Bavarian roots but mild enough that this beer could
conquer America if it desired. Of course Deutschland’s conquering days are long over so this
beer will politely offer itself as a classic German Pilsner. Golden yellow goodness, crisp full of
flavor. For those of you looking to break your Bud addiction this is the perfect “gateway” beer into
better brews. ABV 5.1%

Houblon Chouffe (Achouffe, Belgium): Belgium is not known for its IPA’s, but instead of
invading American front yards this roaming gnome wants to find a place on palates here on this
side of the pond. Unlike its American cousins, hops are overpowering in the double IPA, instead
tastes of citrus, malt and a hint of honey. ABV 9%

Karmeliet Tripel (Buggenhout, Belgium): Coming from Belgium the tastes that tempt in the
pour are strangely and surprisingly tropical. Lemon, apricot and clove all congregate in this
tremendous Tripel. This brew is elegant and meant for sipping from a snifter but with such a
bouquet in this beer let it marinate and meander past every taste bud. Leave the tuxedo at home,
but this snooty beer does require you to mind your P and Qs. ABV 8%

Kasteel Rouge (Ingelmuster, Belgium): Rouge means Red, cherries are red, cherry tingle in
the taste of this fruit beer. Not only is there a blast of cherry, but grab the snifter because there is
a bit of brandy chumming with the cherries. ABV 8%

Kasteel Triple D’Or (Ingelmunster, Belgium): A sweet sip which may be surprising for a
heavily alcohol laced Trippel. There are some fruits in the there, good luck finding which ones, the
powerful palate of alcohol leaves this brew mysterious but easy enough to drink. ABV 11%

Konig Ludwig (Furstenfeldbruck, Germany): Long live the crazy king. Ludwig was said to be
insane but his brew is seemingly stable. Bold for a Hefe but drains a smooth and subtle
wonderful weiss. This wheat beer has a scent of citrus, specifically lemon. Easy drinking and
superbly sane. ABV 5.5%

La Chouffe (Achouffe, Belgium): This Belgian Strong Ale flexes its muscle with a potent
percentage and a wonderfully bite of tartness at first sip. The Chouffe Finishes with a pleasantly
fruity taste. Spiced with coriander with a light hop taste. ABV 8%
La Rulles Estivale (Rulles-Habay, Belgium): So the Belgians aren’t exactly known for Pale
Ales, but this blend is bold enough to be Belgian, with a slight English or even American bite.
Malty and biscuit with a bit of bitter but actually settles in with a fruity finish mainly citrus. ABV

Le Merle Saison (Ft. Bragg, CA): Fresh off the farm, this saison has a creamy lacey head and
tastes of an orchard: apple, lemon, cherry and some even seem to grasp a bit of grape. This
brew is true to the style in that the farmer threw just about everything inside and with that much
fruit there is plenty of fermentation on the farm. ABV 7.9%

Left Hand Polestar Pilsner (Longmont, CO): Look left for something that is similar to the
boring brews some of you may be used to. This Pilsner is polite but with just enough coriander
and a swath of honey to make it taste less than bland. ABV 5%

Left Hand Sawtooth Ale (Longmont, Colorado): Timber! An interesting flavor with hints of
chocolate and coffee and grapefruit, but pours a golden orange. Subtle hops but smoother than
bitter. A sweet biscuit malt taste. ABV 4.75%

Lindemans Framboise (Vlezenbeek, Belgium): We like to call it a Chic Beer. The raspberry
blast makes it seem feminine but the taste is truly trans-gender. Don’t be afraid fellas, the fruity
finish is nothing to be ashamed of drinking. This Belgian Lambic pours a beautiful rose color. It
has a magnificent aroma with a delicate palate of raspberries. Sparkling clean natural taste. ABV

Lindemans Peche (Vlezenbeek, Belgium): A little more subtle in its color but this Peach
Lambic is just as flavorful as its raspberry relative. This is a summer beer that has staying power
365. It’s golden in color: with an aroma that un-mistakenly true to its name. ABV 4.0%

Magners Irish Cider (Dublin, Ireland) Like the potato, the apple likes the misty Irish climate.
17 different types of the “forbidden fruit” are poured into this brew to sweeten the palate. A cider
with a serious bite. ABV 4.8%

Maredsous Triple (Breendonk-Puurs, Belgium): Since Duvel hasn’t made it down in draft yet,
this brother brew will have to do. It is the triple but is known as “10” and like Bo Derek this beer
would make Dudley Moore sweat. Fruity and citrusy, some even taste a bit of butterscotch.
There is the Duvel spicy yeast providing a sweet taste and thick head with every pour. ABV 10%

Maudite (Chambly, Quebec, Canada): Literally means “damned” in Francais. Has a whif of
banana and clove but subtly tastes of coriander. This strong Ale pours a deep mahogany and a
night with the “damned” may require a call to County Cab, drink responsibly. ABV 8.0%

Monty Python Holy Grail Ale (Ripon, England): It’s only a flesh wound! As humorous as it’s
namesake, a sweet and bitter English ale. It has a distinctive taste with plenty of fruity hops, and
is full flavored with a dry and refreshing bitterness ABV 4.7%

New Belgium Fat Tire (Ft. Collins, CO): Not FLAT Tire it’s FAT tire. Fat with taste, easy on
the novice palate but with enough bite to please the proudest of Beer Nerd. An amber ale with
toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness. ABV 5.2%
New Belgium Mighty Arrow (Ft. Collins, CO): This one shoots straight to the first sip with a
point of caramel then hits the target with a hoppy hit and a tasty floral fit. A bullseye for those of
aiming for something a bit more exotic but not completely off target. We’ve ran out of archery
clichés so just order a pint and pleasure in an easy drinking pale ale. ABV 6%

New Belgium Mothership Wit (Ft. Collins, CO): The true Centennial State wit beer. Unlike
its Coors made counterpart, this cloudy beauty is over the moon, in fact its in the stars. It abducts
your palate with a blend of fruitiness and a whallop of wheat. No surprise by the name it has a
big head and a taste that is out of this world, but its organic so its on Terra Firma. ABV 4.8%

Newcastle Brown Ale (Edinburgh, Scotland): Pours true to its name, while it looks dark the
taste is not nearly as murky. Some nuttiness and perhaps surprising sweetness in the taste. For
being an English Brown this brew is light and perhaps too easy to drink. ABV 4.7%

Odells 5 Barrel Pale Ale (Ft. Collins, CO): 5 Barrel may be classified as an English Pale Ale
but one sip and it’s arrogantly American. A tribute to Odell’s Five Barrel brewing process this
pale ale is treated to an infusion of fresh whole hop flowers in the Hop Back and the Fermentor,
as well as four hop additions during the kettle boil which gives it that fresh, lively flavor and
aroma. ABV 5.2%

O’Fallon 5 Day IPA (O’Fallon, MO): God created the earth in six days, O’Fallon brewers make
this earthly brew in 5. Since ales don’t require a lengthy brew the folks in O’Fallon cork the cask
in a work week. We assume they spend the weekend enjoying this deliciously hoppy and
delightfully drinkable IPA. ABV 6.1%

O’Fallon Cocoa Cream Stout (O’Fallon, MO): Sent from just down the street, this chocolaty
creation is among the newer offerings from St. Louis’ other local owned and operated brewery. A
blast of cocoa and plenty of roastiness which makes this brew taste of something brewed from
beans instead of malts. Drinks easy with a tempting taste. ABV

Old Rasputin Imperial Stout (Ft. Bragg, CA): Named after the Russian Mystic, this Imperial
Stout will mystify with its thick pour and un-stout like alcohol content. There is a taste of vanilla
and of course roasted malts meandering in this brew. Rasputin was said to be responsible for the
fall of the Romanov Dynasty you drink to many of these and he will be responsible for you
falling off your chair. ABV 11.6%

Ommegang Hennepin (Cooperstown, NY): A Saison that sticks all year long. A seasonal
with spirit to stay through the coldest of winter weeks. True to its Belgian roots the pour produces
a thick head but the body is light. A sip starts with a slight hop taste but the citrus then knocks it
out of the park. ABV a surprising 7.7%

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen (Munich, Germany) A Oktoberfest staple, this tent is among the
rowdiest ones which would make its trademark monk blush. As far as the beer it pours a golden
yellow with a thick head. You’ll taste, wheat, citrus and other spices typical to hefeweizens.
Smooth to drink with a light bodies taste. ABV 5.5%

Peroni (Rome, Italy): A late-bloomer in the beer chase here in the states. A European Lager with
a scent of skunk and golden pour and pretty standard taste for a European lager although leave it
to the Italians to throw a bit of a different taste. ABV 4.7%
Pilsner Urquell (Plzen, Czech Republic): Brewed where Pilsner was born this Czech mainstay
pours a bright golden color with a lot of carbonation. A bit bitter in the traditional European Pilsner
style. The original of the “breed” of beer. ABV 4.4%

PranQster (Ft. Bragg, CA): This joker acts like a Belgian Golden Ale, pours like a Belgian
Golden Ale, smells like one too, but surprise it’s Californian. A fine floral bouquet on nose and for
the tongue mild malt and a full fruity flavor. ABV 7.6%

Reissdorf Kolsch (Cologne, Germany): Named after the city it and the style where it was first
brewed. This blonde pours a clear golden color. R.K. has a medium body with a refreshing and
crisp taste. There’s a slight apple taste finishing it off. ABV 4.8%

Rogue Brutal Bitter (Newport, OR): This ESB has ESP, because it knows what American
tastes desire and the taste: bitter yes, brutal, no. The bitter bite comes from plenty of cascade
hops branded in the brew. Flowery but fresh with a scent of citrus. ABV 6.5%

Rogue Dead Guy Ale (Newport, OR): This Maibock is “alive” with a palate of pine, maltiness
and a splash of hops. It has a golden caramel body but the taste is a bit tough and takes some
getting used to but once you do it will be a pleasure to go dead. ABV 6.5%

Schneider Edel-Weiss (Kelheim, Germany): A Hefe with a heart. Almost “baked” from
German wheat this almost tastes like a loaf of bread at the start but it soaks in with cloves and the
traditional citrus kick that leaves a bit of banana taste on the palate. Soft on the tongue but with a
bolder alcohol content than your average Hefewiezen. ABV 6.2%

Schlafly Dry Hopped APA (St. Louis, MO): The latest and proudest product of St. Louis’ only
home-owned brewery. The swaft of hops is attractive but the taste is safe and sound. A true
American Pale Ale, a step up from tom and Dan’s flagship brew with more bite and bitterness but
smooth enough to satisfy the average ale drinker. ABV 5.9%

Schlafly Irish Stout (St. Louis, MO): The STL may have been founded by the French,
invaded by the Germans but everyone is Irish sometimes, even Schlafly. The stout is like most
deep, dark and roasted but amidst the murky brew a hint of hop. Coffee, caramel and cocoa all
mingle in this smooth seasonal. ABV 8%

Schlafly No 15 (St. Louis, MO): Now the largest locally owned brewery. This Hefe-ish brew
celebrates Tom and Dan’s 15 Anniversary. A medium-bodied amber-colored ale with a delightful
wheaty flavor and a fruity, spicy finish. A bouquet of coriander, malt and splash of orange peels
makes it taste of Banana, but not a plantain in the cask. ABV:6%

Schlafly Pale Ale (St. Louis, MO): The beer that started the sensation. Schlafly’s most
popular and most poured beer. A classic Pale Ale with a sweet and smooth taste with just
enough hop to hold your attention. The beer that introduced the Lou to craft beer, deserves a pull
on our wall. ABV 4.4%

Schlafly Unfiltered Wheat (St. Louis, MO): AKA Hefeweizen, this is the offering of wheat
from the men in Maplewood. An easy drinking summer selection that is just as pleasing with a
plummet of the mercury. Just enough thickness to be a treat but goes down nicely as a wheat
should. ABV 3.9%

Scrimshaw Pilsner (Ft. Bragg, CA): Brewed with Munich malt in NoCal. A gulp gives you a
subtle hop character a crisp, clean palate and a dry but slightly fruity finish. ABV 4.4%
Sierra Nevada Pale-Ale (Chino, Ca): A true San Francisco Treat. This Pale Ale made its
mark in the shadow of the Golden Gate. Its aroma stays true to its namesake, a pinch of pine in
the smell and blast of Cascade hops in its spicy flavorful taste. It has a deep amber color and an
exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. ABV 5.6%

So. Tier Hoppe (Lakewood, NY): Guess what’s inside? Hops and lots of them, this Imperial
Extra Pale Ale, stops shy of a full blown IPA but it isn’t afraid of acting arrogant. Kind of minty
semi-floral and not too bitter. While it knocks on the door of a full blown IPA it is a little bit easier
drinking. ABV 10%

Southern Tier Unearthly IPA: (Lakewood, NY): This is an Imperial IPA but hops don’t kick
much at all. In fact the life of the brew is softened with sweet malts and a citrusy spotlight. This
brew is bold in its alcoholic content but kind in its tatse. Hopheads will holler, but even lager likers
will give this beer a tip. ABV 11%

Spanish Peaks Black Dog Ale (Polson, MT): This Pale Ale has a smell that will catch your
attention the taste will make you sit, good boy. Fetch this with a bitter bolt of coffee off the top
then after a few tosses this canine called APA settles down and sits much smoother than it starts.
ABV 5.2%

Spaten Premium Lager (Munich, Germany): Another Oktoberfest favorite, the Italian trailer
dwellers drink it in the gallons during the annual festival. Known as Muchener Hell in the
homeland, this traditional European lager is however heavenly. Golden in color with a well-
balanced hop-flavor. The full rounded body is a superb balance between hops and a malty
sweetness. ABV 5.2%

St. Bernardus Abt 12 (Watou, Belgium): The merry monk is smiling for a reason. The happy
Quadrupel is the absolute top quality in the hierarchy of the St. Bernardus beers. A dark ivory
coloured beer with a high fermentation. The show piece of the brewery Thanks to its soft and
unconditionally genuine aroma, the beer can be smoothly tasted. The Abt has a very fruity
flavour. No doubt this will become a staple on the ITAP Menu. ABV 10.5%

St. Bernardus Tripel (Watou, Belgium): The little brother of the Abt. Pineapple and Banana
scent to this beer, with high fermentation. It has a pale amber color and a flowery, fruity taste with
a harmonious balance between sweet and sour. St. Bernie Trip has a thick and vivid froth and
strikes by its balanced taste with a delicate bitterness. ABV 8.0%

Stella Artois (Leuven, Belgium): Stella! The new kid in town, lets welcome him with a draught
in the classic chalice. A true European Lager but a bit lighter and not as bitter as its buddies over
in the E.U. Now take a taste and be civil. ABV 6.0%

Smithwicks (Kilkenny, Ireland): Smitt-icks. George is not the only W missing, it goes silent but
this brew is far from quiet when it comes to speaking up about taste. Guinness’ gift to the Irish
Red genre. A great mix of hops and bitter makes this ale easy drinking. ABV 4.5%

Trois Pistoles (Chambly, Quebec, Canada): Guns a blazing. “Three Pistols” sniffs of cherry
and raisin. Brewed with four selected malts and four exotic spices, Trois Pistoles beckons with a
subtle sweetness (cocoa and fruit) that makes it surprisingly smooth and satisfying for a beer of
such strength and complexity. ABV 9.0%
Tucher Hefewiesse (Nurmburg, Germany): Sick of the same old Hefe, hold one up for this
brew. A traditional, high fermented Bavarian yeast beer with an accentuated wheat beer flavor.
You will notice natural yeast cloudiness due to top fermentation. Tucher finishes with a waft of
citrus and a bite of banana. ABV 5.3%

Val Dieu Gran Cru (Aubel, Belgium): A highly rated and highly respected Abbey Ale. There is
a sweet selection in each sip. Brown sugar is strong and almost candy toffee taste. Sweet but
strong is this Belgian beauty as a fruity flash tempts the tongue. ABV 10.5%

Warsteiner Dunkel (Warstein, Germany): Dunkel means dark mein fruend. W.D. is a very
smooth dark German Lager. A deep chestnut brown hue, toasty malt and mocha aromas with a
pinch of caramel in the gulp. A subtle hop bitterness to finish. ABV 4.8%

Warsteiner Pils (Warstein, Germany): The “Queen” of beer this pilsner is quaint but quality. A
slight pale peek, but it’s primarily a light lager in the truest German sense. This monarch sits on
the thrown of Germany’s beer kingdom. East drinking but a bit of a bite to make you bow to beer.
ABV 4.8%

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout (Bedford, England) Truth in advertising, this stout has a
taste of guess what? Chocolate. It pours very close to pitch black. The Ram logo is fitting as it
will hit you in the gut with that chocolate taste and a very full body. ABV 5.2%

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